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ZetaTalk: Cabinet Exodus
written Nov 16, 2004

Following the tense election eve, when it was uncertain if the election fraud underway would succeed, the White House found no joy, with even the victory celebrations stilted, staged, and grim. Now a sudden and unprecedented mass exodus of those close to Bush, those meeting with him regularly and taking responsibility for the administration of large segments of the US government - Justice, Commerce, Education, State, Agriculture, Energy, Homeland Security, Health - with the count at 8 of 15 Cabinet positions suddenly resigning. Where turnover in a Cabinet can approach these numbers over a double term, they are spaced out over the double term, as some earlier resignations in the Bush Cabinet were, and do not hit like a sledge hammer on the eve of victory. What do these people know, and what are they running from? We have mentioned that the Puppet Master was not pleased that his rebelling Puppets in the Bush administration did not take the fall, as ordered, allowing Kerry to win. We have mentioned that the Puppet Master has more cards to play than the public can imagine, and that his goals are now more likely met via a greatly weakened Bush Presidency, to the point where the President, and his Cabinet and appointees, are irrelevant, ignored, and the rank and file attend to their duties without direction from the top, or ignoring orders from the top, when times get tight and tense as they soon will. A rebelling Puppet is not allowed to succeed, this is the rule.

Does the Bush Cabinet read ZetaTalk, in that they are now fleeing, taking the warning seriously? Has the Puppet Master personally warned them, so that they flee? Or, as is more likely, has the Cabinet learned news, in their round table discussions, that shows them their future and the issues they will be faced with? What has changed, since the election, that their plush and powerful jobs have suddenly become the Gulag, to be avoided? And what change would affect all these cabinet positions, so varied and diverse, covering matters internal as well as external to the US? Despite the optimistic talk on the major media in the US, the house of cards for the US is about to fall, and no rescue will be forthcoming. The first term was well supported by the Puppet Master, who was interested in using the US Military to secure the world’s oil reserves and help sculpt the world’s population into select workers, eliminating the rest by the iron hand of Martial Law. But a combination of inept leadership, poor timing in no small part due to our White Lie, and an inability to produce WMD and incite additional terrorism within the US has led to the view that the current Bush administration will only spiral down. Under Bush, the US has become a former world leader now seen to have blood on their hands, hated and avoided; a country with monstrous debts where no hope of repayment can be expected, a creditor offering worthless notes; and a nation that has made promises to its people that simply cannot be met, from social security benefits to broad health care coverage to improved schools for all to the avoidance of a draft to job opportunities to a paydown of the national debt while not raising taxes to an upturn in the general economy just around the corner. Lies all.

Does Bush take responsibility for his mistakes? He doesn’t make them, per him, so the buck does not stop at his desk. It stops at the desks of those beneath him, who must work magic, make his impossible promises a reality, and never complain that the tools they need are not being provided. A dropping dollar making US notes undesirable as an investment, so the spending cap a willing Congress is likely to raise matters not, as funds will not be available. An endless bog in Iraq pulling the Military into fatigue and rebellion, so the need for a draft of sorts is the only alternative. Underfunded internal programs forcing the restless murmurs to break out into the mainstream media, the truth about vets without beds and schools without funding finally exposed. So has it been the lack of funding, in the future, that has horrified the Cabinet, the lack of assistance with Iraq from other countries in the future, as both these matters were apparent well before the election. It is more, as this group of insiders has been privy to conversations from loose lips at the top to insights into what is likely to occur in the next months. Earth changes are on the increase and discussion about Planet X about to break into mainstream media, and in times such as this, one wants strong leadership, especially in your immediate superior.

Is that Bush? Thus, none other than the palace guard, considered essentially family in their cozy relationship with Bush, will remain. These, he does not attack. Inbred, hardly competent, and all telling each other they are right as the ship sinks. As we said some time ago, increasingly irrelevant.