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ZetaTalk dated December 1, 1996

The orbit of Hale-Bopp changes more than slightly! It zigs and zags without any astronomical reason, perturbing away from Jupiter, having its turnaround at perihelion tightening, all unexplained by the orbit plotters. However, when you see that they have been moving this fraud to occult Gamma Andromedae at perihelion, to hide the fact that it doesn't exist, the movements make sense. Along the way they have also lined their fraud up with star clusters and when the orbit was in the comet belt, with faint peripheral comets that JPL and NASA spied with their equipment. A point we made in June 20 of this year and posted on this message board. This is why at times Hale-Bopp has actually seemed like a comet, on rare occasions. Mostly it either wasn't there or looked like a star in the mostly Unmapped Swamp of Sagittarius. Anyone who couldn't find it was called blind and retarded, however, which is why there have been so few honest reports.

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