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ZetaTalk: Newton
Note: written during the 2001 sci.astro debates.

For a tiny object, such as a climber falling from a cliff, there is not the distance from the Earth to create a situation of equality in the updraft and downdraft of gravity particles. Satellites are placed at a distance by your astrophysicists in order to have them behave in accordance with Newton and sustain their distance, supposedly based on velocity? What Newton has included in his math, without knowing, is the balance of updraft and downdraft of gravity particles. In point of fact, if an object was not at the distance to create this balance, it either plummets to the gravitational giant or is subject to attraction by another passing or nearby gravity giant. Thus, those orbiting objects you examine are there to be examined because of the updraft and downdraft balance. Thus Newton and his followers negated the influence of gravity particles in his orbit equations, as all they saw seemed to fit!

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