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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for December 31, 2018

The Newsletter for Sunday December 2, 2018, brought up a question again for me since I had read it before on ZT; "Where the Annunaki did not have the technology to effect this stamped triangle in the rock just to the west of Gibraltar, the Service-to-Self aliens who were influencing the Annunaki and assisting them in building the pyramids and seamless walls out of huge rock did this for them." Since the Annunki where 3rd Density, that would mean the STS alians came from a higher Density or where they the Omnipotent Krill? Also in other posts (in ZT), STS entity's where mentioned as being in higher Densities, would elaborating on this cross the Engagements Line? I bring up the Krill, since they apparently where not hindered by the quarantine that was imposed.

The rules governing contact with humans are such that both Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self aliens can respond to The Call from humans, and in essence consult with them, give counsel. No physical interaction or manipulation of the human is allowed. Visitations with both groups are allowed to occur on space ships or in private settings, so temporarily transporting the human is allowed. Of course, due to the Element of Doubt rule in place since the days of Roswell, both groups are required to record the contact only in the subconscious of the human. Prior to Roswell, mankind had conscious contact with aliens.

Beyond these basic rules, the Council of Worlds allows certain manipulation of things by those in the Service-to-Other, who are granted permission to perform UFO displays, conduct protection and healings for certain key members of the human race, develop a new hybrid Zeta/human race, and ensure a spiritual balance on Earth, which is a schoolhouse for young souls. In all these instances permission from the Council of Worlds is required. Those in the Service-to-Self are never granted these rights.

How is it then that the Annunaki had conscious assistance from the Service-to-Self Fat Snakes, who lifted great stones for them during construction of the Great Pyramids and the heads on Easter Island? We have stated that this was an alliance, which is a different arrangement than a request for consultation during The Call. The Fat Snakes were thus working for themselves on Earth, and using the Annunaki as their lackeys in the same manner they used the Trolls they brought to Earth. Could 4th density Service-to-Self aliens have such an alliance with mankind?

Though an alliance of sorts was arranged with MJ12, this was tightly controlled by the Council of Worlds. First, any arrangement done by MJ12 did not reflect mankind at large, but only a small group of military intel individuals. Second, the Element of Doubt rule imposed at that time by the Council restricted any maneuvers the Service-to-Self aliens wanted to perform to the point where their efforts on Earth would have been futile. Third, the Council imposed new rules to allow mankind a balanced spiritual schoolhouse, as the balance had been disrupted by the presence of the Annunaki and their Service-to-Self allies.

The Brexit saga continues and now is seems it may even be likely that there could be 2nd referendum and the will of the people will be overturned or May will be ousted and a Socialist (Labour) government will take power also overturning the result.  Trump has also said it looks bad for the UK with the current deal on the table. There appear to be many different power struggles at play.  Can the Zetas comment on what is going on behind the scenes?
[and from another] Fresh Brexit referendum would be seen as an INSULT by voters December 2, 2018 The Environment Secretary said any attempt to re-run the historic vote would do terrible damage to 'faith in democracy' - as it would effectively be telling the public they were 'too thick' to choose properly.  The alternative was either 'no deal or no Brexit', and suggested one potential outcome was a second referendum. [and from another] France to deploy 89,000 security personnel ahead of Saturday protests December 6, 2018 10 armored vehicles belonging to the gendarmerie would also be used, the first time since 2005 when riots broke out in Paris’ suburbs. [and from another] France’s Yellow Vest Protests: The Movement That Has Put Paris on Edge December 3, 2018 Taxes made up more than half the cost in France. Per liter, lead-free gas was 1.41 euros on Sunday, or about $6.00 per gallon. Those who participated were predominantly men and women who rely on their cars to get to work and take care of their families. In the mix were small-business owners, independent contractors, farmers, home aides, nurses and truck drivers. They live and work primarily in rural towns and in the suburbs or exurbs of France’s big cities, many earning just enough to get by. [and from another] Belgian police, protesters clash in Brussels over high taxes November 30, 2018 Police and hundreds of yellow jacket protesters upset over high taxes and living costs clashed in Brussels. Dozens were detained as the grassroots movement that started in France two weeks ago gained traction in Belgium. [and from another] Brussels drags out Poland and Hungary rule-of-law probes October 16, 2018 The European Commission has been asked to give EU countries' representatives an update on ongoing infringement proceedings. [and from another] Rothschild & Co signs agreement for sale of its Trust business October 24, 2018 Rothschild & Co announces today the signature of an agreement for the sale of its worldwide wealth planning and trust services business. Wealth Management offices are in Aix-en-Provence, Brussels, Frankfurt, Geneva, Grenoble, Guernsey, Hong Kong, London, Manchester, Marseille, Milan, Monaco, New York, Paris, Reno, Singapore and Zurich. Wealth & Asset Management assets total more than €69 billion across the group. [and from another] The French Revolution (French: Révolution française was a period of far-reaching social and political upheaval in France and its colonies beginning in 1789. The Revolution overthrew the monarchy, established a republic, catalyzed violent periods of political turmoil, and finally culminated in a dictatorship under Napoleon who brought many of its principles to areas he conquered in Western Europe and beyond. Inspired by liberal and radical ideas, the Revolution profoundly altered the course of modern history, triggering the global decline of absolute monarchies while replacing them with republics and liberal democracies. Through the Revolutionary Wars, it unleashed a wave of global conflicts that extended from the Caribbean to the Middle East. Historians widely regard the Revolution as one of the most important events in human history.

The European Union has been steadily losing ground, on many fronts. Europe’s history of colonialism has left them with the mindset that they control the world’s destiny, and the spate that Germany had with Nazi supremacy was an example of that mindset. The Illuminati call Europe home, and are infected with the Nazi bloodline. Colonialism failed. Nazi Germany failed. And Merkel’s alliance with Erdogan to flood Europe with ISIS soldiers has likewise failed. Merkel has promised to forgo her leadership of Germany, and her school chum May is likely to be forced out in the UK.  

Where the IMF was to create debt slavery around the world, this too is failing as country after country seeks out BRICS instead. Where the Euro was to become the new world currency, now China’s yuan is taking that place. Quiet prosecution of money laundering banks in Europe has reduced the plush assets the elite and royalty assumed was theirs forever. Suddenly royalty and politicians are broke, and seeking to raise funds on the backs of the common man. Given that elections are regularly rigged in Europe, and those who run the European Union are not elected at all, the common man has little recourse.

In the past, it was the French Revolution of 1789 that had a domino effect through Europe and spread West to the Americas. The grip that European royalty had was broken, but went underground to form the Illuminati and the Nazi philosophies. Arrogant and determined to stay in power, the elite will not bend to the will of the people, whom they presumably serve, but will persist. Martial Law must have the agreement of the people, or it cannot succeed. In France, the police are already with the people, but Macron is not listening.  

Do the Zetas have any comment on the passing of George H.W. Bush? Is the 41st US President actually dead, or housed in Guantanamo like John McCain? Can the Zetas discuss the broad implications for the ongoing battle against the Deep State? What was the significance of President Trump not reciting The Apostles' Creed during the funeral ceremony on December 5? [and from another] George HW Bush funeral: World figures pay respect All surviving US presidents attended the funeral, sharing a pew in the US National Cathedral in Washington DC. Mr Bush senior, who served as the 41st US president between 1989 and 1993, died on Friday at the age of 94. [and from another] Trump is slammed for not reciting The Apostles' Creed during George H.W. Bush’s funeral As President Trump stood beside former presidents Obama, Clinton, Carter and their wives Wednesday during George H.W. Bush's funeral, all but he and first lady Melania were seen reciting The Apostles' Creed. Trump is now receiving criticism for failing to recite the act of faith, as video shows the front row of presidents and first ladies saying the creed in unison while glancing at their programs where the prayer was printed. Trump, however, remained stone-faced with his program in hand and arms crossed, refusing to look down once for assistance as Melania stood at his side - both silent. [and from another] Q post - Dec 5 2018 13:27:19 (EST)

Bush 41 was not arrested and sent to Gitmo, as was done to McCain, nor was he executed for his crimes, but his body was held on ice for an opportune moment when the Cabal would need to distract the public from adverse media coverage. As Q noted, December 5 was scheduled to be a day of testimony in the House, with Huber unveiling Clinton email and foundation crimes. This was postponed, perhaps indefinitely given the Democrats were to inherit the house, but certainly pushed off the front page. As Q noted the Bush 41 funeral claimed him a hero, as did McCain’s funeral, hiding their treason and numerous crimes.

What was Q referring to as a “counter” move? What was clear from extensive video coverage of the Bush 41 funeral was that several people received an envelope in their programs, and that Bush 43 was passed a piece of paper by an agent standing guard behind him. These were, as suspected by many, legal subpoenas to appear before a tribunal as witness or, in the case of Hillary, for sentencing. Hillary has been traveling abroad, seeking shelter in a country that would deny an extradition request from the US, but has not had success as yet.  

The Obamas were not served because they have been willingly cooperating with the DOJ and Trump’s Junta, and themselves were not guilty of any crimes. Biden has not been willing to testify, as he hopes to be a candidate in 2020 and wants to shield the Democratic Party. Bush 43 inherited the White House after the Clintons, so became intimately aware of the web of corruption embedded in the Deep State by the Clintons. The Bush family has been hoping the investigations would end with the Mueller probe, thus Jeb and Laura were horrified at seeing Bush 43 served.

Military tribunals have been in process during Trump’s presidency, as has been openly acknowledged by Trump’s EO of March 1, 2018. Thus those served at the Bush 41 funeral will not be in open court. VP Pence’s wife has been leaking pillow talk for some time, and will have to reveal her contacts and cohorts. She leaks dirt on Trump as she wants her hubby to succeed him, and soon.  Why would Trump  not sing the Apostles Creed pledging allegiance to Jesus and forgiveness for all? Because the words “forgive them” might be taken as a Presidential pardon!

Something happened recently regarding China's largest telecom company HuaWei's CFO. Men WanZhou was arrested in Canada by U.S government's request. And at same time, Zhang ShouCheng, standford pysicist and tech venture capitalist dies (suicide) after "Battle with depression".  Is these 2 things related? Zhang was killed? What will be after? [and from another] Meng Wanzhou She is deputy chairwoman of the board and chief financial officer (CFO) of China's largest private company, the telecom giant Huawei founded by her father Ren Zhengfei. [and from another] Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. is a Chinese multinational telecommunications equipment and consumer electronics company based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, South China. Huawei has deployed its products and services in more than 170 countries, and as of 2011 it served 45 of the 50 largest telecom operators. [and from another] China Warns of 'Grave Consequences' Over Arrest of Huawei Executive December 8, 2018 According to CBS, Chinese officials told the ambassador that Meng’s detention while traveling through Canada on suspicion of violating U.S. trade embargoes on Iran—which could net her a 30-year sentence if she is extradited to the U.S. and convicted—is “unreasonable, unconscionable, and vile in nature”. prosecutors in Canada allege that from 2009-2014, Meng used a Hong Kong front company, Skycom Tech, to do business in Iran while Huawei cleared financial transactions through U.S. banks, causing said banks to be “victim institutions” of fraud. In 2013, the Times added, Reuters reported that Huawei was selling U.S. computer gear to an Iranian phone company via that pipeline. Meng then misled a U.S. financial institution with a Powerpoint presentation. [and from another] Mysterious death of NEO investor Zhang Shoucheng sparks fear of foul play December 10, 2018 The sudden death of Danhua Capital (DHVC) founder Zhang Shoucheng  shocked the crypto investment space this week. Zhang passed away this week at the age of 55 in an apparent suicide. Zhang’s family has come out to say that he was struggling with depression.  Danhua Capital (DHVC) invested in numerous investments in the crypto, with some believing that have invested up to 70% of projects in the fintech and blockchain space. Huge dips are common in the cryptospace, with Bitcoin having undergone more than 329 “deaths“.  This is in light of the recent crash in cryptomarkets, with many cryptocurrencies dropping up to 95% in value.  [and from another] Shoucheng Zhang (Chinese: ???; February 15, 1963 – December 1, 2018) was a Chinese-American physicist who was the JG Jackson and CJ Wood professor of physics at Stanford University. He was a condensed matter theorist known for his work on topological insulators, the quantum Hall effect, the quantum spin Hall effect, spintronics, and high temperature superconductivity. [and from another] Bitcoin price pain continues as the cryptocurrency plummets to a 15-month low December 7, 2018 Bitcoin itself is now down more than 76 percent this year. [and from another] Huawei ‘crashes party’ to become largest telecoms kit supplier December 6, 2018 The 31-year-old company has come under serious, unprecedented scrutiny, caught in the middle of a trade war between the US and China while concerns mount about the use of its equipment in European telecoms networks. [and from another] Beyond Huawei, Scientist's Death Hurts China's Technology Quest December 9, 2018 Consider the fund Zhang founded. Danhua Capital was cited in a report last month by the Office of the United States Trade Representative after an investigation into China’s technology policies and practices.

If Huawei has been evading US Iran sanctions since 2009, why has the CFO of this company, Meng, just now been arrested? As can be readily seen, Huawei is closing the gap on Samsung and Apple, becoming the world’s premiere telecom provider.  Nestled snuggly in China’s southern provinces, Huawei is not under US influence or control, thus the arrest warrant. Is there a relationship to the death of Danhua Capital founder Zhang? Zhang utilized cryptocurrencies for up to 70% of his cash flow, a market which has been plunging of late, and would not listen to furious investors who took their revenge. The telecom business is a growing, and for many founders, a dangerous business.

Odd seismograph ripple from Madagascar noted in Chile, New Zealand, Hawaii, and Canada on November 28. This was featured in the Newsletter. ( But they only lasted 30 minutes, then stopped. Here we have every seismograph online, worldwide, ringing like a bell! The strongest are the Antarctica station, and then Argentina and southern Africa. There are NO big quakes except at the point where the New Land is supposed to rise between the tip of Africa and S America. No buoys are bouncing. Quakes elsewhere around the world are nothingburgers. What is causing this? New Land rising??

As was apparent over a year ago when the MIMIC radar lines were pointing at the border of the Antarctica Plate where it touches both the African and S American Plates, the New Land that we predicted would rise there during the hour of the Pole Shift is under pressure.  As we noted just weeks ago when a magma slosh near Madagascar caused slight seismograph jiggles on the other side of the globe,  magma movement can be silent. This recent worldwide slosh, though also silent, was also a major announcement. The New Land is on the rise! 

Just read on the news of Google employee found dead (see link below).  I mean people don't just drop dead.  I find this suspicious considering Google's involvement in the One World Order.  Could it be possible that the employee (being a software engineer) found such programming in Google? I would not be surprised.  Can the Zetas please shed some light on the matter?  What is Google hiding? [and from another] 22-year-old employee found dead at Google's NYC office. December 9, 2018 Scott Krulcik was found unconscious on the sixth floor of the company's offices in Chelsea. Police say there were no signs of trauma and the death does not appear to be suspicious. The city medical examiner's office will determine the cause of death. Krulcik's Linkedin page says he began working at Google in August after serving as an intern in the summer of 2017. [and from another] December 12, 2018 A massive fire erupted in a Google office in China, sending dangerous black plumes of smoke rising into the air. The furious blaze was first reported at 11am local time on Wednesday in the Zhongguancun tech district, also known as China's Silicon Valley, in Beijing. Google employees were evacuated from the building then later allowed to return. [and from another] December 12, 2018. Project Dragonfly is the name of the company’s plan to create a China-specific, censored version of its search engine in order to cater to the government in Beijing. Google pulled a censored version of its search engine from the country in 2010 amid concerns the Chinese government might access stored data. The product would operate as a joint venture with a company in China, and workers at that company would have the ability to adjust the search term blacklist. [and from another] The Googleplex is the corporate headquarters complex of Google and its parent company Alphabet Inc. It is located at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway in Mountain View, California, United States, near San Jose.

As can be clearly seen from the various results of Google searches, Google can and has played politics. As with the FaceBook scandals, private data on users is readily available too, and for sale. Twitter bans users who do not align with their viewpoint. In all of this, how much control does the US Congress have? Zilch. CEOs promise to be fair and balanced and blame underlings for missteps. Is Google suddenly scrubbing their files and killing potential whistleblowers? Yes. Dead men tell no tales and a roof fire is a convenient way to empty the Beijing headquarters while it is being scrubbed.

Do they really want to blow up the economy just to be winning the White House in 2020? Trump again criticized the Fed. He called it the main threat to his presidency. And even said that Fed was crazy. It is reported that Trump can take control of the Fed because he has four vacancies on the board of governors. I already asked a similar question here but had a different context. [and from another] [and from another] 17 December, 2018. Trump says ‘it is incredible’ that the Fed is considering hiking interest rates again [and from another] 17 October, 2018. President Trump: 'My biggest threat is the Fed' [and from another] The Federal Reserve System (also known as the Federal Reserve or simply the Fed) is the central banking system of the United States of America. It was created on December 23, 1913, with the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act. The U.S. Congress established three key objectives for monetary policy in the Federal Reserve Act: maximizing employment, stabilizing prices, and moderating long-term interest rates. Its duties have expanded over the years, and currently also include supervising and regulating banks, maintaining the stability of the financial system, and providing financial services to depository institutions, the U.S. government, and foreign official institutions. It is governed by the presidentially appointed board of governors or Federal Reserve Board (FRB). The United States Department of the Treasury, an entity outside of the central bank, prints the currency used. [and from another] President Trump sharply criticized the Federal Reserve this week, saying interest rate increases are hurting the economy. Trump will have the opportunity to fashion the central bank in the image he would like as he has four vacancies to fill on the board of governors. The result could be a more politicized Fed.  The Fed has raised interest rates seven times since Q4 2015. Supposedly there are five more rate increases coming. This is the tightest monetary policy since Paul Volcker headed the institution in the mid-1980s. It will be recalled his policies led to back-to-back recessions. The Treasury is estimating it will pay $415 billion in interest on the federal debt in this fiscal year. A better estimate might be $450 billion if rates keep going up. [and from another] [and from another]

One of the functions of the Federal Reserve is to slow a super-heated market, which can cause run-away inflation. Inflation can rob existing static assets, making them diminish in true value when they cost more to buy in cash. Thus home values and savings accounts shrink. But is the US economy at this point? The inflation rate rides at 2% from 2016 through to a projected 2% in 2020 - steady. In the market of 1981 it was 8.9%, in 1990 it was 6.1%, in 2000 it was 3.4%, and in the housing bubble of 2007 it was 4.1%. Trump’s economy is not hyper inflated.

The Fed currently has 4 vacancies and when the new Senate arrives in January can appoint these 4 new seats to be approved by the new Senate. In that the rate had been at 0% from 2008-2014, during the Obama years, the steady rise in the rate under the new Trump administration seems partisan. This is the claim of many, and is not without basis. The Jewish banking network, the IMF, wanted Hillary in the White House as she supported their debt slavery agendas. Trump’s booming economy will be infectious, bringing the world along too. The IMF does not want booming economies, they want debt slaves.

Would the Zetas care to comment on the last Trump Administration moves on Syria and Afghanistan? Is this just a political move or there is a deeper reason to bring all this troops back home. Mass arrests and riots? [and from another] After Syria, Trump Planning 'Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan' December 21, 2018 US President Donald Trump is planning to pull thousands of US troops out of Afghanistan, reports have said, a day after the Republican president rebuffed top advisers and announced the withdrawal of all US soldiers from Syria.

We have stated that Dunford’s Junta has been in charge of the US since the fall of 2015, when Obama failed to make the announcement about Nibiru, lacking the courage to do so. Over the next 3 years, Dunford, as head of the Joint Chiefs, has seen McCain’s treason prosecuted, Hillary’s money laundered funds retrieved from the Clinton Foundation, and pedophilia blackmail snatched from the CIA archives at Langley. But more is afoot, as the subpoenas served at the Bush 41 funeral showed. So why is Dunford leaving his post?

We have stated that Martial Law will be instituted everywhere, worldwide, by the time the Last Weeks arrive. This is already in process, gradually, on one excuse or another. Terrorism, riots, migration, or disasters have seen troops deployed. We have stated that the US will likewise call troops deployed to foreign lands home, as they will be needed at home. Now, in step with DoD Mattis resigning, Trump announces that troops in Syria and Afghanistan will be coming home. Is there a relationship?  

We have often stated that the uproar over Trump’s presidency has at its center the fear that Trump will allow an admission that Nibiru is real, is present, and a passage is pending. The wealthy elite of the world fear this, as does the Deep State, as it means that those now in control of the world may lose their perch. Quietly, behind the scenes, pedophilia blackmail has been stopped and Moloch child sacrifice prosecuted. Those responsible have either been arrested and imprisoned or executed or kept on a tight leash under House Arrest. The former New World Order leaders are thus no longer in control nor leading.  

Despite the lack of official admissions about Nibiru, the public is awake. It is visible, obvious, and as the End Times signs increase, the public is likely to take steps accordingly. Many will quietly prepare to die, some will move to safe locations leaving their responsibilities unattended, migration will increase, but the majority will simply panic. This will mean riots and social disruption, lack of social services, the failure of the goods and services chains such as food and fuel delivery. Food production will be affected, and the safety of citizens will be jeopardized.  

It is not control of the media that is the issue, it is spontaneous reaction from the public, much as the Yellow Vest revolution that has arisen in France and spread to many countries, without abatement, or the Arab Spring that evolved in the Middle East. Contactee awareness of the coming Nibiru Pole Shift is broad, over half the population aware. Thus End Times panic would erupt. The Junta is planning to 1. remove the last claims to leadership by Cabal controlled politicians by public trials in 2019 and 2. install younger and more resilient leadership in the US Military and 3. forthwith bring the troops home in anticipation of riots.  

Can the Zetas shed some light as to what this might have been?  I thought maybe the Dark Twin, but it looks too gaseous when zoomed in. [and from another] WHOA! NASA’s Live ISS Camera shows Large Glowing Object appearing Over the Earth before Cutting the Feed December 7, 2018 Footage was captured by the International Space Station Cameras of a massive blue object appearing and hovering over the Earth. Zooming in, you can see the immensity of the blue object and that it has a white center. The station focused on the image for some time before NASA cut the live feed. [and from another] MrMBB333 on December 21, 2018

Space blobs are nothing new, having been captured on film by the Apollo 8 in 1968. How big is the December 7, 2018 blob approaching the ISS? Big enough to encompass the ISS and gum up the works. It was either a matter of moving the blob or moving the ISS, and given that it was rapidly approaching, the ISS jumped out of the way. Movement of the ISS can in fact already be seen in the live stream. Is this the same blob that wafted past the Moon on December 21, 2018? The curved body is indeed a unique signature that shows the blobs are one and the same.

This blob has been pushed toward the Earth and Moon by the interaction of Nibiru’s charged tail with the blob’s congealed chemicals. It has been drawn to the vicinity, and will not leave until well after the Pole Shift. Nor will it be alone. Will this blob eat satellites, haunt the ISS, and tangle with the Moon? Mankind will just find space traffic more of a headache, as Nibiru tail debris and space junk from discarded satellites and trash already are problematic. The charged nature of the atmosphere and aura surrounding the Earth and Moon prevent the blob from landing.

A huge pyramid UFO was filmed on Dec 19th over Washington DC directly over the pentagon.  There are also several sources from different viewers in the city at different perspectives.  Interestingly the twirling pyramid can only be seen once the video is enhanced, so my hunch is must be authentic? [and from another] Spotted from the Arlington cemetery. [and from another] And from the highway. [and from another] UFO sightings from Russia in 2009 and 2013 are associated with it. [and from another] December 21, 2018 In the bizarre clip, what appears to be a giant black triangle can be seen hovering over the US Department of Defence. Although the footage is dark, changes to the exposure of the video show the mysterious shape as it looms eerily above the Pentagon. The darker face of the pyramid is darker than the background sky – you cannot project a shadow, this suggests it is a real object. [and from another] December 23, 2018 A MYSTERIOUS ‘aircraft’ has been spotted by multiple witnesses hovering above the Pentagon, triggering a frenzy of conspiracy theories trying to explain the “huge floating pyramid”.

This is a genuine holographic UFO, displayed over the Pentagon by benign aliens under the direction of the Council of Worlds. These holographic displays are not those done by humans, as can be seen by the ability of the holograph to be seen from all sides with a 3D appearance and to display shadows. Such displays have appeared over Moscow in 2009 and Taiwan in 2010. They are designed to catch the attention of the populace below, as a telepathic message is sent during the display. If Moscow was warned about sudden flooding and Taiwan to expect an influx of migrants from Indonesia, what was the warning to the Pentagon?

The US Military is undergoing rapid changes, in anticipation, as we recently stated, for riots in reaction to increased Earth changes such as the New Madrid adjustments and in reaction to military tribunals anticipated after the start of the New Year in 2019. Troops are being returned home, and this process has hardly started. For military families, this is a time of uncertainty, as most are unaware of Nibiru and are only aware of the deep treason that occurred in Obama’s DOJ and FBI and throughout the Hillary campaign via the news. Military families may interpret the resignation of Dunford and Mattis to be signs of turmoil, rather than the positioning from strength for what comes next.

The telepathic message sent to all who saw or were aware of the holograph of the triangle in the skies was to remain steadfast, be reassured in the core integrity of the US armed forces, to trust the leadership and see that the posturing often done as a gambit by Trump and his partners is to confuse and mislead the Deep State. The cleanup of the Deep State during the past 2 years has been aggressive, but should be considered only about half done. During the completion, to ensue shortly, there will be howls and fake news. Do not be misled, but have trust and faith in the outcome.  

What do you reckon to this sharp rise? [and from another]  [and from another] A free neutron—one that is not incorporated into a nucleus—is subject to radioactive decay of a type called beta decay. It breaks down into a proton, an electron, and an antineutrino (the antimatter counterpart of the neutrino, a particle with no charge and little or no mass); the half-life for this decay process is 614 seconds. Because it readily disintegrates in this manner, the neutron does not exist in nature in its free state, except among other highly energetic particles in cosmic rays. The neutron possesses a magnetic dipole moment—i.e., it behaves like a minutemagnet in ways that suggest that it is an entity of moving electric charges. [and from another]  Lightning strikes produce free neutrons, and we’re not sure how. Low energy neutrons not due to cosmic rays or any other previously known source. Way back in 1985, scientists from the then-USSR noted that whenever a thunder storm passed over their neutron detector, they observed an increased flux of neutrons. Since then, scientists have put forward a couple of potential explanations for the observed flux. One was that the high fields generated during lightning strikes was modifying the trajectories of muons from cosmic ray showers. In short: these are cosmic rays, and this is not interesting. The second was that the gamma rays emitted during the lightning strike generated neutrons, a photonuclear event. But new measurements show that neither of these explanations can explain the data. [and from another]  Highlights of Solar and Geomagnetic Activity 17 - 23 December 2018 Solar activity was very low throughout the period. No Earth-directed CMEs were observed this period. No proton events were observed at geosynchronous orbit.The greater than 2 MeV electron flux at geosynchronous orbit reached moderate levels each day of the period. Geomagnetic field activity was quiet to unsettled on 18 and 20 Dec with quiet conditions observed throughout the remainder of the period. Forecast of Solar and Geomagnetic Activity 24 December - 19 January 2019 Solar activity is expected to be very low throughout the outlook period. No proton events are expected at geosynchronous orbit. The greater than 2 MeV electron flux at geosynchronous orbit is expected to reach high levels on 06-12 Jan with moderate flux levels expected on 04-05 Jan and 13-19 Jan. Normal levels are expected throughout the remainder of the period. Geomagnetic field activity is expected to reach active levels on 29 Dec, 04 Jan, and 16 Jan due to recurrent, CH HSS influence. Quiet to unsettled conditions are expected throughout the remainder of the outlook period.

What would cause a burst of Neutrons to appear over one of Russia’s Arctic monitoring stations? This was not accompanied by a Gamma Ray burst from the Sun, nor by any other emissions from the Sun.  NOAA had not issued an alert. Nor did the second Russian Arctic station record a rise in Neutrons. We have stated since the start of the ZetaTalk saga that the Pole Shift would be accompanied by upper atmosphere lightning. This lightning will travel from the Earth to Nibiru, invisible in space where there is no oxygen to create a flash, but cavemen observed this activity and recorded it on their cave walls

Primarily, man was aware of this upper atmosphere lightning by the thunderclaps it produced, called the Thunderbolts of the Gods -  trumpeting. Trumpeting has been heard when bodies of water vibrate, ie the Horns of Belarus and Jerusalem Trumpets on Rosh Hashanah, but might some upper atmosphere lightning begin to manifest  ahead of the Last Weeks? Neutrons are known to be generated by lightning, and the sudden surge at the Barentsburg station in the Arctic was indeed caused by a lightning storm above the Arctic. No trumpets were recorded, but we predict this will soon follow! 

Blue glow in the sky over New York. The glow was caused by the explosion of a transformer in New York. But what is a UFO doing there? [and from another] [and from another] There was a boom; then a hum. The lights flickered. A giant plume of smoke filled the New York City sky around 9:12 p.m., and turned it blue. Officials said the event was caused by nothing more than a transformer explosion. The power went down briefly at La Guardia Airport, forcing a ground stop and causing delays. [and from another] Blue Sky In NYC - UFO Spotted!!! [and from another] The blue flashes that briefly lit up the night sky were caused by a power surge and electrical "arching" and sparked a transformer explosion and a small fire. [and from another] US investigating CenturyLink internet outage, 911 failures. December 28, 2018 The Monroe, Louisiana-based telecommunications giant is one of the largest in the United States. It offers communications and information technology services in dozens of states. Customers from New York to California reported outages. CenturyLink said the outage “is not related to hacking,” but she declined further comment. [and from another] "Electrical Spectacle" witnessed by Thousands! - Two Main events on same day 1100 miles apart

Of course there was more than a mere transformer arcing in New York City, to turn the sky a neon blue seen from miles around. This was a neon cloud, a charged cloud caused by the wafting tail of Nibiru. Such neon clouds have been seen around the world over the past decade, but normally do not come down to Earth, but when they do, any electrical apparatus in the vicinity should beware. The simultaneous outage across the US, caused by an electrical outage at the CenturyLink headquarters in Louisiana, was a result of the same EMP assault in N America.

It should be noted that both the Con Ed facility in New York City and the CenturyLink headquarters in Monroe, Louisiana are on the water, and in the case of the CenturyLink headquarters, virtually footed in a swamp. Why not put out a welcome sign for the EMP, which loves the water. Why was a UFO zipping about during the New York City incident? Just gathering data on the intensity of the EMP. The UFO did not cause the incident, nor do UFOs seen above volcanoes cause eruptions. Just gathering data.