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Issue 7, Sunday Jan 21, 2007
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Earthquake Clouds!

We recently had an 8+ Richter quake in Uzbekistan on January 8, along with dramatic stretch stench of methane gas from London through New York City to Australia on that same date, January 8. This was followed by an adjustment off shore in Japan, an 8.2 quake on January 13. What other adjustments are pending?

Jan 14, 2007
I have seen a fleet of strange clouds today almost from before noon to late evening on the west over the horizon in one position without moving. I live in Rasht (Caspian region) Iran. All the remaining sky was a pleasant blue, bright sun light and no clouds any where other than 20 or so strange looking clouds. 
Jan 15, 2007
I am perplexed when I saw the same clouds appeared one by one today and on the same location while I was travelling to another city near by before noon and they were there till sun down. The sky was clear, sun was bright, but cloud formation started appearing from no where. It was an eerie sight

Earthquake clouds can give us a clue! What are earthquake clouds?
The vapor erupts from an impending hypocenter to the surface by the crevices, and rises up. It forms a cloud while encountering cold air. This kind of cloud, whose vapor is from an impending hypocenter, is denoted an earthquake cloud.

The Zetas have stated this is a valid quake predictor, and that the area of Iraq can anticipate being ground up as the Arabian plate turns in step with the African plate torque, during the stretching of the Atlantic that is now in process. The Arabian plate comes to a point in the area just West of this report on puffing EQ clouds. It comes to a point in Iraq. Could the time of catastrophic quakes in this region be near?

ZetaTalk Explanation: It has been reported that radios pick up static in the vicinity of a pending quake, due to the pressure the rock is under creating particle flow bursts, electromagnetic in nature, thus static. Where normally clouds represent water vapor that is being blown about by wind, when over land where particle bursts are coming out of the ground this wind is not merely flowing over the land, but is affected by vertical bursts from the ground. In those cultures where common sense prevails, this is acknowledged to mean that pending quakes or certainly the likelihood of quakes as the ground is under pressure, exists.

ZetaTalk Warning: This does more than pull apart the African Rift, it pulls the entire oil rich Middle East into a skew. How is it that all that oil dropped into the cracks in the rock in that region, eons ago, during prior pole shifts? The rock was shattered, during just such torque maneuvers. Thus, where we stated that something would occur to pull victory from the jaws of the Bush/Blair coalition before the pole shift, something that would take the breath out of the body it would be so dramatic and unexpected, this region is ripe to present many surprises to those who would be kings in the Aftertime.

UFO's Over New Madrid

Chicago's O'Hare airport recently had a UFO sighting, viewed by numerous United employees and reported to the FAA, finally getting into the news. This occurred on Nov 7, 2006. Chicago, though at the perifery, would certainly be one of the cities affected by the diagonal pull the N American continent is experiencing, where New England is pulled East and Mexico pulled West, putting the New Madrid fault line along the Mississippi River under stress. A major quake in this area would affect cities from Cincinatti to Chicago to Kansas City. It has a long reach, due to liquifaction in the muddy Mississippi Valley. Now we have a highly credible UFO sighting in Arkansas! In the heart of New Madrid territory.

Air Force colonel reports lights 'not of this world'
January 17, 2007
Col. Brian Fields, 61, was cooking chicken at his Van Buren, Ark., home Jan. 9 when just before 7 pm he observed two intensely bright lights as he looked to the southeast close to the horizon. The retired colonel spent close to 32 years in the military, flying F-16s as a member of the 188th Fighter Wing of the Arkansas Air National Guard. Fields grabbed his Canon digital camera with 6 megapixel resolution to document what he and his wife were seeing, and snapped numerous images of the mysterious lights, which appeared white, yellow and orange. He says the phenomenon lasted an hour and 15 minutes, and local news agencies have not published or broadcast any reports of what the couple witnessed.

Are these UFO's trying to warn the public of a coming catastrophe?

ZetaTalk Answer: UFO's are often noted hovering over fuming volcanoes, or in countries in the Middle East under unrest likely to escalate. Thus in some minds, they are appearing to warn, or reassure, the public in those areas. Where there are many reasons for sightings, mass sightings or well documented sightings, such as this one in Arkansas, delivering a message of reassurance just ahead of an anticipated disaster is certainly among them. Sightings can be to further the Awakening of an individual or small group, or for the broader Awakening of a nation or even the world, when well documented and publicized. Sightings have been used to prod the establishment on occasion, causing blackouts or buzzing the White House in decades past. But as the Earth changes heat up and move to result in large quakes and tsunamis and exploding volcanoes, they will increasingly be seen in those areas that will be affected, as a warning and reassurance. We are saying to the people of those regions, be aware we exist, that you are not alone. Often telepathic messages are delivered to the people in the region, in step with these sightings, relaying this type of message.

Weather Wobbles

The US was jerked from an extreme warm spell, equivalent to an early Spring in January in many parts of the US, and then plunged into a far reaching cold spell that had much of the nation under ice. Europe found itself jerked from a similar warm spell into a hurricane of record scope and devastation.

Okla., Mo., and Texas Brace for Storm
Jan 19, 2007
Still recovering from snow and ice storms that downed power lines and trees in a large swath of the country, residents of Oklahoma, Missouri and Texas braced for another round Friday. Much of Oklahoma and parts of Missouri were forecast to get 6 inches of snow from Friday to Sunday, even as utilities worked to restore electricity to more than 164,000 customers who lost it in the last storm. At least 70 deaths related to winter weather have been reported in nine states in the past week, including 23 in Oklahoma and 12 each in Texas and Missouri.
Devastating storm leaves 40 dead across Europe
Jan 19, 2007
Winds of up to 216 kilometers (133 miles) an hour swept off the Atlantic and cut a swathe across Britain, northern France, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Belgium, the Czech Republic and into Russia. Hundreds of thousands of homes in several countries had power cut as the hurricane force winds ripped up trees and power lines. British meteorologists said the "severe gale force" was the strongest recorded since another major storm in January 1990. For the first time in its history, Deutsche Bahn railway company suspended all services across Germany Thursday as a precautionary measure after high winds blew trees on to the tracks. More than one million people were without power in the Czech Republic. Some 100,000 homes in northern France, 20,000 households in Austria and more than 30,000 households across northeast England lost electricity - nearly all because falling trees downed power lines.

Do these extremes relate to the wobble documented since the start of 2004 within the ZetaTalk site?

ZetaTalk Answer: Both Europe and the US went from unseasonably warm weather to ice storms or hurricanes. The figure 8 so well documented when the wobble first established itself in 2004 has continued, with more vehemence. During the wobble, the Earth is suddenly dragged under its mantle of air, but the air mass tries to cling to the land, and follow. This has the effect of pulling cold air to the South, pulling warm air to the North, and all of this creates hurricanes. Hurricanes or cyclones are formed over warm equatorial waters, and the same effect is produced when warm land such as Europe has experienced is pushed under cold air. For the US mainland, which was having Spring in January in many places, the result has not been hurricane force winds but a rush of high pressure cold air into the low pressure that warm air essentially becomes, being lighter because the air molecules are more active and thus farther apart from each other. For Europe, which is tipped to the left, the north-west, during the wobble, and then back again to the right, to the north-east, the wobble acts like a pump, first pushing air down toward the Equator and then sucking it back up. Combined with the Coriolis effect, this creates swirls, drawing the cold air from the Arctic down into the center, thus the hurricane formation. Will this type of extreme weather continue? Certainly, but other forms of extremes will show up too. We have warmed that the seasons will blend into one another, that hurricanes and tornadoes will appear where unexpected, and that swings from drought to deluge will continue, all in an unpredictable manner. We have warned of this since 1995, from the start of ZetaTalk, when it came under much ridicule. Are the debunker claims, that the weather is normal, still being made now?

Weather Damaged Crops

During the warm spell, the cherry trees bloomed in New York City and Washington DC, dooming the cherry crop in that region as these blooms will not appear in the Spring, having been coaxed out of hibernation early. The cold plunge is likewise reported to have ruined the orange crop in California.

Warm winter wreaks havoc.
Jan 5, 2007
In Washington, D.C., springlike temperatures have faked out flora, causing dogwoods and daffodils to bloom. New York City is expecting 70 degree weather tomorrow (an all-time high).
Trees Abloom Amid Winter Warm Spell
January 1, 2007
The cherry trees began to turn pink with blossoms.
Cold Snap Destroys Most Calif. Citrus
January 16, 2007,,-6347681,00.html
Three nights of freezing temperatures have destroyed up to three-quarters of California's $1 billion citrus crop.

The Zetas have warned, from the start, that weather problems would create world wide crop shortages. In May, 1995 ZetaTalk stated that crop failure would occur due to erratic weather.

ZetaTalk Warning: Going into the cataclysms the weather will become unpredictable, with torrential rainstorms where not expected, and droughts likewise where not expected. Extremes of temperature will be experienced. Unusually warm winters, where the trees and shrubs will start to bud, thinking spring, and then be subjected to frost. Similarly, frosts will come late in the spring, almost into summer, killing the buds which have already put forth their tender shoots. During the years coming close to the time of the reappearance of Planet X, the giant comet, all parts of the world will experience extremes.

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