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Zetas RIGHT Again! (Domino Quakes)

On Mar 15, 1999 ZetaTalk stated in the 1999 Predictions that domino
quakes, where tighly locked plates push each other during quakes with
little delay, causing quakes in neighboring plates, will begin to occur.

    You will find that because these deep plates are locked in
    that a quake in one place transmits to another, and you
    will have what Nancy has been referring to as domino
    quakes. Rather than months going by before a repercussion
    is felt in another part of the world, repercussions will
    happen almost instantaneously.
        ZetaTalk™: 1999 Predictions

    The ricochet effect is going to mean that when there is a
    major earthquake, there will be a hiccuping effect around
    the world for some time, and these are going to increase
    in Richter scale in any case.
        ZetaTalk™: Next 3 1/2 Years

This trend was documented as evident during the 7.4 Turkey quake on Aug
17, 1999, as the year BEFORE
quakes randomly impacted neighboring plates, but during the Turkey
quake this pushing was evident.

I took a snap shot from the National Seismic System
for the two week period preceeding the 7.9 Alaska quake on Nov 3, 2002,
and found that pre-shift adjustments in compression around the Pacific
Rim and tearing of the African Rift were evident. There is an almost
instant reaction, within the SAME DAY, for deep quakes on one side of a
plate to push to a strong surface quake on the other side of the plate
or abutting plate. Compression around the Pacific Rim and tearing of the
African Rift were the focus of this activity, plate adjustments expected
during the shift itself.

Date                 Lat.    Long.     Depth   Mag.
10/22/02  Fiji       -20.4610 -178.5720 551.60  6.20
10/23/02  Alaska      63.5760 -148.0880  14.00  6.70

Deep quake in Fiji [southern edge of Pacific Plate] followed by strong
quake in Alaska [northern edge of Pacific Plate]

10/23/02 New Zealand -30.6780 -179.8210 360.50  5.00
10/24/02 Zaire        -1.8990   28.9040  11.00  6.20

Deep quake in New Zealand [eastern edge of Indio/Australian Plate]
followed by strong surface quake in Zaire [rift point in African Plate]

10/25/02 Iwo Jima     30.6010  130.0160 119.10  5.30
10/30/02 Fiji        -17.4870 -174.3500  86.50  5.30
10/31/02 New Guinea   -3.4200  148.4740  33.00  6.10

Deep quakes in Iwo Jima [eastern edge of Euroasian Plate] and Fiji
[western edge of Pacific Plate] followed by strong surface quake in New
Guinea [northern edge of Indio/Australian Plate abutting both]

11/01/02 Solomon Is  -19.6430  169.2820 400.00  5.10
11/02/02 Sumatra       3.0240   96.1810  33.00  7.50

Deep quake in Solomon Is [western edge of Pacific Plate] followed by
strong quake in Sumatra [edge of abutting Indio/Australian Plate]

11/02/02 Indonesia    -7.1490  128.8550  82.20  5.30
11/02/02 Sumatra       2.9540   96.4230  33.00  6.20
11/03/02 Iwo Jima     38.8760  141.9170  49.30  6.10
11/03/02 Alaska       63.5200 -147.5300   5.00  7.90

Deep quake in New Guinea [center of southern lob of Euroasian Plate]
followed by strong surface quakes in Sumatra [abutting Indio/Australian
Plate border], then Iwo Jima [abutting western edge of Pacific Plate]
then Alaska [upper edge of Pacific Plate]

Zetas RIGHT Again!

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