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pH Diagnosis
March, 2002

Conclusion of the pH Cycle: due to the tendency of composting materials to go acid, this acidity can be balanced with wood ash water but needs to be closely monitored. 

Those plants resistant to the pH lurching such as Lettuce and Pepper and Rocket took advantage of the high Nitrogen in the solution, which remained off the chart throughout the cycle, and did well.


Beans were particularly susceptible to the pH problems, Spinach struggled, and the Chinese Cabbage simply failed to thrive at all.


The Tomato survived but did not flower and the Gypsy Onion the developed from bulbs to a plant size equivalent to that in the outdoor garden during the summer.

TomatoGypsy Onion

Other plants such as Buckwheat and Squash attempted to go to seed and complete their cycles, though showing the effects of the pH lurching in damaged or discolored leaves.