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ZetaTalk: Aftertime Raids
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Regarding attacks on Service-to-Other groups by Service-to-Self groups in the Aftertime. Of course, this will be their first thought. Conscientious groups of Service-to-Other humans, having prepared, will have food and shelter. There will be laughter coming from their midst, as they find life goes on and the good things they held precious are still in their lives. The young will grow and be curious and educated. Music still comforts and scientific discoveries still intrigue. The Service-to-Self, having not bothered to prepare, will look to these communities as a place to raid. This will be a decreasing problem, as time goes on. We have stated that the Service-to-Self humans will die out on Earth, and this is in part because they do not nurture their young, but primarily because those prone to this orientation will not reincarnate here. This is not a matter in their control, over which they have a choice.

But what about the interim, when various humans of mixed orientation or distinct Service-to-Self orientation look to the Service-to-Other communities and consider a raid. There will be assistance in these matters, from ourselves and others. Primarily this assistance will be in the form of blockage, where the Service-to-Self humans either cannot find the communities, cannot see them, or are distracted in some way. In this regard we advise these communities to be remote and not advertise themselves. Those who are to find you will do so, as they will be guided to your location. Secondarily, this assistance will come in the form of active repelling, where the Service-to-Self will find their blows or missiles do not land as expected, but turn somehow upon themselves, perhaps blowing up prior to being launched or the like. It is best, therefore, for these communities to focus on survival, and life after, and minimally on self defense. The best defense is a well chosen location.

It is also advisable to be selective on who is allowed into the community. Where the community is truly Service-to-Other, there should be only periodic encounters with the Service-to-Self orientation to deal with. Remember, the Service-to-Self will not be in close communication with each other. Cooperation is not normal among those in this orientation. Where frustrated, they will turn and look elsewhere. They will attack each other more often, as they themselves are the type to horde. Should the Service-to-Other communities be of soft heart and allow into their midst great numbers of humans who have not yet chosen their orientation, they will find they have brought the problem into their midst. The soft hearted should share knowledge of their techniques in growing food, but send the spiritually immature to live in their own groups. Thus the Service-to-Other communities will not be destroyed, and the separation will be sped along on its course, which is inevitable in any case.

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