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ZetaTalk dated September 26, 1995

The IAU experts have said it is a comet. JPL members have said it is a comet. But no comet emissions have been discerned except by an Arizona friend of Hale's, and this going into Hale's September 21 New Mexico bash. These tentative emissions hardly weigh against La Silla's study, which is authoritative. Why did La Silla call Hale-Bopp an "unusual" comet, with a broad area of a supposed dust cloud not usually found surrounding a comet. The answer is quite simple, but would not come to the mind of those not given to deception. Hale-Bopp was announced as a comet in early August. At this point only large telescopes could sight it, and all large telescopes world wide were expected to cooperate. The supposed orbit of Hale-Bopp was calculated backwards, and we have only the conspirators word for the location of their points. They bought themselves time, and now will bury Hale-Bopp in a "star rich" field so the receding orbit points cannot be verified. Those who cannot find Hale-Bopp where it is supposed to be have been confused, just as those who could not find Hale-Bopp until now have had weak telescopes.

This is a conspiracy that was thought through before it went public. The what-ifs were done with the current curiosity of the public in mind. What was not counted on was our honesty, and the dedication of our emissary, Nancy, to withstand all insults and assaults. This conspiracy cannot withstand the cold scrutiny of scientists, if they would only look! This is all we are asking, is for humans to refuse to be duped, as duped they have been in this matter.

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