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ZetaTalk dated June 17, 1996

While casting about for some means to end the scandal ridden life of their invention - the comet Hale-Bopp - the conspirators have only dug themselves deeper into their pit of lies. Trying to cover one lie with more lies only accomplishes one thing - more lies for the public to examine! Where there is an endless Supply of Friends who will post that they have seen the glorious comet in the skies, the conspirators are so concerned about their face that they haven't been watching their back. Take a check on where all these almost daily Changes in the Ephemerides are leading, astronomers of the world, as they are leading right to where a face saving comet that's a real comet is coming from. They plan to hide Hale-Bopp behind a real comet, but this is not possible if sufficient questions are asked about this constantly changing orbit. What comet, ever, has had this kind of Manipulation in its Orbit? Why can't NASA explain the reasons for the constant change ? Is it a secret? Is it that you have no right to ask? Demand that the agency your tax dollars support provide you with this information, and refuse to be duped!

The Hale-Bopp conspirators are the same group that has consistently lied about the structures on the Moon, the sphinx on Mars, what the astronauts saw on the Moon and flying around their shuttle, the UFO's that pilots know better than to mention, and the real reason the core of the Earth is heating up with magnetic diffusion and erratic weather and earthquakes and volcanic activity increasing. They lie, and they're arrogant, and they don't give a hoot about the masses whom they are jerking around with their lies. They want just one thing, lack of panic in the masses, and this is so they can make quiet preparations for themselves without all the mess in their lives that panic in others would bring. They want you thinking that the millennium comet has come and gone, and its name is supposed to be Hale-Bopp. What might appear to be a silly lie about a little comet has great import when the motive is understood. They want you looking in the wrong direction, at the wrong object, and placated when it disappears!

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