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Ongoing and Planned Projects
Troubled Times, Inc. a Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation

In support of its mission, Troubled Times, Inc. is seeking to support the following approved projects which either educate the public to the likelihood of a coming pole shift, encourage the public to engage in known solutions to the problems that will be presented, or research and development of solution sets to aid in survival and life afterwards. Projects require a Principal willing to devote time to the project, a site, Project Management oversight, and funding.
Educational Projects
UNIX Servers and Web Hosting
- TV Clip Teaser
- Streaming Video Clips
- Solutions, On Foot Advice
- Pole Shift Likelihood
Encouraging the Public
Seed Development:
- Seed TEAM, and Low Light Plants
- ShortWave Radio
Alternative Nutrition Labs:
- Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Algaeculture
- Vermiculture
- Aquaculture, Wetlands as Food
Energy Labs:
- Carbon Arc, Lighting Alternatives
- Windmill, Hydroelectric
- Batteries/Energy Storage

Information is also available on Archived projects.

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