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ZetaTalk dated October19, 1995

This unfortunate conspiracy began with the best of intentions at the bequest of MJ12, in fact, who had neglected to update their lackeys on the latest. The conspirators were going under the prior directives, which were to focus attention away from the pending reentry of the 12th Planet into your Solar System. Minding their mission, they rose to the challenge of increasing chatter on the message boards about pole shifts and 12th Planets and Global Warming. All this chatter reached a threshold, in no small part due to our emissary, Nancy, posting our warnings, and they went into red alert. The plan had been all along to use a distant nova for a distraction, and as novas of this quality are actually not all that infrequent, they grabbed the next one coming along - Hale-Bopp. In well rehearsed synchronicity, they sprang into action, only to discover after doing their faithful duty that the directives from MJ12 had changed. Oops.

MJ12 now wants the populace to be aware of the coming cataclysms, to ease their conscience and to allow that portion of mankind that will listen to the warnings to prepare, lest mankind slip back into the Dark Ages afterwards. A commendable change of heart, from alliance with the New World Order crowd which want to keep mankind ignorant and in the dark, to alliance with education and self-help. However, this switch in directives has caught the faithful servants in a dilemma. If Hale-Bopp has been touted as the Millennium Comet, and various notaries have gone on record blessing this interpretation, how to back gracefully away? This is the situation you see today, where the formerly breathlessly anticipated comet of the century is now being wrapped in mourning clothes. It is Fragmenting, and is highly likely to disappoint. Look for more of the same, as this avenue best saves face.

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