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Re: Planet X: Viewing WHEN?
Sat, 22 Jun 2002 12:00:00 GMT, Article: <>

I M Openmind) wrote in message <>
> Jeff wrote in message <aesq3u$b9v$>
>> As for darkness, you START losing that at around 2:59am, or basically
>> 3:00am.  So after 3am, you skies will start getting brighter.  If your
>> mythical Planet X did exist, it would not be visible (unless it's as
>> bright as Venus or something) since it would rise at around 4:38am.
>> And I wouldn't use M31 as a comparison since it is very large and
>> has it's brightness spread out over a large area.  If you can provide
>> the angular size and magnitude of your mythical object, I'm sure there
>> are some out here that could calculate when such an object would
>> be visible for your area.
> As a side note, if you insist on astronomical dawn as the cutoff, then
> for Capetown SA, the window (Nancy 15 degrees up, sun 18 degrees down)
> begins July 1.  For Madison WI the window is delayed much more, until
> the last few days of July.  So Nancy was "correct" that her
> coordinates would be viewable in mid-2002 and hence she and her
> sources are wrong when they now argue that viewing must wait until
> later.  Isn't it likely that she is trying to delay the time when
> folks start asking "where is it"?

So what about M31, Open Minded.  When during the "nautical dawn" or
"astronomical dawn" or "amateur astronomical dawn" would M31 be
visible, with 3.7 magnitude, being a diffuse, but BRIGHT, thingie in
the sky.