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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for February 28, 2018

Would the Zetas care to comment on this accident?  Was this an attempted assassination, and did the Council intervene to ameliorate the potential damage? [and from another] There was one "fatality" and one serious injury; lawmakers said this involved those in the truck, which may have been stuck on the tracks when it was hit. "It was a very high-speed collision," Rep. Jeff Denham, R-Calif., who was on board, told Fox News. There were mixed reports over whether the train actually derailed, but sources said the front engine ended up with wheels off the tracks. [and from another] The train reportedly went from traveling 70 miles per hour to a hard stop. The track crossing sign is signalized with arms down. [and from another] [and from another] A train carrying members of Congress -- including House Speaker Paul Ryan -- to their legislative retreat in West Virginia hit a truck. All members of Congress on the train and their families were OK. Republican members of Congress on the train, which left Washington's Union Station, were on their way for a retreat at The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.  Injuries were expected from people in the truck, not the train.

This was an attempt to punish those who had released the FISA memo, Republicans on the committee, and those who were in hot pursuit of criminal conduct among Obama’s FBI and DOJ in support of Hillary. The New World Order agenda was certain that Hillary would win, and they would be rewarded. The Junta in charge of the US defanged the CIA last November when Dunford’s Marines landed at Langley and then proceeded to cleanses the FBI. With the firing of McCabe, a Hillary cohort, and the release of a memo on FISA crimes now to be public knowledge, the New World Order crowd is in high panic mode.  

A frightened animal will get vicious, attack in a random manner, even biting itself by accident. If they feel cornered, blind rage sets in. One should not expect logical behavior. Thus finding the Russian collusion nonsense about to end with no impeachment of Trump, and seeing that the Democrats in command of the FBI and DOJ during the past administration are about to themselves be prosecuted, evidence of their crimes in hand, they are trying to intimidate the Republicans who are running Congress at present. Speaker Ryan was on that train.  

The hope was that this train would derail and that there would be many deaths, as usually happens when a train going 70 mph slams into an unmovable object. Yes, there was intervention to prevent derailment. Those on the dump truck were not conscious, nor even intending to cross the tracks, but the truck was driven there by assassins who then ensured the driver would not awaken in time to pull the truck back by giving him a fatal heart attack. These details are unlikely to come out in the news, as it is always viewed that the public could not stand hearing that there is a secret war in Washington DC. It will be whitewashed.

Amtrak has had another suspicious derailment, this time in South Carolina, the home state of Trey Gowdy who chairs the House Oversight Committee. A padlocked switch was in the wrong position, causing Amtrac 91 to hit the rear of the CSX train. Was this deliberate sabotage, with a message? [and from another] [and from another] The Latest: 'Screams and crying' followed Amtrak train crash
February 4, 2018 A switch was turned to force the passenger train onto a side track and into a parked freight train. The switch was padlocked to send trains on the main line to the side track, which conductors are supposed to do when they change lines.
[and from another] Amtrak blames freight train firm for deadly South Carolina crash. February 5, 2018. Amtrak Train 91, carrying nine crew members and 136 passengers, was traveling from New York to Miami when it hit the CSX Corp freight train that was stopped on a side track. CSX was responsible for the tracks and signals, including one that had a lock attached to it and diverted the Amtrak train onto the side track. [and from another] Amtrak blames freight train firm for deadly South Carolina crash. February 4, 2018. Amtrak blamed a freight rail operator for causing a crash that killed two people and injured more than 100 others when one of its passenger trains was diverted onto a side track and slammed into a parked, unmanned freight train in South Carolina. [and from another]

Amtrak Train 91’s derailment in S Carolina was clearly not an accident. A padlocked line switch was incorrectly set, sending the Amtrak train into the rear of the parked CSX cargo train. Trey Gowdy had just days before announced his retirement from Congress, an inexplicable decision given that he sits as Chairman on one of the most powerful committees in the House. Since Gowdy represents S Carolina, was this a message? All those courageous enough to tackle the Deep State during the current End Times battles are being threatened, regularly.

This message will not stop the Deep State prosecution, or the removal of the hundreds of sleeper cells within the US federal government. Those who supported the treason of the Black Hat cabal - which includes the Bush and Clinton administrations of the past, the Hillary campaign, the Soros organization, and Netanyahu and Jewish bankers – have been discovered by the secret military courts run by Dunford and Trump’s Junta. They are cooperative, else prison in Gitmo or Diego Garcia ensues. They are tagged and monitored and forced to assist the prosecution of the rest of the Cabal.

The current phase is informing the public. Releasing the FISA memo is one such example. This will all accelerate so the public will awaken to the realization that the only Russian collusion was between Hillary as Secretary of State during the sale of Uranium One and Hillary as a candidate with the false Russian Dossier and Hillary as a candidate attempting to lure Carter Page into contacting the Russians to secure promised dirt on Hillary. In a frantic attempt to stop this turn of events, the Cabal is trying to openly intimidate those at the helm. Will this work against the White Hats in Congress? It is likely only to harden their resolve. 

I don't know if the Zeta's would answer this as obviously the stock market will crash to zero or be shut down at some point along with all currencies becoming worthless and the barter system becoming the dominant system of exchange as the earth changes progress. That said, the Dow had it's biggest one day drop in history today of over 1175, (down 1600 at one point), continuing it's big drop of 666 on Friday which was the day the FISA memo was released. Is this related to the recent train wreck attacks by the deep state et al on GOP members of congress five days ago and the Amtrak train wreck yesterday as it lashes out in retaliation against the Dunsford/Trump junta et al? It seems the timing is very coincidental but then again this could just be a regular market correction. [and from another] The Dow fell 665.75 points on Friday — or 2.5 percent — notching its biggest one-day sell-off since June 2016.  [and from another] The Rothschilds have sold an Austrian hunting estate almost the size of Manhattan that the storied European banking family has owned for 143 years. Rothschild heirs Nancy Clarice Tilghman and Geoffrey R. Hoguet, who live in the United States, sold Langau—which includes two power plants and a grand Tyrolean-style lodge—to the owners of a paper manufacturing firm, Prinzhorn Holding, in what is being heralded as a historic European land sale.  [and from another] Apache Corp. (APA) reported strong levels of cash flows last year, but the company has recently confirmed that it will face a large cash flow deficit of more than $1 billion in 2017. The update has fueled a sell-off in Apache stock. 

The DOW drop of -666 points on the day the FISA memo was released was not an accident nor a coincidence. It was deliberate, as hinted by the enigmatic Q who openly pointed to the recent sale of a Black Forest estate and the dropping stock value of the Apache corporation. If the Greenbrier Amtrak train crash was manipulated, intending to kill a number of Republicans in Congress on the day after the well-received State of the Union address, the S Carolina derailment of another Amtrak train a day later was also manipulated, intending  to send a message to Trey Gowdy.

The battle between the White Hats and the Black Hats is convulsing in the last stages, so it has become public at long last. We have regularly been reporting on the steps and stages, from the failure of Obama to announce the presence of Nibiru by October 20, 2015 (due to the wealthy elite resisting and insisting the cover-up continue) with Trump and the Transition Team of White Hats now shoveling out the Deep State swamp. The Black Hats - composed of the Bush/Clinton/Soros criminal cabal and the IMF and Jewish bankers imposing debt slavery on the world – are fighting for their lives.

In the past, intimidation and bribery were considered sufficient. Blackmail in the form of pedophilia evidence, almost always a deliberate entrapment, was used extensively. If all of this did not suffice, then individuals would be assassinated. This would be reported as a suicide unless a message was to be sent, as was the case with Seth Rich. Money laundering, as with the Clinton Foundation cash slush, flourished. Using dirty nukes to murder millions as a threat has also been part of the arsenal, ergo the recent missile threat against Hawaii. None of these maneuvers have worked to stop the White Hats, so now a new maneuver is being tried.

The Black Hats are in essence going public with their threats. If the Republicans controlling Congress insist on pursuing Deep State draining, exposing those in the FBI and DOJ and State Department who have committed treason, then the Black Hats will murder their families, including the children that were on the Greenbrier train. If Gowdy continues his pursuit, then his home state of S Carolina will be maimed. And if Trump insists on freeing the American people from the debt slavery the Black Hats had imposed, then the cabal will use their wealth hoards to embarrass him. The DOW crash was deliberate, and -666 was not an accident.  

Would the Zetas care to comment on this Q release regarding Pharmaceutical companies? Is this the White Hats preventing mass poisoning via Flu vaccinations or other medical products?   There has been a national Flu scare on the mainstream news, promotions and monetary incentives by large corporations to panic people into get the shots.  Is this all related? [and from another] The 2018 Flu Scare: A False Alarm [and from another] The lies, the hoax, the scandal. Health authorities admit this year’s flu vaccine is only 10% effective. But of course, they urge you to take the vaccine anyway. Every year, hundreds of thousands of respiratory specimens are tested across the US. Of those tested, on average 16% are found to be influenza positive. Most diagnosed cases of the flu aren’t the flu. The basic flu symptoms—cough, fever, chills, sore throat, muscle aches, weakness—can be caused by a variety of factors that have nothing to do with a flu virus. [and from another] A deadly flu epidemic continues to rage from coast to coast, and officials said the epidemic hasn't even reached its peak. There are also three major strains of the flu circulating, and people have the chance of getting the flu three times this season. [and from another] As of February 2, infection rates for the 2017-2018 flu season were still rising, higher than those in any year since 2009, when the swine flu was pandemic, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Even more worrying, the hospitalization rate is the highest that the C.D.C. has ever recorded at this point in the season. It has just surpassed that of the lethal 2014-2015 season, during which 710,000 Americans were hospitalized and 56,000 died. [and from another] [and from another] Many of the scientists were found to have had “secret” ties to the intelligence communities, and it was argued that they were being targeted intentionally. 2001: Dr. Don Wiley death also came in the wake of the Anthrax postings in the United States, with many stating that Dr. Wiley was one of the few people who would have been able to accurately trace exactly where the deadly substance had originated. 2001: Dr. Benito Que was a cell biologist and was working on infectious diseases, including the HIV virus, at the time of this death. Burghoff was studying a flu outbreak. He was also an expert on gene-mapping. [and from another] 2015: Cancer and Autism: Mysterious Deaths of Alternative Health Doctors Who Have Real Cures Not Approved by the FDA. Human GcMAF holds great promise in the treatment of various illnesses including cancer, autism, chronic fatigue and possibly Parkinson’s. When agents from the USFDA and local state of Georgia law enforcement raided Dr. Bradstreet’s clinic, they had a very specific agenda – they were after everything they could find pertaining to GcMAF.  Scientific medical research is also being done on GcMAF for the treatment of terminal cancer. There are many major corporations who would see such a substance as a major threat to their financial prosperity. [and from another] The U.S. government first provided funding to address the global HIV epidemic in 1986. Total funding (bilateral and multilateral) has increased significantly over time, particularly since the launch of the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) in 2003 (add note to indicated that it was reauthorized in 2008 and 2013). Most bilateral HIV funding is channeled to the State Department which receives $3.85 billion in the request. The FY 2018 budget request for HIV includes $5.4 billion for the global epidemic – $4.3 billion for bilateral programs and $1.13 billion for the U.S. contribution to the Global Fund. [and from another] Ultimately death arising from these infections are often associated with hyperinduction of proinflammatory cytokine production, which is also known as ‘cytokine storm'.  The most virulent influenza, the 1918 H1N1 Spanish flu, infected approximately 5% of the world's population and killed 2%. For infections caused by the 1918 H1N1 virus, the resistance became hyperactive, resulting in an excessive inflammatory reaction known as the cytokine storm phenomenon.

The enigmatic Q has stated that he wants the public to sort out the meaning of his messages, and thus we decline to be used as a short cut in this process. That said, we will address the issue of whether the 2018 flu is as bad as being reported, and whether there is any ulterior motive in creating a panic. It is no secret that the CIA was used in the past to create and spread the AIDS virus in Africa and its lab in Utah was the source of the Anthrax sent to Congress in 2002. The FBI was used to harass and investigate the wrong people, as a distraction.

It was also no secret that in 2005 the Bush administration caused the release of a live 1957 pandemic virus from the CDC to 4,000 labs around the world. This release was fortunately caught before the pandemic could be restarted again. Germ warfare has been a tool in many arsenals as it can be used to intimidate the enemy into cooperation, and sculpt the population to eliminate the old and sickly or those considered undesirable. A pandemic could also be used as a reason to declare Martial Law. Those in the know, ostensibly micro-biologists, are often murdered to silence them. We recently cited the deaths of Homeopathic doctors for being in the know about AIDS afflictions among the elite.

Beyond these motives, there are other reasons why disease would be allowed to flourish. The profit motive, ever present in Pharma corporations and their major stockholders, is a reason to hype fear or delay a cure and reap the benefits.  Treatments such as Tamiflu, which are to be taken prior to any symptoms of the flu can manifest, are suspect, as is a vaccine admittedly not effective for a flu virus that has mutated. The health industry is in a bind, as to use antibiotics to save lives, they often create drug resistant bacteria such as MRSA. To prevent flu pneumonia deaths they rush to vaccinate the entire populace, often inciting a cytokine storm among those healthy enough to survive the flu.

That said, why would Q specifically mention cancer and AIDS as two diseases suspected of having a cure that is being kept from mankind?  There are HIV cocktails that have allowed Magic Johnson to remain alive and healthy. But for Africa, AIDS is a certain and quick death. There is an Ebola vaccine, but for the poor in Africa, not available. We have stated that cancer is a normal mutation that happens all the time, but is countered by the body’s immune system. Those profiting from chemo and radiation therapy methods would resist a natural cure being promoted.

It appears another airline tragedy has taken place.  The signs are that the airline lost contact a few minutes after take-off, dropping over 2000 ft in altitude in just a minute. A video of the wreckage shows that the plane apparently disintegrated in midair. Given the wreckage, it seems the plane exploded around the time contact was lost. The question is, was this due to foul play or was this another EM Pulse from Nibiru? It should be noted that the river Moskva was not far from the crash. [and from another] 71 Killed After Russian Passenger Plane Crashes Near Moscow February 11, 2018 Flightradar tracking  of the plane ended at 11:27AM UTC when the plane suddenly tumbled from a height of 6000 feet at an airspeed of 332 knots. It was not immediately clear what caused the crash: it may have been the result of weather conditions, human error or technical failure. There were no extreme weather conditions in the Moscow region at that time. [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] Russian source behind fake Trump dossier killed in Russian plane crash, Rosatom CFO also dead February 11, 2018 This Russian Businessman Sergei Millian who is a Russian source behind Hillary Clinton and the DNC's paid for Russia/Trump dossier from Fusion GPS used by Obama to get a FISA warrant on Trump goes by another name, that name is Sergey Panchenko. Sergey Panchenko just happens to be one of the dead passengers in today's Russian plane crash that has killed 71 people. Also dead in this plane crash is Ivanov Vyacheslav the CFO of Rosatom who is involved in Hillary's Uranium One deal with Russia back in 2009 under Barack Obama. [and from another] Passengers Killed on Crashed Russian Plane Include CFO of Rosatom/UraniumOne and Russian Source for Christopher Steele's "Dossier" against Trump February 11, 2018 Now that they've been caught, it appears to many that "the Deep State" is cleaning house and getting rid of any loose ends who might testify!  At least two people known to be directly involved the UraniumOne "deal" and the Russian Dossier are now apparently dead and cannot testify to anyone about anything.  How convenient.

As we mentioned after the S Carolina train derailment, the battle between the Deep State and the US Junta cleaning it up has now resulted in open intimidation. Both the Greenbrier and S Carolina train derailments were very public, with a message that could not be lost on those in the US Congress. The message was to back off the Deep State cleanup, to back off any investigation of the Bush/Clinton/Soros Cabal’s crimes. Quiet heart attacks or apparent suicides eliminate a witness, but the Cabal is now behind a bull horn, blasting this message.

It is not just those in the US Congress who might prosecute the Cabal, it is also anyone who might be a witness to their crimes. The Clintons are notorious for Arkancide, where anyone who might have direct knowledge of their crimes is eliminated, from Vince Foster to James McDougal. The obvious vicious beating to death of Seth Rich, who leaked DNC email, marked a turning point. Now a plane in Russia, carrying two witnesses to Hillary’s crimes, has been blown out of the skies. As we have been saying, a cornered animal will get vicious. More to come!

Could the Zetas tell us what is the real economic situation now? And to what extent is deception going on? [and from another]

Is the public being misled on the health of the economy? Of course, all the time, and in every country. It is a confidence game. Citizens perceive that others are winning by participating, so they jump in, invest, make purchases, get employed, and work with enthusiasm. To the extent that economic indicators encourage economic participation, this is all to the good. But the line is crossed when a scam is being promoted. An example is the current Cryptocurrency craze, where the public is encouraged to invest in the Crypto markets, which are certain to crash.

History is rife with economic lies. Until recently, Fort Knox was emptied of its Gold, so that China was sent Tungsten bars coated with Gold during an embarrassing attempt at payment during the Bush administration. Banks can pad their balance sheets by retaining bad loans. Economic booms are often encouraged so the elite can rob the little man, encouraging investments that then crash. This occurred during the 2008 Housing Bubble when rotten derivatives were sold as solid assets. The S&L fraud during the Bush/Clinton years frankly robbed the US taxpayer.   

Beyond the deliberate con games are the sleight of hand that politicians use to stay in power. Statistics can lie, so that unemployment statistics during the Bush administration were based on birth/death models rather than actual facts. When current unemployment statistics under Trump are bolstered by food stamp and welfare statistics, they can be considered factual. The current DOW boom, which underwent a sharp correction, is inflated. Stocks can go up and then down just as swiftly. Let the buyer beware.

I hope that you can use this info or can be a question too: I find this article about a global fire 13k years ago.  This event is lining up with so called Younger Dryas (c. 12,900 to c. 11,700 years BP) which is an event associated with Abrupt climate change in many parts of the world. They attribute it to a comet, but it seems that is lining up with the past PoleShifts and the 3,600 cycle that Zeta confirm.  It seems this Younger Dryas is aligning to the same previous Poleshift! My question why so much vegetation burn at that Poleshift it seems that it was a mild shift when North pole move from Scandinavia to Barren Sea, or is something else? Is a factor that at certain Poleshift is more Fires and burning going one!  Is another nexus with the Christian religion and spoken knowledge of the Apocalypses: the lasts apocalypses they been so called Water apocalypses, but the future one will be with Fire! I know that the Poleshifts have both fire and water, but is a possibility that some PoleShift are with more FIRE than others, have to do with proximity and position of Nibiru and the massive tail that Nibiru have? [and from another] Some 13,000 years ago, a cataclysmic event occurred on Earth that was likely responsible for the collapse of the Clovis people and the extinction of megafauna such as mammoths and mastodons. The Younger Dryas Boundary features many anomalies that support the theory of a cometary cloud impacting Earth. The collision triggered a massive biomass burning event, and the resulting soot, ash and dust in the global atmosphere blocked out the sun, which prevented photosynthesis — a phenomenon called impact winter. The scientists also examined the record of atmospheric carbon dioxide entrained in Antarctic ice, which also shows an increase in CO2. [and from another] The YD onset also exhibits increased dust concentrations, synchronous with the onset of a remarkably high peak in ammonium, a biomass-burning aerosol. In four ice-core sequences from Greenland, Antarctica, and Russia, similar anomalous peaks in other combustion aerosols occur, including nitrate, oxalate, acetate, and formate, reflecting one of the largest biomass-burning episodes in more than 120,000 y. In support of widespread wildfires, the perturbations in CO2 records from Taylor Glacier, Antarctica, suggest that biomass burning at the YD onset may have consumed ?10 million km2, or ?9% of Earth’s terrestrial biomass. [and from another] UC Santa Barbara professor emeritus James Kennett has studied elements found at the Younger Dryas Boundary (YDB). He has collaborated with scientists around the globe, providing evidence at the YDB for a platinum peak as well as for spherules, melt glass, nanodiamonds and other exotic materials that can be explained only by cosmic impact. Kennett and his colleagues have now published new research in the Journal of Geology. In two papers, they analyze existing published scientific data from ice, glacier, lake, marine and terrestrial sediment cores, finding evidence for an extensive biomass burning episode at the YDB layer representing one of the most extreme events - if not the most extreme - ever experienced by our own species, anatomically modern humans. Recent extreme climate and burn events like those in California pale by comparison. [and from another] Physical evidence of a sharp decline in temperature over most of the Northern Hemisphere, discovered by geological research, has been the key physical evidence found for the Younger Dryas. The change was relatively sudden, taking place in decades, and it resulted in a decline of 2 to 6 degrees Celsius and advances of glaciers and drier conditions, over much of the temperate northern hemisphere. It is thought to have been caused by a decline in the strength of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation, which transports warm water from the Equator towards the North Pole, in turn thought to have been caused by an influx of fresh cold water from North America to the Atlantic.

That 9% of the Earth’s terrestrial biomass burned during a prior Pole Shift should not be surprising. The discovery that fires burned worldwide during what is called the Younger Dryas days, when there was an abrupt climate change for most of the Northern Hemisphere, is not surprising. The Younger Dryas, estimated to be between 12,900 and 11,700 years ago, lies between the prior Pole Shift dates of 4 back at 14,400 years ago and 3 back at 10,800 years ago. Carbon dating is not an exacting science, and climate change lags behind, as the Earth retains its warmth or cold, and ocean currents likewise gradually warm or cool.  

Though the theory of a comet impact is emotionally easier for scientists to embrace, there can be no other explanation but a passage of Nibiru. Past Pole Shifts are recorded in mankind’s legends and accounts. The Flood is recorded in the Bible and in the Egyptian Kolbrin. There is remarkable correlation in the mythology and recounts from all cultures about past Pole Shifts. The Kolbrin is very specific about fires that ran along the ground, burning everything in its path.

We have explained that Pole Shift fires are primarily caused by proximity to volcanoes, as the petrocarbons in Nibiru’s tail are set afire by the heat of volcanoes and literally drop like a blanket of fire. However, lightning is more universal, and today spark wildfires readily. There will be more lightning during the Pole Shift, as cave men have recorded, so of course fires will be sparked. Those who follow our suggestions to dig a shallow trench out in the open, where the hurricane force winds will not blow them away nor any holocaust consume them, and to be 100 miles from any active volcano, will survive.

Would the Zetas care to comment on the epidemic of school mass-shootings? There are multiple reports that there has been a CIA MKULTRA Behavior Modification program operating since at least the 1950s. The purpose is to control the American people through fear and insecurity by using anti-depressant drugs and hypnosis, video games, violent movies, and encouraging the manufacture and importation of military firearms for criminals to use. [and from another] The FBI was warned last month that Nikolas Cruz was an armed psycho who might shoot up a school — but it didn’t bother investigating. “A person close to” Cruz called the agency’s tipline on Jan. 5 and reported the 19-year-old had a “desire to kill people, erratic behavior, and disturbing social media posts” and there was “potential of him conducting a school shooting.” But the agency said it failed to pass on any of that information to its Miami field office, even thought its own protocols say he “should have been assessed as a potential threat to life.” [and from another] Nikolas had been diagnosed with autism. If Cruz was in fact taking drugs for depression, his deadly outburst would follow an established pattern of mass shooters who were also on psychotropic medication. Perhaps the most infamous medicated school shooters were Columbine gunmen Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, who tested positive for the SSRI Luvox following the deadly massacre. Charleston church shooter Dylan Roof was also found to be taking Suboxone, a drug linked to sudden outbursts of violence. [and from another] To date, 35 school shootings and/or school-related acts of violence have been committed by those taking or withdrawing from psychiatric drugs. [and from another]

Did the CIA have a MK Ultra program in the past, to study and develop subjects that could be used like Manchurian Candidates to do the bidding of their CIA handlers?  Yes, but as we have stated, such control is not possible. The human must already be amenable to the suggestion, planning to do this themselves, in fact, for there to be any effect. Thus any encouragement, whether coming from a face to face handler or over the phone, must be considered just that – encouragement. That said, are certain individuals identified and encouraged by those wishing to seed chaos in the US? Absolutely.

Autistic individuals, or those with Asperger syndrome, are not inherently more prone to harm others, but as with the populace as a whole, a small percentage are incarnated with highly Service-to-Self souls who want control over others, and the ability to harm others is a power trip. Autism also affords a benefit to the handlers looking to seed chaos, in that empathy is often lacking, and a tendency to fly into a rage when thwarted is present. This, in combination with access to guns, can be an explosive combination, as the recent Florida school massacre and the Sandy Hook massacre showed.

We have explained why the New World Order crowd wants chaos to incite World War III, in order to take advantage of the disruption to solidify their control over the world. The US has the largest military in the world, in fact is as large as all other militaries in the world combined. This is a plumb the New World Order crowd wants to control. But the US populace is also difficult to control because of gun ownership. Thus school massacres are used to foment anti-gun legislation, potentially a Constitutional amendment. Since most massacres are done entirely by individuals, such New World Order manipulation is primarily opportunism, taking advantage of the situation.

In most cases the perpetrator expects to escape. This was true in the Sandy Hook massacre, and in this recent Florida massacre where the perpetrator was found marching out of the school with the other students. This was true in the Las Vegas shooting by a debt ridden gambler who expected to fake his death and then escape to the Philippines to live with his girl friend. There is increasing polarization during this Transformation period on Earth, so some massacres occur because highly Service-to-Self individuals are going out in a blaze of glory as a type of application to a future life on a Prison Planet for the Service-to-Self. This was the case for the Virginia Tech massacre and the Columbine school shooting.

Did the FBI deliberately drop the tip on Cruz? Yes, but this was the act of a single FBI agent, part of the Deep State agenda which is pervasive in all federal agencies. Deep State corruption occurs primarily at the top of an agency, such as Comey and McCabe trying to assist the Hillary Clinton campaign, but sleeper cells cannot be discovered until they act.  Cruz was worth the sacrifice, as his mother had died, leaving him essentially without supervision, and he had ready access to guns including automatic weapons which were supplied to him. It was not Pharma drugs, anti-depressants, that incited Cruz as he was already filled with the constant rage that the highly Service-to-Self possess. He was a weapon in the Deep State arsenal.

Could the Zetas give some comments on this matter? [and from another]  9 February, 2017. Sinking' Pacific nation is getting bigger. The Pacific nation of Tuvalu—long seen as a prime candidate to disappear as climate change forces up sea levels—is actually growing in size, new research shows. A University of Auckland study examined changes in the geography of Tuvalu's nine atolls and 101 reef islands between 1971 and 2014, using aerial photographs and satellite imagery. It found eight of the atolls and almost three-quarters of the islands grew during the study period, lifting Tuvalu's total land area by 2.9 percent, even though sea levels in the country rose at twice the global average. [and from another]  27 August, 2014. Pacific plate shrinking as it cools. The Pacific tectonic plate is not as rigid as scientists believe, according to new calculations. Scientists have determined that cooling of the lithosphere -- the outermost layer of Earth -- makes some sections of the Pacific plate contract horizontally at faster rates than others and cause the plate to deform.

We predicted that the portion of the Pacific Plate housing Samoa would rise, significantly, during the hour of the Pole Shift. The Pacific is not one plate, but four, though most of the activity along these plate borders, beneath the waves, is not discernable to mankind. Recently, during the significant quake offshore from the Aleutian Islands, the Pacific compressed.  During this compression the Hawaii Islands and Japan presumably rose. The eastern lip of the tilting Philippine Plate presumably rose. And as predicted that plate portion holding Samoa and Tuvalu also rose. The plate portion we call the North Pacific Plate is depressed during these adjustments.  This is a steady process, going on in the past as well as ongoing.

There is much Evidence that David Hogg and some students were Crisis Actors.  I suspect the Council of Worlds and the Transformation Team had something to do with all this information coming out now.  Would the Zetas care to comment? [and from another] The profile seems to be a brand new profile, so I highly doubt that it was created by the student himself.  People also tend to add their typical social media pictures as a profile picture, and not a convenient yearbook picture, which again leads me to believe that it's the job of a troll. As far as the video goes, from what I've heard he wants to be a reporter, and was interviewing a classmate as they were in lock down. He's recording her with his phone. Then the video cuts to audio recording, with news media video, panning and zooming in and out of students being evacuated. I wouldn't be surprised if the audio is from another video recording made by David Hogg, with the video taken out to be presented as though it was happening while they were on lock down. [and from another] David Hogg, Son of FBI agent caught on video “interviewing” student about shooting 4 HOURS ahead of Actual Shooting. In this video supposedly made by David Hogg during the shooting, Hogg says the time is 9:32 (just before the 1:00 mark). Not that the shooting actually happened at 2:19. There was a drill earlier that morning during which Davide Hogg made this video and tried to pass it off as a video of the "attack". Therefore, David Hogg knew about the later "attack" ahead of time. Thus, David Hogg is a crisis actor. Since Hogg's father is a former FBI agent, we must conclude that the FBI was in on the planning of this fake event. [and from another] [and from another] David Hogg, a student at Stoneman High School in Parkland, Florida, came under a great deal of scrutiny after he criticized President Donald Trump and defended the FBI. But it was later revealed that his father, Kevin Hogg, is a retired FBI agent. [and from another] [and from another] The new face of gun control and the son of a former FBI agent, David Hogg, told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that he’s not a crisis actor, despite the fact that he graduated high school in the State of California in 2015 and likely never attended Stoneman Douglas Hogh School in Parkland, Florida, as he claims. That’s right, David Hogg, who claims to be a current student at Stoneman Douglas H.S. in Parkland, Florida where 17 people were reportedly shot and killed, actually attended and graduated Redondo Shores High School, in Redondo Beach, California, according to a fellow student who attended Redondo Shores High School and is even pictured in the yearbook. [and from another] The mother of a teenager who survived the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting appears to have high level connections at CNN.  “Great VIP tour,” said a post by Rebecca Boldrick showing a series of photos taken in 2016 at CNN world headquarters. [and from another] The video of the school's 2017 yearbook shows David's photo among the school's underclassmen. Since it's not a senior portrait, he clearly didn't graduate last year, and clearly was enrolled at the school. [and from another]

Is David Hogg a crisis actor, hired to pretend he is a student at the Stoneman high school in Parkland, Florida? He is a student in high school there, but is ambitious to be a talking head on TV or in the movies. Indeed his mother works for CNN and is acquainted with Anderson Cooper. Indeed, his father is a retired FBI agent and among those supporting Hillary in 2016. He was flown into California in 2017 for practice, appearing on TV as a supposed witness to a shooting. Primed to deliver fake news by both his parents, he was ready when the Stoneman massacre was primed to happen. 

It seems that the wobble changed again, gotten worse. It seems different now then it was before. It even reached the news, It seems to me like a major change in the wobble.  Could the Zetas say something about this? [and from another] Europe has been buffeted by freezing temperatures in recent days and experts say this is the result of freak warming in the Arctic. The Arctic is experiencing one of its hottest winters on record, with temperatures at the North Pole surging above freezing. These unusual conditions, which scientists say have 'never been this extreme', are causing a disruption to the Arctic polar jet stream. [and from another] Upside down weather! As parts of Europe drop to -27 deg C (-17 deg F) and 8 dead in Poland with temperatures above 0 on the Arctic circle. The reason for the brutally cold weather is that a particular atmospheric phenomenon will appear in the next few days. In Northeast Europe, a massive, high-pressure anticyclone will emerge that will change the airflow in most parts of the continent. Instead of the general westerly flow, the wind will blow from the East on the Southern border of the anticyclone.

The weather maps at the end of December, 2017 showed that the Polar Push had turned into opposition, where the magnetic N Pole of Earth in Siberia was temporarily facing the Sun more directly. This forced the opposite side of the Northern Hemisphere - Canada and the US – to suffer less sunlight, thus the extreme record breaking cold. Over the past two months, January and February, the temporary turn into opposition has ended and seems to have reversed.

Where at the end of December the Siberian side of the Northern Hemisphere was too hot, with the Americas side too cold, this has now reversed. The magnetic N Pole of Earth is now being aggressively pushed away by the N Pole of Nibiru. This is in part a reaction to the temporary lean into opposition, the swing back into the normal Polar Push wobble pattern an over-reaction, reverberating. During both of these flip flops, the Arctic has received more sunlight than usual, and the melting is obvious. The establishment, as usual, struggles to explain.