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ZetaTalk dated March 5, 1997

It is not what was advertised and pointed to in 1995. It is not what folks were advised to track through Sagittarius in late 1995. It is not what folks were struggling to see in early 1996, nor the brief alignment of a comet in June-July of 1996. It is not the many Star Clusters that the Hale-Bopp orbit was aligned with during its twists and turns that broke all the rules of Orbital Elements and have never been explained by JPL. And it will prove not to be what has been billed for Hale-Bopp at perihelion.

Imagine what you might see with the Hubble, above the atmosphere which clouds mankind's view of his Solar System. Imagine what information is received by the NEAT Program in Hawaii, home of one of the most staunch Hale-Bopp advocates, David Tholen, and home to images of Hale-Bopp that have recently raised a Suspicion of Tampering, a suspicion mentioned even in the Washington Post. And consider how many individuals are pointedly getting up in the middle of the night to see something they have been told will be there, if they had not been told to do so.

The history of Hale-Bopp was well planned before it was announced to the public. This includes the nova that was pointed to in 1995, and the many comets known to NASA and JPL that the Hale-Bopp orbit has on occasion been lined up with. Comets are so many gnats in the sky that NASA and JPL fail to report as they are forbidden to take advantage of their superior view in this matter. This would be stealing the thunder from amateur comet hunters and increasing the resentment that the public has over Hubble images that are hidden from the public on one ruse or another. If this fraud, the Hale-Bopp fraud, succeeds in getting the population to stare at the wrong part of the skies, then expect another and another! The public meanwhile would be turning their back on the real threat.

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