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Transcript of the April 5th, 1997 interview with late Father Malachi Martin by Art Bell.

Bell: Eh, the Vatican has a very, very great deal of power.
Father Martin: Thats right
Bell: Eh, we talked about it, ..
Father Martin (weaker): We did
Bell: they have, whether they admit it or not, a great deal of political power all around the world.
Father Martin: Uh-uh
Bell: Eh, one of the things that they did fairly recently, was, they muscled and I, I do intend to use that word,
Father Martin: Sure..
Bell: eeh.. they muscled their way onto a mountain in Arizona, Mount Graham, ..
Father Martin (softly): Uh-uh
Bell: and they built an observatory on Mount Graham
Father Martin (softly): Uh-uh
Bell: .. in connection with an Arizona University.
Father Martin: Yes
Bell: However, The Vatican has the larger part of the control of this observatory..
Father Martin: Yes
Bell: looking at deep space things.
Father Martin: That’s right.
Bell: Now why would they have done that, Father?
Father Martin: Because the mentality, the attitude, mentality amongst those
who at the higher levels, highest levels of Vatican administration and geo-politics, know that, erh now, knowledge of what’s going on in space, and what’s approaching us, could be of great import in the next five years, ten years.
Bell: Carefully and well chosen words, Father, thank you. Eerh, West of the Rockies, you’re on the air with Father Malachi Martin.

Why Look For A Killer XKBO, When You Already Know It Is Coming?
YOWUSA.COM, February 9, 2002
Steve Russell and Jacco van der Worp

In our previous article “Is a Killer XKBO Stalking The Earth?” we looked at what is happening in our solar system to search for evidence that supports a claim that a Planet X-class Kupier Belt Object (XKBO) could be headed towards Earth. In this article, we will look not into the heavens above, but at the modern day institutions of man for further evidence. Given that governments are increasing their funding for projects to learn about large objects in space, while simultaneously gutting the budgets of Near Earth Object (NEO) projects, the conclusion is immediate: They know something large is on its way, and they want to consider all their options before it arrives.