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ZetaTalk: Magnetic/Geographic
Note: written on Jul 15, 1995. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

Why do the magnetic and geographic poles differ, and as the Earth's geographic poles causes the magnetic poles to wobble about, does this not indicate that the Earth's magnetism is intrinsic only to the Earth? This is not the case. Does not the runner, going in a straight path, to his way of thinking, heave to the right and then to the left. Take the speed skater, who swings wildly to the right and left, for balance, but is indeed going in a straight direction. Would you explain to someone watching the skater that they should determine the direction based on the wild swinging, when it is obvious that the direction is constant? Does not the direction equal the sum of the parts? Is not the balance, the center point, what counts? The issue of interest here is not the Earth's wobble, but that the geographic and magnetic poles differ. Why would this be, especially as the difference causes a wobble in the magnetic allegiance with the Universe?

After a pole shift the Earth's rotation begins again, just as soon as the bully 12th Planet leaves the scene, which is within days. The core of the Earth, having been confused by the 12th Planet, swirls about finding its magnetic moorings again. The crust of the Earth by now has stopped its slide, and again connects, gravitationally, to the greater Solar System in the attraction/repulsion dance that planets perpetually go through. The other planets in the Solar System, as the Earth, are in motion. The tug and push begins again, and the Earth begins to rotate. But the core has not yet settled, being more fluid than the crust, and takes awhile to settle down to align with the magnetic influences of the Universe round about. Thus, the magnetic pole may finally settle into a position other than the geographic pole, which has preceding it in being established. This changes during every pole shift, at times the poles lining up, at times a discrepancy.

In general, the rotation versus the magnetic tilt is closely in alignment, the present 23 degree being an aberration. The last pole shift, during the Jewish Exodus, was violent and quick, the passage so close and rapid that the ocean rifts were ripped wide enough to drop the ocean 16-20', as has been measured, as the shift no sooner started than stopped. This was a lurching, ramming effect to the plates, which bumped into each other and ricocheted and ripped. Therefore, because of the quick and violent nature of the last pole shift, there is a difference between the geographic and magnetic poles, which usually tend to be closer than 10 degrees. We anticipate this next passage to be more in alignment, although it will be many decades before the survivors can determine where the magnetic north and south poles are, due to the period of time the core takes to settle down and demonstrate its regular resonance.

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