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ZetaTalk dated August 29, 1995

Much hoop-la has been made over the supposed orbit of Hale-Bopp. Have the details of how the orbit was calculated been published where the layman can see it? Heavens no! This would set the argument to rest all too quickly, and they would not be settled in the favor of Hale-Bopp being a comet. The so-called orbit is so many pin-points on the head of a pin. They are all in the same place! Take a look, folks, at the points the orbit is drawn on, sans the 1993 now qualified image provided by McNaught. The diffuse brightness of an exploding star provides a fairly large area of bright points, as the mass of the star spirals outward with fiercely burning portions away from the star center, which is dimming. Just which of those little pin points is considered the so-called comet head? No one can say, as the so-called comet head has not been located without the coma usually presented. This blur or that is called a faint coma at times, and no tail has been found, so the artists who would draw an orbit for Hale-Bopp are given, as we have said, a free hand.

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