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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Apr 26, 2003

Session Start: Sat Apr 26 16:30:22 2003
(Xoogle) how far away will the planet be by then?
(KeyBoarDz) This could be the third-last zetachat?
(GingerAle) TheDude: Actually, I seldom get kick/banned anymore... since I have learned where the ops draw the line.
(Tynan) well closing date on my new house is MAY 15
(Savvv) Nah, I was right, it was 15 mins
(NancyL) Lo folks. I have only one sign and will hold it until next week.
(Xoogle) Nancy, how far away will the planet be on May 15'th?
(Redrick) Gingerale: what about this
(Tau87) For all you disbelievers, Islamic fundamentals appear now to be gaining political control of Iraq, which the U.S. says it "will not allow". Zetas right again! Question for the Zetas: Is this what you meant when you said "no regime change" or are there further surprises in store?
(NancyL) Too busy with C2C, getting ready, and too exhuasted today.
(Redrick) 10 planets there and 1 is looking like PX :)
(NancyL) Also, no Q's so will be collecting an agenda ahead of the hour here.
(Maxemilln) Nancy - good CtC show!
(Tuinhek) how do we know this is the real Nance?
(Redrick) just count the planet... the PX have a nice red tail
(GingerAle) Nancy, why are you holding the sign? Doesn't the hour grow late?
(NancyL) I thought the interview on C2C went well, pleased Noory was encouraging folks to address to the Z's by being a Guinea Pig himself :-).
(Rid) Tuinhek, I wait until Obany says it is the real Nnacy, then I say hello.
(Tau87) I got the impression that he didn't believe you. For instance he didn't seem to want to leave Los Angelos
(Tuinhek) good thing Rid
(TownDrun) Listening to C2C now
(Geminiguy) thats like saying I got a picture of Planet X, but i'll post it oh, next week, the suspense that is generated is unfair
(Godzilla5) I've got a question: How long will it take for the flood tides to normalize?
(Farmy) the Chili question was most compelling
(Redeye01) is the radio log on ?
(Sirgrim) do zetas also have 99c chili?
(JmWeber) how do i ask a question
(Er1cle29) type with a keyboard
(KeyBoarDz) yes Farmy
(NancyL) Xoogle, my guess is that Px will be approaching the point between Earth and Sun on May 15th, coming up to it anyway.
(Tuinhek) JmWeber place a ? after your sentence
(JmWeber) i mean do i ask Nancy or the zetas
(Evo) Redeye: not yet, ill get it up there sometime today
(Hilarion) lol
(Redeye01) brb, have a BBQ to eat :)
(Xoogle) got an estimate of the distance
(Xoogle) say like
(Rid) JmWeber its up to you.
(TheDude) Got the munchies, Redeye?
(Xoogle) from her to Mars or something
(NancyL) Tau87, re Iraq, the breath has not been taken out of the body yet, and I'm not in the loop re this so am myself waiting.
(PXwatch) Nany, Are you going to move to a Safe Location while PX Approches?
(Tuinhek) do we have to wait ?
(NancyL) GingerAle, dry up!
(Tau87) ok thanks. Nancy another question for the Zetas is a follow-up to a question the Zetas responded to on January 25th (reference ../transfor/t158.htm) where they stated: "That it is going to happen will be determined, for many, when the 7 week period begins, and a reddish object is visible in the daytime sky." Given that the Zetas have also stated that 67% making an honest researched effort to view Planet X have been successful, and also coordinates are setting too close to sunset now, what advice would the Zetas give to the 32% who did not see Planet X and therefore maybe are not preparing any more like they should be?
(JmWeber) To eather Nancy or The Zetas Im in St Louis MO if PX is real where would be the best place to look
(Dob) Nancy: do the Zs give any hints re Iraq?
(Ptomais) have you seen the pictures of American soldiers humiliating 4 iraqi civilians?
(Obany) some other location questions ... Belgian Ardennes and Luxembourg, could those areas be adressed?
(ZooSpecim) no
(NancyL) PXWatch, I'm IN a safe location
(TownDrun) Me too
(Tuinhek) me too
(Dob) not me
(Dob) yet
(Tuinhek) Dob
(Er1cle29) Nancy, is Ohio a safe state?
(Dob) getting there
(Tuinhek) get to a safe location quick
(Salvador) In in a peninsula in Mexico, so i'm not
(Tynan) Obviously the Pacific Coast is NOT a safe place?
(NancyL) Tau87, advise to those not yet seeing it, keep looking.
(Er1cle29) is Ohio a safe state?
(PXwatch) So, Al l of you must be in CANADA
(Hilarion) under my blanket?
(GingerAle) Nancy: cute pun...
(Sontan) Nancy, how safe is the Las Vegas area?
(JmWeber) NANCY Im in St.Louis, MO well just out side of St.Louis is that a safe zone
(Rid) JmWeber. It is no longer easy to see because it is beginning to set below the horzon By the time the sun sets.
(Dob) ain't seen nothin in the sky yet, am waiting, don't like the waiting but am anyway
(NancyL) JmWeber, check the Where to Look charts, as it details Orion's Belt, etc and look in the evening sky at present.
(Tau87) Ok. Is the brightness going to increase sufficiently fast to overwhelm the light in the sky from the set sun?
(Er1cle29) Nancy is Ohio safe?
(Corona) none of the zetatalk regulars are seeing PX.. where does the 68% who are seeing it come from?

Those educated, who had done their homework and followed the imaging session, noted our words as to what to look for, and oriented themselves in the sky saw it 68% of the time. This also required them to persevere, as it winked in and out, faded and then reappeared, and often the Red Persona was stronger than the White Persona, which positions itself on the coordinates. For those not seeing it, they were either rushed and could only spend a moment or were looking just past the time when it would be visible, or were in areas not clear of light pollution, being near large cities or the like. For those who looked, but were unsure of where to look, had not done their homework or oriented themselves, only about 6 % saw it.
Sighting Success
(Redrick) question to Nancy: what was the reason for yesterdays big solar CME event? could the object to which Sun reacted be Planet X or was that just a comet?
(Cnote1) Rid have you ever seen it?
(Dob) bloody hope so Tau87
(Spheres) Will our friends zetas comment the lack of documented cropcircles during 2003?
(Cameleon1) Nancy Is Bonn in Germany in safe area ?
(Cruithne) whre do we look mid to late May in dawn sky?
(BobS) NANCY - when should we be looking pre-dawn for PX?
(Er1cle28) Er1cle, Is Nancy safe?.lol
(JWilliam) For those looking for Safe locations ../safelocs.htm
(Tuinhek) listen!
(Cnote1) Rid have you seen PX?
(Okidok) a submarine could be a safe place to be
(NancyL) Obany, Belgium is UNDER WATER like Netherlands, is it not? I will check this later as I do Safe Locations in bunches and will have some from last nights C2C, I'm sure.
(Rid) Cnote, no and I doubt that I will before rotation stoppage. Too much light pollution.
(TheDude) Is an aeroplane a safe place?
(Dob) won't be in the sky for me pre dawn
(Earth420) Could the Zs comment on "tips" for us dawn lookers of PX?
(Tau87) For reference, Aldeberan appears to be about 5 degrees above the horizon when it becomes visible
(Samsara20) Could the Zetas comment on latest crop cirlce formation, hinting at imminent poleshift, at
(NancyL) Sontan, Nevada is already adressed, the high deserts, Utah, etc.
(Shafite) Been looking very hard in the UK no sight of it yet
(Sontan) I've checked the safe places on the website, but the only area in Nevada that was addressed was Reno. How does it look for Las Vegas?
(JmWeber) NANCY Im in St.Louis, MO well just out side of St.Louis is that a safe zone?
(GingerAle) BobS: The coordinates are below the horizon until well after dawn.
(Gwilra) Nancy L: is there an agenda behind Russia relieving the 3 on the space station with just 2 with further plans for their relief in October?
(NancyL) Red, any big CME events are being announced via NASA, who lie. So, Sun no different than always, just hyped more
(NancyL) Sphere, lack of crop circles is undoubtedly lack of MEDIA coverage!
(CyberVViz) NancyL, the Ardennes in Belgium and Luxembourg are High lands
(BobS) Gingerale: Zetas said to be looking for PX pre-dawn soon
(RegWa) Nancy, will you adress pestilance and desease fallowing the shift?
(Shaman464) Nancy, no thats not true
(Redrick) Nancy: is planet X there in the picture top, left: ?
(Shaman464) there have been a record LOW number this year
(Nikki24) Nancy: I listened to you on Coast to Coast AM last night. Do you think that George Noory truly believes what you say?
(PSIBrain) Nancy: was SARS sent to China and other countries to reduce population?
(Sontan) Nancy, sorry to repeat, but I checked the website for "safe places" and didn't see Southern Nevada addressed. Is it considered part of the "high desert"? Locals here wouldn't call it that.
(NancyL) Cruith, get a SkyMap or similar freeware program and enter locations, date, etc and you will SEE with great detail just where to look!
(NancyL) TheDude, sure, an airplane, in hurricane force winds worldwide! I'm being sarcastic. Answer of course, NO
(Dob) gotta go folks have a nice chat
(Tau87) On my star chart the coordinates aren't in dawn until after June 1... can the Zetas explain what this means?
(GingerAle) Nancy: Can the Zetas address why Japan (the country with perhaps the most rail traffic in the world) has not had any train derailments in the past year?
(NancyL) Sam, why do you say hinting at PS? I'm considering accepting this Q.
(Cnote1) Gingerale, maybe the crust isn't moving in Japan
(CyberVViz) NancyL, but the highest point is around 1800 feet
(ChiefSimi) Nancy, any comment from the zetas about the new crop circle? what does it mean?
(GingerAle) Cnote: I was asking the Zetas.
(NancyL) JnWeber, St. Louis NOT safe, will get washed away, and be under water, TERRIBLE place. Read Safe Locations info re surrounding states, Miss River et al.
(Obany) Nancy, this is about a area called the Ardennes, with hills an the like .. Could be that it's not high enough .. but Luxembourg is a country on it's own more near Germany
(Blackwing) Cnote: it is a pretty earthquake prone country in case you haven't noticed
(Redrick) Nnacy: there are 10 planets at and one is looking like PX (red with tail) can you comment this?
(Samsara20) NancyL: From my website at
(Samsara20) Let these two crop circles speak to your subconscious. What do they tell you? Notice the similiarity suggesting a progression of somekind.
(Samsara20) Notice the overlaping circles on the right. Notice the two non-pressed circles in the outer ring on both. Could it have something to do with the approach of the 12th planet?
(Cameleon1) what's about Bonn in Germany ?
(NancyL) Nikki, I suspect Noory suspects, but he is publically being a skeptic.
(Cnote1) Blackwing, but the slow crustal movements don't have to do with fault lines it has to do with the earth getting ready to have new land masses in certain places
(RegWa) Samsara, nice website, thank you
(NancyL) SARS is a natural virus, NOT man made or manipulated.
(Samsara20) Progression of first cs in April 2002, at
(Jeremy32) Nancy: Will the reddish cross appear to viwers in the limited time left until rotation stoppage?
(Okidok) this years first crop circle with a date ?? 8
(PXwatch) Nancy ..What About Lou Gentile.. Does he Believe?
(Clateria) can someone tell me where i can dl last nights radio show?
(Godzilla5) When does the earth's rotation stop?
(NancyL) Tau87, this was addressed Second Sun last week, not on Preview page ../index/z16.htm as the red light bends TOWARD the sun and thus Red Persona appears earlier.
We have, during the Feb 1 IRC, explained that Planet X would be best visible in the daylight during the early dawn, yet for most of the world, viewing the placement in the skies at dawn does not occur until the shift is upon them. Does this mean that daylight visibility will only occur at the last moment? No, and we will explain. ... In that the orange bends toward gravity, it will not only bend over the core of the Earth as it passes over the Earth on the way to a viewer, it will bend toward the sun! ... Those rays that encounter Earth's gravity will then bend back toward Earth, from a position both above the coordinate position, and closer to the Sun. This allows visibility earlier in the day for the Red Persona, and due to the tendency of orange light to bend, the Red Persona as a second sun will appear on the horizon as a glow well ahead of the visibility of the corpus itself. Will it only be in the dawn that this second sun is identified? Dawn and dusk will be the best times for visibility, and noon the worst, as light pollution is strongest at noon. As with all other viewing, this depends immensely on the viewers location, determination, and clear skies.
Second Sun
(Blackwing) Cnot: whatever you say
(MikeO) Nancy, did you notice how Phil Plait "just happened" to be one of the first callers last night?
(Torbj) that crop pic looks likae a "8" shaped or "potato" shape meteorite...
(Corona) Nancy said last night rotation will be stopped on May 26th (in Nancy words, last night stated 'one month from today')
[Note: Nancy stated that the listeners can use as a guide that the pole shift happening approximately one month from the broadcast, and that what the Zetas meant by being in one's safe place by May 15 is that they should be there before the rotation stoppage happens.]
(Tau87) ah ok. that is quite some bending going on, looks like several degrees...
(Zod2) Mike I was thinking the same about PHIL
(NancyL) Obany, all depends on elevation, and also read Estonia etc as there is a large wash in from the Atlantic hitting these areas.
(Rid) Nancy will there be a cataclysmic event occuring before the day of rotation stoppage?
(Shafite) anybody from the UK here seen PX and at what time pls
(Geminiguy) Zetas, I got a question, I am looking at the star chart generously provided by QueenVee on her website, and it shows Orion barely still in the post sunset sky on May 30, so how is the planet going to be visible in the daylight hours if it won't be up in the sky until after the sun rises?
(KeyBoarDz) How is the moon's rotation affected, and does a 24hr day resume after pole shift
(Asx) hehehe not really sorry to be late
(JohnnyM) Nancy, Phill Plaitt balked at the debate, did you notice
(Torbj) Bonn??
(Tau87) Geminiguy Nancy just answered that for me
(CyberVViz) Isn't the 8 symbol for balance ? So If the middle part of the crop circle is broken, it seems obvious
(Er1cle28) Nancy, Any comments on imploding cities, etc?
(NancyL) MikeO, Phil was allowed to be one of the first callers, and I doubt he will actually accept a debate with the Zetas. He was already hedging.
(Geminiguy) sorry, Tau, while i was checking, i didn't have the chat on screen
(Samsara20) Cyber - It is not an 8 symbol - it is overlapping if you look closely
(CyberVViz) moment
(Tau87) had to do with red light bending
(Tynan) Plaitt did not turn down a debate, he said he would
(GingerAle) JohnnyM: Phil was just here... why didn't you say that to his face?
(Cameleon1) Bonn???
(Torbj) whats about Bonn, Cameleon?
(Okidok) Samsara overlapping or not its a 8 image
(Cameleon1) Is it a safe place ?
(Corona) on the badastronomy website, he's saying he will accept the debate
(Asx) Nancy C2C had lots of good questions
(NancyL) Gemini, Px is [viewable sky position] all during the day! Queen must either be wrong or you misunderstood. Comes up about 8 AM, sets about 9 PM now, everywhere. [Note: Nancy misunderstood Gemini's statement.]
(JohnnyM) GA, i stepped out for a bite to eat, otherwise i would have
(Spheres) - looks like two rings "connected"
(NancyL) Johnny, do you thing Phil will take it? I doubt it.
(JPW) to be fair he did hedge a lil bit lil bit ala DiNiro
(PXwatch) Nancy, Why Can't you go With this Info in a TV SHOW?
(BobS) NANCY - how come nobody has seen it during the day then???
(CyberVViz) yes, i known, the 8 is not broken, but the inner part (-) doesn't make connection
(Er1cle28) need to be on MY
(Samsara20) To me, the "8" appears as two overlapping circles, or hints at that, that's the way I see it. Wonder if Zetas could provide clarification.
(Norman) what else could the Phil-man say
(Farmy) and whats up with Iraq
(Geminiguy) Nancy, so are you saying that PX is visible during all the day now, serious question, no sarcasm.
Indeed, as the date when Planet X is visible only in the daytime skies, ... there is a great deal of variation in visibility, due to where the viewer is located, light or atmospheric pollution clouding the viewers line of sight, and angle of view. As the date approaches, the 7 week before passage point, you will begin to see something in the skies not there before! Something reddish, something moving over the evening unlike the stars you are anchored to. This portion of the sky will be coming into light pollution about that time ... watching this complex move as our coordinates will indicate it should, will have you looking at this complex in the very early dawn going into the time when it will be visible in the daytime sky.
ZetaTalk™: Unaided Eye
(Xoogle) that looks like an 8 ball
(NancyL) Corona, I HOPE Phil will, as the Zetas will rip him apart. He does not do his homework, and is just passing along stuff he hears.
(Tau87) Nancy after hearing your voice on C2C, I had the thought that these chats should be in audio instead of typing... it is much more pleasant to hear your voice then to see typing scroll by, especially with pre-written answrs
(Xoogle) baddassed.
(Asx) Nancy why did you move up the date? and will you keep moving it up?
(NancyL) There is NO CHANGE in the date, which is well before June 1. I can tell you that.
(NancyL) I will BRB, going to look at that Crop Circle.
(JPW) he could of said yes but he hedged a bit he did
(Redrick) any comment on that the rotation cannot stop? because even if the rottation started slowing from tommorow and stopped completely at 31.May the pressure (G) of the slowing rotation will be about 30 G so everybody will day instantly? it needs about 3 months to stop the rotation... unless you will agree that everybody will day because of the high G (pressure)
(GingerAle) Nancy: It's extremely difficult to debate when the Zeta answers come down to "science" that humans cannot comprehend. How can one debate that?
(PepeLepiu) exit
(CyberVViz) I think it's a broken balance
(RegWa) I agree Tau
(Shafite) So nobody on this forum from the UK has seen PX yet.
We have an exceptional clear night here, so I went to my local park (less light pollution). I looked to the area and did see a fuzzy, indistinct area that seemed to sparkle every now and then. I´m no expert and I really want this to be a hoax, but I keep getting this feeling and more so when it blinked in and out. I have to add that this feeling has never let me down in the past.
(Corona) well, its easy to debate that nothing is see-able in the sky.
(Zod2) avialable for download (coasttocoast)
(Lally) im in UK, seen nothing yet
(Xoogle) sigh
(MikeO) Ericle, attention-getting during this chat, like yours, will not be welcome
(RegWa) Nancy has a pleasent voice
(NancyL) Red, human astrophics says rotation can't stop as they ahear to Newton, for one thing. Zeta are right, humans wrong.
(Mousss) re Redrick
(Shafite) thankyou
(Redrick) cool
(Maxemilln) NancyL: I put out a call (after praying to God first) to the zetas, and believe I may have had a physical healing from zetas. Is that possible?
(NancyL) Gemini, I'm saying the Px is in the daylight sky, whether visible or not, at this time, NOT nighttime.
(PSIBrain) so we will all die?
(Xoogle) if the poles are flipped
(TheDude) Yes, everyone is going to die
(Tynan) Do Zeta(s) believe in the same God most humans believe in on earth?
(Okidok) Nancy it have to happend before you can state that zetas are right
(Geminiguy) ok, thanks Nancy
(NancyL) Asx, Hello? After May 15, 2003, shortly thereafter has always been the statement. I will be before June 1st, well before.
(Xoogle) wouldent the spinning reverse?
(Spheres) Nancy, PX without its dustcloud now in the same size as Jupiter who reflect more sunlight and Jupiter isn't visible daytime so we will see PX daytime later. Rigth?
(PXwatch) Dude ..Only 90 %
(BobS) NANCY - when will PX be visible pre-dawn or in the daytime sky?
(NancyL) Q's that have been endless answered and are within ZT will not even be addressed, folks.
(Torbj) as a nonastrogy....where to look in the daytimesky?? (Taurus is in the eveningsky)
(Cnote1) Spheres PX is only 4 times the size of earth
(Weebones) 10% survival rate is still 600 million
(Xoogle) i never saw the answer
(Farmy) so how about Iraq? looks like the fat lady sang
(Obany) so if you ask questions, try to ask one that is not yet adressed
(NancyL) Sphere's it is NOT the same size as Jupiter, where do you GET that? About 10% or so.
(Xoogle) i wanna know too
(Manhattan) Nancy when will you hold the last chat session. Thanks.
(Redrick) Signs of Times today?
(PXwatch) May 30th
(Xoogle) yea
(CyberVViz) Q: I saw an article from NASA, stating there was a magnetic shift in 2001, a sun with 2 northpoles for a time. Why didn't that affect us related to our magnetic poles ?
(Spheres) Torbj; Taurus visible east kl 10 - west kl 20
(canBear) Spheres - mass and size are not the same
(Xoogle) can i have your channel when the polars reverse?
(NancyL) Samsara, this looks like a fake crop circle, poorly trammeled grain, etc.
(Torbj) was my Q adressed?
(GingerAle) Torbj: Taurus is up in the daytime too... it's just not visible because the sun is so bright.
(Godzilla5) Nancy... what will happen to the zetatalk site, after the pole shift? Will it still reside on servers, accessible by computers that may have survived?
(Tau87) Nancy your comment on C2C about being burned at the stake if Planet X doesn't show up or even if it does was eye opening. One must wonder sometimes how you manage to keep going, but I believe you love doing what you do and draw strength from that. anyways, if anybody tries to burn you at the stake I am sure plenty of us here will defend you with our pitchforks (aftertime reference, since we'll all be farmers :)
(TheDude) Who cares about the damn crop circle
(Rid) Nnacy will the Russian launch be allowed succesfully?
(CyberVViz) link:
(BobS) oy...this is questions worth a crap ever get answered anymore
(Xoogle) im a programmer
(PXwatch) are getting an inch closer...
(Suportive) we love you dearly in Texas Nancy
(Xoogle) the last time i had anything a farmer made, went through about 50 freezers.
(NancyL) CNote, looking in the daytime sky is not possible, no guides, no stars can be seen! You must look in the evening, and start looking around dawn or so, shortly after dawn, and wait.
(Rid) Tau87, right there with you.
(Okidok) Nancy this years crop circle is no more fake than last year
(JPW) no nukes on Russian Launch should be fine
(Cnote1) Nancy, I never said anything about looking
(NancyL) This is a time when we must WAIT, I'm afraid, until the Second Sun appears and until rotation stops and the red dust is dropping.
(Cnote1) you must have mistaken what I said with someone else
(JPW) cause there are no ?s worth a crap that havent already been answered
(MikeO) Bob, go ahead and ask your question if you haven't done so already
(Shaman464) Nac
(TownDrun) Should we look at X with binoculars?
(Shaman464) Nancy y hasnt there been any time loss yet?
(JPW) No binoculars before Dawn could hurt eyes
(Okidok) will the red dust be dropped before we can spot PX??
(NancyL) I'm accepting GodZ's Q re ZT after the pole shift, not exactly as asked but this is being asked often.
(Earth420) Can the Zs comment on the huge CME that was seen yesterday from SOHO pics... and if this is related to a comet?
(Samsara20) Shaman: Navy probably not adjusting clocks anymore
(Xoogle) Rotation will stop?
(Shaman464) Nancy y hasnt there been any time loss yet?
I am using the Precision Time software. We (my father and I) are checking each day the accuracy of the CMOS clock of our computers (not only at home). For a week it is always exactly matched, but on Tuesday evening it is alway ahead of the atomic clock. We noted last week 10sec and the week before 12sec. The difference is always about 8sec since the start of the year. In december the difference was 5sec. So. 6x8+10+12=1':10" slowing since the start of the year, if the navy sets it's atomic clock correctly to the slowing rotation. If not, the difference can be larger. I already told our measuring method to others in Hungary here. They have started to check the atomic clock, too.
(Xoogle) Serious?
(GingerAle) Shaman464: This was already spun last week... please keep current!
(Rid) Nancy will the shoe drop before the rotation stoppage?
(Suportive) is being on a earthquake plate a good thing nancy
(Obany) No questions about the aftertime, Hybrids, transformation ??
(Obany) Keep in mind that the aftertime is soon
(Er1cle29) ..maybe
(Spheres) PX distance is approx at Mars orbit per 28:th April. gives, in proportion, it the same size as jupiter viewed from earth
(Tau87) its as close as May 15th, right Obany?
(PXwatch) Nancy. Can The Zetas cooment if Humans are a Genetic Experiment a Clone from another RACE
(Suportive) thanks Obany good advice
(NancyL) TownDrum, no binocs needed for ME on March 26 etc.
(Redrick) I have aftertime every next day after I drunk... :)
(Manhattan) Nancy, if you don't mind my asking, where will you be relocating prior to shift. Thanks.
(SteveH) Suportive, being in the middle of a continental plate is a good thing, away from fault lines
(Cruithne) get water filters soon
(Cnote1) Spheres don't forget the timeline might be off a little bit
(Icewolf) NancyL: Can I ask zetas a question?
(Suportive) thans Steve
(MeAgain) Q: Would evening visibility be improved by travelling far to the south?
(KeyBoarDz) Does the policy of non-interference continue after the shift?
(Redrick) Nancy: answer PXwatch Q pls
(NancyL) OKidok, it may be the red dust will appear before Second Sun, depending upon clouds or whatever, but I think the Second Sun comes first, then rotation stoppage, then red dust, in that order.
(Icewolf) stop forcing her to answer questions *sigh*
(NancyL) PXWatch, humans are genetic engineering yes, not a clone.
(Durandal) I have a Q I have been meaning to ask for awhile. Could the Z's comment on Karl Marx and his vision of utopia. Is this a model for the aftertime?
(PXwatch) Thanks..
(NancyL) ManHattan, I moved to a good place 3-4 years ago, and will not be relocating.
(Er1cle28) where Nancy?
(JPW) 100 years ago is the model for the aftertime
(NancyL) Re time loss, it is seconds/day now, no more than than until the day before rotation stoppage.
(Suportive) Wisconsin
(Redrick) Gingerale: I can answer that. they have the best technology used in trains :)
(NancyL) MeAgain, I'd have to check my SkyMap re visibility in the southern hemisphere, but I think it is BETTER there, yes.
(Icewolf) NancyL: What will zetas do when they show themselves to us
(Geminiguy) oh hi o
(Okidok) Nancy your full name adress and phone number was posted on a discussion bord yesterday, have you got many phone calls
(Xoogle) NancyL, did you just say we have a day before the rotation starts to stop?
(MeAgain) Thank you.
(Ohio) Nancy excellent radio program last night
(Tynan) wow, so humans are genetic engineering then, the Zetas say there is no God?
(Icewolf) Will they teach us new stuff?
(Icewolf) Or help us staying alive?
(TownDrun) will the internet be shutdown closer to the shift?
(Gwilra) Nancy: Has the Council of Worlds intervened somewhat to stay visibility so humankind could have un-influenced choices until the last possible moment?
(NancyL) Q on Utopia vision of Marx declined as relatively unimportant.
(Xoogle) how come my kitties arent reacting to this :P
(Asx) Nancy what will you and the Zeta do if no shift happens?
(Icewolf) TownDrun: if your internet provider does it
(Debe) NL, two emails have crossed my desk stating that the Pope does not expect to live more than several weeks. his reason was however, an event in Spain fulfilling prophecy. any ZT comments?
(Fluffycat) Just in Case you missed Nancy's radio interview on Coast to Coast AM Last Night:
(Maxemilln) thx Fluff
(NancyL) STO can fit in many political models, it is the STO attitude that matters!
(Tau87) Nancy I hope you are joking. Everyone knows the address of you house on the street of your honored ancestors... I hope you are talking about your safe place out of town, knowing how many people on this forum have animosity towards you
(CyberVViz) I can't understand why You need to discredit a privacy of a person in a discussion, tah's very low behaviour
(Suportive) Nancy in the aftertime what is the most important way that we can help others?
(Obany) Tynan: read zetatalk, the Zetas say that God exist yes
(GingerAle) Nancy: Will the Zetas introduce new forms of medicine to make up for what we will lose?
(Saiyanpri) Kamehameha?
(Earth420) Can the Zs comment on the roles contactees may soon learn of, and if there will be actual encounters between people and Zs?
(Redrick) informations wants to be free!
(Gwilra) Nancy: What about your 7 day notice to move, has MJ12 intervened on your behalf?
(Tau87) "everybody" relatively speaking anyway. not in the absolute sense :)
(NancyL) Tynan, Zetas did NOT say there is no God, the opposite! Disinfo or just not doing your homework?
(Samsara20) Can the Zetas answer the qusetion as to whether or not at least 1 of the pictures taken so far is valid, even if they can't comment on any one in particular?
(Shaman464) Nancy y isnt there a nuclear war going on right now, most wont live anyway, y not kill everyone else, the ye olde idea if i cant have it no one can??
(Cadorna) Fluffy please answer me in private (doble click me)
(NancyL) Debe, I'm always amazed that the Pope is still alive, frankly :-)
(canBear) Shaman464 - look at hiroshima TODAY
(Icewolf) NancyL: Can you ask Zetas a question for me? I'd like a no answer if you wont :)
(SteveH) suportive, if you are able to take care of yourself in the aftertime you will have more ability to help others
(Swanny) AHH, but is he alive Nancy? hah
(NancyL) Ginger, don't expect rescue for those who are NOT STO, as their live will be the same as if they lived in times past.
(Suportive) yes Steve another great point
(NancyL) That includes you, no doubt, Ginger.
(HeaDCheeZ) what is STO?
(Geminiguy) Icewolf, for gods sake , just put your question out in the open,
(Icewolf) Seems like she's ignoring me
(Obany) STO is Service to Others
(Tau87) By the way Nancy, I was very interested to hear that you are planning to take care of some orphans in the after time (in regards to the caller who wanted to know if you were going to kill yourself)
(Tynan) wow, no, no disinfo Nancy, I've heard about PX for sometime, just recently heard of you and the Zeta(s)
(HeaDCheeZ) thx
(Icewolf) Geminiguy: asking my question, and i wont get any reply from Nancy
(Icewolf) unless she's listening
(Corona) nasty @ ginger
(Tau87) that is very STO of you
(Redrick) bad bad boy Ginger
(Er1cle28) I think MOST here are STO...
(CyberVViz) Q: Are some people blocked by the gouvernment to move, if htey known they can have an impact in the afterlife ?
(JPW) no hand holding or whining Ice
(Geminiguy) "can i ask a question?" is a question, apparently the lack of answer means you can't
(NancyL) Tau87, the orphan bit has always been what we put froth when selfish attitudes about the coming PS emerge. Like, THEY are the truly needy!
(Spheres) can't access 'godlikeproductions' Do you folks haveany problemos?
(Icewolf) Geminiguy: I take it as a no then
(Xoogle) what does Nancy look like
(Icewolf) Cause it's a personal question
(Suportive) Nancy you were nothing short of brilliant on the Coast to Coast show Friday
(Icewolf) not related to ZT
(Icewolf) but it has to do with zetas
(Xoogle) is she an American
(Cruithne) wow
(GingerAle) suportive: your nose is getting awfully brown...
(Geminiguy) so just put it out there Icewolf, and at least she'll know what she is ignoring
(Xoogle) and is that her real name :)
(Farmy) too bad about the chili though
(NancyL) Cyber, the government is not blocking folks based on impact in the Aftertime, based on whether they want to sculp the populace in this or that directions.
(Icewolf) I posted it in her PM
(PXwatch) Nancy Can the Zetas Comment if some humans are going to be Lifted during pole Shift!
(Er1cle28) lol Ginger
(Suportive) i say what i mean
(CyberVViz) ok
(NancyL) They won't get to do this, but think they can, etc.
(Icewolf) Which she doesn't read unless I ask her to
(KeyBoarDz) yes Farmy
(Torbj) as a witnes of a big "thing" (cometlike) in the daytimesky here where i live (Sweden) 21/4...can the zetas tell if the "trash" is allredy beginning to intersept with earth?
(Geminiguy) what is PM?
(Redeye01) Icewolf, if the Q doesnt have much benefit for all then of course it wont get answered
(Savvv) private message
(JPW) selfish attitude my question my question no handholding no whining try it she cant answer all and everylittle question
(Tau87) I guess some of them won't be ophans yet, so you won't know until the time comes... but I suppose you are prepared for this in ways you aren't aware of
(Geminiguy) ahh
(Redrick) don't kick Gingerale! I like him
(NancyL) Suportive, thanks! I was pleasantly surprised that it went as well as it did, indeed!
(Tau87) him or her
(Er1cle28) Ginger s a
(Shafite) Nancy have the Zetas said anything about SARS being used to restrict International travel prior to arrival pf PX
(Farmy) yeah, those were good questions
(Corona) Nancy, what would you say to the hardcore people who sit in zetatalk constantly about none of them seeing PX?
(Obany) PXwatch: has been adreses. It has also been adressed that some people will live with the Hybrids ... check zetatalk for that .. transformation section ... there is live zetatalk, team mates and the lift
(Spheres) Torbj: where did you get that from me also Swede ;)
(Saiyanpri) NancyL if i crazy glue some refrigeratior magnets to my boots will i be unafected my the pole shift?
(Xoogle) if the earth stops spinning, will the aliens save is?
(NancyL) Torbj, the Z's have said recently, last week or two, that meteor trash would increase yes, and NOT just lineal increase!
(Tynan) Lifted? NO sarcasm, but is that like the Rapture?
(Steve12) Nancy is the Hubble getting PX pictures? Are they showing Cheney?
(Suportive) like i said Nancy we love you hear in Texas and we are very greatiful
(Icewolf) Steve12: they arent looking at PX
(Okidok) Nancy are you in a hostile mode of your fans and supporters who ask critical question, like QueenVee
(Xoogle) Banko De Gaia - Drippy
(Ptomais) Texas...
(Tau87) why would the hubble pics show Cheney unless they were point it at the Earth?
(NancyL) Safite Q on SARS used as excuse for travel restriction accepted as Q2.
(PXwatch) Where's QeenVee anyway?
(Torbj) Spheres, you live in Sweden?
(Icewolf) QueenVee went AFK
(Xoogle) am i actually a gov't official trying to debunk your "
(JWilliam) Okidok: Are you trying to push hot buttons. If so Leave.
(Icewolf) She had nothing to ask
(Xoogle) "supreme" knowledge
(Okidok) no
(NancyL) Icewolf, I doulbt any STO aliens visited you, as they respond to the PERSON, and you don't qualify.
(QueenVee) i'm here
(Xoogle) for the safety of the people
(HeaDCheeZ) do the cities involved with SARS have something special?
(Icewolf) STO aliens?
(NancyL) OK, it is the hour here now, so I will take Q1. Please +m me!
(NancyL) Q1: What will happen to the zetatalk site, after the pole shift? Will it still reside on servers, accessible by computers that may have survived??
(NancyL) ZT: With the approach of the coming pole shift, many who have come to the ZetaTalk site, to the chats, or anxiously checked for new ZetaTalk on matters they seek answers to, are distressed at the though of a cutoff at the pole shift.
(NancyL) ZT: The Internet will not be functional, with the lack of electrical power, broken servers, and the broken link rule functioning.
(NancyL) ZT: Shortwave will function, but this will be primarily voice, and on occasion a primitive graphic or text email send in desperation to a loved one missing.
(NancyL) ZT: Other than voice, shortwave will be highly spotty in any other packet relay mode.
(NancyL) ZT: Even PC copies of the ZetaTalk web site will be unlikely to be accessible, as PC's will be damaged during the dashing of the Rickter 9 quakes, will require repair and electric power, and once again the broken link rule applies.
(NancyL) ZT: Chat will be at a dead stop, as they require a network of servers even today prone to netsplits or disruptions.
(NancyL) ZT: They are more fragile than the Internet at large, which is a multiple roadway and detour setup.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, for those hungry for guidance, to get their questions answered, for dialog with others of a like mind, there will be a sudden silence!
(NancyL) ZT: What will this mean for those who find themselves in survival spots, making do and on occasion having a migrating visitor at their bean pot sharing news from elsewhere?
(NancyL) ZT: The news will not be a surprise, for those who understood what would happen to the world, globally, both geologically and politically.
(NancyL) ZT: Some surprises may ensue, based on who survived, what strong arm tactics are used and lose favor, or what illness may be feared or prevail.
(NancyL) ZT: But in the main, the news will be predictible, almost boring.
(NancyL) ZT: The injured will either recover or die, those old and ill to begin with, or reliant on medication no longer available, will die.
(NancyL) ZT: Survivors will form new marital relationships, new family groups, and share knowledge on how to do the chores necessary for a primitive life style.
(NancyL) ZT: Music and song will fill the hours, particularly as the hours are long and gloomy, and story telling and skits must appreciated as will any good cooks in the group.
(NancyL) ZT: A quite life will prevail!
(NancyL) ZT: Then one day there will be unexpected visitors, odd looking, or humans would could NOT have arrived on their own.
(NancyL) ZT: This will be the contact that will open doors, and eventually provide a route into cities or communities where high tech communications are far superior to the old Internet and phone lines and postal service.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, for those anxious about being cut off from information, from chats, we suggest that the answer lies in attention to the STO lifestyle!
(NancyL) ZT: It is THIS that is your ticket!
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter, followup?
(Humvee) Question: Our family stil wait to join us at a safe location, so will the visibility of the 10th planet increase over the next two weeks as it passes 14 million miles from the earth and closer to the sun?
(Domicile) Who are the odd looking visitors and where do they come from?
(Xeres) Taurus rises in the southeast 3 hours after sunrise here. Not at dawn.
(MikeO) Very moving
(Tau87) So we should all buy the hardcopy version to aftertime reference. Also useful for fire starting once you've got the useful info in it memorized :)
(Godzilla5) Thanks for answering my question :)
(Okidok) ops this sounds like Dante`s hell inferno
(Serbeo) will "CB" radios' work at all after the shift?
(Redeye01) in the aftertime will the establishment/STS humans be able to locate/trace STO survival groups who are using shortwave / CB ?
(Hubblebub) will theese unexpected visitors appear in USA only or thoughout the world?
(PXwatch) Hi QueenVee I like your Web Site!
(Asx) is good over view of last nights radio show
(GingerAle) Nancy: point of clarification please? What is the "broken link" rule?
(Samsara20) What kind of timeframe is expected until human/hybrid communites are mostly integrated - 10 years / 50 / 100?
(Er1cle28) this sounds like a really good movie
(NancyL) Humvee, as I said on the C2C yesterday, assume rotation stoppage happens on or after May 15, VERY shortly after, and lasts a week.
(NancyL) June 1 is way way too late!
(ItuBrazil) Does anybody have the URL of last night
(JPW) no electric power no power grid no internet that simple GingerAle
(Geminiguy) so in other words, behave , and you'll be permitted to enter the emerald city
(Humvee) Will the visibility of Planet X increase over the next 2 weeks?
(ItuBrazil) Nancy interview (mp3 file)?
(Fluffycat) NancyL: what do the Zetas say about the "fake" NancyL's that have been coming to this channel?
(Icewolf) This is it
(Tynan) buy a Baygen (windup) radio with SW
(NancyL) Those who wait too long may find themselves unable to travel, as the Zetas have warned from the start of ZT.
(CyberVViz) btw, You can make a full backup of a site with the software Teleport (shareware), then You can print it :-)
(Zod2) avialable for download (coasttocoast)
(NancyL) Serbeo, CB and shortwave are the same.
(Spheres) Samsara20; the timeframe is maybe a stable STO community, or hat do you think?
(HeaDCheeZ) how big will it be?
(Cruithne) Tynan, dynamo radio is good to have!
(Serbeo) thank you
(CyberVViz) most is text (html)
(Geminiguy) well, i think i speak for many when i say i will only travel when i see it
(NancyL) Hubble, STO is a worldwide thing, and ALL of mankind can expect contact and is getting it now!
(Earth420) Can the Zs comment on for the people that do survive, the ones that will "lose it" wont be funtioning, and how we must prepare for the children of these people... to be on the look out and be ready to "gather" tthem, as their parents wont be able to care for them?
(CyberVViz) so it's not so big after all
(Icewolf) NancyL: What do you do in your daily life?
(Icewolf) I mean.. you have no job etc
(Hubblebub) very well
(Cruithne) site snagger is freeware & snags web sites, good
(Tynan) yeah the dynamo is good , my kids sprung the wind up on it though :( got a baygen
(Tynan) :)
(NancyL) Broken Link clarification, if one link in a chain breaks, the chain is broken and NOTHING works.
(GingerAle) Ice: Obviously you don't listen... she told George she needed notice to get off work.
(FrenchTr) I am not sure to be read, can somebody say hi?
(CyberVViz) A better option should be if the webmaster do the printout in a PDF
(GingerAle) Thank you Nancy.
(Goog) My folks won't let me get out of here because they think it's bogus or something... I'm scared.
(NancyL) So, you car breaks a wheel, this is broken link as now it simply cannot run no matter how good the motor.
(Icewolf) GingerAle: not everyone listens to the radio
(Icewolf) It's not like a "MUST"
(JPW) your welcome GA
(FrenchTr) Thx Head...
(Saiyanpri) unless u put a spair tire on
(FrenchTr) Sorry..
(Humvee) rest of r family wont come to join us till PX is visible - any hope in the next 2 weeks?
(NancyL) For those wondering about fake NancyL, I am only showing up on Saturdays, so any other time is a fake.
(Icewolf) NancyL: Why only Saturday though?
(Cruithne) i go to KOA in safe location by 15 , just N case
(Tau87) Q for the Zs: About the planned Taco Bell promotion whereby if red dust from the dust cloud hugging planet X hits a 30 square meter bull-eye (target) in the South Pacific (75km southeast of Tonga), they will give a free taco to every customer.
(Tau87) Can the Zetas comment on whether we will be getting free Tacos or not? Is it possible for the Zetas to "interfere" and make sure some of this dust hits the target early, since it is likely Taco Bell won't be in business by the time the dust actually hits?
(Spheres) We have to leave alone; No one believes...
(Fluffycat) Ah, that answers a lot Nancy. Thanks.
(Xeres) Pity, she sounded so good and human...
(Humvee) excelent interview on C2CAM by the way Nancyl
(Torbj) think about this... 200 years ago you didnt even had postalservice.. no phone... no internet... you still lived!
(Farmy) and taquitos!
(Xeres) She was really funny
(PepeLepiu) Nancy: Do us humans become Zetas when our souls or spirits have graduated from the learning development here on planet earth?
(PXwatch) if you can call TACO BELL a taco place,,
(NancyL) Tau87, by the time red dust is hitting Taco Bell will not be functioning.
(Icewolf) Maxemilln: Try it
(Fluffycat) Torbj: actually 200 years ago we DID have a post office (hate to be a stickler, but)
(Er1cle28) lol
(Farmy) it scares me that a Taco Bell taco costs less than a can of Alpo
(HeaDCheeZ) i love nacho hats
(Tau87) right, hence the last sentence
(NancyL) OK, going onto Q2 now ... Please +m me (thanks!)
(Farmy) nacho hats!
(NancyL) Q2 Have the Zetas said anything about SARS being used to restrict International travel prior to arrival of PX
(NancyL) ZT: We predicted early in the start of ZetaTalk that increasing illness would be a phenomena that would occur as the pole shift approached, just as erratic weather and increasing quake frequency and strengh will.
(NancyL) ZT: We stated at that time that this would be due to carrier, insects or whatever, on the move to fresh locations as well as dropped immune systems.
(NancyL) ZT: Early indications were increased workload in clinics and hospitals, but until recently when whole cruise ships became ill with something as simple as a stomach flu were in the news, little of this was demonstrable.
(NancyL) ZT: In the last year, not only several cruise ships, but whole US military bases were afflicted with Strep infections, a common infection.
(NancyL) ZT: Now SARS has made its appearance, similar to existing viruses that afflict mankind, and spreading rapidly.
(NancyL) ZT: This is an example of an EXISTING, but little known, virus spreading to new areas.
(NancyL) ZT: In former times, a virus such as SARS would affect a village, make them ill as with flu, and all would either recover or die and the virus fail to spread further.
(NancyL) ZT: Now will reduced immune systems, more are getting ill enough to need care in hospitals, the first source of carriers as health care workers interface with many!
(NancyL) ZT:All it took for this EXISTING virus to move about between countries was for todays travel to spread it.
(NancyL) ZT: In the past, a traveler might be ill, but NOT infect another as the others immune system was strong, but no longer.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, is it a combination of factors that have created the SARS situation.
(NancyL) ZT: Will the governments in the know about the coming shift use SARS to restrict travel?
(NancyL) ZT: Certainly, but they hardly need this excuse to create restrictions.
(NancyL) ZT: Look to the restrictions that have been put in place as a result of terrorism theat.
(NancyL) ZT: Immigration checked and restricted, air port security checks and profiling, and everyone afraid to travel for fear of hyjacking.
(NancyL) ZT: Travel restrictions can be expected where the elite find their enclaves encroached upon.
(NancyL) ZT: Travel among groups and areas NOT desireable will be allowed, as the elite care not where the dogs wander, just that the dogs should not dirty their yards.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, those wishing to avoid travel restrictions should consider WHERE the elite are located, are heading, and avoid those areas.
(NancyL) ZT: Stick to the byways were the common folk live, where travel THROUGH elite areas is not required or in the path to be taken.
(NancyL) ZT: Quarantines of this or that city, or apartment complex, or hospital, will be limited and NOT spread to restrictions in a country at large, as this is burdensome.
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter, now looking for futher Q's, Q3, etc.
(Tau87) Can the Zetas expand their coverage of safe areas by including additional areas that are safe but which will be enclaves for the elite, perhaps which they are preparing as back up sites to the more well known sites?
(Torbj) Why is the immune system in lesser shape now , compared to before?
(Manhattan) Nancy, will it not be safe to travel where the elite are heading; that is, will our lives be put in jeopardy if we are in those locations. Thanks.
(Milkskag) Are chemtrails weakening our immune systems?
(Xeres) Where are the elite enclaves, Nancy?
(PXwatch) Nancy, Will PX Shift contribute to spread SARS and kill the remaining 10% of the population
(NancyL) Tau87, elite have been mentioned (Urals, North Carolina, etc.)
(BadAstro) I have one. Why do you think I don't want to debate you, when I said I would?
(TempH) Your zars comment makes absolutely 0 sense. if insects are the carrier, after a poleshift, even if people aren't spreading the disease from camp to camp, insects will... what is the purpose behind mentioning such nonsense?
(Shafite) Thank you Nancy and Zetas for answer on SARS USA () canada Fist to go. I have a 14 year ols son and x wife in Califonia any Service to other Being willing to offer a safe location close to CAL. I live in West Wales UK.
(Corona) Zeta question: At the moment of poleshift, how long will oxygen be removed from the environment? Will people who are not sealed up in a hole be able to live through the oxygen depletion?
(Nonshlnt) Nancy, please explain, where are the elite areas and how to avoid them
(Spheres) QUESTION Nancy, What to think of WHERE the elite will be located?
(GingerAle) Nancy: We have not seen "increasing" quake frequency and strength... is this all due to the world's geologists tinkering with the seismology equipment (as the Navy tinkered with the world's atomic clocks)?
(Redeye01) good Q torbj, though i suspect this has been answered before....
(Geminiguy) laying low, living where the poorer people go, looking for the places only they will know- Simon and Garfunkal
(NancyL) Torbj, read Taking Sick in Transformation section of ZT.
(Asx) why all the talk of SARS if
(Eccles) Are there any food, plants, herbs, etc. that would improve human immune systems during the coming, stressful months?
(Obany) okay folks try to come up with some relevant questions, about the aftertime etc
(Tau87) Right those are the primary sites but I was thinking in terms of lesser know sites which the elite are not using as primary sites and thus might be missed when they switch to their back up plans
(Icewolf) Asx: I dont know why
(Asx) X is going to kill off 90%
(Icewolf) Quite annoying..
(Torbj) ohh..thx
(MikeO) Q: With time so short before the shift, are there any last minute messages or bits of information the Zetas would like to share with us?
(Earth420) Eccles, yeah smoke a bowl, might help ya out, lol!
(BadAstro) I have one. Why do you think I don't want to debate you, when I said I would?
(JmWeber) NANCYE I might have missed ur awnser heres my question again Is the state of Missouri St.Louis area safe when Planet X arrives
(JPW) but you hedged a lil bit alil bit BadAstro I heard it
(NancyL) Look where the wealthy like to live, to gather. Denver CO for instance, Whyoming, examples. YOU think it through!
(Xoogle) 28 days 6 hours 42 minutes 12 seconds
(Fluffycat) Asx: because we have to try and convince Cnote not to eat people ;-)
(Xeres) Ginger: Go to #gingertalk. Who needs your sarcasm
(Stargeezr) Can the Zetas tell us what areas to avoid, as the elite will be there?
(Asx) lol Fluffy
(BadAstro) When Noory asked if I could debate, I had to think if my schedule was clear. I'm kinda busy these days
(MB) NancyL: Why should we believe you about any of this, given that your predictions about the apperance of PX were false.
(Maxemilln) BadAstro is Phil Plaite.
(JPW) well it came off as hedging sorry dude
(Tynan) HGH will strengthen the immune system :)
(Xeres) Bush likes Texas
(Earth420) Second MikeOs question... as this may be our last anyhow...
(JohnnyM) Phill, why did you hesitate when asked the question about a debate?
(Masisoar) Basically where you see those of the rich, that's where the common majority of the "elite" will be
(JmWeber) BadAstro was that u last night
(BadAstro) aside from mispelling my name, yes, Maxemilln
(Endeavour) Any chance on ChiliMan getting a date with a Zeta? (don't kick me, just a joke)
(NancyL) JmWebver, ST LOUIS MO NOT SAFE, you will flood, wash away, go to Ozarks, etc.
(Earth420) Masisoar, sweetheart! :)
(oceantree) Q: Is the orbit of PX natural ?
(Asx) lets have the debate here
(Asx) now
(JWilliam) BadAstro: your Q is in log, don't repeat or flood
(Savvv) I also second MikeO's question :)
(StormJ) Nancy: is this really, TRULY real?
(Obany) Asx NO and NO
(NancyL) BadAss, you are not busy, your scared!
(Asx) Phil can Nancy go 1st?
(Geminiguy) how about a group hug, Masisoar?
(Icewolf) NancyL: Why do you answer questions that have been answered?
(Masisoar) :o)
(Farmy) great stuff last night Phil
(Icewolf) Tell them to do their homework
(JmWeber) what about New Madrid falt line
(BadAstro) If I am scared, Ms. Lieder, why am I here now?
(JPW) lol
(Icewolf) Nwo let's answer questions never been answered
(Walt2525) Nancy, Now that more people are learning of Zetatalk do the Zetas predict a higher survival rate?
(Alliya) Nancy, heard you on a Kansas City radio station... how far west of KC does one need to be?
(Fluffycat) hey, its de BadAstro!
(Earth420) Skate the Hate! Dont hate, congratulate!
(RegWa) he sure gets around
(Corona) nice. moderate the channel and let Nancy/Basast duke it out
(MikeO) BadassStro
(NancyL) BadAss, making your excuses.
(Alliya) btw heard a traffic report yesterday that a chunk of highway fell
(Redrick) Badastro: coz everyone want to take piece of the cake
(Asx) yeah
(Fluffycat) I vote for the Duel!
(Geminiguy) lol, Mike
(Icewolf) NancyL: sigh
(BadAstro) I am not interested, actually, in debating PX here and now. Just wondering why Nancy is saying things about me that are not true
(Blackwing) he has a good point Nancy. why would he be here under your ops if he was scared?
(Godzilla5) this is juvenile
(RegWa) lol Nancy
(Obany) BadAstro: right now it's not the place ... there is a zetatalk session going on ... so don't disrupt or i will kick you from the channel
(CyberVViz) brrr
(Icewolf) You only come here each saturday, use your time to answer our Q's that havent been answered
(NancyL) Alliya, I think the western half of KS may be OK during the shift.
(Dacoma) Nancy: Any comment re full lunar eclipse May 15-16? (moon appears to turn a coppery red color...)
(Asx) yeah she is saying your scared to debate
(Zod2) We want millions of people around the globe to hear Nancy and Badass.. so save for radio
(Icewolf) And explain why you can only visit each Saturdays? Do you have a work?
(NancyL) Alliya, where is this chunk of highway?
(Zackx) If you die in the pollshift, do you reincarnate as a human?
(NancyL) I also got a report from Mexico re sinkholes.
(JmWeber) ok QUESTION what id the Day befor planet arrives and we see nothing the what NANCY?
(Lally) will Earth become a waterworld?
(MadHatte) Since 90% of us will all be dead or dying in less then a has been my pleasure.
(FsAlpha) has anyone seen PX in the sky?
(Icewolf) Zackx: You go into your soul
(Earth420) Obany, I love you like a fat kid love cake! Keep on keepin on!
(JmWeber) ok QUESTION what if the Day befor planet arrives and we see nothing the what NANCY?
(FsAlpha) its almost May
(Alliya) in southern KC but I can't find it on any news channels
(Savvv) we can't have people debating with Nancy here people, keep that to E-MAILS
(JPW) true Basastro you came off as hedging just a little bit accept responsibility
(Fluffycat) Of couse, I will be recording a debate on Coast to Coast if there ever is one.
(Alliya) DJ said it blocked traffic for miles
(NancyL) Black, because BadAss is not debating here, only making comments.
(Endeavour) Alliya, I live in Overland Park which is about 30 miles south west of downtown KC, I'm planning on going very far away, like 30 mroe miles or more west
(Asx) why not just have #zetatalkonlyforthosewhobuyintoitall?
(Corona) Zeta question: At the moment of poleshift, how long will oxygen be removed from the environment? Will people who are not sealed up in a hole be able to live through the oxygen depletion? Not much of this is mentioned on the zetatalk site, yet it has the potential to be the #1 killer of survivalist. can you elaborate?
(Obany) NancyL: i already kicked him from the channel
(Sontan) Nancy, sorry to repeat, but I checked the safe areas on the website and didn't find Southern Nevada specifically addressed. Do you include it in the "high desert" areas? Will my family be safe? Thanks
(Blackwing) not true Nancy
(Icewolf) NancyL: Like I said, you're just wasting your time now.. you are here to answer Q's not questions that have been answered
(Torbj) Earth... im kinda overweighted... but i do not lik kakes...
(Xeres) Are there human ambassadors on the Council of Worlds, Nancy?
(Blackwing) but you having him banned basically proved who the coward is
(Earth420) Torbj, listen to some fiftycent, youll feel the flow!
(Savvv) that's answered in ZT i think Xeres
(NancyL) Corona, oxygen depleation NOT considered a problem during the shift.
(FsAlpha) Has anyone seen PX?
(Er1cle29) no
(Hilarion) no
(Tau87) Everyone has
(Corona) thanks
(Icewolf) no
(HeaDCheeZ) no
(FsAlpha) no
(Saiyanpri) NO
(HeaDCheeZ) too cloudy :S
(Corona) no
(QueenVee) no
(SteveH) see ../teams/tteam342.htm
(MadHatte) no
(Earth420) yes! Thank you... no need to applause! HA HA
(Jairj) Nancy what do you feel when the zetas talk through you?
(Berten) no
(TJA) no
(FsAlpha) hehe, so many no's
(Farmy) no
(Er1cle29) they all say NO...WHY?
(TempH) nope
(Lato) no
(CyberVViz) Discussions are ego in control
(Icewolf) no one has
(Zackx) looked yesterday, saw nothing
(MB) StormJ: I haven't seen PX, and I've actually looked.
(Xeres) no
(Tau87) it looks like flashes of light showing up at random locations around the coords
(WantonAce) no
(Er1cle28) no
(NancyL) Sontan, did you read Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, etc? How do those differ?
(CapNibiru) yes
(Fluffycat) nope
(Obany) that is not the purpose of this channel now, ther is a zetatalk session going on
(JPW) too cloudy
(JmWeber) NANCY will the county areas in St Louis be safe?
(Er1cle29) why are people saying no ?
(Corona) 68% say yes!
(Savvv) haven't even looked :P
(Jeremy32) Xeres: I think the council is only composed of 4th density beings, at least the administrative side of it
(Okidok) no
(Endeavour) whether or not PX is going to come is irrelevant for me, I've gotten alot of spiritual guidance from Zetatalk
(CapNibiru) yes, I saw it
(FsAlpha) i looked why my scope, didnt find anythin
(NancyL) Las Vegas is also covered in Safe Locations, is it not?
(Icewolf) Er1cle28: TO "have you seen PX"
(Goog) I'm pretty sure I saw it with that averted vision technique... But I'm not sure... I've kinda seen a few different things using that. But put me down as a "yes" for having seen PX.
(Nonshlnt) maybe, have been drunk alot
(CyberVViz) btw ego is STS behaviour
(Debe) will the possible fire associated with the PS be in the ionsphere only, or might it reach the ground?
(HeaDCheeZ) where is located PX at this time?
(MadHatte) Don't thik its even visible in Arizona?
(Observer) you people are pathetic. get an education..
(Sontan) Nancy, it's just that we're closer to Southern Cal than we are to Arizona or Utah. THX
(SteveH) Saiyanpri, you don't speak for everyone and the Z's addresed who is seeing it and why they are or are not last week
(Icewolf) NancyL: Why do yuo call snow a bad weather?
(MB) Tau87: When you look up, don't forget to breath.
(Cruithne) what will the new weather be like in Wisconsin after times?
(JohnnyM) Capnibiru, WHEN
(NancyL) Debe, fire storms happen during the shift due to air passing rapidly over volcanoes, creating crude oil formation.
(Endeavour) there are more people here this week than last week
(Tau87) oh darn I knew I was forgetting something
(RegWa) Nancy, can you comment on the Galactic Federation?
(Er1cle28) ??? You mean Er1cle29
(Sontan) Nancy, I didn't see Las Vegas covered, sorry if I missed it, will check again
(Savvv) Icewolf that's the stupidest question you've come up with
(FsAlpha) that because no one is seeing PX
(Earth420) Can the Zs comment on perhaps anything they would like to share, a "message", as this may be our last chat as we know it? Like MikeOs question?
(CapNibiru) last night Jonny
(NancyL) Thus, this is MOST likely to happen near volcanoes, but can happen anywhere, so all are advised to shield from dropping blankets of fire.
(Icewolf) Savvv: Do I have to ask intelligent questions? :)
(Gyflex) Suggested Q3: Previous Zeta Talk have stated the the coming pole shift will not take mankind by surprise! Will the general populace have enough time from the date of unequivocal daylight sighting to prepare and move to 'safe' locations without undue restrictions?
(Savvv) er, yes
(CapNibiru) northern Idaho
(NancyL) Cruith, Wisco will be like Alabama.
(JmWeber) NANCY what does the galactic federation think about the average Human
(MadHatte) Observer... Idid I have a PHD
(Tau87) good question Gyflex!
(Tynan) maybe Zetas are the aliens like on that one Twilight zone show, To Serve Man ?
(Maxemilln) NancyL: Rephrase Q: I did recieve a physical healing in 1 night and remember 2 visitors. Not sure if zetas do that kind of thing.
(JmWeber) NANCY what does the Galactic Federation think about the average Human
(Cruithne) oh,
(Xeres) MrLol U shouldn't use somebody elses's nick
(Icewolf) Savvv: Didn't you know she only answers stupid Q?
(Farmy) NancyL: I heard you mention all the hate mail you get, do you think you could post some of the emails you get (good and bad) to ZT? Thanks!
(Xeres) Creates confusion
(NancyL) OK, please +m me and I will share an analogy I prepared for the C2C but did not have a chance to use...
(Er1cle29) ok sry
(NancyL) I looked as I mentioned in Velikovskys Ages in Chaos and Worlds in Collision for what happens in the weeks before the shift.
(NancyL) I could find only descriptions from the start of rotation stoppage, red dust, hail, quakes, high winds, volcanoes exploding.
(NancyL) The ONLY reference I found to times before that dread week were droughts and famine, more or less.
(NancyL) Of couse, we are having a lot of that now.
(NancyL) So, for those looking for something to shout in their face, an absolute, the rotation stoppage is the biggie, and then it so rapidly gets worse that there is no question, but also too late to move!
(NancyL) Now, if I was to relay an analogy to what is happening NOW, and why BadAss is SO wrong about how the Earth is be shuttering now or whatever, this is my analogy.
(NancyL) In Jurasic Park, where the car is stalled outside of the T-Rex cage, and the kids notice water ripples in their cup.
(NancyL) This is the 7 years prior to the shift, increasing quakes, weather, etc.
(NancyL) Then they hear thumping footsteps, and the ripples in the cup become a splash.
(NancyL) This is the months before the shift, with stretch around the Atlanic opening sinkholes, volcanoes becoming active, etc.
(NancyL) Then they hear the roar, the trees are shaking, but still they do NOT see the T-Rex.
(NancyL) This is the week of rotation stoppage, where there is no question that is is HERE, but still no shift.
(NancyL) Then T-Rex appears and grabs the car in its mouth, flipping it, etc.
(NancyL) This is the shift itself.
(NancyL) Now, my point being, you have all these signs, which the Z's have given you to watch for, slowing for those doing careful clock watching,
(NancyL) and image analysis for those actually bother to analyze (which I'm sure BadAss has not done), and sightings for those working to see it, etc.
(NancyL) We have the obvious coverups, why the news is not reporting the news, why quakes are disappearing from datebases, for those discerning and bothering to notice.
(NancyL) WHY would there be those coverups, if there is nothing to hide?
(NancyL) Preparing is individual, and up to you, but you will NOT get a trumpet blaring in your ear, so YOU must do the work to exmine geo evidence past and present, and THINK.
(NancyL) Else, T-Rex will have you for lunch, mayhap.
(NancyL) End of analogy, thanks for the +m.
(Spheres) Great analogy Nancy! ;-) lol
(Savvv) Jurassic Park is a well good film:-)
(Tau87) Nancy on C2C you mentioned the Zetas consider talking to our "kindergarden class" of life to be a great honor. Could the Zetas comment further on this?
(Domicile) Q: how long will the initial Richter 9 earthquake last in duration at moment of shift stoppage? minutes, hours?
(TempH) Its quite convenient to state SIGNS as weather changes and earthquake activites as a scapegoat. Weather is always changing (nothing right now is abnormal), earthquakes always happen in various areas (and earthquake activity is the same as the last 3 years). What about the primary focus of a huge planet of unimaginable destruction is unseeable when you say 68% of followers are seeing it?
(Spheres) Great analogy Nancy! lol
(FsAlpha) if you have seen PX, and sure of it type 1, or else no type 2
(CyberVViz) Mozilla
(Tau87) This has been addressed before, but for those of us who don't want to put our pets to sleep and feel that our dogs and cats can be an asset in the aftertime (catching mice, scaring away STS, etc) can the Zetas comment on how we can prepare our pets for this and prepare ourselves to take care of them?
(Okidok) so you are saying that PX will not appear before the shift is upon us??
(Spheres) Nancy, Any new predicted development about IRAQ by the Zetas?
(Swanny) Nancy: do the Zetas have a comment about the mythology behind 666 and is this related to PX?
(Earth420) That was good! Analogy...
(Xoogle) maybe there are no coverups
(Tynan) Nancy the kids lived during the 'pole shift' in your analogy
(WindCatch) But we were supposed to see PX in the sky like a cross! Where is IT??
(NancyL) Tau87, they are saying they like ZT, as George was asking how they though of it.
(JmWeber) NANCY what will you if PX does not arrive?
(Blackwing) Nancy, it is rude to call Phil "BadAss" like that, and if he is wrong, why did you have him banned? He wasn't rude to you.
(Tynan) how is it obvious there are coverups?
(Rich45aut) Thank you
(NancyL) Not a chore, an honor.
(Godzilla5) indeed... I agree with Blackwing
(GingerAle) Nancy: You have adopted (probably unconsciously) a completely dishonest intellectual attitude, clinging obstinately to anything which seems to confirm your belief, while ignoring the plethora of inconvenient facts which call it into doubt. You accuse Phil of not debating, but you never gave him a chance to.
(HaraldH) Nancy: What did "HTO", mentioned in the "signs of times #6" last week, mean?
(Godzilla5) it's juvenile
(Obany) he is not banned just kicked
(Secridros) I saw Planet X twice
(QueenVee) "you will NOT get a trumpet blaring in your ear" -- well, i wasn't expecting a trumpet, but i WAS expecting PX to be visible in the sky 7 weeks before the shift, as per ZetaTalk....
(Rich45aut) Nancy how safe is Little Rock or NW Arkansas?
(JWilliam) Blackwing: Nancy did not have bad ass banned.
(Blackwing) Godzilla5: very
(Asx) Nancy seems you would be above name calling so what is with badass?
(JmWeber) NANCY what will you if PX does not arrive?
(Redrick) SteveH... Why don't you come sit on my lap, and we'll talk about the first thing that pops up?
(Icewolf) QueenVee: You said earlier that you werent' gonna ask Q's
(NancyL) Tau87, re your pets, just explain that they won't have anything to eat, I'm sure they will understand.
(Blackwing) JWilliam: you are just as bad calling him that
(Icewolf) QueenVee: The usual liar :)
(Savvv) that's not a question Icewolf
(Geminiguy) that wasn't a question, Icewolf
(QueenVee) Icewolf: what question did i ask?
(Savvv) its a statement
(Tau87) well there won't be anything for people to eat either but we will make do.
(NancyL) Tau87, they will STARVE, and whine. YOU are the one who will have to prepare yourself for this!
(Stargeezr) Nancy, what ever happened to the "Reddish Cross" in the sky?
(Tynan) Oh didn't notice the 'BadAss' thing, thought that was his name in here
(Fluffycat) QueenVee: was that you here the other night professing your love to GregB?
(CyberVViz) Don't shoot if the pianist
(Rich45aut) Nancy how about Arkansas?
(Tau87) i would think animals would be more agreeable to eating bugs or whatever then people would
(Asx) i thought the ZT "enlightined" you all whats with the name calling?
(NancyL) Harald, I took this potentially to be the Swedish station, TV, mentioning something bright.
(Samsara20) Folks, Hopi are well aware that the time is now at hand...there are more sources available that predict an imminent cataclysm than 1 channel
(JmWeber) NANCY WHat areas will be safe in Missouri?
(Torbj) HTO was a name for a TVchannel in Sweden... but i didnt find it.... a small one maybe?
(Rich45aut) hey come on she gets enough flack right Nancy
(Oikea) hey Nancy... i am just curious as to where i should see PX in the sky.. i don't disbelieve in what is supposed to happen, i just cant see it
(CyberVViz) Samsarra, many sources are aware, but they distinct from each other
(Tau87) ever seen a cat chase a bug? and what happens after it catches it? goes right in the mouth...
(NancyL) I have been asked repeatedly to keep the logs of the chats clearer, by those wanting to read and tired of adolescents.
(Cruithne) Samsara20, yes others r predicting doom too
(PXwatch) Nancy ,Texas had two hail Storms at NIGHT, Yesterday.. (South Texas)
(Masisoar) JM - do research on it, obviously somewhere out of view and high in elevation
(Lally) Nancy....was Noah and the ark a warning perhaps?
(Earth420) Samsara, I saw "Sirius" the other night to the left of Orion for me... it appeared, my idea, as a "Blue Star", like the one they may be speaking of? Just an idea.
(NancyL) Insults and web site advertisements will be omitted starting today.
(JmWeber) NANCY what will you do if PX does not arrive?
(NancyL) JnWeber, OZARKS only.
(Debe) JmWeber, the Ozarks is the only safe place in Missouri. north central Missouri may be a far second.
(HeaDCheeZ) u mean passing links on the channel?
(Geminiguy) gee, there will be only 5 lines if the insults aren't posted
(AGreenspn) What would the ruling system be like, in the mixed communities (Hybrids/Humans) of the aftertime? Thank you.
(Er1cle28) oh oh...not real 'logs' then...
(Rich45aut) how about Arkansas?
(Dweeb) is the zeta warning for earths twin?
(Tau87) Ozarks only... I'm guess Branson people will be happy about that
(Fluffycat) NancyL: what exactly do you mean by web site advertisements?
(Savvv) Nancy, do 'Thiaooubans' exist?
(NancyL) PXWatch, I also heard on TV that Altanta had BASEBALL sized hail, not known that I'm aware of in past.
(Spheres) Nancy, Any new predicted development about IRAQ by the Zetas?
(Samsara20) I have sources that tell me the many in the Native American community are well aware of the 12th planet
(Berten) are the zetas really the good guys,or are they masqerading as such?
(Tynan) Berten, good question!
(Tau87) I guess the Zetas don't like cats... being as how they are fabled to be guardians of the underworld in Egyptian myth
(SteveH) Berten, you decide
(Ohio) NancyL has the fat lady sung yet in Iraq?
(canBear) the Zeras said themselves there are STS Zetas around too
(Geminiguy) I think the Brewers were beating up on Atlanta pitching, maybe the reporter's car got hit by a homerun baseball
(CyberVViz) The strange side
(Debe) there was a recent story of a 'winged' craft crashing at a Russian naval base. was this a UFO?
(Zimendell) However, the Gulf of Bothnia is very different. It is very closed off, and its bottom has a special surface, that makes it so that the waters will not move around significantly.
(NancyL) AGreen, the rulilng eliet will not get close to hybrid communities, they must live with each other and probably become toys for the mercenaries they employ, who will NOT consider them the ruling elite when the police and courts no longer function.
(Endeavour) did anyone actually read the whole website?
(Secridros) Nanc: should we expect many tornados during the pole shift?
(NancyL) In other words, true karma at work!
(Tynan) Iraq? geeez what about North Korea?
(Jeremy32) Nancy: Can the Zetas please comment on the PX picture by Kid A, from North Carolina? It appears to be the main one that raised eyebrows so far
(JWilliam) JmWeber: you Q is in log. no need to repeat.
(Endeavour) because there are alot of questions that have been answered many times before
(Rich45aut) Nancy how about Arkansas after Clinton we need some good news ok?
(JmWeber) ok
(Redrick) I must be dreaming... can you pinch me please SteveH ?
(Berten) what if zetatalk is like the boy that cried wolf too often,and thus makes it harder for other contactees to be taken seriously?
(Corona) Berten, personally ill have a shotgun pointed toward any alien i see during a poleshift
(Masisoar) MB - NOT her predictions, ZT's predictions
(Dweeb) is the zeta warning for earths twin?
(Edoeimai) Nancy: Issue #1 Visibility of Px NOT as predicted, Issue #2 Iraq case NOT as predicted... Can I have your comments on these please. I assume that as stated before, why should we believe the remaining... shift etc!!!
(Oikea) aren't we supposed to see PX with the naked eye by now?
(NancyL) Secridros, the Z's have said that tornados will be spawned, but no larger than usual during storms.
(Tynan) How could anyone read the whole Zeta website, every other word is a link
(Cruithne) Berten, that would be misfortunate
(Okidok) MB because T Rex is hiding
(CyberVViz) Corona, cowboy ?
(Endeavour) I've read most of it
(NancyL) Jeremy, Kid A is NOT a fake that we can tell.
(Corona) Cyber, scared
(NancyL) There is a lot of question about Hawaii, and this is being examined at present.
(Ohio) NancyL ask the zetas on that one
(CyberVViz) No, just prety stupid as your...
(HaraldH) Well, i don`t know anything about HTO, but I sure did see something strange on the broadcast.
(Tau87) the Zetas have not endorsed any image right?
(AGreenspn) Thanks for noticing my Q. - it was related to mixed human/hybrid communities though, (STO) not the elite.
(Berten) but maybe that is the plan
(RegWa) pity for some to survive earth changes just to get shot by some trigger happy nuthead
(Mta103485) NancyL: Everything you say will be used.
(Secridros) Thanks, seen Planet X in Minnesota twice now, at dusk time
(Nonshlnt) are we expecting the pole shift to occur May 22, since earth rotation stoppage occurs May 15?
(NancyL) Kid A got a lot of scrutiny not only from our team (we have a real gem of a photo expert new to the team) but also on godlikeproductions.
(FsAlpha) i cnat the zeta's take pictures of PX
(Jeremy32) Nancy: Ok thanks. Lets hope we can get a few more pics like that so that the undecided can prepare.
(Geminiguy) is it cloudier in anyones elses area recently?
(Er1cle28) party in Hawaii on May 15th.
(Spheres) Nancy, any more data about the phot from Spain?
(NancyL) Oikea, please read ../poleshft/p173.htm written Feb 1 re daylight sightings.
(Rich45aut) Please Nancy Arkansas?
(Ohio) NancyL I dont wanna be stuck inside when PX hits so what days should I request off of work?
(Stargeezr) Usual late April weather in Northn CA
(NancyL) Tau87, the Z's have not endoresed any image, as they want US to be involved.
(Savvv) Nancy, can you comment on whether 'Thiaooubans' exist?
(Tau87) Rich45aut just drive north to Branson... entertainment capital of the Ozards
(Geminiguy) Rich45aut. Arkansas is mentioned in safe areas, check out Troubled Times
(Rich45aut) Clinton was enough of a disaster for any state
(Endeavour) Obany, haven't you banned that tit yet?
(Endeavour) just ban him
(Oikea) Nancy, how big should it be by now in the night sky?
(NancyL) Having ZT make pronouncements is cultlike, and they want YOU to do thinking and examining.
(Rich45aut) thanks
(Ohio) Nancy what days would be good to request off of work?
(JPW) maybe but Clinton a better President than any Bush
(NancyL) There are also a LOT of frauds being posted and sent to us, so YOU need to learn how to be discerning.
(HeaDCheeZ) for sure JPW
(Geminiguy) Clinton, the last president elected by a majority
(Tau87) It's very wise of the Zetas to not want to have a cult following...
(Rich45aut) uh huh lol
(Tau87) hard to avoid though
(Fluffycat) Clinton, the oral sex master? Better? Ha!
(Edoeimai) I did not saw who kicked me... nevertheless I am asking the issues that I feel in doubt...!!!
(NancyL) Spheres, the photo from Spain appears completely legit, and the photograher in the mountains getting ready for the shift.
(Tynan) esp. if they want to use survivors as slaves after this happens :)
(Fluffycat) Selected not Elected, right
(NancyL) He took this to be the personal sign he needed, no question.
(Whenn) thats does not matter if you question the logic of this you will be kicked then baned
(Tau87) By the way people if you are taking pictures of Planet X please try to get reference stars so those of us not seeing it yet are better guided
(PXwatch) Ohio, Take the whole month dude!
(Okidok) why are all these image have a lack of other stars
(NancyL) MB, I personally don't care what you believe!
(Edoeimai) Nancy: Issue #1 Visibility of Px NOT as predicted, Issue #2 Iraq case NOT as predicted... Can I have your comments on these please.
(Ohio) hehe
(Rich45aut) I have a question. Why if the government knew did they attack Iraq?
(Fluffycat) ahahhahahahh
(Xeres) MB: quit harassing her
(Ohio) what does Nancy say though?
(Corona) how can ya claim accuracy then Nancy?
(Dweeb) is the zeta warning for earths twin?
(Whenn) stand by for you kick Edo
(Spheres) Nancy, Yes, but I wonder if it's taken by an ordinary digicam etc ?
(Geminiguy) I think the next month will be all the commentary we will need
(Saiyanpri) he just asked a honest question
(JWilliam) whenn you become annoying, you are shown the door.
(MB) NancyL: How STO of you.
(NancyL) The photos are cropped and zoomed a lot so you can even SEE them, as Px complex is small at present.
(Tau87) Edoeimai would you call fundamentalist (Shiite) control of Iraq "no regime change"?
(Lally) Nancy? do the zetas talk to anyone else besides you????
(Oikea) Nancy, what will you do if nothing happens on May 15.
(Savvv) MB, look through previous chats, I think they've been answered in there, you'll have to look closely tho
(RegWa) funny how Clintons sex life gets more attention that Bushes mass murders and poisoning of millions
(Whenn) he asked a question why all kicking?
(Steve12) Nancy, are the Hubble astronomers secretly moving thier families?
(HeaDCheeZ) were the states after the sumerian "plaquettes" in the Iraq wars?
(Endeavour) Visibility addressed, Iraq addressed! Good god just read the site!
(Sirgrim) any daytime sightings yet?
(FsAlpha) I though nancy is a STS
(Fluffycat) Is the PX complex accepting new tenants this month?
(CyberVViz) Corona, if i remember that Exterminator, Predator and all such alike movies, i think a gun is a playgun, versus their wapons
(Tau87) Nancy can the Zetas comment on the NGST?
(NancyL) RegWa, and Clinton's draft evasion got attention but Bush avoiding Vietnam is evaded utterly in the news :-)
(Tau87) that's Hubble's replacement designed for viewing mainly in IR
(Corona) perhaps Cyber
(RegWa) yep
(Masisoar) Foryou folks that don't believe in this happening, why take attention to this and still bother listening, obviously there is something in you that does believe
(NancyL) Its the hour and I'm going to get the log clean and up.
(JPW) absolutely right Nancy
(Whenn) ok Nancy
(NancyL) Thanks to you all for attending and inspiring great ZT.
(FsAlpha) plz dont kick me, i am just here to what she says
(Whenn) good job
(Oikea) i just want to know what she will do if she is wrong
(Er1cle28) still no regime change in Irag.....
(CyberVViz) Quote: Sometimes it's better to embrace an enemy, so he can't use his sword
(Tau87) We'll keeping coming until May 15!
(Okidok) Nancy what do you think about the new 8 mars site,
(Geminiguy) Masisoar wants to strangle you and hug you at the same time
(Whenn) can i lick your boots?
(Ohio) Nancy wait
(NancyL) Thanks to the loyal cops as always for their tedious job, adolescents are SO tedious.
(Endeavour) if Nancy is wrong then she knows she will probably be a hunted woman
(Tau87) don't work too hard Nancy
(Er1cle28) 30-40 year old adolescents...
Session Close: Sat Apr 26 18:06:36 2003