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ZetaTalk: Implants
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995.

Implants are without a doubt the most talked about contactee phenomenon. Where other matters are in fact more common than the implant phenomenon, implants get the most press. Abduction phenomenon such as the contactee's awareness of man's place in the Universe, an increase in telepathic communications most often cited as the contactee's psychic ability, and first time occurrences of the Out-Of-Body experience or astral projection as it is sometimes called - are more common. Why this focus on implants?

Humans regularly tag wild life in order to track it, tag their domestic animals so they can be found if lost, tag their cars so ownership can be proved, etch their name on the backs of valuable items, assign numbers such as the Social Security Number to identify each other, and expect their spouse to wear a ring. Ownership. A man is assumed to be thus owned by his wife as he wears her ring, his government as his Social Security Number tags him wherever he goes, his employer as his entry badge marks him as a component of the whole, his church as he is on the roster, and his house as he cannot function without an address. For those who say that the man is the one in possession, we would point out the many ways he has been tagged by his so-called possessions, and fettered by them, and dragged about by them. He is not free. He is tagged, and intuitively understands this.

Just so, when humans realize that they themselves or others have been implanted, the worst notions of the tagging process that humans do to each other, and to animals, come to mind. The Nazis' death camps, where humans were tattooed with numbers so they could not escape their fate, men who smash their wives in the face so the scars and broken nose will announce to the world that they cannot escape brutality, livestock to be culled from the herd marked with bright colors so they cannot be missed, and wildlife tagged so it can be recaptured and perhaps killed and dissected for science. Humans being tagged? What can this mean? Implants must be put into the perspective of the wider picture. Contactees, or abductees as they are often called, are all volunteers. Tagged or not, they can end their status as contactees at will. The Call can be given, and The Call taken away, by the human who gave The Call. They have the power. Therefore, implants are not a tag placed in a possession. Therefore, any relationship of implants to the tagging that humans do to each other or to their various possessions does not exist.

Think of an implant, rather, as a type of portable, lightweight, ever-ready telephone. The implant allows the aliens in contact to quickly locate the contactee, saving both a lot of time. Implants have been described as going up the nose, behind the ear, into the bones of the head, and under the skin. All that and more. They have been described as organic and structured to dissolve when removed. Some are that, and some are not affected by removal, and some are not of organic materials at all. Some fraudulent scams by humans directed to make the populace uneasy about the alien presence claim the implants will kill the contactee if removal is attempted. This is utter nonsense, as all implants, placed by either the Service-to-Self or Service-to-Others group, are superficial and not integral to the functioning of the human. Anything else would not be in accordance with the Rule of Non-Interference, affecting the free will of man, and would simply not be allowed.

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