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Noon Sun
on May 27, 2003

These Pics were taken by my adult daughter here in Brisbane Queensland, on Tuesday May 27 at the times listed, we are +10 GMT and the digital camera used was a Canon Powershot A20, 2.1 megapixel, set at 100-0003. As you will see they all show this background perfect sphere shape object at approx 10 o'clock with a few smaller black spots around it, firstly thought it may be just one of our regular solar system planets reflecting light back, but could not find any whose orbit was behind or near the sun at these times. I then considered it to be Planet X's second persona as described by ZT, especially after noticing the other diffused circular object at approx 5 o'clock. So I think Planet X is captured at the 5 o'clock position, especially considering its atmosphere and dust cloud would considerably obscure it, and that the 10 o'clock image is its light bending persona. For surely only solid objects (eg planet and moons) would show up within this type of persona, also it's logical because of light ray bending it would not form in the exact mirror image position of 11 o'clock.

Debbie, in Brisbane Australia