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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written June 21, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Is it likely that NASA will announce finding some "evidence" of life on Mars using their Mars probe? What is the purpose of the probe and the recent announcement concerning ice? [and from another] McCain would like to see a man on Mars [June 6] Presumptive Republican White House nominee John McCain said Thursday he would like to see a manned mission to Mars as part of a "better set of priorities" for NASA that would better engage the public.

Those pretending ignorance about Mars are aware there is water there, in underground cavities and at the poles as ice. They are aware that Mars could have an atmosphere if warmed up a bit. Mars is one of the places the aliens in the Service-to-Self promised as a haven during the time of the pole shift, with those humans who were entranced by these Service-to-Self promises told they would be taken there, escorted, and returned safely. Of course these were lies by the Service-to-Self, who lie without conscience, but those humans who allied with them were not thinking of the common man and have no intention of informing the common man about what is coming. These Service-to-Self humans do not want the messy panic of the common man, so remain silent and give no warning. These Service-to-Self humans, the elite of the former MJ12, have already requested to be taken to Mars, seeing the Earth changes getting nasty of late. They were refused, and have realized they were lied to. But they still have hope, as remaining on the surface of Earth terrifies them. Thus, if at the last minute they receive an escort to Mars, they want to be able to return to Earth, to the survivors, and have these poor survivors consider it likely that man was able to get to Mars and thus is just now returning to Earth. They hope to be excused for running away. They hope to fool the survivors into treating them like high tech super humans, who are blamless for not warning them. Thus, the periodic announcement that a manned mission to Mars might be possible, such as recently was made by McCain who is one of these elite.

Israel continues to beat the attack drum on Iran. Is this just more posturing or do they still hope to precipitate a crisis?

Israel realizes that the Bush administration has only a few short months left. Israel and Bush/Cheney have tried innumerable times to trick the US military into a confrontation with Iran. None of these attempts have worked. Now they anticipate failure in Iraq on top of this failure with Iran, so will have yet another border to defend. They are unsure of the future under Obama. So they are blustering, threatening, and saying to Iran "see how big we are". Iran is not confused about any of this, and takes it all in stride.

"McCain, an Arizona senator, had $31.6 million as of May 31, compared with $33.3 million for Obama, Federal Election Commission records show. The RNC had $53.5 million to just under $4 million for the Democrats. The party committees act as shadow campaigns, concentrating their efforts on backing the presidential candidates."

There has been a momentary lull in the DNC/Obama fund collection this past month, though the 22 million collected by Obama is nothing to sneeze at. The battle between Obama and Clinton was so intense and so angered Obama backers that they gave without hesitation. Now that Clinton has been beaten, everyone is taking a breather, but when fund raising takes priority again the predictions on Obamas ability to raise funds for both the general election and the DNC will prove correct. McCain knows he will not be able to match these funds, and this is why he took public general election funds.

Do the Zetas believe that the "no" to the EU Treaty (the treaty of Lisbon) will delay or even stop completing the EU as a very undemocratic collection of nations (with great tradition of democracy). Do the hidden Controllers of the world need an EU as per Lisbon Treaty, to survive the times of the Planet X arrival and the time after (counting that half of Europe will not exist anymore after), as they believe, they will?

The Puppet Master (and we are speaking here of the financial master of both Europe and the US) does not need a unified EU for his own comfort or financial security. This is something sought by various parties for their own political or economic reasons. Its success or failure will not make a different in the future, either way.

Have the Zetas, now or in the past, ever chipped, tagged or used RFID similar technology inserted into unknowing humans?

Implants, as we have explained, are tracking devices, and only used after a human has become a contactee, and this status only occurs because the human requested to become a contactee. Thus, the answer to your question is "no".

During and after the shift, there will be no plumbing systems. How should one prepare in advance to handle human waste? If fortunate to survive any length of time, this could pose a problem for the community.

Communities should be small, and will be forced to be of a small size due to the necessity of growing and/or collecting food after the pole shift. Dealing with human waste need be no different than it has been during past centuries, or in many parts of the globe today. The outhouse, or using human waste as fertilizer along with manure from domestic animals.

How will the the pole shift impact the N. America Indian population survival? Have they become too civilized for their own good?

Many Native Americans have retained their folklore, which includes survival tips. As with survivors from cities, it will be the willingness to cooperate and learn and work as a team that will make the difference. It takes only one with knowledge, in a group with open minds and hearts, for this knowledge to be disseminated.

Are there more European countries in the know now then several years ago? If not is there at least some understanding within the goverments of the EU that something is not right?

As we have mentioned, most heads of state around the world have been informed that there is a presence in the inner solar system causing the current Earth changes such as increased quakes and weather anomalies. They have been told that the main worry is panic in the people, and that this presence will pass by without great catastrophe on Earth. Until they realize they have been lied to, they will remain silent, only laying plans for such matters as floods or food shortages or perhaps grid failure because of electro-magnetic flux. When this information is disseminated, it is done with great pomp, so that the seriousness of the situation is stressed. Within the astronomical community, it is treated as a national security issue, and the rumor that certain members who have met with an accident were killed because they could not keep their mouths shut is a factor in keeping this community silent. It is not much different among heads of state and their associates. One hears of land in safe areas being bought up, of bunkers laid in with supplies, of the wealthy having second homes in odd out of the way places. They are making personal preparations. They are in the know!

Where would the Zetas say we are now on the 1 - 10 scale (as had say we'd be around a 6 at the end of the year) with earth changes with the recent earthquakes in China, Japan and all the crazy weather and flooding in the US?

The year has hardly begun! Perhaps a 4 or 4+. And realize that our warning included sociological changes too, like failing economies and crop shortages and homelessness. This too has only just started.

Will the Summer Olympics go on as planned?

We do not anticipate the Olympics being canceled, though there will certainly be attempts to disrupt them due to protests. China is determined to have a success, and will not be diverted in their plans.

For the past couple of weeks , areas in the northern state of India, Uttar Pradesh, are experiencing this strange geological phenomenon. Could the Zetas throw more light on whats happening?

Such crevasses have occurred in the southwest US and Mexico too, since Planet X arrived in the vicinity and began twisting the N American continent. Some sort of explanation is always given, but the question that should be posed is "during drought in the past, were such crevasses occurring?" The Indo-Australian plate is being forced under the Himalayas, but does not slip under smoothly. There are places which resist, and places where movement is allowed more readily. Thus, India moves in an irregular manner, during this subduction. This creates torque, and this torque creates crevasses.

When the New Madrid fault zone finally ruptures before the shift how devastating will it be for people in the Chicago area.

Chicago is in a tenuous position for many reason, some of which we have enumerated in the past. Chicago has tunnels under the city by which Lake Michigan water was furnished to canals that floated barges to the Mississippi River. Even though these barges are no longer in use, the tunnels are still there, and vulnerable. When the pole shift happens, and to a certain extent when earthquakes affect the area, these tunnels will rupture and create a torrent through the city. There are no fault lines that would make Chicago more vulnerable than other Great Lake cities, but damage by water should be anticipated. .

Is NASA still in the dark as to the exact position of Planet X or have they been able to get any good glimpses with their satellites and probes?

NASA is peering at Planet X from many angle, including probes and the ISS and the Hubble when a view too close to the Sun is not required. They are aware of its position, and approximate its progress. What they are not aware of is how to extrapolate future progress in either its 270° roll such that the magnetic N Pole of Planet X is pointed directly toward Earth, or how fast it will approach the Earth. All their human mathematical formulas have failed. All their theories have failed to bear fruit. They, like the common man, are in a waiting pattern.

Last week, it was mentioned that we are moving from a Figure 8 wobble. Is the new pattern simply a more back and forth motion leading up to the actual tilt? Almost like being inside a ball pushing forward/then backward to eventually tilt the ball over?

The Figure 8 wobble continues, but will be superimposed with an additional Figure 8 wobble. Essentially, there will be a push and bounce back rather than merely a push with a bounce back later. Nancy has already noted that the reports she gets do not fit cleanly into a simple Figure 8 pattern, but she has yet to compute the new pattern from the reports. This is a complicated and exhausting procedure, but eventually the new pattern will emerge. You can help Nancy in this regard by sending good documentation, including date, time, location, and exacting azimuth and altitude of the Sun.

Can the Zetas comment on this crop circle? Furze Knoll, reported 20th June.

Looking like an interlocking YinYang symbol, or perhaps the symbol for infinity, this crop circle has been understood to have significant meaning by all who view it. What do the scallops mean around the edge, and why the count of 25 for the tiny dots found there? Once again this signifies the Figure 8 wobble that has been so well documented by Nancy during 2004-2005 and again confirmed in 2007 and 2008. Move ahead 25 months from June 20, 2008 and you arrive at late July, 2010. Make of this what you will!

Will the Gulf slosh a bit (the wobble) out of its boundry this summer?

We have predicted high tides from forces outside of tsunami or Moon position, and these have occurred along the Pacific Ocean and in the north Atlantic. We do not anticipate such sloshing tides to occur in the Gulf of Mexico until the time of the pole shift, however.

Sixth mystery foot found on Canadian beach. On Friday, it was reported that the sixth foot was a hoax. What's going on with this?

It has been reported that where human feet are turning up on beaches, no bodies are reported missing. How could this be? Surely an injured human would be reported by local hospitals, and loved ones would report a family member missing. The answer lies in the statement that "dead men tell no tales", especially when their feet are missing from coffins. The hoax is being perpetrated by a local undertaker.

Can life multiply at 300 degrees Celsius? Researchers at the Cochin University of Science and Technology (Cusat) now claim that the microscopic cells they found in the "red rain" that fell over Kerala seven years ago multiply rather than disintegrate at very high temperatures ! Whats this all about ? Some logical explanation from the Zetas please.

We have mentioned that life can exist in very cold environments, so frozen that almost no motion of the atoms can occur. We stated that this is not an optimal place for development of conscious intelligence, as matters move too slowly to interest the stuff of souls which goes elsewhere to other planets where life is more lively. But hot environments are another matter. Man has recently found that life exists where undersea volcanoes are spewing forth gasses and metals, at astonishingly hot temperatures. It's all a matter of what the life form has become adapted to, and where adapted at the start, its adapted! What this article on the Kerala cells is telling you is that this is not a cell that developed on Earth! We told you this too. Zetas right again!

With all the fraud charges and arrests in the mortgage industry, can we hope that they will actually nail the banking industry too? It does look like that is the trend, can the Zeta's tell how long after such banking arrest would the economy last?

Fraud in the hedge funds and mortgage lending business is only trying to pin all the problems on someone's shoulders so that the Bush administration does not have to bear blame. Of course they knew all this was going on, and of course they looked the other way. If this had occurred earlier in the Bush administration, nothing would have been done, the guilty allowed to go free. But lately, those involved in the crimes the Bush administration is rife with are nervous, and thus scapegoats are being selected. None of this will turn the economy around.

The ECETI (Enlightened Contact with Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) ranch in Trout Lake, Washington by Mt. Adams seems to be a UFO hot spot. It is owned by contactee James Gilliland, a very Service-to-Other individual. Do the Zetas ever visit there or know what is going on down there and is James a starseed?

What makes you assume this individual is highly Service-to-Other? Because he says so? Examine the characteristics of a highly Service-to-Other individual we have detailed in the Orientation section of ZetaTalk, and think again.

Lately I feel like I have been bombard with advertisements for the US military. On the internet and TV no matter where I turn there is an ad for the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force. I'm 21 so they are directing these ads at my age group and the sites and channels we watch and I feel like they are bombing the youth with ads. Has recruitment dropped to zilch? They seem desperate.

Yup! And the possibility of a draft is also zilch.

Alcides Moreno, 37, was critically injured after falling 47 stories from a high-rise apartment building in New York City. He was a window washer. Can you tell us how he survived the 500 foot fall? Whereas his brother died instantly on impact. The doctor called his case a true miracle.

Many factors are involved in such seemingly miraculous survival. One is that the person is not tense, mostly because they are unconscious. Another is that they are flexible in their joints so that bones are not broken. Youth helps there. Yet another is that the heart is not easily distracted from its job of beating regularly, so that shocking back into action is not required. Many involved in a fall die from a burst heart when they realize they are falling and ratchet their blood pressure up too high. Many involved also fall in such a manner that they hit their head instead of falling in a manner where the shock is distributed along the body. Yet another factor is where the body lands, and what give that site has such as soft mud or a hay stack or a marsh vs hard rock or some type of formation that would shear the landing body. Many factors involved.

Do the zetas ever use their '3D reality' device for entertainment? The device they use to show humans future visions, a sort of 3D reality device/game.

We have no need to manufacture entertainment. Dealing with our multiple contactees leaves us no time to spare, and certainly is not boring.

Here in Phoenix it is 115°. Pretty hot! I know you said that this summer is going to be hotter and I'm definitely feeling it. Just walking from my air conditioned apartment to my air conditioned car and driving to the grocery store I'm dying from the heat. I see homeless people on the way and I feel so sad and wonder how they can survive in this heat? How will the homeless handle this extra hot summer?

They will often die. The body needs to reduce its heat to 98.6 or heat prostration results. Drinking water, staying in the shade, and being able to have a breeze to cool the body with sweat matters greatly. Unless an area has homeless shelters that can provide this, they will die.

Is this unusual lack of sunspots somehow related to the influence of Nibiru?

During the last solar cycle, it was noted that solar activity was unusually high, and predicted by man that this cycle would be extreme. At the time, Planet X was passing the Sun and had its prolific magnetic N Pole pointed toward the Sun, nosed into the Sun's magnetic S Pole. We stated that such solar activity due to the presence of Planet X was merely a ruffled surface, and nothing more significant than that. Now the magnetic N Pole of Planet X is pointed outward, as Planet X has risen to the Ecliptic and is into its first 270° roll. Thus, it is pointing its magnetic S Pole toward the Sun, which absorbs magnetic particles and thus has a quieting effect. All the predictions that man made about this solar cycle being horrific, worse than the last cycle, have been forgotten. Such is the ego of man, wrong again.

If they 12th planet hominoids have had technology for eons, and are a bunch of a-holes, how come they haven't polluted themselves to death?

Where many 3rd Density worlds ruin their planets during their 3rd Density existence, this is not uniformly the case. Planet X is primarily a water planet, with little land. As transplants, the hominoids there, the Annunaki, cannot over populate as then they die of starvation, which has occurred in their past. They have thus learned to limit their population growth, as has China on your world. Being close to extinction as they have been on occasion, they likewise watch closely for any activity that would impact their fragile existence. Earth is rich, and has not yet had global impact from pollution activities, though this is as we have stated something that would occur within 100 years were it not for the pending pole shift.

Can the Zeta's tell us what kind of storm season is the Gulf expecting? The extreme heat is already here and the season (June - August) has just started.

This issue was raised last week, when we replied that where the northern regions can expect a cooler than normal season due to the effect of the wobble, the souther regions will bake. At no time will this exceed what these regions are used to, but it will last longer and wear on the populace in these areas.

Can you please tell us something about Germany? In how far Germany will be affected from all these changes?

Germany has high and low land. Lowland will be subject to storm surge, which has already occurred. High lands will have river flooding to worry about. All of this is just a preview of what to expect during the pole shift itself.

Do Service-to-Other individuals ever do bad things like steal or hurt another person? Is it possible for someone who has done bad things like this that they regret to become Service-to-Other in the same lifetime?

We have explained that Service-to-Other individuals are not universally pure of heart and flawless. They all have self concerns and eccentricities. To be Service-to-Other one must think of others 50% of the time or more. Not be pure. There are situations also where a Service-to-Other individual must kill or hurt another person, for instance to protect the group from harm. Is stealing bread from the wealthy and well situated to feed the starving wrong? It depends!

My question for the Zeta's is in regards to the border wall issue. There is a lot of concern among the people living near the U.S. border, particularly the tip of Texas, that this wall will send the wrong message, that it is bad for local wildlife and will damage the ecosystem. There has also been talks about building levees instead of the wall, to protect from storm surge. Would there be any point to actually building these levees or will it just be another form of border wall? How would this effect the surrounding areas (wildlife, landowners, tensions between the U.S. and Mexico)? Would levees even be a good idea (worth all the trouble)? There has been trouble lately with gangs (one in particular called the Zetas, pronounced zet-ahs) across the border as well. There has been increased security and mexican soldiers all geared out like they are ready for war along the border. Is this a sign of things to come in this area when the wall or levees go up or is this being caused by something else (drugs, illegal activities, corrupt local government)?

There can be no wall or levee that would prevent migration between the US and Mexico. It is too sparsely populated so activity cannot be controlled. After the pole shift, there will be migration in both directions in any case, as all think that life somewhere else must be better and seek it. Almost all survivors try to move, at least at first until they realize the extent of the damage and that the pole shift has been a global event. Thus, all your concerns will be moot, as nothing signficant will be done before the time of the pole shift.