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Issue 2, Sunday 12/24/06
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USGS Muzzled
Scientists Worried about Bush Clampdown at Publication
Dec 14, 2006
The U.S. administration is clamping down on scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey. New rules require screening of all facts and interpretations by agency scientists. The rules apply to all scientific papers and other public documents, even minor reports or prepared talks, documents show. The changes amount to an overhaul of commonly accepted procedures for all scientists, not just those in government, based on anonymous peer reviews. In that process, scientists critique each other's findings to determine whether they deserve to be published. From now on, USGS supervisors will demand to see the comments of outside peer reviewers' as well any exchanges between the scientists who are seeking to publish their findings and the reviewers.

Question: Can the Zetas comment on the new clampdown on USGS scientists?

ZetaTalk Answer: We have been saying for years that the USGS is controlled. First they were told to underreport Richter, when quakes were in unpopulated areas or out in the ocean. They were told to drop quakes from the database when possible, a fact observed live by many as they watched the quakes they were viewing on a database being deleted in front of their eyes. All this is a matter of record. When it became an embarrassment that databases other than those under direct USGS control were reporting otherwise, the US exerted its influence to demand that all databases wait until the USGS issued its determination before listing a quake. This also is a matter of record. Now the arm of the cover-up is reaching further, to include any chatter about bubbling magma, sinking ground, quake swarms, or other irregularities that indicate the Earth is in the grip of a coming catastrophe. Every word is to be screened, and must be pre-approved, before being uttered. Need we say more? There is a cover-up and they will say nothing to the public until it is too late for them to take action for their own safety! This is the Bush administration plan.

Yellowstone domes rising at 'really pronounced' pace
Dec 15, 2006
Parts of the collapsed, restless volcano in Yellowstone National Park are swelling faster than has ever been recorded. Geologists from the University of Utah say two domes inside the Yellowstone caldera have steadily inflated at two to three times the rate as some of the most rapid movements recorded between 1923 and 1984. … In the preceding six years - from 1997 to 2003 - the dome grew by about 5 inches and may have triggered some of the unusual activity at Norris, including a sudden rise in temperatures, the formation of explosive new steam vents and the reawakening of Steamboat geyser, the world's tallest.

X9 Solar Flare

Powerful Magnetic Storm Approaches the Earth
Dec 8, 2006
Scientists at the Shernberg Astronomy Institute of the Moscow State University have reported record-high emissions of electromagnetic energy on the Sun, the biggest since the 1970s. Over the past few days, the volume of sun radiation, or X9, has exceeded the normal level 1,000-fold. The scientists call this phenomenon an anomaly and say that the Sun is now in a stage when sunspots, sources of high electromagnetic radiation, are unusual.

Question: There was a huge release (magnetic outburst) from the Sun headed toward Earth. How will that impact us, if it will? It was surprising to be happening during a solar minimum!

ZetaTalk Answer: As we have stated from the start of ZetaTalk, the Sun will be blamed for activity that should be ascribed to Planet X. The tail of Planet X is pointing toward Earth, and this means more of the type of activity that happened in August and September of 2003, when there were blackouts in many places around the world. Notably, the blackout in NYC that had a million commuters walking silently across the bridge, in the dark. Electro-magnetic surges, causing protective shut-down in the electric grid. Australia, Yucatan, Europe, experienced blackouts. Those in charge of the cover-up are frantic to time their announcements of solar activity to what they anticipate from the tail! Their timing is poor, but that these warnings come out speaks volumes. They are warning of an X9 solar activity, but this may or may not occur! What is actually occurring? The surface of the Sun is ruffled by particle flows, disrupted by the presence of Planet X. This does not equate to increased solar activity! Photos and statistics provided to the public may or may not be what is actually secured from watching the Sun. Who controls these photos and images? NASA, the Hubble, SOHO, all under the control of the cover-up!

Planet X on SOHO

Question: by Dec 2, the dark shadow of a planet was removed from the C3 images. It had been there since Oct 27 until Nov 26, when noted, and was there until Dec 1, quite clearly, in C3.

ZeatTalk Answer: We have detailed, on the GLP weekly live chats, that Earth is scuttling back in her orbit to try to avoid the oncoming Planet X. She is currently in the October position, and dropping back into the September position. Earth will back up no more than the August position, as the oncoming Planet X has her in pincers that prevent her from moving forward in her orbit, and increasingly will prevent her from moving backward. The pincer, caused by a flood of particles outbound from the Sun flowing around Planet X, rush around the sides of Planet X and create an eddy flow in front of Planet X, which traps Earth. So what occurs as Earth finds herself in an increasingly tight pinch? She cannot scuttle back and thus is subject to more intense battering from Planet X, as her N Pole presents to the magnetic push of Planet X, and is pushed away in a violent daily wobble.

The residents of Earth also see something different, a bright orb much closer to the Sun than has been the case for some months. No longer far to the right, as the Earth scuttles back in a clockwise manner, a reverse orbit, but more directly in front of the Sun. As Planet X is coming closer to Earth, heading toward it, it become larger in view. In earlier days, this was a small object to remove from any SOHO picture it was captured in. Then it was out of view, too far to the right. Now, and increasingly during the coming months as Earth cannot move back in her orbit as freely as before, it will be an object seen in SOHO, unless removed. We predict that NASA will become more conscientious about removing Planet X from any images it releases, but as with former slips, their initial carelessness has gone on record!

Question: SOHO must have gotten jostled, as there seems to be a double exposure on Dec 21 at 17:06. But something odd showed up at the 2 o'clock position, an orb. What could this be, as it seems too small to be the Sun.

ZetaTalk Answer: A malfunction in SOHO such that the imaging camera was not place precisely behind the disc that blocks the Sun, showing something near the Sun, unexpectedly. Why was this not caught by the airbrushing artists eliminating Planet X from the C3 SOHO images, a fact recently noted. We predicted that NASA would be more conscientious about airbrushing it out of the images, in light of its discovery as a shadow, and they have. They installed automated airbrushing mechanisms, to keep up with the pace of SOHO offerings to the public, which are issued every few minutes. They pointed the mechanism to the area to be eliminated, the general area of the pixels to be smoothed to appear as background, providing the background to be inserted. This only needed a check once a day or so, to see if the relative position of Planet X had changed, tweaking the position and perhaps providing a new background to be inserted. But what happens when the imaging equipment suddenly jostles, putting Planet X in a different spot than expected?

There is of course a double exposure, part of the image with the sun-blocking disc in place, part without. Of course, there is light overload when the Sun hits the image full on, which for camera equipment is a black spot where the light overload is most intense, not light as would be expected, though where the over-exposure is not as intense it appears as light. But what is that orb at the 2 o'clock position to the Sun? Not a glare from the arm holding the disc in place, else the glare from this arm would be regularly making an appearance, and this is not the case. Not a ghost of the Sun, which is much larger than this tiny orb. Once again, SOHO offers a glimpse of what NASA is hiding. So close to the Sun as to be lost in the glare of the Sun, when viewed from Earth, the public cannot regularly see this intruder nor film it unless sun filters are used to block the glare. The question is often posed, if it were there, would not NASA tell us, or would it not be showing up on the SOHO images? Look closely at this accident, which escaped into the public realm while the airbrushing artists were feeling smug in their automated system's ability to keep the common man blind and ignorant. It slipped into the public realm unnoticed by NASA, until under discussion on the message boards and passed around on the Internet. Too late to withdraw this image, it will be ignored or explained away in some manner. But this second slip, in the span of less than a month, shows that cracks in the cover-up are increasing!

Midwest Chaos

State Sets Record For Tornadoes In 2006
Dec 15, 2006
A record 126 tornadoes spun through Illinois in 2006, breaking a state record set three years ago and dwarfing the 19 tornadoes that hit the Land of Lincoln last year. But the National Weather Service isn't ready to close the books just yet.

Question: There was a huge explosion at the Falk Corporation in Milwaukee this week. Could the Zetas comment on what caused it?

ZetaTalk Answer: Life in the stretch zone, which includes the St. Lawrence Seaway and lands at the end of the seaway which will be ripped apart, is affected by the stretch. Note in Wisconsin that the peninsula near Green Bay shows that prior rips are tearing Wisconsin apart. The Black Hills are wobbly on the live seismographs, often, as this is where the tear ends, that far inland. Stretch adjustments are not violent, as in a quake, but silent. Land is pulled apart, reducing the support under buildings, allowing infrastructure to drop, slightly. All this is silent until some gas line breaks. It was not so long ago [article below] that a huge sinkhole appeared in Milwaukee streets, unheard of in the past. Milwaukee is affected by the stretch, as is Chicago, which will not be exempt from these disasters.

40-Foot Sinkhole Closes Milwaukee Street
June 11, 2004
A Milwaukee street was closed Friday because of a huge sinkhole. The hole, at 35th and Juneau streets, measures around 40 feet long, 40 feet wide and about 15 feet deep. Workers investigating a drop in the area's water pressure determined a sewer had collapsed and crushed a water main.

Belgium Test

Question: Last Wednesday , we had what appeared to be breaking news during a show on national television. It was stated that the country was splitting and that Belgium no longer exists. After about half an hour, it was slowly revealed that it was not real, just a political fiction show. The emotional response was high among people learning that life as we know it would be different from now on. The following days, this announcement was compared in the media to the October 30th 1938 radio show of Orson Welles. Since Belgium is a small country where such tests can be organized without too much consequences and since the response of the population was carefully monitored during and after the show, I wonder if this was a test, where the establishment is trying to gather information on the way the population would react to announcement affecting their future live such as alien presence or pole shift? Is it something that the Zetas would comment on?

ZetaTalk Answer: Certainly a matter such as this can only be considered a test. What other purpose would there be for such an occurrence? Entertainment? Sadistic producers? What are the consequences of such an act? Heart attacks, frantic pensioners, members of the government confused about whether they should perform their jobs, or not. Certainly, there are no good consequences, and thus the network itself could be subject to lawsuit for damages. In view of all this, it can only be considered a test ordered to be performed from the highest sources. What were they hoping to accomplish? As with the Shelter-in-Place and Blockade tests done in the US, they hoped to gather data on the reaction. Belgium will not survive the pole shift, due to being low land. How will a displaced people feel about themselves? How will they react to no longer having an identity, a homeland? Phone calls were recorded, conversations in bars were recorded and monitored. The reactions were primarily anger, at not being informed earlier, rage that their governments would discount the people in so radical a manner, and in particular rage at those at the helm of government. This was not expected, by the arrogant in power in Belgium, who anticipate being the leaders of the people despite failing to inform them of the coming devastation. Now what, is the response in the halls of power. Inform the people or deal with their rage, neither good options in the opinion of those in control, who think only of their comfort and power.

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