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ZetaTalk: Science Fiction
Note: written Sep 15, 1995.

The media - movies, books, and TV shows - often portray transformative aspects, but this is taken to be fiction by the audience. One such aspect is the definitive battles between good and evil, as portrayed in the Star Wars series, which quite accurately mirrors the determinations on spiritual orientation to be made during 3rd Density. In Star Wars the fictional portrayal shows this to be a physical battle, rather than a spiritual decision, but the battle is won at key points because of spiritual decisions - young Skywalker facing his fears and standing up to all manner of intimidation; Darth Vadar saving his soul at the last minute by following suit, concern for his son overpowering all concern for self; Hans Solo, uninvolved and self protective, joining a cause in a heart-beat to save his friends, risking all; the moral slavery those serving the Empire live under and the terror tactics used by the Master to enforce subservience. Do these not exemplify the spiritual crossroads faced by humans in 3rd Density?

Other such transformative aspects portrayed in the media are the variety of life forms in the Universe, the degree of habitability throughout the Universe, interdimensional or what we term differing density shifts, rapid space travel, and time travel. These aspects are skewed to show primarily hominoid life forms, primarily dry land planets, and free movement during time travel - all of which are incorrect assumptions. However, presentation of the concepts in general is transformative to the audience. How do the writers and the cinematographers come by concepts that mirror the world to come? Have they been inspired? Without a doubt. Select creative writers and artists, who give The Call and are sufficiently motivated and talented, are taken on tours of the Universe, presented directly with life forms, conditions on other planets and engagements between those in the Service-to-Self and Service-to-Other. They are portraying, in human terms, what they have seen.

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