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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Jan 27, 2007 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

The Zetas have stated that Bush will be in office no more than 2 more years. Can the Zeta comment on the likelyhood of a Service-to-Other president being in office after 2008?

Much is in the hands of man, as to who will be in the White House in 2008. In addition, we, the Service-to-Other Zetas, are under restraints as to how much we can reveal about a potential date of the last weeks going into the pole shift, revealing the date, so must take care in our response. This includes stating whether there will be anyone in the White House in January 2009, as this might indicate whether the pole shift is to occur before or after that date. We can only state that the Bush crowd will become increasingly irrelevant and that emergency management teams will be so busy, shortly, that they will utterly ignore the White House's attempts to declare Martial Law to keep Bush in office and prevent impeachment attempts. These matters could occur this month or in December 2008, so are not in and of themselves revealing. Beyond this we cannot comment.

Can the zetas comment on the Libby trial? Will Libby be sacrificed to save Cheney? Is he liable to be suicided a la Ken Lay?

A characteristic of those in the Service-to-Self, who obviously include Cheney and Rove and Libby, is ratting on others in order to gain the self a modicum of comfort. The time when banding together for the good of all is over. The handwriting is on the wall! Bush is likely to be impeached, and Cheney indicted, if they both don't meet with an assassination attempt of some sort, well disguised. Rove is in disrepute since the 2006 elections could not be stolen as he promised, and cannot commandeer support among the rats anymore. Libby was tossed overboard long ago, and is on his own. Thus, very interesting revelations may come out during the trial. Yes, they all could try to kill one another, but this is unlikely to be successful and they all anticipate this and can easily reach out for federal protection. Thus, it is likely to be a psychological and legal drama, and very good entertainment!

With more countries abandoning the dollar as a reserve currency and the real estate collapse in full swing now, how much longer can the Plunge Protection Team keep the economy from collapsing? [and from another] Beijing to diversify investment strategies [Jan 21] China's foreign reserves surpassed Japan's last year to become the world's largest and reached $1,066bn by the beginning of 2007. About 70 per cent of reserves are believed to be held in US dollars, mostly in Treasury bonds, but increasingly in other, higher-yielding instruments. [and from another] Kuwait May Abandon Dollar Peg to Protect its Economy [Jan 27] Kuwait, the third-largest Arab oil producer, may abandon the dinar's peg against the dollar in favor of a basket of currencies to help minimize economic harm after the dollar declined.

The dropping dollar helps the US with its debt, as it keeps shrinking, relatively speaking, when placed against other currencies. The average homeowner understands this as their mortage burden lessens as inflation creeps upward, so that the mortage payment is less, relative to income, over time. But the issue is who will support the massive need for cash infusion, the debt which must be supported by loans in the form of US bonds purchased by China or other cash rich countries. When this does not occur, as the bonds will be worth less when cashed in than when purchased, the US must rely on simply printing money, becoming a banana republic. This is already occurring, but when expedited, inflation skyrockets. The White House is issuing false reports on all these matters, just as employment reports are false, but on the street, inflation will create extreme distress in the populace. Frantic to stop the collapse of the country, and needing to stop the bleeding in Iraq, the Congress and other interested parties may move, finally, against the White House. Until then, the DOW will chirp it's lies, buying and selling stock will be controlled and restricted to maintain the DOW, and if this does not do the trick, the banks will begin to have controlled hours and control the amount that may be withdrawn from savings accounts. Thus, you will see unrest and action in DC before the economy collapses, we predict.

Would you please ask the Zeta's if there is a connection with being a earth sensitive and being a contactee ? Have a feeling all earth sensitives will know sooner than most regular people when the earth changes are starting in full force

There is no direct connection. Earth sensitives are by genetics able to sense stress in the rock strata under their feet, often feeling pain in this regard. Some species of animals are likewise sensitive to this, Peking ducks being used in China to predict a coming quake. Contactees are those who requested a contact, giving the Call, and following through. This is related to the human and the soul incarnating being curious or caring or distressed in some regard. Thus, other than that an Earth sensitive is convinced there are quakes around the corner, there would be no relationship.

It seems that the Democrats are really trying to clean up our gov't. So why do we keep hearing about incidents of the IRS illegally taking land from landowners and why do we keep hearing about the plan or that plan to implement putting chips in things like recently an article where North Carolina has chips in the drivers license and that a picture of South America is on them instead of the US. It seems like our constitutional rights are still being stomped on no matter what we hear concerning cleaning up our gov't.

Starting with the revelations learned after the Roswell era, when the secret government, MJ12, and their many members in the corporate community, ultra wealthy, heads of some other countries like Britain and Russia, learned of the approaching passage of Planet X and its consequences, they started laying plans. Is it any surprise that Dubya is in the White House at this time, seeing his father's grip on many aspects of how the government works over the decades? It was all planned! Check back to the Reagan era, when the same crowd was behind getting Reagan into the White House - Cheney, Rumsfled, Schultz, Pearl, and the like. To put restrictions into place too soon raises suspicion, so it was laid out to occur after a terrorism incident, so as not to look like what it was - a determination to control the populace. The OK City explosion, the downing of TWA800, all pre-runners to 911, as they were determined to have a cause for martial law and civil rights restrictions. They aimed for 2003, as we have consistently stated this would be the year of the pole shift, leading them to stretch out too early with these moves. Now there is resistance to the restrictions they wanted to impose, and many are being lifted or at least resisted. All part of our plan, when we issued the White Lie about 'shortly after May 15, 2003'.

Would the Zeta give us the facts about urine use and how it may be utilized in the aftertime? Is it safe and potable?

The body excrets what it does for a reason. Urine, feces, the breath, all contain what the body wants to be rid of. There are some practices whereby the urine is drunk to return certain hormones to the one excreting them, with claims that this helps health. This is almost entirely imaginary, but impossible to prove or disprove. Nevertheless, drinking urine is not fatal, but only requires the kidneys to work harder to rid the body of what it though it just had gotten rid of. Were one to return all urine this way, the body would shortly get sick. However, in a pinch, such as being afloat on the ocean where salt water cannot be drunk, and one must stay alive until rescued, drinking one's urine is not a bad approach.

What is causing all the activity on the Sun these days? Internal explosions or large objects hitting it or what?

We have stated that the Sun's apparent hyperactivity is due to the presence of Planet X. During 2006, for instance, the solar minimum, it was very lively, more akin to a maximum. This has been the case since 2003, when Planet X arrived in the inner solar system. This surface activity is not generated from the interior of the Sun, but a surface ruffle, not unlike the waves on a pond if a heliocopter were overhead. Planet X is too large a planet to be that close to the Sun. It is only there because it is slinging through, and approached the Sun at a very rapid speed in 2003, putting on the brakes only because of the Repulsion Force. As it is on the way out of the solar system now, fighting its way through the backwash of particle flows that are present at the Ecliptic, it is blocking the normal in and outwash of particles at the Ecliptic. Particles flow around Planet X, when outbound from the Sun, to create the pincers that we call being 'in the cup', the place where Earth is trapped at present. Likewise, particles flowing in toward the Sun are blocked by Planet X and flow around to assault the Sun's surface in excess numbers here and there, causing surface ruffles. None of this will change until after the passage, when all will return to normal!

Since sun exposure is a source of vitamin D and since sun and a variety of food will be scarce after the passage, will dark skinned people suffer a greater risk of vitamin D deficiency and depression than fairer skinned people? If so what can be done to protect against this?

All survivors will be stressed and in need of vitamins after the shift, in varying degrees. Individual variations will not affect the overall result that much in one way or the other. Vitamin D is present in fish, in earthworms who have the Omega 3 oil of ocean going fish, and in other foods survivors can arrange in their diets. Sunlight, except in those places so close to volcanic burping that the skies are essentially dark, will not be utterly missing, so spend a good deal of time outside absorbing what you can, and put modesty aside and be nude as much as possible. Remember, Vitamin C is present as is Vitamin A in many weeds, surprising sources so that your daily orange juice is right under your feet! Research this!

Do most large river basins straddle major faults? [and from another] For the last 10 days, from January 17th to the 27th, there has been an intensive and sustained seismic activity in the South of Chile , supposedly around the Hudson volcano. In recent days seismic readings have gone up to 7 Richter, but constant tremors have gone beyond 1,000 earthquakes, and counting . At some locations people are afraid of a big one, and they do not undress when they go to bed. The government has declared Early Alert condition. Also, I have noticed that, apart from the volcano chain which composes the Andes Range, which has shown rather scarce activity to date as compared to what we are used to experience in our seismic country, there is an increase of earthquakes on a line that runs from a location above the Falkland Islands over the Hudson volcano in the South of Chile, to a place in front of the Chilean coast.

We have recently stated that hidden fault lines will often occur under river basins, as the rock strata under these areas has been pulled apart, weakening the substructure and dropping it. This cannot be applied universally. For instance, a river draining a mountain area will use valleys that are the low point in the area, but not at all a fault line. But if you examine a map, the geography, you can see where the rift areas are even if activity is not present! We have explained that S and N America are nailed at the top, near the poles, so that the drift westward of their sections closer to the Equator requires the continents to rip apart. Buenos Aires is a rip point, as is the St Lawrence Seaway. There is a rift going through Pakistan, up above the Hymalayas into Russia, which will dramatically open during the pole shift. The Red Sea will widen. The African Rift is already widening, and dropping as it does so. One day, this is projected to be an inland lake, and certainly the rule about following a fault line applies here! It depends. Look at maps with these educated eyes and you will see much!

On Monday, MSNBC reported a weakening dam which holds back Lake Cumberland in Southern Kentucky. The previous week, as reported by Nancy, trains derailed and collided about 60 miles northwest of the dam. Is the dam's weakening due to the continent's torque and splitting? [and from another] Fearing dam break, U.S. lowers lake water level [Jan 22] Fearing a dam break that could cause catastrophic flooding in Kentucky and Tennessee, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began lowering the water level on Lake Cumberland on Monday. People should have evacuation plans ready in Nashville and other downstream communities, including Burkesville in Kentucky and Celina, Carthage, Clarksville, Gallatin and Hendersonville in Tennessee.

The weakening dam is almost directly below the second train derailment, more into the mountains than the train wreck, but their proximity is significant. The rock underlying Kentucky is being pulled apart with the South going toward Florida, the East being pulled North-East toward Main, and the West being pulled down slightly along with all lands to the West of the Mississippi. The New Madrid fault line has not yet adjusted, so Kentucky adjusted to this stress. We have stated that the New Madrid will adjust, in a major way, 'soon', and these incidences hitting the news are just an exclamation point on our words!

Playing devils advocate to the mountain building process involved during the passage, I have considered the basics we were taught in school, that of a continuous conveyor belt process occurring over millions of years. I have tried to compare the speed at which we have been taught mountains grow versus how quickly they erode, thus, comparing the North American west coast mountains with the Rocky Mountains, Smoky Mountains, Appalachians, sharpness to roundness, plateaus, composition, etc. I can find no definitive numbers on which to compare growth rate to erosion rate. Given the many variables at play in the erosion of mountains and within the parameters of mountain building to erosion, what evidence can be offered to skeptics of Planet X and the passage that would counter the prevailing belief of the world's geology?

Continental drift, as it is called, assumes a gentle pulling part of Pangea, little quake by little quake. Such quakes would never drive the mountain building in Tibet, for instance, nor create the new mountain thrusts along the West Coast of N and S America. What force was required to create these jutting cliffs? The Appalachin Mountains, on the other hand, have only been subject to pulling apart. Thus, their gentle roll and smoothed surface. Read our Scripted Drama, and see if this does not apply to where new mountain ranges and old lie. The theory of continental drift does not account for the violent mountain building that occurs in compression zones. End of story!

What do you/Zeta think about this alleged Alien Interview footage? Is that staged? Can we expect more releases and leaks to come next years re classified UFO incidents?

Since no such legitimate interview has been done by aliens, this is staged. We have stated that glimpses of alien bodies will be seen, and eventually recorded on film or video. Certainly interviews, where the alien is put at a disadvantage, would not be a true situation.

I have a friend who sat on the board overseeing the breakup of Bell Telephone. He told me after his experience, he was convinced the deregulation was industry driven with the intent that Bell would reassemble back into a monopoly in twenty some odd years but then would have no governmental regulations controlling it. It appears AT&T is doing just that with their recent acquisition of Bell South. Given that tapping of phone lines occurred in installations at major phone companies after deregulation of the telecommunications industry, and given that the theft of billions of dollars in a false electricity shortage occurred in the electricity industry after deregulation of that industry, were there ulterior motives behind the deregulation of the airline industry in the 1980's? If so, can the Zetas explain? Were any domestic carriers involved in C.I.A. drug trafficking?

As we stated earlier this evening, the plan was not to alarm the populace, or create resistance, until the last days. Can you imagine what would be occurring with the Baby Bells if deregulation were just occurring? The plan was martial law, with most media under one thumb, most travel carriers under one thumb, as this makes it easier to control the lot. Clinton was highly resented by the group plotting martial law, and barely tolerated, as they were salivating at the thought of where they were going! That they have their timing off, and are losing their grip, losing their control, has not yet reached the point of rage in this group, but that time will arrive. It is then that their final ploys will be played, but they will be too obvious, and too late! Already too late!

For years it has been rumored that the rapid drop of elevation in Vice-president Gore's plane over Chicago during the 2000 presidential campaign was actually a failed assassination attempt using vectors. Is this true and if so, was the attempt made because Gore was considered too big of a threat to his political competition?

Like most personages protected by ourselves or other benign aliens, they encounter multiple assassination attempts. Most attempts are unknown to them, they remaining blissfully unaware. In other cases we allow the attempt to manifest to the extent that it is obvious to the crowd making the attempt that intervention occurred. This is to reduce the attempts, the usual reaction, as the assassins become spooked and discouraged. So yes, this was one of many attempts against Gore.

Is the Elite in Iran aware of Planet X approaching and how it relates to Bush's Plans there during Aftertime? What, if so, is Elite planning in reaction to this?

The political elite in Iran are not privy to what Bush and Blair and Putin are aware of, but are not dumb. Each culture has their own prophets and legends, and these suffice. Do you think that Iranians cannot access and read ZetaTalk? Nancy will tell you otherwise, and a recent scan of what has appeared in her Newletter on Earthquake Clouds will show you an example! They know, because they have eyes open and brains to think!

Wayne Madsen reports that just prior to an upcoming war demonstration march on Washington D.C., the U.S. military demonstrated a new microwave weapon mounted on Humvees, to be used for crowd control. It is reported it heats the skin temperature up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit and has the capacity to cook humans alive. Roughly two years ago it was reported to be in use in Iraq. Was this diabolical weapon designed with the passage in mind and was it used for more than crowd control in Iraq?

The plan was not to simply mow down the populace when rioting started, as then the worker base would be eliminated along with the unwanted. The plan was to separate the workers into work camps, and then starve the unwanted. Within the past couple years, a draft plan emerged whereby both women and men, 18-35, in good health and with skills, would be separated from the populace. This is not a draft, this is securing the work force separate from the unwanteds. Where the draft is unlikely to be called, given the disgust with the Iraq war and lack of support in Congress, when this plan was drawn it was anticipated that Republicans could be kept in power via voter fraud. There is consternation in the halls of evil, these days. Now their secret weapons are being revealed in the media! What next!

Is technology supressed and hidden from the public's eyes for more than 2000 years from Service-to-Self people? Is the Antikythera mechanism a proof of that supression and an evidence that our ancient ancestors had a high level of technology but someone managed to hide it from us?

Much of mankind's confusion is due to the legends of the Annunaki, who were from Nibiru, the 12th Planet, aka Planet X. Where they are mankind's peers, at the time they mined for Gold here on Earth, mankind was small, had not evolved to the physical height enjoyed today, and was very intimidated by these apparent giants who are 8 foot tall with the musculature and bone structure to go along with this height. The Annunaki did not leave their technology with the humans they eventually lost interest in. Mining with robots elsewhere in the solar system was more to their liking. They did not want man to develop to the extent that they would be chased, as has occurred with probes going to Mars, and these probes having to be shot out of the sky. This is of record. Thus, it is not that technology was hidden from man, it was just not shared with them by the Annunaki.

Why is the day 24 hours long, if the Earth is halted?

The reason the Earth day remains so close to 24 hours, give or take a leap second now and then, is because parts of the Earth sync with parts in the Sun, daily, and this does not change when the orbit is halted. It means that the rotation, the daily rotation, is ever so slightly increased in a halted orbit, to sync the Earth points with the Sun point. In a regular orbit, there is a full revolution of the Earth that does not occur because the Earth is going around the Sun.