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ZetaTalk dated August 14, 1995

If the newspapers print it, then it must be so. But the newspapers are only printing what the bureaucrats have put forth. If NASA gives it space and puts the name comet to it, it must be so. But NASA itself is only summarizing what individual contributors have said. NASA has boldly posted other people's comments about the exploding star that is called comet Hale-Bopp, but NASA itself is not commenting. Why so shy? This normally conservative organization, which does not even list a body as an official comet unless it has been observed, tracked, and made a cycle within the last 75 or so years, is giving center stage to a body that has never formerly been seen and has no track record. NASA itself avoids mentioning the Hale-Bopp orbit, as to do so would require confirming the false 1993 image of Hale-Bopp by an Australian observatory, an image that will be discovered, in due time, to be incorrect. It is this sighting and this sighting alone that an orbit is based on. NASA was not willing to sully its reputation by falsifying its 1993 image capture. Thus, no mention of the orbit.

Why has Hale-Bopp, at this time, decided to fragment and explode, growing in brightness? This is decidedly not the pattern that comets present, but it is the pattern of exploding stars, super novas, which become for a brief time visible, and then wink out. The path of Hale-Bopp was supposed to pass between the Earth and the Sun, in a similar manner to the true path of the 12th Planet, and now is announced to have a turn-around closer to Mars. Just so will the tale of the supposed comet change over time. Mark Our Words. We, ZetaTalk, are telling you that the announcement will be made that Hale-Bopp has utterly fragmented, long before its trumpeted arrival date. Why so? How else to explain an exploding star that winked out. How convenient for the perpetrators of the falsehood. What's next? Oh, that the 12th Planet, when eventually sighted, is no more real or dangerous than this clever fraud.

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