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ZetaTalk: Solar Atmosphere
Note: written during the Mar 1, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC session.

Mankind is used to thinking of the Sun as a gaseous object, which swirls on the surface as roiling boils to the surface, and leaping flares are these boils explode beyond the surface on occasion. The surface changes color during this activity, but as this seems to follow routines, mankind assumes he understand the internal process. He does not. The Sun has an atmosphere, not visible to man, but nonetheless there, and why would it not? An atmosphere is simply a heavier incidence of particles, atomic complexes, or whatever hanging about! The Earth, when seen from space, has an atmosphere that looks similar to man from that he views from Earth. The Sun's atmosphere is not visible to man, so he assume none exists. With increasing ability to image the Sun, increasing number of SOHO images released in support of the disinfo campaign to get the public thinking that the current Earth changes are due to solar activity, incidences of atmospheric disturbances are noted by the public. This is not alarming, but normal for the Sun.

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