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ZetaTalk dated November 16, 1996

In an attempt to get the Hale-Bopp conspirators off the hook, a proper funeral for their fraud has been planned. Hoagland's early conclusion that what NASA was calling Hale-Bopp was an object under intelligent control gave the conspirators a way out. They planned and are now executing a maneuver to both bury their fraud while at the same time continuing to distract mankind from the search for the 12th Planet in Orion. This latest maneuver was planned well in advance by the Hale-Bopp conspirators. Just how did those reporting on a bright object seen in the vicinity where the path of Hale-Bopp was placed calculate that this object is four times the size of the Earth? This conclusion is thrown out in the same manner as the earlier conclusions about the fraud, Hale-Bopp. It was supposed to be a repeating comet with an Orbit of 3,200 to 4,000 years, though never before seen by modern man and with no history whatsoever on record! The means by which these calculations are made are never explained to the public, who hears only the conclusions.

There is no new massive object traveling toward Earth, any more than there is a comet traveling across the skies in the path put forth for Hale-Bopp. The public remembers the gossip, and spreads this around, and has neither the means or the capability to do their own checking. Those who have spread this gossip are all firmly in the palm of the conspirators, cooperating. Trust none of them or anything they say, as they are lying to you in a well synchronized manner. Look to Orion for the 12th Planet, not to Sagittarius, and reach your own conclusions.

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