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ZetaTalk dated January 20, 1997

Why does the readership need a sci.astro shehpard's descriptions of what Hale-Bopp looks like, at this point in time? Is it not supposed to be a glorious panorama across the sky at this point? Is it not to take the breath of the beholder away at this point? The comet of the millennium? A comet of such Massive Proportions that it was Outbursting Out Past Jupiter? We would recommend that people not take the sci.astro shepherd's word for anything. They lie, and wish to have the sheep of sci.astro take their word for the appearance of this fraud.

Now no one can find it, but we should take their word for it? We hope that even the sheep of sci.astro are a bit uncomfortable with this scenario, and will post what they see at the orbit location posted for this fraud. Tails pointing in the wrong direction? No tail at all? Precisely. You're looking at whatever happens to be in the sky at that RA and Dec, nothing more. If you allow yourself to be led past perihelion with this nonsense of having your shepherds tell you what they hope you'll believe is up there, then you're all beyond hope.

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