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Planet X Retrograde Orbit: Zetas RIGHT Again!

As the imaging session in early 2002, and from Fall 2002 to the present
indicate, the Zeta Coordinates have PREDICTED the location of the
inbound complex, exactly.  SPOT on.  As the Path diagram, on the web and
available to the public since 1997, when exact coordinates were
published INCLUDING the Mar 3, 2003 coordinates which provided correct,
though made over 5 years ahead of its arrival at that point, Planet X
develops a retrograde orbit. As written at the start of ZetaTalk in

    The path [Planet X] takes between its two foci is
    like a train track, the path in one direction lined like
    a straight line next to the path in the other direction.
    However, this direct path does not hold when the
    giant nears one of its foci, passes, and turns around
    on the opposite side for the return trip. ... [Planet X]'s
    Retrograde Orbit around the Sun is due to its
    reaction to an energy field emitted by the Sun. This
    energy field radiates out from the Sun intensely at
    certain points, like a moving arm, following the
    rotation of the Sun's core where the matter
    producing this energy field is located. Where the
    non-traveling planets are in essence swept along
    before this intense energy field, like dust balls in
    front of a broom, [Planet X] is not so trapped. ...
    Thus, as the sweeping arm of this energy field
    passes [Planet X], which in no way could stay ahead
    of this sweeping arm at the distance it is from the
    Sun, [Planet X]'s reaction ... begins to produce a
    retrograde orbit for its approach to the Sun. ...
    Thus, during 1995 through 1998, the 12th Planet
    will drift left and up toward the elliptic, aligning
    itself in  the same manner as the planets to the
    Sun's sweeping arm, but due to its mobility out
    in space, its distance from the Sun, it develops a
    retrograde orbit and begins to move to the right,
    in the manner the ancients recorded.
        ZetaTalk™: Retrograde Orbit

And as depicted in the Path graphic, provided in 1997, and Coordinates
record, available and posted regularly on these Usenets since 1997:

    The 12th Planet will appear to linger at the point where
    it turns to assume a retrograde orbit, spending a two
    year period in this portion of the path alone, anticipated
    to be at:
          RA 4.29741 Dec 9.96621 on March 3, 2003
          RA 5.47 Dec 19.54 on September 1, 2000
          RA 6.23 Dec 24.12 on May 1, 2000
          RA 6.24 Dec 23.45 on January 1, 2000
          RA 6.32 Dec 21.57 on January 1, 1999
          RA 6.24 Dec 19.16 on December 1, 1997
               ZetaTalk (dated 1997)

          RA 4.21791 Dec 11.75342 Mar 02, 2003
          RA 4.33614 Dec 11.98125 Feb 22, 2003
          RA 4.34751 Dec 12.01456 Feb 15, 2003
               ZetaTalk (dated Feb 3, 2003)

        Coordinates (
        Path (

Zetas RIGHT Again!