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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for August 27, 2016

A significant earthquake off the North-East coast of Australia, magnitude 5.8. Assuming the magnitude has been under-reported, what are the implications of increased earthquake activity closer to the Australian mainland as opposed to the edge of the Indo-Australian plate? [and from another] Queenslanders 900km apart experienced the state’s biggest earthquake in 20 years on Thursday afternoon. A 5.8 magnitude earthquake rocked parts of North Queensland, including Whitsundays holiday hot spot Hamilton Island. The quake, which struck offshore near Bowen shortly after 2.30pm, was reportedly felt across Queensland at locations as far apart as Mission Beach, Shoalwater Bay, Charters Towers and Emerald. [and from another] The second biggest earthquake ever recorded off the east Australian coast has shaken areas of central and north Queensland but there have been no reports of serious damage. It is the strongest recorded since a magnitude-6.0 quake struck east of Gladstone in 1918. [and from another] Aftershocks are still being recorded off the coast of north Queensland where a magnitude-5.8 earthquake struck. According to Geoscience Australia, there have been 15 aftershocks since the earthquake was recorded at 2.30pm (AEST), some 70km off the coast of Bowen. The latest was a magnitude-3.0 tremor at 7.37am on Friday which followed a magnitude-4.1 tremor at 4.27am.

Except for the ramming motion of the Indo-Australian Plate under the Himalayas and the torqueing stress on the N American continent, earthquakes during the 7 of 10 plate movements are almost entirely along plate borders. One can clearly see that the Indo-Australian Plate is lifting and on the move, as the entire curve under Java and Sumatra and to the east along the plate border is covered in quakes. One can clearly see the S American roll in process, with the Andes and the entire eastern side of the Caribbean Plate covered in quakes.

Quakes in the interior of a plate are rare and almost always indicate a fault line in the plate, where the plate itself is adjusting to a new location. Of course the 5.8 along the Queensland coast was a higher magnitude, in essence a magnitude 8, as can be seen by the length of time the quake lasted and the vast area affected. As the epicenter was under water, damage was minimal. That said, why did the quake happen at all?  As the Indo-Australian Plate lifts, there is less support on the eastern side. Rock formerly supported droops.

There is suddenly frantic media about a Clinton Foundation hacking leak. Yet talk of this hacking has been around for months. Why now? Hillary is high in the polls, seemingly coasting to victory. Why is the Clinton campaign suddenly frantic about a potential hacking leak of email from the Clinton Foundation? Despite Alex Jones blogging about Hillary’s health, the Hillary friendly main stream media is ignoring it all. [and from another] Hillary has a very serious neurological degeneration which could be Parkinson’s disease;
– Around half a million dollars has been spent to specially adapt three SUVs in which Hillary travels to provide lowered floors and disabled access to prevent Hillary from tripping.
– Hillary’s staff is so intent on keeping reporters away from Clinton because she is at risk of petit mal seizures that can be triggered by camera flashes;
– Hillary has major problems with balance, difficulties with walking and keeps falling down;
– Hillary’s campaign will be forced into making a big announcement soon regarding her medical condition;
– The source told us that this information was relayed to the press by others, but they were too afraid to run it, so Infowars was reached out to directly by the Secret Service in Cleveland three weeks ago because they trusted us to run this news unfiltered.

We have stated that Hillary would not drop out willingly, and would insist on being driven to the White House in an ambulance if necessary, such is her ambition. In that the polls have been rigged to show Hillary leading, so as to excuse her from the campaign trail, the campaign feels they can let her rest, as her symptoms get worse when she is fatigued or stressed. Because of their success during the Primaries, fixing the votes and fixing the polls, they feel they can repeat this for the General. What then would cause the campaign, and Hillary herself, to feel otherwise?

It is not Hillary, nor Bill, who would be driving this decision. It is not those closest to Hillary, her inner circle such as Huma and Chelsea. Not her major backers such as Soros who would continue to insist she deliver on their investment. The Bush/Clinton Crime Family is more than this close-knit bunch. It is immense, in the reach of the tentacles. It includes Jewish bankers, the Israel connection, all the money laundering associates linked through the network exposed by the Panama Papers, and the sleeper cells embedded within the US government, placed there in the past by Bill Clinton and George W Bush.

It is this larger network, worldwide and vastly wealthy, about to lose their influence as well as their wealth if exposed, that does not want the Clinton Foundation investigations to continue. They know that if Hillary persists, this will occur. They have tried to halt the investigations and found the key players such as Dunford and Comey protected in ways that human hands could not counter. Their choices are clear: kill Hillary and Bill and/or get Hillary to drop out.  They hope to continue to operate, so see some worth in having Hillary and Bill still alive, familiar faces, and to if anything maintain moral among the network.

So how would Hillary be pushed to withdraw? Her false poll numbers would start to drop, putting her into a panic. Various media sources who have heretofore refused any negative publicity of Hillary would be allowed to talk about her health and put Trump in a positive light. All this would create more short-circuiting in Hillary, especially as camera flashes would be allowed and she would have seizures on camera. It would be stressed that with Kaine in place, her influence would remain, and the whole network better off if the focus were not on her health. She would be given a new role, Queen Mother in essence.

Germany preparing for martial law? Instead of stopping the influx of migrants the Merkel government intends to build up a surveillance state and intends to call citizen to prepare. [and from another] [and from another] Breaking: German Government Calls For Immediate Stockpiling of Food and Cash!!! August 21, 2016 ? Is Germany and Rome/U.S. Starting something soon? War or financial crash?? [and from another] German authorities are set to introduce a new state defense plan that would make citizens stockpile food and water, enough to last for at least ten days, in the event of a major disaster or an armed attack. The nation is to be encouraged to put away food reserves to take care of themselves in case of emergency.

What is Germany anticipating, that they are about to instruct their citizens to have enough food and water to sustain themselves for 10 days. Natural disaster or an attack was mentioned, but neither seems eminent. A terrorist attack would be local, and not require food and water for the entire country. What attack would occur? Unless NATO attacks Russia, there is no conceivable conflict. Do Merkel and the German government fear that ISIS has so thoroughly infiltrated Germany that the country could erupt into civil war between ISIS and the German people? Since Merkel is still extending a welcoming hand to immigrants from Syria, this does not seem to fit.

Thus, the only cause left is a natural disaster. Germany is lowland, at least the northern part of the country, and would be awash if a major sloshing of the Atlantic were to occur. Of course this would also be true of the Netherlands, Denmark, the eastern coast of France, and parts of the UK, but they are not Germany’s concern. We have been hinting broadly that to provide cover for Dunford to delay and defer the 2016 elections, the Council of Worlds might give Dunford cover, and the most likely event would be a severe wobble. Such an event as described in detail by ourselves would potentially cause flooding in Germany. It is obvious that Merkel and the German government take ZetaTalk seriously. 

Recently, the Zetas have indicated that the severe wobble which may be caused by the World Council, can already potentially cause flooding in Germany. Can the Zetas tell us more about what could happen to coastlines during this possible event (possible wave height and etc)? And generally what to expect? Of course Zetas from the beginning said that coastal areas are not safe, but possible explosive rate of wobble make people more unprepared. Will it have an explosive or fast growing rate? [and from another] I just read recent ZT regarding the severe wobble and flooding but it only says that parts of Europe might be flooded. What about the East Coast? I live in New York City. Will it also get flooded when the Council of Worlds creates the severe wobble so that Dunford can cancel the elections? How can he cancel the elections if only Europe is afflicted and not the US? Will this severe wobble occur before or after the announcement re Nibiru? [and from another] Triggered a series of devastating tsunamis along the coasts of most landmasses bordering the Indian Ocean, killing 230,000 people in 14 countries, and inundating coastal communities with waves up to 30 metres (100 ft) high. Scientists investigating the damage in Aceh found evidence that the wave reached a height of 24 metres (80 ft) when coming ashore along large stretches of the coastline, rising to 30 metres (100 ft) in some areas when traveling inland.   The very high fatality in the area is mainly due to the unpreparedness of the population from such an event. Helicopter survey showed entire settlements virtually destroyed with destruction miles inland with only some mosques left standing, which provided refuge for the people from the tsunami.

We have explained in prior ZetaTalk that wobble sloshing is not as devastating as the Pole Shift sloshing. The primary reason for this is that wobble sloshing reverses, self corrects, where Pole Shift sloshing occurs when the crustal shift places the crust in a new position, and there it stays. We have stated that wobble sloshing during a severe wobble will result in high tides 200-300 feet high, and that the Pole Shift tides can be expected to be 500-600 feet high. In both cases, the higher tide is a result of tidal bore, the geology of the coastline, where water is funneled upward as it has nowhere else to go.

There are other differences between a severe wobble and the Pole Shift itself. As Nibiru tightens its grip on the planets caught in the cup, Nibiru pulls to the right of the Earth steadily and the Earth and her sister planets (Venus and the Dark Twin) squeeze to the left. The Pole Shift is unleashed when Venus and the Dark Twin escape the cup, allowing Nibiru to draw closer to the Earth, but for a severe wobble these extreme positions are not in place. Nibiru is still not directly to the right of the Earth, nor is it close.

Thus the severe wobble is a combination of a swing to the left into a lean to the left and back again, and a swing of the N Pole away into extreme darkness for the Northern Hemisphere and then back again. It will not reach the extremes that we have described for the Last Weeks. Nevertheless, it will be extreme enough that the entire population of the World will notice that something is amiss, the Sun very much out of place, and the establishment will not be able to sputter excuses fast enough. The people will know that the establishment is lying, and any such lies will doom the establishment to becoming a hollow voice no longer believed on any matter.

If we have advised that during the hour of the Pole Shift, people be 100 miles inland and 200 feet above sea level to evade the Pole Shift sloshing. One could assume this to be approximately half that for a severe wobble, thus being 50 miles inland and 100 feet above sea level should suffice. However, local variances will exist, causing tidal bore, causing the tide to roll further inland before stopping, and caution would of course be better than not. We have described the severe wobble as likely to commence suddenly, without warning, so our advice for those likely to be affected is to sleep on the roof, or above ground, or be prepared to move if alarms are sounded.

This will be a flood tide, not violent waves accompanied by  high winds and flying debris. One could look to the tsunami in Ache in 2004 as an example of a flood tide rolling inland. The elephants knew, and took to the hills, but mankind does not listen well. It should be noted that we described the effect of a severe wobble back in 2011, and 5 years have passed since that time. A severe wobble was always in the cards, for mankind, for the Earth. We also described devastating tides as a result of 7 of 10 plate movements, particularly against Europe. Such devastation occurring prior to the hour of the Pole Shift should be viewed ultimately as saving lives, in that mankind will move away from the coastlines.

The mainstream media has given prominence to the discovery of another new planet, dubbed "Proxima b". Reports have emphasized Proxima b's close proximity to Earth, its potential for supporting life and have also asked the question of how it remained undetected for so long. Is this another Prong 3 push in advance of Nibiru's discovery? [and from another] In a discovery that has been years in the making, researchers have confirmed the existence of a rocky planet named Proxima b orbiting Proxima Centauri, the closest star to our sun, according to a new study. It is the closest exoplanet to us in the universe.Given the fact that Proxima b is within the habitable zone of its star, meaning liquid water could exist on the surface, it may also be the closest possible home for life outside of our solar system. [and from another] The search for life outside our solar system has been brought to our cosmic doorstep with the discovery of an apparently rocky planet orbiting the nearest star to our sun. Named Proxima b, the new planet has sparked a flurry of excitement among astrophysicists, with the tantalising possibility that it might be similar in crucial respects to Earth. [and from another] How did Proxima b remain undetected for so long, in an era when astronomers are finding exoplanets thousands of light-years from Earth? "The uneven and sparse sampling, combined with the longer term variability of the star, seem to be the reasons why the signal could not be unambiguously confirmed with pre-2016 data.” [and from another] Press Conference at ESO HQ.

Why the sudden flurry about Proxima B when it had been known to exist for over a decade? This is indeed a Prong 3 assist, with the main character in the announcement the ESO’s observatory in Chile. This will likewise be the source of the announcement when Nibiru is discovered, as the Dark Energy Survey is run from this Chile observatory, the very same crew scanning the infrared images from past years looking for exoplanets. Prong 3 cover is also being provided by the emphasis on confusion, that Proxima B was elusive.

The trend has been to discover exoplanets galore, so as to pave the way for the discovery of Nibiru in the Dark Energy Survey star charts, in a retrograde orbit, arriving right where it rides today, next to the Sun. The trend has been to emphasize potentially life bearing planets being discovered, so as to pave the way to a tacit admission that the alien presence is real, and has been on Earth for millennia. The public is to arrive at this conclusion, as no formal announcement about the alien presence will be forthcoming from the establishment. We will avoid the sticky cover-up by just leaping to the conclusion.

Why is it necessary to emphasize that life elsewhere can exist, that intelligent life has likely evolved elsewhere, and since there are worlds equivalent to Earth that this life might find Earth compatible? Is the establishment intending to announce that the Annunaki exist and are inhabiting Nibiru? This fact can hardly be avoided, given the vast Earth history on the Annunaki.  The Great Pyramids, massive stones such as the Easter Island heads moved about with ease, and legends of demigods larger than man walking the Earth. The admission that Nibiru is real and at hand leads to ZetaTalk, a communication by aliens, and this then leads to the Annunaki legends. It is inevitable.