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Re: Challenge to Jim Scotti

Article: <6l915o$> 
Subject: Re: Challenge to Jim Scotti
Date: 5 Jun 1998 15:00:08 GMT

In article <6ko22i$> Eric George writes:
>> I'll use your figures and recap for the readership <== Nancy
>>      Earth is 1,237,857,886,976 km^3 in volume     <== Nancy
> The volume I gave for earth is 1,083,157,900,000 km^3 <=Eric
>>      Moon is 21,392,457,765.53 km^3 in volume    <==== Nancy
> Again, the volume I gave was 21,998,936,949 km^3   <=== Eric
> Accepted earth mass from CRC:
>>     Earth: 5.9763e+24 kg ( 5.9763e+21 Metric Tons) <== Nancy
> Nancy's mass assuming earth's density is 2.5 g/cm^3 <== Eric

Some tweaking of the figures, but the overall result not changing -
human astronomy formulas cannot be placed on the same page with each
other, per the Zetas.  We arrived at the "weight" of the Moon (to put
it into terms the common man can understand) of several trillion,
trillion metric tons but due to its distance from Earth it is only
several MILLION, TRILLION METRIC TONS if on the surface of the Earth. 
It would be supported at that weight, while out where the Concord flies
or our satellites float, while moving at twice the speed of the
Concord, or only 1/4 the speed of those satellites.  The Zetas wish to
comment on Eric's tack, which follows, below:

(Begin ZetaTalk[TM])
A human tendency, and indeed a tendency of ALL intelligent life forms
when placed in an embarrassing situation, one where their assertions
that they are in control are proved untrue, that they are aware of the
factors is shown to be naive, that their various cherished notions are
absurd - is to either deny or turn away from what makes them
uncomfortable.  Here we have turning away.  Rather than address the
elephant sitting on the sofa, Eric picks up the TV Guide and quibbles
with his wife over what to watch that evening.  Rather than ponder how
the elephant even got through the doorway, Eric inquires about dinner
and gets into the details of the price of lettuce these days.  Stay in
the safe zone, and stay comfortable.  In this he is following the lead
of his astronomy leadership, who also smugly preach and refuse to
address the contradictions in what they preach.  How DARE the facts
approach them in such an irreverent way!
(End ZetaTalk[TM])

In article <6ko22i$> Eric George writes:
> Now, here comes the problem Nancy: The density of the outer
> crust and mantle is pretty well known from seismic geology. 
> ... Now we'll use Nancy's highest density; 2.76 g/cm^3 
> Multiplying this by the total volume of the earth we get the 
> Mass According to Nancy: 2.9997E+27 g.  A conservative 
> estimate of the mass of only the earth's crust and mantle 
> gives a value 35% greater then Nancy's total density.  ... 
> Can you please admit that your statement for the density 
> of the earth is absurd and completely wrong Nancy?

Last week, in article <6kl07u$> The Zetas
> The theatre of the absurd is about to open.

And it has!