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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written June 20, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

It has been really interesting to see how NASA is sending more missiles and shuttles into space. It seems they are doing this more than when bush was President that NASA is becoming more active again with space projects. Couldn't this type of bombing affect the orbit of the moon? [and from another] NASA Prepares to Bomb the Moon [Jun 18] June 18, 2009 NASA scientists are preparing to launch a space mission from Cape Canaveral carrying a missile that will fire a hole deep in the surface of the moon. The aim is to see whether any traces of water will be revealed by the disruption caused to the planet's surface. NASA will analyse the space cloud caused by the explosion for any sign of water or vapour. Scientists expect the impact to blast out a huge cloud of dust, gas and vaporized water ice at least 6 miles high - making it visible from Earth. If the search is successful it could provide vital supplies for a moonbase.

The sudden interest in the Moon is not due to a long range plan to create a Moon base, but is to prepare for the immediate exit from Earth of the planet's elite. How can this be occurring you might ask, when Obama is in the White House? The layers between a Chief Executive and the projects undertaken by a contract corporation, projects often on the books and approved for years, are such that Obama would have to induce Congress to terminate NASA in order to stop this operation. It is what he inherited, and can only do so much.

We have often alluded to the plans of the elite to escape to Mars, living there until the pole shift had passed and they could safely return to Earth as kings. This was all to be assisted by Service-to-Self aliens who would transport and house them. Of course, the Service-to-Self lie and when pressed refused to transport the elite anywhere. Then there was the hope of bunkers on Earth, which have proven to be a disastrous plan as rock under pressure emits lethal particle flows. Crews sent underground to test this out died. Forced to contemplate enduring the hour of the pole shift on the surface of the Earth with the common man the elite so much despise, they desperately cast around for alternatives. Man can go to the Moon, and private funding abounds for private space travel.

The bomb is to dig a cavern that will presumably protect the elite in their erected structures from debris in the tail of Planet X. How will all this fare, in the short time between now and the pole shift? Poorly, but the details of their failure is something we prefer to withhold, lest they learn from our warnings. True karma is prevailing on Earth, with the elite not faring any better than the common man.

New crop circle. Reported June 17, 2009

This is a genuine circle and not a hoax. It was amended on the two days following to show a progression. We have explained that in the last weeks the Planet X complex will come visible, fully visible, to all mankind. Of course, Planet X is visible now, on occasion, as a Second Sun or object with tail on SOHO images, but we are talking about a visibility that cannot be denied. The complex will look as large as the Sun, approaching from the direction of the Sun. At first the appearance will be of an irregular orb, striated. By the next day, the tail will be visible and unmistakable. By the third day, the double helix appearance which showed up as Planet X made its entry into the inner solar system will be visible.

Hey all of the Kursk! My questions: The level of aggression in humans is too high not to give opportunity to create a perfect society?

The blind rage that humans have inherited from their ancestors, a necessity for survival among the many large predators that roamed the Earth during the time that early man evolved, is a problem for advanced Service-to-Other societies. Blind rage is a feature that we, as genetic engineers, are eliminating in our Zeta/human hybrids. But this in and of itself does not preclude a Service-to-Other society for mankind. It is the indwelling souls of most humans who are the block to this society.

If an individual has ideas about how to prepare the company to contact with aliens, what he should do and how?

Nancy is presuming that you are asking how people in general should be prepared for contact. Certainly your governments have tried to frighten people from contact, by spreading horror stories about mass landings and colonization and the like. But the facts themselves speak to the truth. UFO sightings are on the increase, and no such horrors are occurring. Contactees are an exploding population. Those who wanted to keep mankind from embracing the alien presence have lost the battle. Simply point to the facts, as reassurance.

We've been having some relentless bad weather here in New England Tri-State area. It has rained for third weekend in a row and more to come going into next week, according to prognosis. Our lawn and vegetable garden growth has diminished. I can't recall having so much rain in 10 years. Is this the weather patterns we should be adjusting to in the coming months or more erratic hot-cold patterns are to come?

Both. In 1995 we predicted erratic weather that would include increasing drought and deluge, more tenacious and extreme drought and deluge, occurring in places not used to this and then suddenly switching about, for no apparent reason. We predicted temperature swings, to the extent that before the pole shift it would seem that the seasons had blended into one another. Just what your region will have next, we cannot say, but do not expect calm.

There will be a solar eclipse soon. Does it mean that during it PX will be visible better and many people will see it and it will be a new step in Disclosing and the beginning of 6th level ?

The pattern has been that all events such as an eclipse have been assisted so that those who would go insane if presented by the truth will not be pressed to this extent. At some point, of course, this will change, and the truth will be allowed to begin to emerge beyond the extent it is today with the wobble and occasional glimpse of Planet X on SOHO or videos. Just when that time comes, we will not say.

Can you tell us if the Iranian election protest is provoked by the US intelligence, Israeli Zionist, etc? What will be the outcome of all this? What is Ahmadinejad's spritual orientation? I feel he makes a great Iranian president, He's no puppet!

We have already spoken to the issue of the president's orientation, that being Service-to-Other. For those who find this hard to believe, one must be mature enough to be able to envision what it takes to co-exist with religious leaders in a hard line country. The same is true of Obama, who inherited a mess and cannot work miracles on his own. The CIA is always scurrying about, trying to effect a revolution, but unlike in other countries in the past they have not been successful, but have rather been routed out of Iran. Of course those in charge are exagerating the success of the current president in defeating his challenger, so the announced percentages are exagerated. Nevertheless, the president won, with a substantial percentage.

Hello, I would like to know why in SOHO's photos we can see Planet X just only in one image? Is it possible that NASA has missed such an image? If it is so, then why haven't they corrected their mistake and why hasn't this image been improved?

Once the image is out, they fear to replace it as that would surely scream of a cover-up. We have mentioned in the past that there are computer programs in place that replace the location where Planet X is expected to be with something normal. Each image is quickly set right, in this way, in time to provide it to the public in the timely manner they have come to expect. But Planet X is not always where the computer programs expect it to be. It is not so much that Planet X itself moves, and quickly, but that the satellite taking images moves. There are many particle flows bombarding the area of Earth at this time, most unknown to man, and satellites far out in space move aside or are attracted. Those monitoring SOHO images are also distracted, some despondent about the cover-up, and miss these exceptions in any audits they do until it is too late. If out in the public, or feared out in the public, then best left alone, is the logic.

Do Zetas have animals and how do you treat with them?

Advanced cultures, of highly developed Service-to-Other entities, do not keep sentient creatures for food or for pets. We, the Zetas, manufacture our food in a lab, so no destruction of life need occur.

There is much discussion about a health system like the rest of the world has with even the people with good insurance wanting everyone to be covered. Besides the usual suspects like drug companies, insurance companies, etc, are there other obstacles? It is just so strange there is such an uprising with the entire country behind the Single Payer System -including hard-core conservatives, and the politicians just don't get it. Is the PuppetMaster interested in this issue? What would be the outcome he/she would like? Is there a Single Payer System being worked on, or are we going to be stuck with a system that just profits the Insurance/Health Industry?

Once again we return to the issue of what Obama alone, or with a handful of cabinet members, can accomplish. Politicians of both persuasions worry about being elected, and in today's world this means having an immense war chest. Drug and insurance companies of course fling money at them. The ultimate solution is to eliminate profit from the health business, as this would drop the cost immensely, as countries such as Sweden and the UK and France demonstrate. Profits are of course what drug and insurance companies are in business to gain, so it has become a pushing and shoving contest. To socialize medicine requires not only the votes to pass the bill, but the votes to eliminate a stalemate in Congress. There will be some sort of compromise, we predict, and not a total solution this time around, which will of course be the only time around before the pole shift occurs.

Zetas state that they are prohibited to give any direct explanations about the PX's position, and the real time of the Pole Shift. In this case their statement concerning the explanation ../newsletr/issue137.htm of the latest cropcircle seems rather contradictory. Those who has read the site carefully, remember that everything will begin when PX will be situated side-by-side with the Earth and the Earth's North Pole will begin to diverge from the Sun, after which the three days of darkness will appear. And in the explanation we can see a gentle hint that the end is very close. Isn't it contrary to the Zetas' accepted rules?

There is no contradiction indicated in your protest. Crop circles do not give any indication of timing, whether years in the future or days in the future. Our explanation on the dance of the moons of Planet X likewise does not related to our explanation of the crop circle.

Greetings from Amursk! Zetas have told that we now come nearer to 6th mark, and at us now in the Far East Russia the effect of the Second Sun is not observed. I know that Zetas do not give exact dates and preventions. But inhabitants of the Far East of Russia could not Zetas tell on what mark can observe the Second Sun?

We have explained exhaustively what to look for, and when to look. Beyond this we can add nothing new.

The weather is truly as you have predicted. It has been awesome watching this change correlate with your predictions. When will the next big change occur? What might that change be? and yes we believe that people are not waking up, but for those who are, can you say when the next big change will occur? Or at least when might you be able to tell us more, or anything new, now that Obama is in office.

We are not allowed to be precise as to when an earthquake might hit, or a volcano might erupt, and likewise cannot be precise as to what locale will experience what weather extremes. These are the rules we are under, as we have so often explained.

Have the Zetas ever commented on Sonia Sotomayor? Was she a good pick for the Supreme Court?

She is quite solid, on all fronts. She will not ally with the ultra-right, but be measured and balanced as promised by Obama. She is not considered ultra-liberal and thus most Republican's find her acceptable. Her addition to the court, expected to be swiftly approved, puts the court out of the hands of those who allowed the Bush family to effect a coup in 2000, and is dashing the hopes of many who planned to get around the Obama administration by running issues up to the Supreme Court where true "judicial activism" would occur.

One thing I've been wondering about is Steve Jobs of Apple Computer. Does his history of health problems have any connection to the nefarious intent of his competitors. That is, has his health been sabotaged by his competitors.?


There have been many UFO sightings lately all around the world, more than normal. Is there a reason for that?

We predicted at the start of the ZetaTalk saga that sightings would increase, and they have. We did not predict the rate of change, nor will we now. This is because the pace is based on the readiness of man, the lack of anxiety. Man controls the pace.

Is the new movie 2012 about the coming of Planet X.

There is a relationship [in When Worlds Collide] to the passage of Planet X only in that a planet or two are presented, one causing the destruction of Earth with an impact. Planet X causes devastation on Earth during a passage. Both movies about 2012 being released this fall (2012 and 2012 Seeking Closure) involve the destruction of mankind, virtually no hope for the common man. Only those with special knowledge survive, and a handful at that. The message is that when the common man learns the truth, they should conclude that any efforts toward survival will not be fruitful. Those behind this message are telling you they would rather see you die, without any effort to save yourself, than prepare! It's less messy for them that way.

If Pole Shift would occur before the end of 2010, I suppose the disasters would increase in an unusual rate into the last weeks?

We stated, repeatedly, that the major signs we detailed would all occur within a 4 month magnetic trimester. We have also stated that by the time this arrived, that emergency management teams would be overwhelmed. Fill in the blanks.

Would a Service-to-Other repel a Service-to-Self? Would a Service-to-Self attracted to a Service-to-Other?

Those in the Service-to-Self do not want to be around those in the Service-to-Other, as it reminds them of times in their long distant past when they had a grain of empathy. They lose their focus. One way to drive a Service-to-Self individual out of the room is to have a lot of love vibes in the room. Try it! It works! Service-to-Other

Would a Service-to-Other judges others if they are deserved to be helped before deciding to help them?

Each situation has its own dynamics. It is impossible to give a general answer. Those in the Service-to-Other do not simply respond to every request for help, indiscriminately. Nor should they.

Can you explain further 'season's blending into one' do you mean on a daily basis one day being summer, next day winter or is it an hourly thing?

Cold summers to the extent of snow in summer. Warm winters to the extent that coats are not required. That sort of thing. Days or weeks of this at a time. Hardly hourly.

Can the Zetas please describe more about the ocean sloshing movement. Can we anticipate that the waters will slosh more East and West or North and South, and is this the new or old earth orientation or possibly will it be circular sloshing in a clockwise or anti-clockwise water movement. This information can be very helpful in the selection of our safe location.

If you simply play out our Scripted Drama with the globe in your hands, you will be able to anticipate where your winds and waters are coming from. For instance, when Brazil moves northwest, it is pushing under the blanket of atmosphere such that the winds will come from the northwest. The water in the Caribbean will likewise pile up on the northern shores of S America, while leaving the southern shores. You must also compute the effect of water that has left the Equator to drift back to the poles during the week of rotation stoppage. Likewise rapid movement of water during the compression of the Pacific, such as is anticipated in Indonesia. You read our warnings and then you do the computations. Do not expect to have Nancy and ourselves hold your hand when you have not done your homework.

Have there been any changes in the CIA plan to move to Denver, so they can ride out the arrival of Planet X?

The current plan for both the CIA and other government functions is to be disbursed, not focused in any one location. Denver is of course included as a site.

Zetas, you have stated that Planet X is to the right of the Sun, and sets before the Sun, yet rises after the Sun, and to the right of the Sun, correct? How is this possible? Let us say that a person it witnessing the Sun set while on the equator. At the same moment, on the other side of the Earth, yet still on the equator, someone is watching the Sun rise. Is Planet X below the horizon for both observers? Is Planet X to the right of the Sun for both observers?

You have incorrectly quoted us. In the northern hemisphere, Planet X precedes the Sun along the line of the Ecliptic both rising and setting. If this confuses you, get a planetarium program and study where the Ecliptic is during sunrise and sunset, for various locations. Do your homework in this regard.

Question: detail of fire storm, debris etc

We have stated that fire storms can be anticipated in those lands downwind from volcanos. However, such firestorms can occur anywhere on Earth. Likewise with the debris in the tail of Planet X. The tail licks the Earth, wraps around it, so even those on the dark side of the Earth during rotation stoppage will be affected.

Last night I was watching the History Channel program "Exodus Decoded" and was shocked to hear them validate what the Zetas have said concerning that event, which took place during the period of the last poleshift, particularly as it related to how the first-born Egyptian children died. While I didn't have a chance to watch the entire program, they didn't go so far as to admit that a poleshift occurred, instead attributing it to the collapse of the Minoan civilization following a huge volcanic eruption in the Mediterranean at the time. Can we expect to see more leaks of these validations from the History Channel? The zetas have said the History Channel was aligned with the wishes of the Puppetmaster who wishes to see the common man told of what's coming. Will there be more of this kind of thing from the mainstream media, or will there be more denial or pointing to false culprits such as the Sun?

Both will occur simultaneously. More truth, while at the same time more bluster.

The latest web-bot report indicates that the the elite of the world will be hard-pressed to find anywhere safe, as the people will be so enraged there will be a tremendous amount of blood-letting. Do the zetas see this occurring, or do they hold out the possibility of hope that the Coverup will be carefully dismantled, so they (the elite) can avoid the scenario the web-bots foresee?

We have predicted great rage against those who participated in the cover-up. This will be directed at those who imposed the cover-up, not those who were forced to participate on pain of losing their lives or their jobs. Because the elite fear this reprisal, as well as their original fear that the common man will make demands and clog the roads with their messy panic, the cover-up is in a type of constipation. The longer held, the worse it gets.

I used to live and breathe Science. It was more important than people. Because my grades were excellent, I took several college course while still in H.S. I soaked up information like a sponge, but looked down on students who couldn't. I went to church regularly and knew the Bible thoroughly. Family, friends, and teachers thought I was respectful, thoughtful, and kind. However, I was arrogant, judgmental, and impatient with others who irritated me. I still believed I was a good person! My nice stable, comfortable life and all its perks were lost when all the adults died. One bad experience after another forced me to look at my behavior and my values. I call this instant karma, since it happened within my life and not after. I became the focus of other's arrogance, pettiness, judgments, and impatience. These "bad" experiences forced me to begin to feel empathy. Instead of asking the Universe, "Why are you picking on me...a good person?" I began to ask, "What am I supposed to learn from this?" There are many public people who have reputations for being mean-spirited and arrogant, yet they don't appear to suffer consequences during their lives. How do they avoid instant karma? Few appear to change.

Karma seldom occurs during an individual lifetime. Karma, as understood by man to be repercussion for bad deeds, a repercussion that visits their bad deeds back upon them, seldom occurs as anticipated. Those who are ruthless and selfish often find they have visited misfortune and loss upon themselves due to their actions. But mostly the learning occurs when a series of incarnations puts the entity into a position of being the victim, as well as the perpetrator, repeatedly. Empathy results, or at least this is the hoped for outcome.

In Cassiopean transcripts and Ra Material there were some mentions about Organic Portals (people with no soul that animates them) and in Ra Material robots that look like people are mentioned? Are these things true and what do they mean? Can people without soul be touched by the fact they have no soul and begin their search or is the search they may have nothing more than looking for a personal interest?

We do not refer to people without souls, but rather people who do not have reincarnating souls but the potential of sparking a soul during their lifetime.

Could the Zetas please comment on the recent UFO videos recorded in Amsterdam? There were four separate recordings, apparently, and they all seem to show a triangular craft rotating low and in place over the area. It then accelerates relatively rapidly. Is this a Earth human star craft? What other explanation is there?

This is a legitimate sighting, not man made. The Netherlands of course will be flooded not only during the pole shift but in the violent wobbles that the Earth will have going into the last weeks. They are being warned.

As the time of the pole shift gets closer, will those with endocrine, hormonal and mental imbalances find their condition worsening?

They will surely not get better, under stress. The only exception will be those whose condition is caused by their life circumstances. Someone feeling trapped, and seeing escape possible, might improve, for instance.