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ZetaTalk: Slipping Grip
written Oct 19, 2003

If the intent of the White Lie was to cause the establishment to show their hand, to show their cards, so that it would be clear to the populace that the establishment had no intention of informing them, even in what would be considered the last days, but rather intended to restrain and blockade them in what would be death traps such as coastal and river basin cities, then why the need for months of delay? Would not a couple weeks have sufficed? As we stated, the optimal date for a White Lie was around May 15, and this in part was the reason for this date being chosen. A secondary reason for an early date within 2003, chosen for the White Lie, was to cause the establishment to not only show their hand, but to lose their grip. How did this occur, over the months since May 15?

Going into May 15, the establishment was giving great weight to our predictions that Earth changes would occur ‘shortly’ after this date. This was based on our astonishingly accurate track record on many issues, but primarily on the coordinates, which proved to be precise. Human astrophysics was batting almost zero while we came up with the prize each time, the glowing corpus of Planet X landing precisely on the coordinates we had given weeks and often months ahead of time. To grab the oil fields of the world, considered to be the currency in the Aftertime, and position the US Military there as guards, required steps to be taken well ahead of rotation slowing or stoppage, and thus the pressing need to go to war with Iraq, regardless of UN approval or any proof of nexus between the 911 attacks and Iraq or any proof of terrorism intent on the part of Iraq.

The oil fields in Alaska were considered in hand, Venezuela an easy step when the time came by removing the embattled President, defenseless Saudi a simple matter of stepping sideways from an Iraq stronghold, the fields north of Norway virtually undefended, pipelines into the fields north of Pakistan already guarded, and Nigeria on the plate for an easy snatch by suggesting US assistance with unrest. Thus, in order to have a stranglehold on survivors in the Aftertime, to have complete control of the future currency, oil, the move into Iraq was necessary, and the war proceeded on schedule. What has happened during the delay? The US Military, pushed into Iraq against their advice and assigned like robots to move into Nigeria, rebelled, and no longer can be counted on to follow orders from the White House. Public opinion on the need to invade Iraq has eroded as the smoking gun, evidence of weapons of mass destruction, were not found in Iraq. And thus control of all the oil fields is at risk, seems lost, as the US Military was the anchor in the grand plan and they have bolted.

Can the hand behind the scenes, the major money interests that rule the world in point of fact, recoup? Those who can be bribed have long been bribed. Those who are steadfastly attempting to do what they consider their duty have had their eyes opened. Those who were to be left in the lurch, along with their loved ones, have realized who was to be included in any safety and security during the shift and afterward, and who was to be left in the mud, in pain and starvation, and are not inclined to help the elitists who so cruelly excluded them. Those at the bottom of the ladder, the poor and hapless, have watched their world get worse under the current leadership, have experienced the endless lies about the causes for the Earth changes all around them, and have no confidence in the leadership and especially no confidence in any statements they might make. The grip, in short, has slipped. This leaves the establishment to their bunkers, isolated, fearful of attack and looting, and not in a leadership position in the Aftertime, just as it should be.