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ZetaTalk dated October 25, 1995

Should the public be well convinced that Hale-Bopp is a comet and moving, there would be no reason for an angry defense against our statements. The public has been given many images of Hale- Bopp, all with slightly different backgrounds, as the Light Range was Adjusted each time to allow or Screen Out Certain Spectrums. Thus, it appears from the photos that Hale-Bopp must be moving. But the photos have not been provided by the public, the photos have been provided by friends of the conspirators, who are brave only because they are many. And what do they get in return for this assistance? A good nights sleep, knowing that one has not offended the powers that be, being a hale fellow and cooperative, and that one will not be harassed but will be assisted should one need a helping hand in the future. Most humans would not challenge the establishment to save their teeth. They certainly would not challenge the establishment to preserve the truth. Is the world of astronomy any different from the world of man elsewhere, where men sell their souls for comfort and security and inclusion, daily? Why should it be?

Conspirators have also lined up images of Hale-Bopp to give the impression of a carefully plotted orbit. Those images which would show the orbit points plotted on empty space have been excluded. Where bright parts of the exploding star Hale-Bopp happen to line up with the orbit, these images they have retained. The public, which has either been unable to find Hale-Bopp where it is supposed to be or has been directed to an area of the sky so crowded with dim Stars Not Even on the Map that they can always find something that might be Hale-Bopp, will continue to be duped by those who either do not want to admit they were wrong, or those who do not want the public believing ZetaTalk. Their motives matter not at this point, as the result is the same. A falsehood, loudly and angrily proclaimed to be truth.

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