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ZetaTalk dated November 29, 1995

Faced with conflicting needs, the conspirators controlling the spin of the Hale-Bopp story continue to dither. Where the foundation for the fragmentation story had been laid out weeks ago, to continue with the story would credit ZetaTalk with an accurate prediction. Pride goeth before a fall, and some among the Hale-Bopp conspirators lean all the way to arrogance. Add to that their extreme resentment of ZetaTalk, and the end of November, 1995 finds them digging themselves in deeper. The fragmentation story has now been cast aside in favor of more horn tooting, reminiscent of the earlier Hale- Bopp announcements.

A late summer ESO report stated as clearly as the ESO dared that Hale-Bopp was not a comet, based on the lack of comet emissions and expansive behavior. To counter the ESO, which was willing to withhold the full facts but unwilling to lie, the conspirators once again waxed creative. They announced with great fanfare, under the pretext of an independent contribution to the NASA data bank, that Hale- Bopp had been found, under certain conditions, to be emitting one of the emissions found in all comets. Is this true? Those who would believe this should ask the conspirators why they did not explain the multiple reasons for their findings, selecting only the desired explanation, and why they did not publish the many concurrent findings that demonstrated that Hale-Bopp is an exploding star.

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