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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Apr 19, 2003

Session Start: Sat Apr 19 16:44:46 2003
(JWilliam) Pyrite: Build a lion trap and put the tuna in for bait ;o)
(Ohio) bingo
(Woogles) That's some wishful thinking FluffyJay
(JP) oh Bible thumper no thanks Bible thumpers have predicting the end times for centuries no way we'll be around for hunders of years.
(OrionBoy) Obany can you send me the proxies list URL?
(NowWhat) Thru the history of humanity there has been rich and poor countrues... The differance today,,, before there was no intrenet ,TV Etx
(Er1cle28) lets just sshhhh
(Toby) Agree all views should be aired
(Pyrite) LOL!
(JFull) Hi Hum, thought about you lots
(Gig) lets all start to slow down please!
(Tau87) Question for the Zetas: Can the Zetas comment on how they feel Nancy has been performing in the face of all the present adversity and what we can do to help her?
(Toby) Okay let's set back ...
(Er1cle28) gr8 q tau87
(NowWhat) mode change to Hypocrites
(Geminihig) Malikail, looks like you were wrong
(Obany) Hush down
(JWilliam) Please take your time to form question before asking
(Malakai) lol
(TheDude) Nancy in the HizZouZE
(NowWhat) done ...
(FluffyJay) Nancy: why are there so many fake pictures all of the sudden?
(Tau87) welcome Nancy. Question for the Zetas: Can the Zetas comment on how they feel Nancy has been performing in the face of all the present adversity and what we can do to help her?
(NancyL) I have a large number of SIGNS and a couple accepted Q's, so this hour will be busy.
(Er1cle28) ok ppl shhh
(Sav) Fluffy, its to try to get everyone to think that they're all fake, probably
(Toby) The floor is yours...
(Er1cle28) :)
(NancyL) The FAKE pictures are a reaction to the valid pics, especially the Kid A pics which show a double hellix swirl.
(NowWhat) bring it on.. we are all hears...
(NancyL) The idea is to flood the internet with fakes and confuse folks.
(Sav) see, i was right :)
(FluffyJay) ah
(TheDude) Makes sense
(NancyL) However, the fakes are pretty easily discerned and a large number of people are doing that.
(NowWhat) I am confused!
(TheDude) Please point us in the direction of a "real" pic
(NancyL) A debunking approach, basically.
(QueenVee) Obany: moderation please
(NancyL) Tau87, this is what one of the Q's is about, tangentally, about the hostility sent my way, on the uptick.
(NancyL) This is, in fact, nothing NEW at all.
(Sundar) Question to Nancy: How fast is PX travelling? Is it travelling in an invisible mode ? Does anyone has a clear picture of PX from a telescope?
(Tau87) Nancy was that ZT you just gave or your own comments? (didn't see the ZT...)
(Samsara20) Can we have the Zetas confirm the validity of any of the supposed pics?
(InSoM420) good Q samsara
(Tau87) anter Question for the Zetas: Can the Zetas comment on what those of us in this chat who want to have another chat next week can do to help make this possible?
(NancyL) Sundar, I don't know the speed but the distance/speed charts linked from the TEAM page are pretty valid in my opinion, good enough.
(PsiBrain) Nancy: will it really happen in May?
(Icewolf) So.. why can't we see PlanetX yet?
(ChiefSimi) but I will do ask why can I and my friends NOT see PX at the coords, clean skies, out of the city with binocs
(NowWhat) Nancy there are 177 users waiting for an answer about PX location...
(Icewolf) its been clear skys here.. no PlanetX
(ChiefSimi) Nancy, please, it is important. Q: what can the zetas say to those, who are not able to see PX at the given coordinates, even today at clear night skies, not lightpolluted, with binoculars. I am one of those. please address this. I'm not alone with this problem
(NancyL) Within the solar system, and slowed down to a float in essence, from the zoom previously.
(NancyL) There is NO CHANGE in the date, which is well before June 1. I can tell you that.
(Icewolf) NancyL: It seems to change since there's no PX in the skys
(Lombo243) 2003?
(NancyL) Chief, just wait, things will change.
(Icewolf) Where is PX if date hasnt changed
(Sav) in space? :S
(Dim) Don't ever speak for me NowWhat. Obany kick this asshole!
(TheDude) Its in the sky
(Icewolf) And why are fake pics on the zetatalk site? :o
(NowWhat) How Soon?
(NancyL) NowWhat, the location is already defined, check the TEAM page.
(Samsara20) Can we have the Zetas confirm the validity of any of the supposed pics...i.e. North Carolina picture
(FluffyJay) NancyL: was the comment about PX being only viewable now 2 weeks before June 1st on the Coast-to-Coast AM site true?
(GregB) How long until PX pics up speed again and starts to become significantly larger in the skies?
(NancyL) Icewolf, our usual debunker. May he be on the beach laughing when it happens, so SURE it is all untrue, drowning on account of his stupidity.
(Gus12340) You right Dim
(NowWhat) I already did,, and I have checked with Telescope and Binocu... with no avail..
(Icewolf) You're calling me a debunker? Then i'm calling you a lier.
(ZooSpecim) what would the Zeta's like to talk about?
(Dim) Thank you Obany.
(NancyL) Fluffy, your Q about visibility is Q1 and this is coming up shortly.
(Sundar) Where is the North Carolina picture?
(Nonshlnt) Nancy, with the limitless knowledge of the zetas why are we left with mostly your opinion?
(Tau87) Question for the Zetas: The Zetas have stated that "this is entertainment time". Given that the imminent pole shift will be very tramatic, can the Zetas comment on what we
(Sav) JESUS CHRIST ban him!!
(Tau87) might do to better enjoy this entertainment time while it lasts?
(Toby) Oh my Gawd... set back...
(TheDude) Is this a chatroom or a witch burning
(USBrazil) When do significant earthquakes and volcano eruptions actually begin?
(Earth420) Chatroom
(GingerAle) Sav: Is he here, too?
(Sundar) Listen to a song "Good riddance" from Green day
(Okidok) Samsara the N Carolina pic is a hoax... there is a lack of other stars in the image.
(NancyL) Tau87, entertainment time was in watching the Bush/Blair et al crowd. We will be getting a lot of entertainment as they have problems, shortly.
(Debi) NL, report of a MAJOR explosion near the Sirius star complex was huge in magnitude. will this affect earth?
(Dim) USBrazil, they appear to have started already.
(Samsara20) Okidok: That is your opinion, which I am not interested in, I am interested in the Z's opinion
(Durandal) Nacy someone reported on seeing red dust in England. (godlikeporductions) would that be happening now?
(Tau87) Why am I not entertained then? I keep seeing all this stuff about suffering Iraqis due to the invasion...
(NancyL) USBrazil, the Zetas have said lineal increase in quakes up until the shift, so lineal it is! And happening, I believe.
(Earth420) Yes, earthquakes happening that arent even noted on IRIS...
(Ohio) Is May 15th still the date?
(USBrazil) I have emails sent from the seismology center in Europe. Have seen anything out of normal.
(NancyL) No red dust from PX, no, as it is too far away.
(NotMe) Good point, Tau.
(Lascar) Ginger he comes tomorrow.
(Durandal) thanks
(Obany) Ohio: May 15 has never been the exact date
(NancyL) USBrazil, others have noted otherwise, and reporting available to the PUBLIC is often monitored and diminished.
(Earth420) USBrazil, no 6 yesterday on Eurpopes seismo?
(NancyL) Please +m me and I will do the SIGNS now ...
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #1: Increasing QUAKES
(NancyL) "On the 5th of March I received an anonymous tip from someone in another forum to check out the USGS (United States Geological Survey) Web page to observe the current Seismic Readings. What I saw there almost made me fall out of my chair. This thread [The SHIFT is Hitting the Fan, on] is a continuation of a thread that reached over 5000 posts here in a little over a month."
(NancyL) "Due to bandwidth issues it was decided amongst it's participants, to begin a new thread that not only allowed for quicker load time, but also more accurately reflects the direction that the thread was heading in. The previous thread was a culmination of everything that has been witnessed by countless people from around the Planet since we began to first notice these amazing seismic events."
(NancyL) "We observed anomalous seismic activity continuing on for hours and hours before ending. In many places this activity is still ongoing. As of yet no 'accredited or mainstream' source has come forward to give any satisfying explanation for these events. What is most puzzling is that there was absolutely nothing mentioned of these seismic events in the Mainstream Media." GODLIKEPRODUCTION Boards
(NancyL) "The earthquake activity yesterday [Apr 18] was unusual by its reverberating around the world, for extended periods (over an hour each time, picked up on most seismos). Activity seemed to correspond to China quake and Bouvet Island (close to Antartica) earthquakes, both over 6 mag.
(NancyL) A similar occurance to March 5 2003 seismo activity." JWILLIAM
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #2: NASA Knows
(NancyL) "The other day [4/12/2003] I chanced upon a man who told me about a planet. His senarios seem to corelate with Zetatalk etc.,with May 18 2003 being the big day. This man claimed; to have worked for a company sub-contracting to NASA on Apollo rocket technology. ... He consequently researched NASA´s claims and denials of PX, concluding we do have cause for concern."
(NancyL) "He has sold his earthly possesions and used the proceeds to set himself and family along with other ´like-minded, technically oriented people´ in old ammo-bunkers situated on the Great Dividing Range, Queensland Australia. This planet is observable for another few days, day or night, S.W of Alderbaran ... He was articulate, well informed and totally committed to what he views as the only solution to the inevitable."
(NancyL) "This forum [godlikeproductions] is the only place I feel this information would be taken seriously especially in light of the seismic activity story (one of the things he said to watch out for). ... He did mention it would be red, blurry/indistinct, and most likely seen with periphial vision as viewing directly would cause it to fade in relation to surrounding stars." AUSTRALIA
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #3: OIL the Goal in Iraq
(NancyL) "UNESCO [provided] the USA administration with specific maps, important details and all the necessary information regarding all the museums, archaeological sites, places of historical importance in Iraq. ... Prof Elizabeth C. Stone, the head of the Department of Anthropology of the Stony Brook University is an eminent academic in the field of anthropology ... "
(NancyL) "said that she received assurance from the USA forces, that the Museum will be protected as a matter of utmost importance. ... In very stark and surprising contrast, the live pictures showed, the un-damaged Ministry of Oil , being so well guarded by the USA marines. There is no doubt, where the main priorities of the USA forces, were really focused on. ... "
(NancyL) "It is quite evident that [oil] for USA than the invaluable evidence of our very first civilisations, in Mesopotamia ( meaning in Greek the land between the rivers), a settlement on the land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, dating back to 10,000BC. ... The world seems to have lost for ever the whole heritage of the invaluable treasures, carefully excavated from the chief cradle of human civilisation."
(NancyL) "Donald Rumsfeld has refused to accept any responsibility, but he has not explained the stark difference in their priorities in relation to providing protection to places of utmost historical importance and to the building of the Ministry of the [Oil]." PRAVDA.
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #4: Survival Site Takeover in AUSTRALIA
(NancyL) "This is more of a warning to those AU recently my evacuation site was compulary aquired from by the army which in itself is not that much of a worry but the worry was how they let me know they knew about me. The letter was addressed with all my accadamic titles and the full alphabet soup after my name, things I havn't used in 20 years and I only purchased the land 5 years ago without the titles listed!"
(NancyL) "I have been given 7 days to remove personal material from my land. Most of my supplies and all of my library were not there thank heavens but I am now trying to get a replacement without too much unseemly (or tracable) haste." Note: ZetaTalk and Troubled Times has always advised to keep survival site locations and plans very close, NOT posted on databases and the like as Stan Deyo and others have advised.
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #5: Swedish TV Coverup CLARIFICATION
(NancyL) Last week a SIGN was a report from Norway "I saw some frightening news on the swedish television today about an exploding star nearby the Orion that supposedly has become a big reddish object on the sky. It was suggested that it could possible grow larger, and could even be seen at daylight." HAROLD adds that the TV station is reported to be HTO
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #6: Crop Circle CORRELATION
(NancyL) "The double helix type swirls of the moons in this picture [] looks like the double helix crop circle that appeared in England, June 17 1996."
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #7: Last Passage, per SITCHIN
(NancyL) "Sitchin states that he believes the last passage of Nibiru occured during the Exodus, the parting of the Red Sea or the 'marshes'. I've never read anything he's written that varies from that position. Divine Encounters, published 1995, page 295, Exodus, date 1433 BC 'by our calculations'. " Note that the Exodus is variously speculated to have occured during 2167 BC or 1433 BC and lately 1628 BC, as record keeping went to heck during that time.
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #8: Lieder vs HEISER on Coast-to-Coast
(NancyL) 4/14/2003, "Nancy Lieder: Planet X Update: [Binocular Photo from Southeast USA included], While tonight's guest, ancient history scholar Mike Heiser, has his doubts about the existence of Nibiru or Planet X, Nancy Lieder, the alien contactee, believes the huge object is definitely headed our way and soon."
(NancyL) " 'The Zetas have said that seven weeks before passage you and I can go out and look at it and see it without binoculars… it'll be somewhere in the daylight sky,' Lieder told me in October of 2002, when I spoke with her for an After Dark article. I caught up with Nancy Lieder this afternoon and asked her about her earlier quote. She now said that Planet X wouldn't actually be visible in daylight, until its closest approach between May 15th and June 1st,"
(NancyL) "but that numerous amateur astronomers had been making sightings and photographs of the body, which she said is currently near the orbit of Saturn. I invited Lieder to submit an update for our site and she sent a Zetatalk session [written during the Feb 1, 2003 IRC]... as well excerpts from people who claim to have sighted the planet." COAST TO COAST Web Site
(NancyL) " 'Find the spot where this complex is currently sighted at, and look at it regularly in the night [EVENING] sky. As the date approaches [END OF MARCH], the 7 week before passage point, you will begin to see something in the skies not there before! Something reddish, something moving over the evening unlike the stars you are anchored to. This portion of the sky will be coming into light pollution about that time," "
(NancyL) " 'due to the position of the Earth moving to place the Sun between itself and Orion. Thus, this will be complicated by light pollution, but at the same time will be growing so much larger, so rapidly, that this will be a clue to those looking with unaided eye that they are looking at the Planet X complex." ZETATALK. Note that Heiser promoted that he a researcher like Sitchin, and had concluded that Nibiru was nothing more than the North Star.
(NancyL) ANNOUNCEMENT: Coast -to-Coast Friday 4/25, 10:00 PST
(NancyL) Nancy has been invited back onto Coast-to-Coast with George Noory at the start of his Friday night session for "an hour or two". George stated at the conclusion of his last session with Nancy, [Nov, 2002] that he would NOT have her back until after May 15, 2003 to eat crow persumably but Nancy stated it would be sooner than that due to events.
(NancyL) And I hear from a Hazlewood source that he is stating he is on Monday night with Noory, not sure about McCanney or others.
(A0210) copy and past
(NancyL) Comments of Q's?
(FluffyJay) there seems to be a buch more earthquakes each day:
(Tau87) I can't read so fast! *pant*
(Inkpen) interesting
(Sundar) Question to zetas: Is the Sumerian text on PX also stolen from Baghdad museum?
(Cruithne) NancyL, have u seen PX recently?
(Wjr123) ready for a great chat
(GregB) Sitchin says last PX Passing was time of Christ
(Hubblebub) please, don't spam
(Icey) NancyL: You like calling peopel debunkers? Can we call you a lier then?
(A0210) copy and past
(Dim) Bye Bye can of worms.
(Sundar) Is the Sumerian text on PX also stolen during looting in Iraq?
(canBear) I have seen the sesimic live feed two days ago - off scale at at least 4 major locations above mag6 - shaking worldwide check in for yourself daily
(NancyL) Greg, I did not verify this person's info, re Sitchin. I get various reports.
(Ohio) Nancy what big event will occur prior to PX arriving? The lift?
(GregB) Understood
(Ohio) when will the lift occur?
(Earth420) There were several earthquakes that were not on IRIS today, that were some articles on the net about
(NancyL) I live in the middle of a quake plate where NO quakes are expected, and we are getting little ones here.
(Earth420) And Alaska, today
(Dim) Ohio, it won't be the lift.
(Ohio) what will it be Dim?
(ScarletC) Nancy is telling the truth - trying to prepare us for those who have the will to stand in the light and make it through.
(NancyL) Having lived ON the San Andreas for 10 years, I know what they feel like, the little jello jigglers.
(Earth420) Clusters in Calli, Southern Calli... continuous little ones bouncing everywhere
(Wjr123) NancyL: I live in North Carolina, what direction should I look in to find Planet X, if it is even visible
(Sundar) I am in North Calif now
(Sonik) is Planet X visible yet
(Woofferbr) Question: Why have the Ufo sightings reports diminished last year? Anything about the PS?
(Manakin) Southern CA here
(Dim) Ohio, I can speculate, but it won't be the lift until almost the moment of passage I assume.
(Sundar) But i do not see any shakes yet
(Ohio) oh i see
(Bobob) Download the new Infrared video of Planet X April 16th & April 3rd coordinates at
(NancyL) Wjr123, check the Where to Look chart, and the April 2003 link from the TEAM page, you look WSW, just a tad south of west.
(Ohio) I wonder what Nancy has to say about it?
(Wjr123) ok thanx Nancy
(Earth420) Northern Calli, and no earthquakes at all? How do you know?
(SteveH) Sonik, see for sightings and pics
(Vandlou) Where articles Earth 420 whatever
(Yoko) Nancy please addres the issue of PX not being visible at all.
(Earth420) :)
(PyrotekNX) what do you guys know about Saturn?
(SilverJoe) How can PX cause quakes from such distance?! It's absurd...
(Toby) 1000's of amateurs and no pictures? 1000's what gives?
(Redeye01) Yoko, its no ones fault if u cant see it
(A0210) you are off on the 2003 - 2012 thing Nancy
(Sefi) Bobob do the videos show anything
(Manakin) magnetic pull, SilverJoe
(Dim) If she is going to answer it it only needs to be asked once. I've had alot of questions that I've had to figure out on my own. Not a problem. Good luck though.
(NancyL) There will be those who CLAIM to not see PX even when it is in their face, those who claim validly to not see it as they are looking in the wrong place, etc.
(Earth420) Many will deny up until rotation stoppage
(NancyL) For those who sincerely want to see it, find the spot, look REGULARLY whenever you have clear skies!
(Woofferbr) Question: Why have the UFO sightings reports diminished last year? Anything about the PS?
(canBear) check daily on the seismic live feed then you know when it quakes - no TV news needed
(Sav) Nancy SAID why it's not visible in TIMES. READ IT
(Sundar) I feel that Zetans exist in North Calif for past several decades studying the fault behaviour
(Toby) pics pics pics only please
(USBrazil) Nancy, was the beaching of the pilot whales in the Florida keys another sign?
(Wjr123) what about those who are looking the right spot and dont see it?
(SilverJoe) Magnetic pull? Are you out of your mind?
(Lombo243) aehm looking in the wrong place? impossibble if you give excat coordinates
(PyrotekNX) so whats coming with Planet X?
(NancyL) And for REAL photos, as well as fakes to amuse you (ID's as such) check the TEAM page
(Tau87) Nancy can you give up an update on your sightings of it? Has it gotten bigger and easier to see from where you live? As in not having to use averted vision any more?
(Manakin) I hope not
(Gwilra) Do binoculars pass the "same" visual specturm as do our eyes?
(NancyL) I will start with Q1 now, 1 of 2 accepted Q's, so please +m me.
(Obany) Lombo242: well it's also said that one has to look aroun the spot, and you know that
(SilverJoe) Mars is closer! Why aren't we shaking like milkshakes?
(NancyL) Last week there was a lot of clammer about WHEN daylight visibility will occur, with ease. I had forgotten that this was address on Feb 1 2003 IRC, which became ZT called Unaided Eye
(NancyL) Quote: "As the date approaches, the 7 week before passage point, you will begin to see something in the skies not there before! Something reddish, something moving over the evening unlike the stars you are anchored to. This portion of the sky will be coming into light pollution about that time, due to the position of the Earth moving to place the Sun between itself and Orion."
(NancyL) "Thus, this will be complicated by light pollution, but at the same time will be growing so much larger, so rapidly, that this will be a clue to those looking with unaided eye that they are looking at the Planet X complex. Daily checks, then, watching this complex move as our coordinates will indicate it should, will have you looking at this complex in the very early dawn going into the time when it will be visible in the daytime sky."
(NancyL) "Thus, for those wanting the very earliest indication that this is real, their own work can place them in this situation. They will have the information in hand, can bring their neighbors and friends to the early morning sightings session, and need no other to do this." ZETATALK
(NancyL) This was to clarify the Jan 7, 2003 IRC discussion on what PX will look like, which became April 2003 Quote: "We have stated that Planet X will be visible in the daytime sky, 7 weeks before passage. ... Now, what will this look like early in the 7 week period? Certainly not like the Moon, nor a fire dragon." ZETATALK
(NancyL) So it seems that the Zetas are saying that EASY and CONSISTENT daylight visibility will occur only very close to passage shortly after May 15, 2003. Prior to sunrise, the sky is flooded with orange. Since PX has presented orange it can be assumed to be doing this in the very early morning too, light bending and making PX larger just as the rising Sun is fat and large just at the moment of rising.
(NancyL) Thus, Q1 will be an expansion of the Unaided Eye page, a page which I intend to call Second Sun. Nibiru has been termed the 'Second Sun' in ancient texts, so when does this occur? And for those wondering if this means the date is well past June 1, is does NOT. I know the date, and it is well before June 1.
(NancyL) And regarding fakes vs nonfakes, the Zetas have NOT commented nor will they. This is to get the public involved in discerning, which they are readily doing.
(NancyL) godlikeproductions has zero to do with ZT or TT, and is doing a fantastic job in this area.
(NancyL) As an example.
(NancyL) Q1 is thus about daylight visibility, etc.
(NancyL) ZT: The distinctive appearance of Planet X in the sky, as reported by the ancients, as a fire dragon can already be understood by those viewing Planet X closely, as the swirling moons and dust cloud already give this impression.
(NancyL) ZT: The appearance has also been described as a second sun, with Egyptian plowmen working their fields under the red cross of Planet X in the daytime sky.
(NancyL) ZT: In that the placement of Planet X has put it into light pollution at this time, when does this second sun appear, or discernible daylight visibility for that matter?
(NancyL) ZT: We have, during the Feb 1 IRC, explained that Planet X would be best visible in the daylight during the early DAWN, yet for most of the world, viewing the placement in the skies at dawn does not occur until the shift is upon them.
(NancyL) ZT: Does this mean that daylight visibility will only occur at the last moment? No, and we will explain.
(NancyL) ZT: The Red Persona, which made its appearance during the Fall 2002 viewing season as soon as imaging began, is positioned far afield from what has been termed the White Persona, due to the tendency of the red light that characterizes the Red Persona to bend toward gravity influences.
(NancyL) ZT: Now that color photos are available, it is evident that the what humans term ORANGE is as predominant as RED in the color spectrum coming from Planet X.
(NancyL) ZT: Orange is the color of the rising and setting Sun, preceding the sunrise and lingering in the evening after the Sun has set.
(NancyL) ZT: This IS the red light wave that bends, and is emitted by Planet X, and thus bending of this light can be expected to continue to occur, in greater amounts as it comes closer.
(NancyL) ZT: In that the ORANGE bends toward gravity, it will not only bend over the core of the Earth as it passes over the Earth on the way to a viewer, it will bend toward the SUN!
(NancyL) ZT: As can be seen on the graphic done for the Point of Passage page early in ZetaTalk history, Planet X is coming toward the Sun from BENEATH the Sun, as well as from the side.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, the bending red light, ORANGE, bends both UP and IN predominantly.
(NancyL) ZT: Those rays that encounter Earth's gravity will then bend back toward Earth, from a position both ABOVE the coordinate position, and CLOSER to the Sun.
(NancyL) ZT: This allows visibility earlier in the day for the Red Persona, and due to the tendency of orange light to bend, the Red Persona as a second sun will appear on the horizon as a glow well ahead of the visibility of the corpus itself.
(NancyL) ZT: Will it only be in the dawn that this second sun is identified? Dawn and dusk will be the best times for visibility, and noon the worst, as light pollution is strongest at noon.
(NancyL) ZT: As with all other viewing, this depends immensely on the viewers location, determination, and clear skies.
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter.
(NancyL) Check out the Point of Passage page for the graphic showing below the to the side, quite clearly.
(Tau87) well I'm glad we've got that figured out then.
(NancyL) Followup Q's?
(Toby) Godlike is very disappointed... sorry for the misunderstanding.... Gee thanks for the cut and paste ZT
(Mostest) the beached whales were due to the US navy testing new super high-powered sonar (220 dBels+ - outrageoulsy loud) that causes their sensitive hearing organs to rupture in excruciating agony, and they only try to swim as far away fromt eh source of the sound as possible, which often leads them to be beached
(Dude0) That explains everything
(ZooSpecim) i can't see the sky too many damn clouds, they won't go away!!! The weatherman calls for clouds... forever... sigh
(Mostest) Nancy is now using pre-written copy and paste ZT answers? sheesh
(JFull) 210 here
(Wjr123) NancyL: Could you please comment on the artifact found by this scientist, he says it is a tool to countdown to the pole shift from an ancient civilization,
(Hilarion) 3 weeks left Nancy
(Tau87) Cmon you don't believe Nanacy can type 90wpm+?
(Savv) Does it REALLY matter if it's C and P??
(Earth420) No doubt
(NancyL) Given the problems we had with last weeks chat, I came prepared, yes.
(Geminihig) oh my God, you're right three weeks
(Toby) yeah
(Cruithne) was the full moon late this month?
(A0210) copy and past
(Grazer) great copy and paste
(Weebones) my dad used to type 120 wpm
(Savv) Why does it matter?
(Obany) Wj123: has been explained already look at tht 8march site, it's for a book
(Vandlou) Others who are contactees, some who even work in groups to get prepared for a shift, are taught about MANIFESTING - a big new age term. What you put out there, comes back to you; what you believe, becomes your reality. like Matrix. Can you explain some of that and how if we can understand it, we can use that knowing during after the shift?
(Earth420) Cruithne, did you catch that too? By 2 days?
(Wjr123) ok thanx
(Woogles) No, the full moon was not late.
(NancyL) I had intense cloud cover over the full moon and could not even find it, anyone else?
(GregB) Hysterix and I, both being in vastly different locations, have spotted objects in the sky that are not traditional UFOs nor are they airlplanes... the lights are dim, and wax and wane. the objects move very fast and I, for one, have seem them being trailed by an airplane. Any idea what these objects might be?
(Weebones) no luck here
(Geminihig) I thought the full moon was late
(NotMe) Could the Zetas please confirm the explanation of whale beaching?
(A0210) you are off on the 2003 - 2012 thing Nancy
(Px2o12) moon was to big to see it..
(HappiGirl) yall are so full of shit
(Cruithne) i saw it, it looked full on April 16
(ZooSpecim) it's been clouds forever here!
(Dowley) anyone noticed time not getting fast?
(A0210) ok
(Mostest) the beached whales were due to the US navy testing new super high-powered sonar that causes their sensitive hearing organs to rupture in excruciating agony, and they only try to swim as far away fromt eh source of the sound as possible, which often leads them to be beached
(GregB) Nancy, here too
(Savv) Ban Happigirl MikeO
(Earth420) It looked full April 14th to me
(PolLerk) Dowley: Not here.. perfectly normal
(GregB) Full moon totally burried in Detroit
(Redeye01) for those skeptical to zetatalk, will a daylight sighting be to late a confirmation to prepare for the pole shift ?
(NancyL) Greg, the Z's have stated that sightings, mass sightings, etc. would be on the increase. Congrads you saw them!
(Dowley) thought so...
(HappiGirl) why cant yall just exist
(Toby) Channeling is cut and paste???
(PolLerk) Toby: yes
(Ahem4985) its not chenneling
(NancyL) NotMe, whale beaching occurs regularly :-).
(Tau87) Question for the Zetas: Is the talk about scientists having directed Planet X thus disinfo and not the reason for difficult viewing?
(GregB) Regular UFOs then?
(HappiGirl) im so tired of dealing with your lamers
(Jeremy32) Nancy: Will PX still appear as a reddish cross. Sightings so far seem to indicate a blob rather than a cross shape
(SilverJoe) I still don't get you mindless obession with quakes...
(Cruithne) how late will full moon be in May?
(NotMe) Have the Zetas confirmed the sonar explanation
(Dude0) Quakes, scmakes
(NancyL) OH, Dowley, JWilliam has been watching his clocks for the past month, and this past week noted the OPPOSITE of what was expected!
(Earth420) Seismic activity on the increase
(Tau87) err that should have been RE directed
(Geminihig) Passover is a full moon holiday, that was night of April 15, didn't even look full April 16, needed a little more too the left filled in
(Earth420) But wont matter to you till you are in one, huh?
(PolLerk) Funny how only the ops notice things
(PolLerk) and ppl Nancy knows
(Evo) lol dude0
(Sonik) Can you guys say BOOK SCAM?
(dBug) Nancy, the Z's cant give us a worldwide PX visible date??
(GregB) Pol, Nancy has presumably never seen me before and just congratulated me on sighting UFOs as predicted
(FluffyJay) my clocks here are off about 5 seconds EACH DAY!
(Manakin) can you say goodbye?
(NancyL) In other words, the Navy clocks NOT adjusting so they are with the rotation, but undoing what they have been doing!
(Tau87) Can the Zetas comment on how many more weeks we will be able to have chats?
(GregB) And I'm not an OP
(Redeye01) nice one Insom
(PolLerk) dBug: She deosn't want to be flamed again obviously
(GregB) (much to my dismay lol)
(NowWhat) Will the Zetas presents themselves to the world BEFORE or AFTER the passage...
(NancyL) Instead of manual clocks being faster than the Navy, they are all losing seconds per day :-)
(PolLerk) NancyL: Not true at all!
(Wjr123) NancyL: Will the US attack Syria soon? It seems as if the controlled media is trying to incited fear about the support of terrorist from that state.
(Woogles) fucking hell
(Er1cle28) if i knew the world was ending... i wouldnt sell books - Id give them away cause i care
(Tau87) ack
(PolLerk) Okay let's hear about the future not past
(Dude0) How would the slowing rotation of the earth have any effect on CLOCKS?
(Dowley) losing?
(NancyL) So, apparently they realized too many were watching, and have decided to stop the practice and take this PROOF of slowing rotation away from those claiming it!
(PolLerk) Tell us something that will happen in the future so we can believe you perfectly - NancyL
(Earth420) The Earths rotation is already slowing
(Dowley) you said gaining
(ZooSpecim) ban him
(Wjr123) thanx for booting him
(Inkpen) Er1cle28 books cost money to make
(LeftField) Want an example of losing time? Try timer recording on a VCR; we always are adjusting!
(PolLerk) NancyL: Prove to the so called Debunkers that this isn't fake by telling us of some future event
(SteveH) I've noticed my stop watch has been about a second slow every day compared to USNO clock
(Mostest) yeah if the earth is slowing down, why would that affect any clocks?
(Earth420) Why prove anything!
(Hubblebub) Eric, you are kind. Then people can cover themselves with the books when meteors are falling
(Earth420) For what, what is proof, anyways...
(Geminihig) well, if that is true Nancy, then sun rise and sunset times would conflict with actual sun rise and sunsett times
(Tau87) Can anybody in this room who is reporting the details of this session to Pres. Bush or other world leaders please send me a private message?
(Wjr123) Have the Zetas spoken about any upcoming events in the next week?
(PolLerk) NancyL: Prove to the so called Debunkers that this isn't fake by telling us of some future event
(Weebones) about a second a day is what I find to
(GregB) Mostest, it is explained on ZT
(Mostest) k
(Redeye01) Nancy : for those skeptical to zetatalk, will a daytime naked eye viewing of PX be too late a confirmation to prepare ?
(GregB) Someone please ban Pol with spamming questions?
(CyberVViz) let's see, the future inhabitants, the rescued ones of Earth :-),
(PolLerk) Spamming?
(PolLerk) I repeated once.
(JWilliam) based on Mar 18 to Apr 19 1 second per day
(CyberVViz) the choosen ones
(NancyL) Dowley, manual clocks are faster than the Navy atomic clocks, but now this is reversing rapidly so the Navy is trying to undo the damage.
(GregB) I count 3 in less than one minute
(Dude0) Redeye - a poleshift will happen
(SilverJoe) PolLerk - hahah well she is
(Toby) I want to show Planet X to a farmer in his field, when will we see it?
(Dude0) There you go, future event
(PolLerk) I don't want to know about clocks
(Redeye01) dude, i dont need convincing m8
(Dowley) untrue, ive been watching it with atomic clocks online
(PolLerk) I want to know of somekind of future event to convince me of PX
(NancyL) OK, going onto Q2 as I think there will be more discussion re that. Please +m me.
(NancyL) Q2: Why the sudden hostily from normal 'friendly' people. I have been monitoring the chatrooms, and some are extremly hostile, and relaying messages that you are lying to us, and that PX is not due within the timeframes specified.
(NancyL) ZT: ZetaTalk has had a tumultuous history, with those embracing it demanding perfection, within the guise of human understanding, and protection, as though the messenger had responsibility for sanctity from the impact of the message, and vicious attacks by those not wanting to HEAR the message in the first place.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, friend and foe are hardly discernible.
(NancyL) ZT: Human astrophysics states that Planet X could not have an orbit such as we have described, a sling orbit PAST two foci, back and forth, rather than round and round.
(NancyL) ZT: Yet Planet X is approaching dead on toward the Sun during the reign of ZetaTalk as the prime messenger, exactly as we have described.
(NancyL) ZT: Human astrophysics also states that the SPEED of Planet X during its rapid approach from the mid-point between its two foci until it enters the solar system just months ahead of the passage is not possible.
(NancyL) ZT: Yet within the reign of ZetaTalk as the prime messenger, this has occurred exactly as we predicted.
(NancyL) ZT: As part of the debunking campaign, it was asserted that since Planet X is a brown dwarf, and human astrophysics only applies such a term to gaseous planets many times larger than Jupiter, it would be monstrous when within our solar system.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus primed, many demand that ZetaTalk explain why it is not filling the skies with its size in the weeks before the passage.
(NancyL) ZT: Those embracing ZetaTalk but demanding that the message be rewritten to comply with human astrophysics or human understanding are NOT embracing the message or even thinking clearly or for themselves, they are simply demanding a lack of conflict.
(NancyL) ZT: TELL me what to believe, and reconcile every statement with every other statements, they cry, as they cannot or are unwilling to sort the facts out for themselves, being infantile in this regard.
(NancyL) ZT: Likewise those demanding protection, rescue, are infantile. The one delivering the message frightened them, so is responsible for replacing the fear with comfort.
(NancyL) ZT: Here again the human is not taking responsibility for themselves, but is stomping their foot like a child, expecting OTHERS to rush in and act as a parent.
(NancyL) ZT: If the weatherman reports a storm, do they call the weather station and demand delivery from the storm?
(NancyL) ZT: In fact, this is their first impulse, to utter "What are you going to DO about it!" when bad news is announced, but they have learned by derision to suppress this impulse in human society.
(NancyL) ZT: Their prayers are regularly pleas for improvements in their own lives, demands made of God to fix the dilemma he has placed them in.
(NancyL) ZT: Since we, the Zetas, are presumed powerful, and interactions with aliens not a settled matter in human society, they are trying to what they can get.
(NancyL) ZT: Those who attack the messenger because the message is uncomfortable are in fact making an understandable, though primitive, response.
(NancyL) ZT: The mosquito stings so you slap the mosquito, the apple is sour so you fling it into the bushes, someone reeks of body odor while attempting to kiss you and you give them a shove.
(NancyL) ZT: Push it away, the child's first response to something offending, with no further thought about repercussions.
(NancyL) ZT: Adults, in human society, are supposed to be logical, entertain facts, digest, discuss, and conclude. They most often no none of this, but simply react, as a child, to the offending substance of message, rejecting it.
(NancyL) ZT: These are not leaders of men, as this type of reaction makes them scarcely suitable for any life but swinging from trees, but as Internet access is granted to anyone, they write email and post their simplistic reactions on message board.
(NancyL) ZT: "Go AWAY, you're CRAZY, I don't want to HEAR it", they cry, and when the shift occurrs will be found huddled in some corner making these demands still.
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter.
(PolLerk) If zetas want us to believe so badly.. why not reveal themselves to public?
(Tau87) Nancy can you tahnk the Zetas for being patient with us?
(Toby) Ya right.... something we can hang our hat on PLEASE...
(Dude0) Ah-huh... so.... where is PX.?
(Mostest) but why would the slowing rotation of the earth affect the rate of decay of cesium atoms (what the naval atomic clock relies upon), or a regular quartz crystal clock in our homes? seems to me that all that would happen is that the days would seem longer, but the clocks would still be synced, since neither of them relies on the rotation of the earth to measure time
(Earth420) Naw, man, maybe they were warning those who will hear... or will be soon enough
(Sav) Dude0, PX is in space
(Xeres) Thx Nancy. Very good
(NancyL) Now, this Q2 did not address at all deliberate debunkers in the pay of the establishment, just those who take the message seriously and attack the messenger in some way.
(Tau87) and what is the response on how we can help the messanger?
(Wjr123) I was reading in my Bible the other night and found it extremely eerie how it says "The Kings and the Rich hide in caves but the caves fall and crush them"
(ZooSpecim) Well put z's
(Mostest) sorry if i sound like a debunker, I just never got it
(dBug) Nancy, the Z's cant give us a worldwide PXvisible date??
(Sav) PolLerk, do you REALISE what would most likely happen if aliens revealed themselves to the public spontaneously???
(NancyL) PolLerk, what makes you think the Zetas want YOU to believe so badly. This is not their mission!
(IceWind) thank You for addressing those Q's, Nancy and the Zetas!
(Razhar) Nancy - no religion is right? or no god?
(Redeye01) haha, hope that answer was a wake-up call to some :)
(GregB) Mostest, we're not talking about the passage of atoms are anything like that, it's between adjusting the numerical rating we ascribe to time in "Official clocks" versus the timing on your own clock
(WaggaBigg) Wjr123, where did you read that?
(Ahem4985) Wjr123, nice quote
(PolLerk) NancyL: You want people to quit jobs, quit schools, sell their houses.. And if it doesn't happen..?
(Toby) Oooboy...
(Wjr123) Waggabig: hold on a second, I'll give you guys a link
(Dimension) Quote: "Why the sudden hostily from normal 'friendly' people". - Obvious, the predictions that were VERY specific are NOT occuring!
(PolLerk) Why can't you write on some paper that we can sue you if this doesnt happen
(NancyL) They state in ZT, early ZT, that they are speaking to STO, and there MUST be an Element of Doubt, per the rules they are obliged to follow.
(PolLerk) Wanna do that now?
(Vandlou) Wjr where say that in Bible
(GregB) Which they would do if they were trying to prevent you from noticing later sunsets and sunrises
(Sav) It would probably cause mass-hysteria, and ZT said they were going to awaken the earth population slowly
(NancyL) It is neither their, nor my, mission to get in a sweat over whether you "believe".
(Earth420) Trying, and seeing it happen... still within the hands of "man" you know
(Razhar) Nancy, do you believe God is exist?
(Mostest) but how many people use the navy atomic clock as their official time source? lol... I use my watch, which I don't sync to their clock ;p
(Xeres) Well said
(Earth420) The Zs cant hold you hand!
(Dowley) if PX shows up there will be NO element of doubt
(Mostest) if the sunsets were getting later, I would notice
(NancyL) Mostest, re atomic clocks, it is not the clocks themselves that are lying, it is the NAVY who lies.
(LeftField) Nancy, you go girlfriend!
(MattJB) seeing is believing Nancy
(Mostest) i dunno it just seems weird to me
(Toby) show me that's all just show me...
(GregB) Mostest, whereever you get your official time from, they use the atomic clocks
(SilverJoe) Nancy - what's there to "debunk"? You predictions, aren't accruing with any accuracy, especially not astonishing (though advertised)
(GregB) Which are subject to leap seconds (or microseconds) at the whim of their operators
(Enny) there are more than one atomic clock in the world, why are all of them saying the same thing then?
(Mostest) right, but that would only help when people re-set their own personal clocks
(MikeO) Nancy can the Zetas address what was behind the rape of Baghdad's great museum?
(Mostest) which is not often
(GregB) Time is a tricky subject, hard for people to wraph their minds around
(Ahem4985) is it possible for telepathic beings to play a joke on someone? yes.
(Tau87) please not more Baghdad
(Dowley) coz earth is not slowing??
(Dowley) maybee
(Sefi) sigh por favor
(NancyL) PolLerk, did you not read Q2 response? The Zetas are not your PARENTS or BOSS and YOU decide what to do about the pole shift, which YOU are supposed to THINK about and come to your OWN conclusions about!
(GregB) I've had clock problems
(Vandlou) MikeO's question!
(Wjr123) there is a link
(GregB) I had to adjust by two minutes last week
(NancyL) Stop asking for someone to make your decisions for you!
(Wjr123) the last paragraph is the most relevant
(GregB) Even Ginger Ale noted a problem with one of his clocks
(Dowley) i didnt
(Dowley) why not me then?
(Earth420) Can you explain inbound "space trash" earths slowing rotation, and increase in seismic activity? Please... thanks
(Sav) You just aren't LOOKING
(WaggaBigg) link didnt work, but i believe you
(GregB) Dowley, I don't know
(NancyL) Mostest, the Z's have stated that slowing rotation will be minimal until the very last day.
(Wjr123) Then the kings of the Earth and the great men and the generals and the rich and the strong, and every one, slave and free, hid in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains
(Toby) The world want to see, 1000s want to see. amateurs want to see. can you show us?
(Sundar) NancyL, does PX travel in an invisible mode? Zetas mentioned that their planet entered 4th density and reappeared in another constellation - is this possible?
(SilverJoe) NancyL - Would you belive a random stranger on the street if she/he would tell you that you'll die today?
(Wjr123) quote above from the Bible
(Dowley) should be all over..
(Vandlou) I noticed that opposite effect of my truck clock being slower than the bank's now
(NancyL) The Earth slows to a stop within a day, per ZT, and before then is not dramatic.
(Mostest) well it's not about how much or how littler, NancyL - it's about "how would the slowing of earth's rotation affect any clocks?"
(Tau87) Vanlou your truck is slower then the bank's?
(N18) Q: Will planet X itself has a pole shift because its proximity to the sun?
(MattJB) Nancy when will mobile/cell phones stop working as predicted in the MONTHS prior to the shift?
(Earth420) It is still like a pulling... magnets, 2 of um, one bigger than the other
(Hysterix) Greg_B: So I guess they were U.F.O.'s!
(dBug) Nancy, is it possible that the pole shift occurs without seeing px in the sky?
(GregB) Nancy, a lot of people go on and on about Gravity, and if the earth stops we will all fly off of it, can you explain why this is not the case?
(NancyL) Yes, the Navy was adjusting so that several seconds per day were the documentation of many, but apparently just a couple days BEFORE THIS CHAT they decided they needed to debunk ZT re this.
(Er1cle28) clocks r just computer conters thogh
(Mostest) N18 - no, because PX has a very dense and powerful mag. field
(Enny) but there are other atomic clocks arent there?
(SteveH) Can the Zeta's comment on the number of people who have looked for PX and the percentage who have been succesfull?
(Mostest) so it can maintain it's orientation
(Hysterix) haha, Isn't gravity a force of particles? NOT because the earth is spinning???
(Toby) 210 users and no delivery... help us !
(Er1cle28) conters
(Loano) If rotation slowers, the gravity gets lower
(Vandlou) Yes
(Tau87) second SteveH's question
(Er1cle28) COUNTERS
(Hysterix) lol
(Enny) how come they dont show a difference between them?
(NancyL) Notice how many Q's there are about this, suddenly? JWilliam can confirm that last several days his clocks were the opposite direction from prior weeks.
(Er1cle28) fn keys
(Sefi) Nancy, will the red persona be above or below the sun during dawn?
(Jeremy32) GregB: Gravity is dependent on mass, as opposed to rotation
(Ahem4985) and the third question...
(Loano) NancyL: If earth rotation has slowed so much, why cant we jump higher? :P
(Dowley) been watching for weeks Nancy
(Xeres) Gravity relates to mass
(Hysterix) haha
(CyberVViz) Hysterix, so why is there gravity on the moon :-)
(Vandlou) it was more like a week ago i noticed slower clock
(Dowley) NO slowdown
(GregB) Jeremey, yeah, I get that, but a lot of people seem to be confused
(NancyL) And he can confirm that via email I stated this was probably a deliberate Navy maneuver. Now I see as it comes out in chat so strongly that this probably is the case :-)
(Loano) NancyL: Do you wanna write a contract?
(GregB) Thought it might be a good question
(Hysterix) because it has mass CyberVViz
(Hysterix) lol
(Sav) Ioano, because it's NOT slowing much yet
(CyberVViz) so there are exceptions to the rule
(Ahem4985) Nancy, is it possible for telepathic beings to play a joke on someone? yes.
(Mostest) gravity is just one of the acceleratory forces acting on bodies on earth's suface though - a prominant but less strong one is the centripital inertia of the earth's rotation.... if the earth is indeed slowing in it's rotation, equatorial denizens would find themselves having slightly less weight
(Lombo243) slowing the earth rotation to a stop would mean to set free a big bag of energy.. where does the energy go to?
(Earth420) Man... everyone wants big quakes, big Planet X in the sky, and big decrease in earths rotation. Dont worry, youll get it
(canBear) if the rotation slows gravity actually increases by loss of centrifugal force
(NancyL) Matt, PX has not shift nor effect, as it is aligned with the Sun, it is the Earth that must TEMPORARILY adjust to PX only, then realigns with the Sun.
(USBrazil) Nancy, have you been contacted or visited by anyone from the Government about your predictions?
(Hysterix) what is slightly?
(Debi) NL, reports of a stupendous explosion near the Sirius region were made recently. will this affect earth?
(Loano) how come zetas talk like you Nancy?
(Dimension) I have been at work all week and I can exclusively reveal that the days ARE NOT getting any shorter!
(Tau87) what are you saying dBit, the Sirius B has gone super nova?
(NancyL) Matt, increasing problems with satellite and cell phone and internet, Z's did not say complete, nor give percentages, etc.
(Er1cle28) lol DIMEN
(Obany) Iona: duh
(Manakin) hahaha
(Geminihig) anyone gaining weight who lives on the equator, speak up
(JFull) Nancy: Coastal flooding and sinking as per ZT, I have not seen. Did I miss something?
(Ahem4985) zetas only communicate with concepts, Nancy puts them to words
(Loano) well why dont they speak more intelligent?
(CyberVViz) if it continues like that, i think the channel will have a poleshit soon
(Mostest) Ioano - because the zetas only communicate with Nancy in a non-lingual manner, so she interprets it as she can and relays the message to us - so it really IS her own words, just their message
(Ahem4985) zetas only communicate with concepts, Nancy puts them to words
(SteveH) I have been hearing many reports of fuzzy TV reception
(Enny) there are always some problems with cell phones, dead zones, etc. How would we know?
(Ranier) NancyL: so the June1 deadline is still on?
(Woogles) Nancy, you have stated today that poleshift is "well before June 1", would you care to elaborate on this further? Perhaps say, before May xx?
(Loano) With big formula why it wont do that .. and do that
(SteveH) even on the radio it's been mentioned
(Loano) to show us scientists
(Toby) No problem satellites ....
(NancyL) Greg, this Q about stopped rotation causing things to fly OFF the earth is silly! Per Newton (who humans asserts is right on) rotation actually causing a pull OUTWARD, via centrifugal force.
(Xeres) Nancy: There are suspicion that the Baghdad Museums looting was done delebaretly
(Sav) Yeah SteveH
(Vandlou) are you aware of how other contactee groups have different tactics or goals related to the shift-how to approach it
(NancyL) So, stopped rotation would make you weight more!
(Loano) jokes forbidden here?
(Tau87) Nancy has said she knows the date, but can't tell us
(Sav) We've been getting fuzzy TV lately, fuzzy Sky (which uses satellites)
(CyberVViz) Q: Can zetans clearify a little bit 'gravitation'
(Er1cle28) weigh more? noooooooo hehe
(GregB) lol, okay, There are a lot of silly people out there that the question was for :)
(Sefi) May15th-June1st
(NancyL) SteveH Q re number viewing and debunking or validly looking and not seeing accepted. +m me please Q3 COMING UP!
(canBear) YOU ALL HAVE MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS - nobody will do that for you - not Nancy or the Zs
(Torbj) Hmm...that´s why i´m gaining weight!
(NancyL) ZT: During the weeks when Planet X was in the evening sky long enough to avoid light pollution, many looked for it in the skies and saw SOMETHING.
(NancyL) ZT: Those educated, who had done their homework and followed the imaging session, noted our words as to what to look for, and oriented themselves in the sky SAW it 68% of the time.
(NancyL) ZT: This also required them to persevere, as it winked in and out, faded and then reappeared, and often the Red Persona was stronger than the White Persona, which positions itself on the coordinates.
(NancyL) ZT: For those not seeing it, they were either rushed and could only spend a moment or were looking just past the time when it would be visible, or were in areas not clear of light pollution, being near large cities or the like.
(NancyL) ZT: For those who looked, but were unsure of where to look, had not done their homework or oriented themselves, only about 6 % saw it.
(NancyL) ZT: They were invariably shocked, and the impact greater in these individuals than those who already had been following the imaging.
(NancyL) ZT: The countries affected by sightings are FAR greater in number than the public following sci.astro or message board would even suppose.
(NancyL) ZT: Those viewing it, seeing the punishment that Nancy and the Sighting Team undergo, have talked among themselves but kept their identity secret, NOT on the Internet which they are sure is being monitored.
(NancyL) ZT: The number of countries spans every continent, and runs into the dozens.
(NancyL) ZT: The effect of these sightings, and the rumor mills that carry the word like wildfire in the communities affected, and all communities that get WORD of the sightings, is vast.
(NancyL) ZT: The general public begins to look, and will continue to look as the quake uptick become discernable even to those without access to quake statistics.
(NancyL) ZT: The weather, the quakes, the increasing illness, the devastated economies world wide, the highly aggressive behavior of the US and Britain to gain control of oil fields, ALL these are far larger signs that something is coming than any denial from official media or government sources.
(NancyL) ZT: In short, the people have come to rely upon THEMSELVES, and to ignore the media and govenment statements, all for the better.
(NancyL) End ZT to SteveH.
(Loano) NancyL: Those ZT: messages.. are they from Zetas and are you writing them right now or copy-pasting from a file?
(Tau87) follow up question: can the zetas clarify the 68%, distinguishing between those who saw it with their eyes versys those who saw it with cameras? which had more success and why? will this trend continue or reverse given the closeness of the coordinates as the draw towards the sun?
(Toby) .... word of the day ...cut and paste ZT ..... vast? ... who are these people?
(SilverJoe) Nancy - to prove, ONCE AND FOR ALL, your claim that PX is coming and all you say is true: how about, on paper, giving away all your possessions to me this summer (a bail of a sort)? If PX comes and la-le-lu-le-lo then I will not be able to claim it, and you've proven your point. Of course if you tell the truth - you have nothing to fear! If it doesn't (come that is) then at least I'm happy, and all those 'offended' ha
(Mostest) actually Nancy, the deceleration of that rotation would cause an acceleratory force (gravity) away from the surface of the earth, as the momentum of the objects on its surface is maintained in a direction perpendicular to the surface - so the slowing rotation would cause you to be "pushed" forward off the surface of the earth, exactly in the same way as an orbiting satellite doesn't crash into the ground
(Sefi) Q: WOULD the Zetas explain why PX would fade in and out, appear then disappear from view?
(Cruithne) when about can it be seen in lite polluted areas such as NYC?
(NancyL) Going back to look for more valid Q's as I was behind the log ...
(oceantree) Is there an early warning sign for people working in skycrapers?
(Wjr123) are there other groups not associated with ZT that are seeing an anomalous object in the sky where PX is?
(MattJB) all the signs earlier predicted for the 7 weeks prior to shift are palpably not happening
(JFull) Nancy: Coastal flooding and sinking as per ZT, I have not seen. Did I miss something?
(Mostest) so slowing rotation WOULD cause less weight to be experienced
(Cadorna) Greg, remember my question about the weight the other nite?
(Wjr123) Cause if they are I'm not hearing about it
(GregB) Nancy, any comments from the Zetas regarding Yellowstone? Will Yellowstone erupt prior to poleshift?
(CyberVViz) nice medallion
(canBear) Sefi - that could be athmospheric conditions
(FluffyJay) ahh, cold beeeer
(USBrazil) Nancy, have you been contacted or visited by government officials as of yet?
(Dowley) Oceantree: yes, the ground will rush towards you!
(Ahem4985) heh, Flufj
(Walt2525) Question: Bush was warned not to go to war but he did. What unpublicized repraisals have happened, if any?
(LiteBeing) is Canada the safest haven?
(NotMe) Why did the Zetas use the past tense? Is PX no longer visible?
(Ahem4985) no Canada will be flooded too
(Tau87) maybe we should wait until Nancy has caught up to ask so many questions?
(MattJB) where are the imploding cities and failing phones???
(Cruithne) LiteBeing, seems like a safe place to me
(JP) great answers and great explanations Nancy Thanks for keeping cool and giveing us the best info yet!
(Torbj) Mostest... the opposite
(USBrazil) Nancy, did the Pentagon allow the museum looting to have its own people look for Sumerian artifacts relating to PX?
(Earth420) If an earthquake is bad enough, tsunami... floods the coast. Now what you going to do when that happens, and its correct, believe then? No.
(NancyL) JFull re coastal flooding, etc. you think you are getting the NEWS in this regard? The media is so controlled these days I'm disgusted. Even CNN, they are all just shallow now.
(Redeye01) Matt, am definatly witnessing failing phones
(JP) FOX news the WORST
(GregB) I can't get a clear signal on my cordless... ever
(Tau87) is it coincidence that Anderson Cooper (from The Mole) reports for CNN now?
(NancyL) USBrazil, I was in an MJ12 engagement for several years, so yes, at high levels too, but no comment.
(GregB) I'm shouting over constant noise
(Mostest) will the volcanic Canary Island shelf fall into the atlantic prior to the PS and possibly cause a mega-tsunami to hit the east coast of the US 8 hours later?
(Sundar) CNN is a full-fledged Iraqi news channel now
(NancyL) This is in fact in ZT somewhat, about MJ12 and my engagement.
(Redeye01) Nancy, yes, its very transparent sometimes, the reporting
(MattJB) my phone works perfectly
(Phaith) Nancy I have a text for you about EBE's and MJ12 and all of it....
(Earth420) Or you hear other peoples conversations on your phone, so loud, its like 3 way, lol!
(ZooSpecim) Why can't these debunkers wait till after June 1 to be silly ?! are they afraid something will happan and they won't get a chance?
(HenryK) Who here, (not associated with Nancy), has seen PlanetX ?
(LiteBeing) I live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
(Mostest) CNN is not liberal media, and anyone who claims as much is ignorant
(NancyL) Matt, so far, except for exploding buildings, I have not heard of an imploding building.
(Malakai) Phaith i have something like that too
(Farmy) I miss the Iraqi information minister, is there any chance he's still alive?
(GregB) Whither Yellowstone prior to Pole Shift?
(Inkpen) the Red Book
(NancyL) USBrazil, there are NO planet x artifacts in Iraq, this rumor is false.
(MeToo) Why the #### was I kicked off?
(Gyflex) i did , during the first week of April, but not now because of the full moon
(MattJB) imploding cities was predicted by ZT
(Vandlou) Edgar Cayce said beginning of earth changes pole shift - watch for Mt Etna erupting which it has been will it blow even more soon?????
(Er1cle28) Sitchen lied?
(NancyL) Mostest, Canary has been answered in the past, go dig it up in ZT.
(Toby) Why answer silly inquiries?
(Farmy) the artifact that Sitchen uses as a reference to PX, VA243, or the "Akkadian Seal" is in the collection of the Berlin Museum
(SteveH) Vandlou, most volcanoes are expected to violently explode during the shift
(Phaith) mine has over 30000 words
(Sundar) Nancy, you had not answered my question that if it is possible that PX travels in an invisble mode - I had seen UFO sighting in which zetan ships disappear and reappear at some other location while in flight - is it something like that?
(Phaith) over 100 pages I think
(Dowley) why isn't there 1 person will balls in the vast comunitiy to speak out about PX
(Earth420) Dowley, what do you mean?
(SteveH) Sundar, PX is not cloaked
(GregB) I think he means whithin the establishment
(MattJB) Nancy the UK skies have been amazingly clear this last month - i have looked in the exact spots predicted bt ZT - it is NOT there
(Dowley) last answer from Nancy
(NancyL) Sundar, no PX is not invisible mode, get real!
(GregB) Matt, refer to last week's log, I would recommend
(Toby) because they want to see it first that's why...
(Corona1) a cloaked planet. hehehe
(Loano) NancyL: Are you skipping my Q?
(Bobob) Phaith, can you put the doc on webpage? I'm interested.
(SteveH) although the large dust cloud makes viewing more difficult
(Redeye01) Dowley, the establishment is ruthless, most are aware of this
(NancyL) Dowley, ever been threatened, your kids threatened, and ACTS to follow up these threats done?
(Lombo243) get real ;)
(Vandlou) what is net split?
(Loano) NancyL: Those ZT: messages.. are they from Zetas and are you writing them right now or copy-pasting from a file?
(NancyL) No, then you don't understand why the community is quiet.
(GregB) I suspect some will come forward as it gets more obvious
(Dowley) crap
(Cadorna) Nancyl, that means we cant see it now?
(MattJB) Nancy, Steve, anyone... please explain why Planet X is not visible in the clear UK skies
(johnny_e) Loano, get lost
(Earth420) sigh Aint no rain on my parade. Gots ta handle some business. Peace out.
(Cadorna) then when?
(GregB) When they realize there really isn't anything to lose by coming forward
(Phaith) Boboob I'll try hold on...
(NancyL) When it says ZT: I am putting words to the Zetas concepts, else not.
(Loano) NancyL: But are they being copy-pasted or are you writing them as they speak to you telepathy?
(Bobob) thanks Phaith
(SteveH) MattJB, I don't know why you can't see it. I heard the UK had been cloudy...
(GregB) Many of those in Establishment believe what they are told... that there is no real threat... damage minimal, nothing to worry about, let's not cause a panic... have a brandy ole chap!
(Cos) lol
(dBug) Nancy, is it possible that the pole shift occurs without seeing PX in the sky?
(Sundar) Anyone used IBM's viavoice
(NancyL) Let me ask this of those present, how many have experienced quake increases in their area, FELT them, etc.
(Walt2525) Are there still plans to keep the stock market propped up so close to the poleshift?
(MattJB) classy Obany it was a simple question
(Loano) NancyL: None here
(GregB) Not me Nancy, Michigan is a rock
(Hysterix) i have NANCY!
(Cos) i agree
(NancyL) In other words, if you have NO quakes ever, but are beginning to feel them now.
(Farmy) none here in DC
(Dreksoffa) nope no earthquakres
(Hysterix) I'm in LA though...
(Steve) none here
(Toby) Not in Michigan...
(Hysterix) lol
(CyberVVi) netsplutje
(ScarletC) Why don't all you weiner just learn to dowse so you don't hound Nancy to death. Then you will have the tools to survive after you can no longer contact Nancy.
(NancyL) In other words, if you have mild jigglers, but are getting stronger ones now, etc.
(Steve) in Fla
(JLaymon) not yet in Modesto
(Sefi) here in Philippines the quakes that occur ar pretty scattered from my location
(Enny) no quakes in Maimi Florida
(Ath) many ppl have tried to see PX with telescope. nothing. and surely know where to look
(CyberVVi) in Fla floot
(Dowley) quake in London would be a new one..
(Hysterix) I've felt a total of about 3-4 in the past few months
(Corona1) nothin in Maryland quake wise
(NancyL) Hysterix, can you describe what you are experiencing?
(LeftFij) Lots of booms in NW AZ, not mining booms either.
(Gwilra) My flowing well stopped it's natural flow.
(Okidok) no quakes here
(FluffyJay) no quakes in Florida, period
(Gyflex) no quakes in Surinam yet
(Hysterix) just very occasional low rumbles.....
(Tju) No quakes in Hawaii
(SteveH) look here: to see how quakes are spreading across US
(Tau87) how many people are stilling seing their clocks gain time like me?
(Hysterix) at night I wake up and feel a small earthquake sometimes...
(NancyL) Cyber, what are you saying about Florida floods?
(Loano) SteveH: Look at last year one
(JosephGoa) there have been a few quakes in Indonisia
(Enny) My clocks are OK
(Sundar) You people sound like "All-clear" signals before a launch
(Bobob) all's well in California :-) ... knock on wood.
(Dowley) im not Tau
(Enny) but my watch gets slow when I dont wind it
(NancyL) Hysterix, I know the little ones, and we are having them in central Wisco now, regularly.
(EIeKtr0) here in Chile is beginning a volcan eruption
(Dowley) if not, WHY NOT
(Dowley) should be global
(CyberVVi) NancyL, not me, I was telling abount an artifact they found on
(Gyflex) but sea defences are falling apart
(Amed) CyberVVi: that was a publicity stunt for a novel
(CyberVVi) And of course bird deseases in Holland and Belgium :-)
(MeToo) Did I correctly understand the Zetas to be implying that PX may not be CURRENTLY visible in the evening sky?
(Ahem4985) yea what is up with that medallian? is it real?
(TheDude) The earth's rotation speed has nothing to do with how a clock keeps time
(CyberVVi) ok
(Farmy) CyberVVi: thats from the website, iits part of their book
(Obany) CyberVVi: has been explained already check the march8 site it's for a book
(Jeremy32) I'm not disputing there have been PX sightings in certain parts of the world, but I doubt there have been any definite ones here in the UK.
(Sundar) I have not felt any quakes YET in N.Calif
(NancyL) Joseph, more quakes in Indonesia, in your experience, than usual?
(CyberVVi) But the bird deseases aren't :-)
(TheDude) And if you fly around the earth really quickly, you can't make the time go backwards
(Evo) The medallion is NOT real
(JosephGoa) i have run a bunch of numbers and sent them to my dad and he says that there isn't much of a riseing trend on the quakes
(Dowley) lol
(Tau87) Can the Zetas comment on what CCD equipment is necessary to image Planet X now, based on the images that are being proffered that are not hoaxes?
(NancyL) EIe, in Chili, from a dormant volcanoe?
(Matrixx69) NancyL you have any date when you are going to talk on Lougentile again?
(CannyQuie) Nancy weather changes here in NewYork are happening 78 1 day 47 next with coder nite
(CyberVVi) well, it was a nice compass
(Mostest) no Dude, but you CAN make time advance much faster than it normally does
(JosephGoa) not as much as he expected going into the shift
(EIeKtr0) no
(SteveH) me-too, the Zeta's said PX has been widely viewed around the world but depends on several factors of whether people are successful or not seeing it
(EIeKtr0) active
(NancyL) Gyflex, where ARE you that your sea defenses are falling apart?
(TheDude) Really?
(USBrazil) A bird dropped out of the sky and hit the sidewalk right in front of me on Wednesday. Is that a bad sign or what?
(FluffyJay) no
(Phaith) It'll be on a site soon
(Obany) a vetenarion died because of that bird dissease over hre in the Netherlands
(Sundar) But surely the first ones will vibrate us enough to cause naseau and throwing
(Bobob) Tau87, how about an entire video? Is that good enough?
(Mostest) in fact if you travel at 99% of the speed of light for a few seconds, when you slow down, you'll find that everything else in the universe has aged many many thousands of years
(LeftFij) Weather in NW AZ weird; snowed yesterday!
(Redeye01) Jeremy, yes i have had trouble seeing PX here, i have alot of light pollution though
(Fleur) yes heard about that Obany
(MeToo) Thanks, SteveH
(Gyflex) on the Atlantic coast
(dBug) USBrazil: you were watching the core..
(Tau87) I'm talking about a digital camera, say a 5 mp one
(CyberVVi) You known there is a DUTCH vetenary who has died from bird desease :-)
(EIeKtr0) there have been inusual earthquakes too
(NancyL) Matrix, Lou Gentile on 5/2, on the media page already.
(MattJB) Jeremy I'm in essex and i have very little light pollution
(Cadorna) Nancyl, that means we cant see it now? then when?
(Bobob) Tau87, yes, it's digital.
(CyberVVi) Obany Still Okidok
(Matrixx69) thx
(Obany) CyberVVi: yes
(MattJB) seen nothing
(Vandlou) US Brazil like movie CORE
(N18) Guest access has been disabled, only .PASS and .DCCME are allowed at your access level.
(Cruithne) we have a dooms day budget by our mayor here
(GregB) What I would like to see is one good pic of PX zoomed in on with a telescope.. not digital imaging FITS blah blah etc... but just a regular old telescopic pic
(USBrazil) I did see the Core, but I'm not joking... it was this cute little yellow bird.
(Tau87) 5x zoom, 400 ASA equivalent, 5 second. i want to know the Zetas comments on how it compares or is likely to pick something up
(Vandlou) we say two killed on roadside in 2 days and i wondered...
(LeftFij) We have signs warning on Hwy 93 to pull over and be inspected if you have birds!
(Bobob) 25x optical, 450x digital
(Sundar) Greg, if you find a pic let me know
(Ahem4985) how come two blahs?
(CyberVVi) ok, You never known, still strange, a bird virus jumping to human :-)
(Mostest) digital zoom is a fraud
(Steve) we need a Hubbel shot
(NancyL) Yes, we could talk forever about weather. Here and in Canada it is 40-60 degree swings, regularly, cold-hot-cold, every few days!!
(Sav) Brazil, could be a sign
(Mostest) don't put any merit in digital "zoom"
(GregB) digital zoom is horrible
(Fleur) the cow virus did the same :p
(GregB) Need optical
(Bobob) 25x is not a fraud.
(Mostest) but 450x is
(Bobob) 25x optical
(SteveH) NY had some big temp swings as well
(Mostest) because it's just resampling
(USBrazil) No blood or sign of an attack by something else. Just hit right in front of me. Was shocked.
(CannyQuie) yes
(Bobjer) Nancy: when will be the last chat session?
(GregB) Nancy will there be any more questions addressed or is that it?
(Bobob) yes, but with 25x I can see the moons of jupiter
(Tau87) So for those of us trying to get pictures with our digital cameras i was hoping th Zetas would comment on what kind of equipment we should except to see if with
(Inkpen) Setve are you educated?
(NancyL) SteveH, and Aussies report these weather swings as well, very unseasonable.
(Jeremy32) A big temperature swing here in southern England compared to yesterdays weather
(Tau87) and i am talking out in the country away from light pollution, no moon, etc. in a couple days
(Redeye01) lots of meteor showers too
(Mostest) well this is an El Nino year
(dBug) Nancy, is it possible that the pole shift occurs without seeing px in the sky?
(LiteBeing) I live in Hamilon and went up to 80 and then 2 days later 30
(Dreksoffa) Im in Australia and we have had no unusaual weather swings
(CannyQuie) 78 other day NY then 48 nextday
(Dowley) yes, strange weather in UK
(NancyL) BobJer, re the last session, etc., this depends on many factors. We will keep trying, every Sat, radio interviews as well.
(GregB) Swings I can understand, but the winds all over the place, that's eerire
(Mostest) not to mention that global warming causes increased weather volatility
(GregB) eerie too
(Jaadu) Temerature swings... right... ever heard of SPRING weather?
(Gyflex) holes appearing under the solid concrete and steel structure, water seeping on to rice lands beyond sea walls
(CyberVVi) Anyway I hope after the shift we will have antigravity cars
(Tau87) dBug, is it possible that the pole shift happens without anyone noticing? ;P
(Enny) no wierd weather in Miami either
(Bobjer) th
(Mostest) well this is an El Nino year
(SteveH) also 130 mph winds in Mexico last week
(JWilliam) Drek: you call the drought last year , usual?
(Obany) Jeremy32: the same over here .. todya it was like 11 celsious and2 days ago around 24 or so and then monday it will be like 20 C again
(Okidok) there have been quakes reported regulary for years, no unusual at all
(ZooSpecim) i never seen so much cloud in s. Ontario seems more like Vancouver!
(Inkpen) how many times in a percentile have you seen PX, StevH?
(Tau87) I guess the Zetas can't/wont comment on digital camera expectations
(Dreksoffa) Australia always has droughts
(NancyL) I'm not sure just when it will get so difficult. When rotation STOPS, then I think we will have so much disruption from satellites and core moaning and all, it will be over re phone calls even.
(Jeremy32) SteveH: Yeah I saw a CNN article about those New Mexico winds
(NancyL) Well, maybe local phone calls, via land lines, etc.
(EIeKtr0) is the PX visible in South America?
(Toby) another week and ole Joesix pack still can't see it...
(Corona1) i live in Maryland (not far south of NY). temps been swinging around, but its not been any different then any other year. cold air from the north one week, warm air from the equator the next week...
(CannyQuie) shortwave radio then Nancy?
(Tau87) Nancy can the Zetas comment on how many more sessions we will be having?
(GregB) Wait a moment, I thought after the poleshift the damage was going to be almost complete?
(SteveH) EIeKtr0, there have been several reported sightings from S. America
(dBug) Nancy, is it possible that the pole shift occurs without seeing PX in the sky?
(Bobob) If PX is visible then I want to take images of it. I'm not a debunker!
(Farmy) its 65 here in DC, which is normal for this time of year
(GregB) Are we thinking now that post-PS won't be all that bad really, just some disrupted technology?
(Obany) EIeKtr0: check
(canBear) Jeremy thats nothing compared to my place - in Ontario we had temp swing from +25 to -7 within 32 hours a few days ago
(Cadorna) Why PX is not going to steal satellites?
(CyberVVi) So You can take a plastic sac for the trash, you sit into it and you blew it up from the inside, so it becomes a balloon, and you close it from the inside, so you have a submarine :-)
(NancyL) EI, there are SEVERAL sighting reports from S. American yes! Argentina, Brazil, Uraguay.
(Tau87) Bobob what resolution does your camera have?
(EIeKtr0) thanks
(Walt2525) Nancy, how many weeks or days before the PS will we see the first city implode?
(Bobob) 640 x 480
(Ath) maybe poleshift happens in fourth density instead.
(NancyL) Check the Team page and take the Sightings links, etc.
(JWilliam) dBug: your Q is in the log. Once more and you are outa here
(Samsara20) Can the Zetas comment on how the Element of Doubt rule applies to information they provide, especially in these last weeks, prior to the shift?
(Lombo243) ok given no problems will 17.Mai be a session?
(Corona1) when will we see the sky fill with red dust?
(Tau87) hmm. mine is 2560x1920 or close to that. but only 5x zoom
(dBug) JWilliam: ok, calm down.
(Jeremy32) Nancy: Do you agree that the best PX sighting reports have originated from S.America?
(NancyL) Greg, there is NO change in the Zeta predictions on the devastation the Earth will experience in the shift, no.
(Mostest) there is no element of doubt with ZT. why would there be? it's all correct
(Bobob) Tau87, your camera should be good enough.
(GregB) okay, thank you
(NancyL) I note the wind has gotten high, along with the temp swings too.
(Cadorna) Nancyl Im from Argentina, when can i try again? After full moon?
(Tau87) last chance i had to take pics was about 10 days ago... took about 20 5 second exposures and overlaid... no tracking so more than 5 seconds the trails get too long
(LiteBeing) is SARS going to be a big problem in the aftertime?
(Lascar) Nancy Is the distance chart in Zetatalk at all accurate?
(Toby) Nancy C2C is going to eat you alive... be prepared.
(NancyL) Cornoa, read the Countdown Signs link on the Pole Shift section re red dust, and other such links.
(MattJB) what is the best time of night to view in the UK?
(JosephGoa) i have been looking in Indonisia for the pat three weeks and have thought i have seen it a couple times but can't confirm anything
(NancyL) VERY descriptive of what you will expect, find.
(Gyflex) have not had much luck in seeinn PX this past wwek due to full moon
(NancyL) Jeremey, since Orion et al is a southern constellation, this would be presumed.
(Bobob) I took pictures April 16th. Still looking w/ openmind.
(Tau87) i get a LOT of red noise, very low level, across the image, so i can't combine more than about 10 - 15 pictures
(JosephGoa) but i do live n the biggest city on the island so i have lots of polution
(Tau87) of course with a full more i get a lot of BLUE noise. this is after the CCD noise reduction subtracts the dark off
(CyberVVi) brr, Drek-soffa, you take method n°2, you eat oignons
(NancyL) Cadora, please follow the wealth of info on the team page re sightings, better than I can relay here.
(JosephGoa) light and other
(Bobob) MattJB, best time to view is when the sun goes down.
(Tau87) err full moon
(Mk333) Nancy, why some people say we have to look at the sun to see PX instead of looking at the Taurus constellation?
(Loano) NancyL: Is there a good explaination why you call every single user a debunker when he asks an intelligental question?
(Obany) sigh that stupid dork again .... that he is the real emmisary and that Nancy is a false prophet ...
(Loano) Cause it's quita nnoying
(NancyL) Joseph, when it first winked at me I was unsure, went home to check the charts and out again to look and it was winking again, VERY red, RIGHT where it should be.
(Bobjer) Nancy: So will zetas give us the exact date including and time as well? (off coarse When they think is ready for that)
(Mostest) intelligental? lol
(dBug) Nancy, plz can you answer my q's..
(NancyL) And it has moved, dropped, right on schedule, when I was able to look again.
(GregB) Ioano, the questions are clearly not asked in earnest, only to be confrontational and distracting from main focus of chat IMO
(CyberVVi) Because the sun is entering Gemini :-)
(Tau87) maybe i will try again tonight
(Stargeezr) Please do not look at or towards the sun with binoculars or telescopes
(GregB) It is known who has been insincere and loaded with agenda all along
(Toby) In Wisconsin....?
(NancyL) Also saw the two personas in one session, at different times, and found the Red Persona mostly orange light, the White Persona to be very red.
(MattJB) can we get some idea when daytime visible will be - my understanding is it should be already
(JosephGoa) right i saw something like that but only once since then i have gotten out of the city and not seen anything near waht i saw the first time
(NancyL) However, the photos show orange in both personas.
(JWilliam) agree with Stargeezer. Sunlight magnified is bad.
(Okidok) one sight of the time is that dogs are barking louder no than before ... when the shift occour they will shift to wolves
(Amed) i dont think it matters what you see.. it matters if everyone else is seeing it
(Tau87) Nancy, can you comment on the coordinates for the Red persona? from the pages it looked like the red has separated a lot from the white...
(Stargeezr) That would be the last thing you would see with that eye
(NancyL) The last time, a couple days ago just before we got heavy cloud cover again, I saw it wink at me even though I could not see Orion's Belt all that clearly and had to peer for it!
(Bobob) NancyL, what stars where visible next to the red personas you saw?
(LeftFij) Dogs around here go nuts at night, with the coyotes!
(JosephGoa) my wife got a picture of something but we didn't have any other stars in the picture so we couldn't tell where she took the picture at
(Walt2525) Nancy, how many weeks or days before the PS do the Zetas estimate before we will see the first city implode?
(CyberVVi) cos is sagen plankskes now
(NancyL) And got a report from LA that someone there was seeing it, LA! Light polluted LA! So it is getting stronger.
(Tau87) i can't get the site up now to remember what but one of the sighting saw it near a star much closer to Aldebaran
(MichaelCu) LA?
(Hysterix) my wireless connection is weird.....
(Tau87) has been very slow today...
(Farmy) Los Angeles
(GregB) I wish this imploding cities thing was put to rest
(Amed) that was probably a bs report, if you can see PX through the ligh pollution of LA, then everyone on the planet can see it in clear skys.. as is not the case
(NancyL) Bobob, none, and the Red Persona was as large as my thumb, held up, and diffuse, an orange smudge, VERY unique.
(GregB) I'm tired of hearing about imploding cities
(MichaelCu) I know, I'm in Los Angeles
(JWilliam) Tau87: was it Tau83?
(IamSpar) The government purposefully engineered the whole SARS thing with the intent of making it LOOK like a coverup
(Bobob) Tau87, stars near Aldebaran are not the PX coordinates.
(Tau87) yes i believe that was it
(LiteBeing) my shortwave radio has been having bad reception lately
(Tau87) sounds about right anyway
(Farmy) Well you should have known what LA ment. Sheesh
(MattJB) can i just clarify from ZT that the reason i can't see it in my clear uk skies is that i'm stupid?
(Toby) Really...
(Inkpen) theoretically it should have been visible in bc too
(NancyL) The Red Persona, orange smudge, was where the France Photo was taken, near Tauri 83.
(Ok) wow that's big...
(Requrik) NancyL you are not fooling anyone, The real nancy is in hiding, you are one of her followers pasteing pre made up crap, YOU ARE A FRAUD, WHERE IS NANCY HIDING?
(FluffyJay) not visible in Florida yet
(Domicile) LiteBeing: Mine too
(Tau87) yes i know that's why i wante3d clarification... so the red persona is near Tau 83 now?
(Gwilra) N.L: was visually or via binoculars?
(NancyL) SARS is a natural disease, not engineered.
(Mostest) .doc files can have macro viruses, and can be an entry point for trojans
(Hysterix) lol
(Tau87) that is a much bigger separation then when the team images were taken...
(Jeremy32) MattJb: Perhaps you are too near a city. Then again wherever you are in the UK, you are not very far from an urban area. Except perhaps for the Scottish Highlands.
(Hysterix) who are all these crazy people??
(IamSpar) Where abouts you from MattJB?
(MattJB) Jeremy i'm out in the sticks
(MattJB) very little light pollution
(canBear) Nancy from others I got the HeTharO, defined as stillpoint - to occur on May 25/26 over the midnight hour - does this relate to your information somehow ?
(MattJB) certainly not LA
(Ahem4985) Mostest, you worry too much
(Phaith) If anyone wants the text; PM me! Ps Hysterix; we are not crazy, just inlightened!
(Jeremy32) MattJb: Billericay?
(NancyL) Fluffy, there is a woman in Clearwater (west coast?) who is seeing PX regularly, check the Sightings links on Team page, or go to godlikeproductions message board.
(Tau87) i cant get both Tau 83 AND the white persona coordinates in the picture at the same time at 5x zoom
(LiteBeing) I have noticed that the stars are blinking
(Hysterix) I'm in LA., can see squat
(Hysterix) ok put that to rest
(JWilliam) Tau87: I agree the distance between "red" and "white" is very large. Also above coords.
(Hysterix) stars blink don't they?
(IamSpar) The stars have always been blinking
(Inkpen) i dont think any one here wants a virus
(Er1cle28) lol
(Okidok) I saw a cherry with my binocular yesterday, could it be PX??
(Tau87) ok
(IamSpar) Was it in the sky?
(NancyL) Hysterix, the guy said is was "southern' LA, but I think one must go 50 or 100 miles outside the city to see anything, myself :-).
(Bobob) OK, this red persona is not standard science but IMHO standard science is bull. Is the Red persona visible while the white is not?
(MichaelCu) It was Santa Monica Nancy
(Tau87) which persona has a better chance of being photographed right now?
(Nenadl) zetas said that personas are going to become one, when is that going to happen?
(JosephGoa) Nancy is there a chancethat PX is behind from where it has been stated to be
(NancyL) Bobob, France saw the Red, and imaged it, the guy in Hawaii too photos of the White, and I saw both on one night.
(JosephGoa) on it cordinates
(ManBoobs) ooops thought the hour was up....bbl
(Spartacu) Why was I kicked
(Tau87) hmm... the "element of uncertainty" could it be entering into the coordinates?
(Mk333) when will it be vissible during the day?
(NancyL) A woman in Australia saw the Red ONLY on the same night Stephane took the pic in France, BOTH in the exact same location.
(JWilliam) cut the name changes
(Spartacu) Sorry mum
(Sundar) Why i am not able to access the coordinates and passage links in zetatalk
(Inkpen) has any one here used a hex editor on those images?
(Tau87) or is my camera just not good enough :-)
(Bobob) thanks Tau87, I've been imaging both places at PX coords and Taurus 83
(NancyL) So, it depends, the light is in both places, and we found this to be the case in imaging sessions also.
(canBear) sundar try again
(Gooddogwo) Reallly with the time difs between france and Australia in the same locatation????
(Redeye01) Ahem, i can believe it is total shite, yes
(Inkpen) its easy to tell fakes
(NancyL) Good, it is not the time diff, but the degree that Red light in that wave lenght must bend toward the core of the Earth to the viewer.
(MattJB) 8 hours time difference and different hemisphere
(MattJB) impressive
(Cruithne) will u come on zeta talk more frequent?
(FluffyJay) whatever happened to QueenVee this week? no questions?
(Gooddogwo) oh
(Tau87) its hard to image both places because there isnt much time until the coordinates set
(NancyL) If it is later in the evening, then the red light passes over the core more to get to the viewer, so bends more.
(Gooddogwo) still dont buy it love sorry but your a cook
(Bobob) Thanks for the info Nancy. I've been imaging like crazy without any success. I'm not an idiot :-)
(Gooddogwo) cyaz
(MattJB) stoic?
(Er1cle28) good Q fluffy - wtf is she?
(Spartacu) Hey Redeye where are you from
(NancyL) But this was not a precise RA and Dec reading, the Australian sightings stating "there" where the France photo was taken.
(Mrlol) Er1cle28, I think ppl do things outside of the net to
(Tau87) it's hard to image the red persona when you dont know where it will be
(Mrlol) work,etc
(NancyL) So, was probably a tad off from France but close enough that she was stunned.
(FluffyJay) Mrlol: she is here...
(Er1cle28) of course ppl do, but wtf is she?
(Reg-wa) will some one private message me how to copy and past on mIRC
(GregB) she was chatting a bit before Nancy got here
(Endeavour) why are there fakes anyway? If PX exists, their efforts are pointless
(GregB) Just a line or two if memory serves
(Bobob) The farther south you are the longer you have to image.
(Mrlol) she could of left her PC on
(Er1cle28) ohhh ok, ty reg
(USBrazil) Nancy, since Wisconsin is obviously your first choice for safe loc, what would be your second?
(Er1cle28) G
(Mrlol) its being "idle"
(Stoic) MattJB... was referring to when you suggested that you were not correct or intelligent or something... and i said no
(FluffyJay) Greg: I thought she was set up to ask some serious questions this week? oh well...
(JWilliam) are you here to contribute or banter? make up your minds or you will be leaving
(NancyL) Endeavor, re fakes, this is spin control. ALWAYS trying to get the public to think whatever is being talked about is fake.
(Dowley) like slowdown
(FluffyJay) NancyL: So, is the "establishment" behind the fakes?
(MattJB) ic
(Bobob) RegWa, just highlight the text and press Ctrl-C then to paste press Ctrl-V
(GregB) We don't need QueenVee to ask serious questions. Many have asked serious questions
(Er1cle28) many get denied
(NancyL) Back when it was observatory viewing, the observatories were being told NOT to look THERE, and the debunkers stating "anyone can go to a public observatory and look, and they are not seeing it!"
(GregB) and many get answered
(Er1cle28) some
(Amed) an age-old plague on mankind that continues to this day. interesting, but predictable
(Debi) NL, when would you expect Prince Charles to head for the underground city?
(Endeavour) so the people who are making the fakes are purposly making the images look fake to discredit Zetatalk? To make you (Nancy) and the followers seem desperate to prove PX exists?
(NancyL) Then, when infrared was done early 2002, John Oliver (IMO) took a shot and expected it NOT to be there, was stunned when it was, and Pierre followed up with infrared from France, not expected ANY more infrared to be taken but no one watching him as he was a student only.
(Stargeezr) I looked at the right coordinates with observatory equipment, no one told me not to.
(GregB) Debi, that's a hands-of-man question if I ever saw one
(NancyL) So, the debunking line from John Oliver was "the star moved" to explain TWO stars at that location.
(Er1cle28) i can answer - no, he wont go undergrond
(MichaelCu) NL... will you mark those images you consider faked on your web site?
(NancyL) Then the approach was to encourage all to look in the dead summer of 2002, so the Zetas declined to give coordinates until the fall.
(Amed) hrm.. honestly, this may get another kick from the operators.. but this senseless kicking (or maybe it is sensible to you? that is an entirely different issue) really detracts from the zetatalk's message
(MikeO) Sorry, Amed. It doesn't
(NancyL) The debunking plan was to say "look, can you see ANYTHING (in the sun when you can't even see stars)" and they went forward with these without Zeta coordiantes.
(Er1cle28) lol
(Spartacu) This is so stupid, it's funny
(Redeye01) Amed, says u, some would say it results in a better session
(Matrixx69) Why are you kicking Amed??
(Amed) although my ego is near nothing these days, i still enjoy being right from time to time, especially when i can predict the actions of others ahead of time.
(MeToo) Stargeezr: Could you see PX?
(Bobob) I agree, the fakes don't help anyone. That's why I offer a video consisting of 1000's frames. I can't fake that many frames. I'm simply trying to find the truth, period.
(Tau87) Question for the Zetas: Is Nancy working too hard and deserving a well earned rest?
(NancyL) My comment was always, "where are you looking?" when folks asked why nothing was there, as they were, of course, looking at John Oliver or debunker coordinates, not Zeta coordinates.
(LiteBeing) if I build a trench, how deep should it be to be safe?
(Stargeezr) Nope, nothing in the images that the star charts didnt show
(CyberVVi) egoless, a cure for humans
(MeToo) Too bad
(MeToo) Or not...
(Spartacu) Where can I see the video Bobop?
(Tau87) the coordinates could be part of the "element of doubt", no?
(NancyL) Then, in Fall 2002 when imaging started, the debunking approach was to attack the team of Steve and JWilliam and Naji later with "they are not professionals or even amateurs and don't know what they are doing".
(Px2o12) maybe we are looking in the wrong direction
(Ohio) Nancy can u describe the lift a little more please?
(canBear) Litebeing try to get an old col war shelter broshure from the Can governemnt - maybe in your local library - all in there
(NancyL) Of course, Sara Mc and Michael Cunningham or whomever was to be the expert.
(MikeO) Sounds like Michael Cunningham's tack!
(Hilarion) wait 3 weeks ohio
(Hilarion) then you have all the answers
(Ohio) 3 weeks?
(Ohio) wow
(Ohio) why?
(MichaelCu) NL... can you tell which images on your web site are real and those which are fake?
(Er1cle28) eeeeer
(Ohio) whats 3 weeks?
(JWilliam) Stargeezr: Where are the images, so we can have a look?
(PsiBrain) People, have you noticed in the past time, wales and other animals often go to wrong directions and die, couldn't it be the magnetic field they base their routes has ALREADY changed`
(GregB) Nancy, the imaging pictures are always hard to believe, even from people who want to believe the overall message
(Ohio) oh ok
(Sav) well its near the end of April now
(Px2o12) May 15 is in 1 months. just wait
(Sav) after april comes may :)
(NancyL) Nevertheless, they failed at THIS too as in early Feb when we first put up a site to handle the bandwidth of downloads on FITS files, which only astronomers or amateurs know how to work with at best, some 25,000 requests were made in a week.
(Spartacu) I'm going to bribe the zetas into giving me a lift
(Redeye01) MC duh, its on the viewing page
(GregB) I think many, many people simply shrug off the vague imaging pics
(Bobob) The farther south you are the longer you have to image. I agree, the fakes don't help anyone. That's why I offer a video consisting of 1000's frames. I can't fake that many frames. I'm simply trying to find the truth, period. My approach so far has been to search in Non-Infrared mode for any red objects. Then I switch to Infrared. Then I investigate the PX coordinates and lately Taurus 83.
(Stargeezr) I got them here on CD...they are 32MB each
(Jeremy32) Michael Cunningham: Zetas and Nancy have declined to comment on that issue..
(NancyL) Perhaps many of those were from the public, not realizing they needed a FITS viewer and all.
(Sav) the zetas dont use money Spartacu
(MikeO) Whoopes
(Bobob) sorry for triple post.
(Px2o12) Bobob) did you see anything partitcular ? (Ohio) Nancy can u elaborate on the lift please? (Hilarion) DAMN... my ashtray is on fire! (Spartacu) That leaves sex and drugs (NancyL) Then the approach was for Jim Scotti to claim that it should be HUGE in the sky, several times Jupiter's size, per mans understanding of brown dwarfs. (Px2o12) Hilarion smoking is bad
(FluffyJay) stop smoking
(Hilarion) cough cough
(Bobob) Px2o12, no I have seen nothing. People won't believe me so that's why I've not offered the movies.
(NancyL) This was countered in a debate with the Zetas, in which they called him on this on sci.astro, but note that the NEAT V1 scam was jsut that!
(Px2o12) Nancy: is there really peoples living on PX? (giants)?
(MattJB) These worries are more immediate, so until the very weeks before the shift, when the reddish complex is so huge that it cannot be missed even if one is not prone to looking at the sky,
(GregB) there's a good question PX
(Sav) Spartacu, that would be like offering them to a shaolin monk, they'd never accept
(LiteBeing) Annuaki?
(NancyL) NEAT V1 was rumored, by NASA lacky Mitch Battros, to be larger than Jupiter and rounding the Sun!
(Amed) i take it the zeta's are slowly pulling away their energies from their emmissary..
(MattJB) Nancy you predicted it to be huge
(NancyL) And then NASA on their site bashed Nancy Lieder for the scare, not Mitch :-)
(MattJB) quote from ZT
(canBear) MattB what is huge to you ?
(LiteBeing) reptilens
(Spartacu) Any particular reason why I was kicked there?
(Jeremy32) Px2o12: Indeed the giant hominoids a.k.a. the Anunnaki are the denizens of Planet X/Nibiru
(NancyL) So now, when folks are looking but not everyone can see it, they are trying to discredit the photos by flooding fakes out there.
(GregB) Another thing, why are the most obnoxious debunkers constantly allowed to return to this channel?
(MattJB) something i can at least see bear
(Er1cle28) PX IS bigger than Earth
(Ohio) Nancy when will the lift occur?
(FluffyJay) NancyL: Do you have an idea who is behind the false images?
(NancyL) It is spin control, always attacking the point where the evidence is at present!
(GregB) There were many banned a few days ago, yet here they are again
(Bobob) OK, I've never seen the policy for posting a link to PX imaging. Is that a boot or can I do that?
(Tau87) what about the people who are producing fakes just for the fun of it even though they are not part of the establishment?
(Redeye01) Greg, free speech
(GregB) Over and over again, particularly on the night shift when no moderators are here
(Three) wow this has really become redundant repetitive recycled uselessness, Nancy is hardly making herself aware to the questions people are asking, i assumed this was a question session not some excentric repeating the same information, over and over adn over.
(Px2o12) Jeremy32 but my questions is, is there still hominoids on it.. i mean is PX is moving so fast in the solar system.. it must not be good for the life on it! imagine the change of weather when it pass from far from pluto to near earth !
(NancyL) Ohio, if you are not solidly STO, the lift does not apply to you. and if you ARE solidly STO, you already know! (Sahir) So then where are the real pics?
(Amed) it supposedly comes from a race much more advanced than the zeta's.. both spiritually and technologically. (Ohio) thank u Nancy (MattJB) Nancy can you clarify then how big Pplanet X will be at its biggest? (Tsondru) what's "STO"? (JWilliam) Three: if you have a Q , ask! (MattJB) in our skies (Bipbip) The Free Zeatas are the ones who turned Planet X away from our star system 8 months ago
(NancyL) Bobo, I am the web mistress for the pages on the zetatalk sites.
(Inkpen) why is Amed constantly being kicked?
(Px2o12) Service To Others
(Ahem4985) yea, i read the book, it was great
(Nenadl) when will everybody with clear skies be able to see px?
(Sav) service to other Tsondru
(MichaelCu) May I suggest you mark the fake images on your web site so we may know the difference
(NancyL) I decide.
(Ohio) am I STO Nancy?
(Tsondru) oh, i see, thanks
(CyberVVi) Well anyway it was nice work, true or not
(Ohio) I mean are there many out there?
(Er1cle28) i wont be lifted, ive sinned.... no alien-bi-racial breeding 4 me
(Bipbip) the level of stupidity can get so high sometimes
(NancyL) Matt, the Zetas have stated that the whole COMPLEX (planet, moon swirls, close hugging dust clouds) will look not larger than the moon, at passage, and not as bright as the full moon.
(Er1cle28) just a road warrior world
(Sav) Ohio, i am to understand (from what I have read) that "the lift" is when the zetas take you aboard a ship during the cataclysms then send you back down when it's subsided to help the populace
(Ohio) So only STO people are the good ones then?
(LiteBeing) NancyL: can the zeta's time travel to May 25-31 and tell us what happens?
(GregB) Either someone is continually unbanning the debunkers in this channel, or they are finding a million different IP's to use to return here all the time...
(GregB) Which one is it?
(Er1cle28) yes, Ohio
(Redeye01) and MC, u know that this is already the case....sigh
(NancyL) Of course, the tail is part of the dust cloud, in a way, and reaches the Earth to drop red dust, so this is not precise.
(Ohio) oh i see Sav interesting
(Endeavour) Litebeing, go read the science section on Zetatalk
(Px2o12) Greg: either of thoses, they just kick debunkers.. they dont ban them!
(Tau87) Nancy you are obviously very deep in your convictions. Tireless in trying to educate people about what you feel is the most important event of our lives.
(Ohio) I am a good person
(Endeavour) RE: Time Travel
(Bobob) Fine Nancy, I won't post it. People can find my link posted at sci.astro.
(GregB) Px, I've seen plenty of bannings
(Px2o12) look, Obany jst unbanned, see, -b
(Sav) course it only applies to STO, because Service to Self would probably try to only help themselves, instead of guiding others.
(Corona1) i thought the red dust was caused by magnetic properties of PX that caused iron in the earth to move into the atmosphere?
(NancyL) Lite, time travel is only permission granted very special circumstances, NOT curiosity, no.
(Jeremy32) Px2o12: ZetaTalk has explained that any warming on PX simply results in more active winds. PXs increased speed during this time of its orbit does not affect the Anunnaki. There is no friction generated during movement in space, etc
(MattJB) Tau87: you're going to make me throw up
(Ohio) hehe
(Ohio) I help others
(NancyL) Well folks, been more than the hour and I want to get the log up promptly, must go now.
(Three) i'd rather die than be "lifted" by some alien culture to be recycled and drained of the energy of my soul, LOL
(GregB) It is a lion's den in here at Night
(PsiBrain) Nancy: what planets have dust clouds? Planets have an atmosphere and gravity a cloud is physically not possible only if the object is burning up like an asteroid does, but then it would be no planet
(NancyL) Thank you all for attending and contributing good info, good Q's.
(Observer) get an education people....
(GregB) Nobody can talk about PX in a reasonable manner due to debunkers
(Endeavour) Three-Wtf?
(Tau87) more weeks I hope
(Three) yea get the fuck off, you didn't give us any answers
(Px2o12) Jeremy32: thank you
(Er1cle28) i use 2 help others... till tey screwed me over
(NancyL) Thanks as always to the loyal cops who make this chat possible!
(Cadorna) Is PX going to "steal" com satellites?
(Amed) the cops are not perfect though, to say the least.. many hits and many misses.
(Three) read your idiocy some other time, nancy
(Sefi) Amed yours was not a miss
(Endeavour) why don't people read past logs?
(Lascar) Nancy has left the building.
(NancyL) Next Saturday will be a post Coast to Coast week, starting with Hazlewood trying to explain his Sagitarius theory on Monday, ending with me on Friday night, and then the Sat chat!
(NancyL) Should be interesting.
(Snitt) Greg go to QV channel if you dont like tjis one
(Sundar) I am left out like the arab reporter in a pentagon news conf
(PsiBrain) Nancy: are we all dead next month?
(Ohio) can I have ur number Nancy
(GregB) Snitt, that's not the point is it?
(NancyL) I am also briefly on St Louis radio and Sacramento on Tuesday morning.
(Xeres) Happy Easter Nancy
(MeToo) Bye, Nancy! (You folks sure are polite. I get mad when I'm kicked for no reason. It's obvious that I'm not a debunker.)
(Amed) Sefi: well, if it wasnt.. please clue me in as to why it was not a miss.. because i myself do not know. (Hilarion) yes we are all dead (Three) Nancy what are you doing to prepare for the upcoming events?
Session Close: Sat Apr 19 18:24:44 2003