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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written June 13, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Don't want humans to know what's coming? Sorry, but this one just doesn't make sense. [and from another] Military Covering Up Fireballs From Space [Jun 11],2933,525832,00.html A recent U.S. military policy decision now explicitly states that observations by hush-hush government spacecraft of incoming bolides and fireballs are classified secret and are not to be released. The satellites' main objectives include detecting nuclear bomb tests, and their characterizations of asteroids and lesser meteoroids as they crash through the atmosphere has been a byproduct data bonanza for scientists. The upshot: Space rocks that explode in the atmosphere are now classified.

There was obviously no harm done to national security during the decade that data from these satellites was shared with scientists, so why the change? There is no explanation given, just the change in policy. On the face of it, this policy change is to prevent the bulk of scientists from seeing the increasing evidence of a rogue planet in the inner solar system. The tail, as we have been stating, is turning toward the Earth, and this means increasing fireballs screaming across the skies. It is the pattern of where this debris is coming from that the US military wants to avoid. To date, it has been haphazard enough that no pattern has been established. Fireballs scream across both hemispheres, erratically. They have not formed a clear pattern of a lick from a large tail, and this coming from the direction of the Sun. The cover-up has reached the stage where excuses can no longer be given, so no excuses are given. This in an of itself is evidence of the cover-up crumbling and failing.

The circle is a bird on a bird, a pecking bird on the back of a larger bird. Both have wings folded, and are not in flight.

What does the image of a bird with a smoldering tail relay to mankind, especially when the bird itself has a pecking bird upon its back? Some static situation, as neither is in flight. What is the Earth enduring today? Planet X has worked its way past the S Pole of the Sun, turned in place to point its magnetic N Pole outward away from the Sun, and is positioned to hammer the Earth during the last weeks before it takes flight and leaves the solar system. This is the larger bird. What of the smaller bird, pecking its back? This represents what Earth today is enduring, small in proportion to what the larger bird would inflict. The worst is yet to come.

Hello to all of the Kursk! Questions: If a person sends the Call of the employees of other, in which the requests to help him, because if it would help, he will be able to help others, then this is the answer The Call?

The Call is answered but if the request is to be enhanced so as to help others, then this is a suspect request. The request is obvious for the person giving the Call to be enhanced, in a way that would make them more prestigious. This is not a Call to the Service-to-Other, but a call to the Service-to-Self, who would respond. However, the enhancement would not be made, nor would it be allowed under the rules.

If a person has any idea about the benefits of contact with aliens for public purposes, it would aliens go to a meeting?

Those visiting Earth are under rules which require that the Element of Doubt be maintained. Many humans want to call down a ship, in front of cameras, to enhance their own personal esteem. These requests are not granted. Such a call is in any case to the Service-to-Self, who are not allowed to expose even their own ships to mankind, much less arrange for a show.

Do the zetas guesstimate that Planet X will become visible to the naked eye before the end of the 2009 calendar year, or would that be giving away the timeframe of the shift itself to answer? What about amateur telescopes; any chance they might start seeing it soon, as with camera phones?

Obviously, answering when Planet X will be visible to all is breaking the rule about giving away the timeframe. Planet X is visible now, as the Russian video shows, and as reports on seeing the Second Sun rise or set demonstrates. As always, it is mostly lost in the glare of the Sun, and many sun filters are so strong that Planet X is filtered out entirely. As we said, sunrise and sunset are the best times for naked eye viewing, but conditions must be just right.

This week we have had: warnings the earth would collide with venus far into the future, a fictional show about the earth and moon colliding, multiple shows concerning mega disasters, in addition to restrictions from the military on reporting fire balls, excuses for wobble induced weather and other anomalies. Who is winning? The forces of disclosure or the forces of cover up? Is the optimal outcome still a stalemate with those who are mature, focused, aware in general taking this on board to some level and the insecure or immature still having a path to denial? If so will this optimal stalemate change prior to the last weeks? Where does Obama stand on this?

There will, obviously, be a steady uptick in the number of people who are suspicious. That the government refuses to address why having meteors and fireball data in the hands of scientists is classified has bumped this number dramatically. This erodes confidence in the government, so the percentage who think the government almost invariably lies will increase. This then erodes the ability of the government to influence or manipulate the public, as suggestions from the government are looked upon with suspicion. All this means that people will begin to make decisions for themselves, and not be led about, and this is not a bad thing.

If not Planet X disclosure then alien disclosure seems to be in full progress now. Can the zetas speak to the dynamics between these two disclosure options? How will an alien disclosure impact any potential Planet X disclosure? Fostering distrust of government, stretching peoples' world view?

The requirement that there be an Element of Doubt about the alien presence and about Planet X are on two different paths. The rule to slow proof about the alien presence is to reduce fear and anxiety in the populace, so that contactees are not slaughtered by the religious elite. Such slaughter has occurred on other planets during their Awakening, and has been threatened by the religious elite on your planet too. The rise in mass sightings all over the world shows how quickly the populace has come to accept and even welcome the alien presence. As we have stated, this will increasingly lead to alien bodies being glimpsed, and capture of alien bodies on photo or video. Countries are opening their UFO files, one after another, without the public going into a panic. Thus the rule regarding an Element of Doubt about the alien presence is almost to the point of being moot. The only remaining element is conscious contact, which also is subject to being removed when anxiety will no longer be a problem.

The Element of Doubt about the presence of Planet X is in place because of nervous governments who are likely to mow down their citizens with machine guns if they, the government, panic. It is the wealthy, the elite, those with much to lose, who fear the public being educated. There would, of course, be some reduction in the number of people faithfully attending to their jobs if the truth were known, but this number is not as devastating as the elite and those in power fear. There will be a threshold where signs that Planet X is nearby are too obvious, the Earth changes too devastating, so the issue is again moot. At this point, the Council of Worlds will begin to lift the restrictions on maintaining an Element of Doubt about Planet X. It would matter not, then, how the government or the elite would react. The situation they fear would be upon them.

Can the zetas comment on the 134 billion USD in US bonds seized from two Japanese nationals entering Switzerland? Any tie to the rumored audit of the US fed?

Chasing those with illegally gotten gains has been a game for decades, and will not go away between the present time and the pole shift. Off-shore banks, money laundering fronts, double books, all these techniques are present as are secret bank accounts in Switzerland. Nothing new under the Sun here.

Do the Zetas see acts of violence by right-wing fringe extremists, such as committed by the Holocaust museum shooter and the killer of Dr. Tiller, escalating, and are they simply the acts of STS souls trying to prove themselves as the Virginia Tech shooter was?

Episodes such as Virginia Tech where the shooter was simply trying to prove himself worthy of a high status in his new society on the prison planet that will be his new home are rare, though these incidents invariably hit the news. More recently, the increase in people "going postal" is due to stress in their lives, a sense of hopelessness, a sense they have lost all and are without recourse. Financial difficulties, job loss, are factors on the increase. Dr. Tiller's murderer was reacting to the setbacks to his personal agenda caused by the Obama administration, which supports abortion rights. This is likewise true to some extent of the Holocaust museum shooter, who was reacting in part to the press by the Obama administration for Israel to make peace with Palestine. Where this seems a contradiction, it was all a reminder of Israel's past, so Obama's moves seemed too light, too little too late, thus engendering rage. Violence is complicated, with many factors involved.

You said "Since our initial statement on Air France 447, an oil or fuel slick has been discovered in the area the plane presumably went down, and debris. The oil slick confirms the assumption made by the investigators that an explosion, or terrorism, was not the cause of the plane's problems." But now it is clear that those oil slick and debris are not of plane! Did not Zetas know that?

Where debris moves hundreds of miles, in the currents, oil slicks are not that long lived and dissipate quickly. No one is disputing that an explosion did not take place, and no one is disputing the location of where the plane when down since bodies and debris from the plane are being retrieved. Please state your source for information to the contrary.

A day or 2 ago George H.W. Bush, pillar of the Cover-up, again went skydiving for all the world to see. The last time he did this the Zetas indicated it had to do with him making sure he would be in shape to go off-planet to escape the shift, that this was connected to John Glenn being taken up in the space shuttle to see how generally how the old white males of the Cover-up cabal would handle the stresses of leaving Earth's surface. Is this latest outing his way of "showing off", to show the other perps that he can still handle it? Has he deluded himself into thinking that his STS ET allies will rescue him and his cohorts at the last moment after all, despite the claims made in ZetaTalk? Or is this to keep the underlings from rebelling? TMZ, the entertainment news powerhouse, even showed Poppy with a bevy of beauties poolside at the time, with wife Barbara being photographed with a male 'hunk'. What were they trying to telegraph?

This indeed relates to our prior analysis. Originally this crowd was promised they would be taken to Mars for the pole shift, complete with a bevy of beauties for the old men so they could, if necessary, restart the human race on Earth. When those who had been given those promises by the Service-to-Self aliens answering their Call asked for their long-promised trip, it was refused. To keep this truth from the mass of people who participate in the cover-up, and who had been given similar promises by those at the helm of the cover-up, the lie must be maintained. They have been told that Poppy is getting ready for his trip off Earth, and Poppy is demonstrating this, very publicly. At this point, Poppy and his buddies are more fearful of all those participating in the cover-up, who will realize they have been lied to, than they are of any other repercussion.

Can the Zetas comment about NASA's nebulous sun predictions?

A month or two ago they were still trying to blame the Sun. The truth caught up with them!

In Zetatalk website, Zeta mentioned Zhuge Liang and prophetic poems that he has written. I searched through internet and found them. However, I found only 14 poems and not 20 or so poems that Zeta has stated. I would appreciate if you can direct me to where I can find the rest of the poems. ../index/zeta309.htm One of the most famous Chinese prophetic poem is "Tui Bei Tu":
What can the Zeta tell us about the material? What stage are we currently in regarding TBT? Is the saint mentioned in stage 44 in the world scene already? Who is he? Which stage is related to the return of PX?

We, the Zetas, did not mention 20 poems. The questioner mentioned those numbers. We also do not spend our time, nor Nancy's, correlating every valid prophet's statements with our own. You must sort this out. We cannot do all your work for you, and be everything to all, as Nancy is simply only one human and we ourselves are overextended in our duties.

Can thought change matter? There is an opinion that strong thought can materialize anything. "We are what we believe we are". And how does it work?

There is absolutely no truth to this wishful thinking theory. Does it work? Ask the agonized parents of children dying of cancer!

Hi Nancy and Zeta'. Can the Zeta's comment on the recent fish and phoenix crop circles and Bishop Cunnings and Yatesbury?

What you have described as a phoenix is a bird upon a bird's back, as stated earlier in the chat. The larger bird has folded wings, with a small pecking bird between its wings. The fish diagram is our magnetic trimesters, with the addition of the fish pointing outward toward the end of each trimester, emphasizing our prediction that the pole shift will happen at the end of a trimester.

Still I can not solve the next contradiction. Zetas state that we can see PX some time during a day with any type of telescope and even without it. Now I am regularly speaking with some amateur astronomers of my country. They laugh and even are angry when discussing PX, as consider it non-existent. The problem is that nobody in my country has so great power as to bribe or treaten them and they can not be all conspirators. Their army is great and if one had seen PX, its photos would have spreaded over Internet with lighting speed. Most of those photos at the Internet are still not proving PX as they do not give all necessary coordinates, they are made on dark background without stars - that is queerly. Some of them, made at daylight, are just depicting sun halo or other atmosphere effects. Only several photos cause interest. So, are amateur astonomers simply "blind" or what ?

What do these jokers say about the appearance of Planet X on SOHO and LASCO, complete with tail? This too would be dismissed, as those individuals who buy into the cover-up are afraid of the truth. It scares them, and all such individuals bray denial more intensely as the truth is upon them. It is a matter of backbone and independence, not intelligence or education. These types cling to authority like a parent, and will be the first to be found hiding under the bed when Planet X is obvious in the skies.

Why did AIG require a bailout? Was it caused by unreported insurance claims, massive disruptions in infrastructures? In other words, was it from insurance claims?

AIG was insuring bundled mortgages, which had been sold as A-1 quality derivatives when they were often virutally worthless. It was a factor of the housing bubble bursting that required bailout funds.

Also, are any governments/groups using secret technologies to attack/influence people using transmissions of some sort? If so, could you describe some of these and any details/frequencies being used in these devices (example: dream manipulations)? The more details the better. Is the device used by advertising companies using wireless voice transmissions also used to influence individuals. It would clarify my understanding if I could find out the type of signals being used.

There are many rumors about secret government technologies that have no basis in fact. HAARP, for instance, is merely measuring the planet's magnetosphere, not causing earthquakes. Such rumors are spread by those within the government itself which want the populace fearful of the government. They want to prevent riots, and certainly want to prevent being challenged. Microwave weapons are obvious, as they cause heat and burns. Attempts to manipulate certain individuals such as authors were tried, using telepathy, but the success was so spotty that the projects closed down, a failure. There is no technology that can influence human thinking, despite the hype.

Over the past few years, many of us ballooned in weight, not just me but many of my friends that never used to gain weight. Maybe it's true that it's subconsciously an effort to pad ourselves with an emergency powerpack to avoid starvation after the shift. However, it's a dilemna for many of us I'm sure; do we get on a treadmill to get rid of it, only to wish we hadn't in the days after the shift when we can sustain ourselves with vitamins and a minimum of scarce foodstuffs that would be better off being eaten by the children or injured. If the Zetas were in our position, what course of action would they tend to choose? Lose the weight to look and feel great, or keep the emergency powerpack?

We have advised that being obese, so extremely overweight that walking to safety or being able to carry a pack on a walk is impossible, be avoided. But extremes, being ultra thin or without a fat layer, are not necessary. Being in good shape is helpful too, so the body is not suddenly stressed. Some individuals are at the gym every day, frantic to be in the best shape possible for the pole shift. This likewise is unnecessary, and the time and effort might be better spent on other types of perparation.

If one pictures stirring a gallon of paint in a circular direction and then immediately reversing direction, two swirling vortexes are temporarily created behind the edges of the stir stick. The faster this action is performed, the more violent the swirling becomes. Is this action akin to the earth wobble and the forces the Zetas predict will cause tornadoes/whirlpools?

Yes. We have described the Earth as caught in an eddy flow of particles coming round the side of Planet X. An eddy flow is a swirl that caused a backward flow. The oceans of the world, and the blanket of air that is the atmosphere, are likewise creating whirlpools and storms due to sudden switching about caused by the wobble.

8 cropcircles since June 1st are they all legitimate?

There have been no hoaxes yet this year.

I know we can expect the climate experienced after the pole shift to be the new climate for whatever area a person is located; i.e., temperatures generally warmer or colder. How long will it take for the prevailing westerlies and seasons to re-adjust?

As soon as rotation restarts, which will happen within a couple days after the pole shift. Of course, since the atmosphere has been in turmoil, it will take time for all to settle down, the air pools to equalize. And the change in climate may not be evident immediately in those areas where the soil and rock is very cold, taking time to heat. Those areas which will be in the new polar zones will find their air quickly cooling, however.

The space shuttle is taking off quite often these days. Seems to prove that 'something' has their interest all right! Can the Zeta's comment?

We mentioned recently that rumors about the ISS being potentially damaged by space debris, or having to move, was to prep the public for the staff being returned to Earth, suddenly. Some on the ISS were breaking down due to the tension of realizing they are in the heavy traffic lane. Now things are more active, more shuttles and more personnel changes, as this type of activity clams nerves. Each individual feels they can go back down if they need to, catch the next bus so to speak. This has a calming effect.

"Despite a decline in most food prices from record peaks last year, they remained stubbornly high in developing countries, while global food aid was at a 20-year low." What factors have made this situation different from previous years? I remember when US farmers produced so much wheat that it depressed the market so much, many chose to let crops rot in the fields rather than harvest them to sell for a loss.

This is almost entirely due to weather related problems. We and we alone predicted crop shortages back in 1995 when the ZetaTalk saga first began. We knew that the wobble would develop and what it would do to the weather, which we also predicted with great accuracy back in 1995 when no one else was mentioning this. But problems with crop shortages actually appeared in 2000, due to the weather. It was not the wobble alone that causes weather related problems, as the roiling core of the Earth, responding from a distance to the approach of Planet X, likewise affects the weather by affecting undersea volcanoes. Drought, deluge, late frosts, early spring thaws, and dying bees - all are affected by the weather or the roiling core which affects the immune systems of bees.

What about people who saw angels and archangels. Is there something to these stories. As for what I gather Edgar Cayce also mentioned archangels. And there are people who say they saw Archangel Michael and other angels. Is there something to these stories. Does this have something to do with higher density beings? And in the ZetaTalk answer about angels is stated "There is no such creature, or at least no creature that looks like this, although there are entities that operate in the manner ascribed to angels". Are these those entities?

Those of the world's population who are Christians are taught, since birth in most cases, that angels look like humans with wings. Thus, Cayce and other prophets utilized the mind-set of the populace to which they were speaking. We have explained that this is due to inclusion in the Bible of such descriptions, which were in fact humans being floated by their alien visitors. In those days, visitation was not restricted to the subconscious, and humans saw their visitors and watched other humans during contact. Angels, as we have explained, are simply those souls or spirits, however incarnated or disincarnate, who wait to be called upon in order to do good.

How can a living enitity such as us humans, seperate/divide and tell the difference between active 'telepathic' thoughts from the mind/brain's own thoughts and imagination? How can I sort the external messages from my own mind? Sometimes I feel I have 'thoughts' which are not mine, or at least I hope they're mine, as some thoughts or telepathy can be quite unsettling. Apart from 'meditation' how does one clear the mind to regain control of ones mind?

Self control. When you clear your mind, you have no active thoughts running. Can't you tell the difference? If the thought is your own, it will seem similar to your usual thinking. If you suddenly have a thought pop into your head that is not your usual though process, not linear to what you were thinking before, then is may be from another source.

Talked to a farmer today, and he said 20% of the land in Northern Illinios has not been planted because the ground is too wet (some of it might also be money shortages for buying seed and fuel and fertilizer). He said Indiana was worse. "A real disaster" - his words. On top of that with the cold weather (temperature in Nothern Illinois has yet to officially break 80 degrees - this has never happened this late in the history of record keeping), and almost constant cloud cover and rain-forest-like rain lately, the yields on fields that have been planted will be poor indeed. (Not to mention that most of those that were planted were planted late). Also there was a report that the jet stream is too "low" and therefore, we may not have a "summer" in the Northern Midwest. Why would the jet stream be so low? Can the Zetas comment?

They are trying to come up with excuses, but we told you that the northern hemisphere would have cooler than usual winters and summers up until the last weeks. We made this prediction months ago. Yet another example of "Zetas RIGHT Again". The magnetic N Pole of Earth is being pushed away by Planet X, not only during the wobble but overall, so sunlight is reduced.