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ZetaTalk dated July 9, 1996

All roads seem to lead to Gamma Andromedae, where this does not logically follow! If a comet, coming in at a sharp elliptic angle, moves in above Jupiter and the current cluster of outer planets - Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, it might be expected to be perturbed. Thus, the perturbations anticipated in the IAU Orbital Elements posted last fall in November, '95. When the conspirators failed to bury their fraud as planned, by having it fragment due to violent outbursting when behind the Sun, they came up with an alternate plan. What stopped this pre-planned burial was the Zeta announcement that this was the plan, and the conspirators were loath to hand us a victory. Thus, Hale-Bopp was announced to be rounding the Sun in March of 1996, as an alternate plan was firmly in hand. They would marry their fraud, Hale-Bopp, with a double star, Gamma Andromedae, and what a glorious perihelion that would be!

However, in implementing this plan they failed to anticipate being closely questioned. The various adjustments have the fraud, Hale-Bopp, moving more sharply in toward Jupiter in the orbital elements posted by NASA on February 22, 1996, and Yet More Sharply on May 28, 1996, all the while pulling the orbit toward Gamma Andromedae at perihelion, a logical consequence. To complete the last leg, however, they needed to adjust the orbital element sharply, and this required Manipulation of the Orbit such that it moved Away From Jupiter, rather than being perturbed toward the giant as is usually assumed to be the case. Was anyone looking? Most on the message boards were being blitzed by a barrage of pre-arranged postings claiming dramatic sightings of Hale-Bopp, so what could the worry be! Thus orbital elements were posted showing an unexplained adjustment that not only placed the orbit of Hale-Bopp out away from Jupiter, but at the same time gave it a tighter curve at perihelion toward its mask, Gamma Andromedae!

Was any explanation given for any of these adjustments? Most particularly, was any explanation given for the Tighter Curve at Perihelion? A tighter curve would have to have a historical explanation, yet the prior orbit of Hale-Bopp has been repeatedly asserted to be firmly established. What is the explanation for this tighter curve? As with all other manipulations of the Hale- Bopp's orbit, these adjustments are hidden behind the smug and assured face of the establishment, which is certain it will never be required to divulge its edicts. They owe the public no explanation. Just pay your taxes and know your place. And they fully expect to get away with this fraud, while the whole world watches. Such is the arrogance of the conspirators, that they feel they can intimidate the amateur astronomers of the world, and have them believe other than the truth, other than what their own eyes attest! The emperor does have new clothes, and any who say he is nude are to be told they are blind, stupid, and ignorant!

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