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ZetaTalk: EQ Clouds
written Sep 21, 2004

What do the Zetas say about EQ clouds? Here are photos from Tokachi last Sep 26, 2003 when there was an 8.0 EQ. and another this Sep 4, 2004 when there was a 7.4 EQ.

Clouds certainly indicate what is going on in the atmosphere, and clearly indicate tornado potential when cloud layers are moving in different directions overhead. Would clouds give indication of what is going on underground? It has been reported that radios pick up static in the vicinity of a pending quake, due to the pressure the rock is under creating particle flow bursts, electromagnetic in nature, thus static. Wave action in nature is the result of pressure buildup being released in bursts, with a void following until another buildup occurs. Where normally clouds represent water vapor that is being blown about by wind, when over land where particle bursts are coming out of the ground this wind is not merely flowing over the land, but is affected by vertical bursts from the ground. All this is invisible to man, who cannot see the air the bird is floating upon either. Animals who give heed to what they sense from the ground, unlike man who is asked to deny his senses and hunches, know these particle flows are exploding in bursts ahead of quakes, and in those cultures where common sense prevails, this is acknowledged to mean that pending quakes or certainly the likelihood of quakes as the ground is under pressure, exists. Earthquake clouds, showing what cannot be seen in these particle flows, are visually showing what these animals sense.