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Children’s Charter Foundation
A UN Body, Apr 12, 2002

Charter convergence – the merging of local environmental charters with global administration at the United Nations levels is only a matter of time. The decisive factor will be the ability of eco-regional peoples to take on the responsibility for reducing risks, costs, and resources use. This web page is a story about the importance of local and global earth charters for present and future generations.

Constitutional Corner Power Presentation

"A mother's body is the only solid foundation for a local constitution. The planetary mother earth body is the only solid basis for a global political economy. A planetary charter is a body of experience designed for father earth submission of the mother species and of mother earth itself. This is not appropriate behaviour for the male species. I came out of my mother: who in turn was born of the earth, itself borne of a solar system which was born out of a galaxy which emerged out of chaos cosmos and its many civilizing dimensions. The underground water beneath my home in Hull flows towards the Chaudière falls. Then on down the Ottawa River system past Oka, then towards the Saint Lawrence onto the Atlantic ocean where the trade winds blow. Planets are seeded with cosmic wind water from outer space. My property and trees are sheltered by the sky above it. All water elements are interactive. The water from my property reaches all the way to the Milky Way in more practical ways than we care to imagine. Why does the Minister of Justice fail to reply to my letters about protecting 31, rue Hadley and all other properties in Hull under the principles of biospheric law? Where is common law these days? Who does justice serve? How can we fly to the moon and colonize Mars without a local, eco-regional system, and biospheric constitution? The answer will be the first step on towards Mars. All planets in this solar system have unwritten charters. It is these charters that will dictate to the planet earth how to conduct itself more courteously as the twelve planet Nibiru approaches our solar system."

Written by CCF staff