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Issue 196, Sunday, August 1, 2010
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July 20 Predictions

There has been anticipation that something major will occur around July 20, 2010 because of a comment the Zetas made about a June 20, 2008 crop circle. The Furtz crop circle had 25 scallops with dots, and the Serpentine Dance between Earth and Planet X in the center. The center also represents the Earth wobble. Could those scallops be months? The Zetas famous reply "make of this what you will".

ZetaTalk Prediction 6/21/2008: Looking like an interlocking YinYang symbol, or perhaps the symbol for infinity, this crop circle has been understood to have significant meaning by all who view it. What do the scallops mean around the edge, and why the count of 25 for the tiny dots found there? Once again this signifies the Figure 8 wobble that has been so well documented by Nancy during 2004-2005 and again confirmed in 2007 and 2008. Move ahead 25 months from June 20, 2008 and you arrive at late July, 2010. Make of this what you will!

It appears that crop circle did have something to do with the Earth wobble, which has now changed to be dominated by magnetic jerking around of the Earth into temporary leans to the left or into temporary opposition. Recently the Zetas explained that the July 5, 2010 crop circle at Sutton Bank represented the end of the slow steady Earth wobble. This was described as the end of the Serpentine Dance which has existed since early 2004. Seven year dots are in the twist, from 2004 through 2010, but the last dot is represented without the Serpentine twist. This set of matching crop circles also were both significantly laid down in a July.

ZetaTalk Analysis 7/10/2010: What is different 7 years later in July, 2010? The Earth is locked in a regular serpentine roll with Planet X, the clash of their magnetic sides sliding past each other in a regular rhythm. The Earth's daily wobble is occurring regularly. But this has an end. There are 7 balls in the Sutton design, and 7 years have passed, almost exactly, since the July 20, 2003 date when Tistead was laid. If the serpentine dance is to end, what does this mean? It is no longer a dance, with smooth rolling adjustments, but a different kind of clash which is not smooth but rather violent. This is what awaits the Earth, soon.

July 20, 2010 came and went and yes there was an increase in Earth changes and some perceptible electromagnetic interference, all outlined below in this newsletter. Of course, the Zetas had been asked repeatedly what would or might occur on July 20, 2010 but the most they would say is that it would be something, and would occur on or about July 20. They also stated on July 24, 2010 that what they were predicting had not yet occurred!

ZetaTalk Comment 7/17/2010: So what did it mean when we stated, in reference to the June 20, 2008 Furze Knoll crop circle, "make of this what you will" when 25 scallops appeared around the circle? We are allowed to hint that something will happen, and something will happen around the time of July 20, 2010. Just what date, what place, and what it is that will happen we are not allowed to say.

ZetaTalk Comment 7/24/2010: Clearly the Earth is tilted into temporary magnetic opposition, the N Pole pointed toward the Sun, causing an extreme summer heat in the northern hemisphere and extreme winter cold in the southern hemisphere. As we stated in earlier ZetaTalk, the Serpentine Dance is ending. This means that instead of the steady daily wobble, the Earth will be jerked back and forth. This was noted a few months ago when the Earth had, on occasion, a temporary lean to the left. Earthquakes would increase and the GPS falter when the Earth snapped back and forth at that time. We have stated that something would occur around July 20, 2010, and the change in the wobble is certainly a factor in this. However, the matter we were alluding to has not yet happened!

July 20 Happenings

Well what might that something be? Certainly, the world registered distress on July 19, 2010 by global shuttering.

And per the live seizmographs, cracking near Beijing occurred on July 20, 2010. The tongue holding Indonesia was about to drop!

Then on July 20, 2010 the Aleutian Islands and New Guinea were hammered with quakes, and by July 23, 2010 the Philippines were hammered with several 7+ quakes. These regions received so many quakes they appeared to turn completely red on the IRIS charts.

Officials Appeal for Calm in Wake of Quakes
July 24, 2010
National disaster management officials appealed for calm following the earthquakes that rocked Mindanao and other parts of the country. Citing reports from their field offices, the OCD administrator said the earthquakes and aftershocks did not cause damage to any public infrastructures in the area. Because the earthquakes originated some 630 kilometers below the sea, they were hardly felt and did not damage properties.

These quakes in the Philippines were deep quakes too, breaking rock fingers in preparation for some major plate adjustments. The epicenter of the quakes is right along the plate boundary where the Indonesia tongue would need to break for a plunge.

Clearly there was also a lean into opposition, with the N Pole pointed toward the Sun and Planet X. Here are some July 20, 2010 comments.

We were grocery shopping at 10pm MDT and none of the cashiers could get their debit/credit machines to work. They said it had happened off and on throughout the day. They also mentioned that it had happened at other businesses.

We had a wierd power outage for no reason.

The sun was higher than usual. It was at the same position than the Summer Solstice.

I'm glad I'm not the only one noticing that the sunset is much later than I ever remembered. Yes, I've also noticed it lighter out earlier in the morning 3-4 the sky start to lighten up which it shouldn't be yet.

I have a sneaking suspicion that this is the reason for all of the dead watches that came into work today! At work, we take in watches to repair. On a typical day, we will get 1-2 watches, on rare occasions, 3. Today, we took in 20 watches, all with completely dead batteries. A few people brought in several watches that had simultaneously died. Some had date boxes, a few showed that they had died on the 19th. Some of the watches were dead beyond battery replacement.

It was still light out at 9:30 pm! I've never seen this. Yes we have longer days in the summer, but this is off the charts!

Has anyone else noticed, but I was up early letting the cat out, at 11 pm and again at 2:30 am and the sky was light? Not black like it usually is or supposed to be, but almost at the point of dusk and it has stayed that way for the last couple of weeks.

The week following July 20, 2010 there certainly was activity in the region of the Indonesian tongue, one of the scenarios predicted to potentially occur during a rise to a 7 of 10, which the Zetas have predicted will occur by the end of 2010.

Then over to India where the western side of India sinks significantly, the plate tipping sideways a bit, raising eastern India during this process. Then islands in Indonesia sink, the plate supporting them sinking more than the surrounding area.

Certainly the Indonesia tongue has been cracking, all those sinkholes in China at a line where the tongue would break off. And the China UFO's have been warning of a sudden sea level drop along the south China coastline. The warnings were certainly there that this region might be the first 7 of 10 prediction to occur, and might come close to the July 20, 2010 date!

ZetaTalk Comment 7/10/2010: Hangzhou is on the line of breakage as the tongue of the Eurasian Plate is pulled down and under the Indo-Australian Plate. This is the line so active in sinkholes lately, from the point where the Himalayas are pushing into China across to the coast. Hangzhou is also on the coast, at the end of a bay which will surely have tidal bore or tsunami compressing to a point at Hangzhou when the Pacific does any degree of adjusting. The UFO was reported, sighted, as far south as Guangxi and Guangdong provinces, which are likewise along the coastlines in the regions being drawn down as the tongue of the Eurasian Plate is being bent. These regions, and Hangzhou, are clearly being warned about tsunami and a suddenly rising sea level as the plate is bend and pulled down. In sightings such as this, telepathic warnings are given to those below. The plate bending is at present gradual, and only exhibited by dramatic sinkholes that have developed. But plate movement, accompanying earthquakes, produces sudden changes, and it is then that those along the coastlines will experience sudden tsunami and loss of sea level.

Then not a day later on July 24, 2010, buoy 55023 showed a dramatic rise of the sea floor in the Coral Sea. Buoy 55023 had previously shown a dramatic drop of 400 feet but the drop on July 24 was over 1,500 feet, and continues to drop. Per the Zeta, this rise of the Indo-Australian Plate near the Solomon Islands is in step with the adjustments expected on the Indonesia tongue.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/3/2010: When asked about this in April, 2010 when buoy 55023 first began showing the sea floor rise, we mentioned not only the steady rise of the eastern edge of the Indo-Australian Plate but flexible parts of this plate which can flex when the plate position changes. Plates are heavy, and when they are tipped up, they can bend at the point where they are becoming suspended, bend under the weight of rock no longer supported by magma. A void is created under that part of the plate, in essence. The sudden precipitous drop in water height on June 25, 2010 does indeed have a relationship to the 7.1 quake in the Solomons a day later. This activity, the lift in the plate, has gotten stronger, and the trend will only increase in the near future.

Simultaneous to all this activity, the Earth magnetosphere was showing a twist, showing the grip of Planet X on the Earth's magnetosphere. The twist started on July 20, 2010, significantly, but became worse as the days progressed. By July 25 a magnetic blast was evident.

Crop Circle Progression

The change in the wobble described by the Zetas is depicted in crop circles, from July 18 to July 27, 2010, from Woolaston to Eastfield to Chalkpit. This is moving fast! They are not only predicting the end of the slow daily wobble, described as the Serpentine Dance, but a rattling effect. If a slow wobble was causing an increased in earthquakes, what will the shaking and rattling do?

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/31/2010: As with Woolaston, this crop circle, which is almost identical, is depicting the current state of particle crowding and bumping action around the Earth of late. Earth has been wobbling since 2004, tilting her magnetic N Pole away from Planet X and then, when it is protected by the horizon, allowing it to bounce back. The larger circles represent that wobble, which has allowed the Earth to deal with the magnetic approach of Planet X since its arrival into the inner solar system. The larger circles represent these two postures of the Earth, forward and back, the daily wobble. What appears to be lettering on each half of Eastfield represents the various changes in this wobble, which at first was a S Pole tug, then a N Pole push, and has varied in strength and shape as the wobble years have passed.

To either side are smaller circles, which as we mentioned during Woolaston represent the temporary lean to the left or into opposition. These are superimposed on the regular daily wobble, and persevere for days. These are larger in Eastfield than they were in Woolaston, because the frequency and severity of these temporary leans is increasing. Of course, the Moon hardly knows where to position itself, and the Moon's orbit will be increasingly erratic because of this. This is represented in the center of the Eastfield diagram. What does Chalkpit represent? By moving the side circles, which represent the temporary leans either to the left or into opposition, it shows a intrusion into the daily wobbly. Instead of being pushed this way or that, in turn, it will be the daily wobbly being rattled. If you pick up a box and move it from place to place, perhaps gently and then even with more force and shoving, you would likely not break the contents. But if during picking it up and moving it you rattle it, you are going to break those contents. We have predicted plate movement starting, major plate movement. What would cause this? Certainly not the gentle wobble that has been in place since early 2004. Something different had to occur!

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