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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for May 14, 2016

Any comment? [and from another] In the New Mexico desert, a billion dollars is being poured into building a futuristic city, with green energy powering the buildings and self-driving cars  navigating the streets. The Center for Innovation, Testing, and Evaluation (CITE) is set to be built near Deming, New Mexico, about 30 miles north of the Mexican border. It will act as something of an experiment in urban planning. Barren desert will give way to tree-lined streets, with schools, high-rises and suburbs meant for a population of 35,000 that will never actually live there. Renewable energy sources – such as solar, wind, geothermal and even biopower plants – will run side-by-side with new forms of water treatment and cyber-security projects.

China has had their ghost cities built and ready for occupancy for over a decade, and Russia is not only developing its Far East but moving its population there steadily. All this in preparation for the Aftertime flooding, which we the Zetas have predicted, which will raise the sea level along the coastlines to 675 feet above the present level. The US, and Europe, have made no such moves, seemingly waiting for disaster to strike before making arrangements for their displaced citizenry. The elite in the US and Europe have long been making arrangements for themselves. But what of the common man?

Obama issued Executive Order 13575 in June 9, 2011 which allows the federal government to get involved in developing rural areas. This presumably would support constructing barracks and forcing starving citizens to farm, to feed themselves, but makes no allowance for those citizens who are in the upper middle class - neither poor nor in the 1% - and who can purchase better accommodations for themselves. The servant class can farm, but they expect to be above that, acting as technocrats or management.  Europe is apparently expecting their citizens to rush to Norway and Sweden or into the Alps, with the elite such as the Queen deserting Europe altogether.

The CITE lab is designed to not only explore the feasibility of such cities for the upper middle class in the US, but to actually build them in anticipation of filling them in the near future after disasters. Cities and suburbs will be destroyed along the New Madrid and the San Andreas, but those with healthy bank accounts or assets that can be liquidated will move into these survival cities. Yes, they will be self-sufficient, by design, and there will be barracks for the worker class who will farm and clean for their masters. China has its ghost cities, and the US will have its CITE enclaves. This is the plan.

Would the Zetas care to comment on the following crop circle reported yesterday at Hill Barn, Wiltshire, UK? [and from another]  [and from another] [and from another] May 6 2016: Grass Circle Reported In Netherlands

What is the significance of a pentagon in a crop circle design. Over a year ago in May, 2015 we commented on a pentagon design laid in Germany with an uneven distribution of points, relating this to influences on the daily Earth wobble. The Earth has three magnetic influences – the dominant vertical magnetic alignment of the Sun, the horizontal magnetic alignment of Nibiru, and the Earth’s own magnetic alignment as she struggles between these two conflicting voices.  In addition the Earth has Venus and the Dark Twin caught in the cup with her, which are gravity influences.

In May, 2015 all these influences were not equal in force, and not equal in strength, thus the daily polar push when the Earth’s magnetic N Pole came up over the horizon to face Nibiru just to the right of the Sun was violent, increasingly so. The other influences had a lesser voice. But as Nibiru comes closer, and the cup tightens, the Earth finds herself in a ricochet. In the middle of a polar push she might be dealing with the Dark Twin bumping her side. Or while attempting to escape the Dark Twin she might be forced closer to Nibiru and suddenly turn into opposition to deal with the magnetic intensity. The Hillbarn CC is predicting an increasingly violent wobble, thus.  

In step with this message from the UK is a circle design in the Netherlands, laid the same day. In 2004 we described the parallel lines along a line connecting two planets in a crop circle as depicting magnetic alignment, a side-by-side alignment. The Netherlands design is depicting how the Earth’s struggle to maintain her side-by-side alignment with the Sun has influenced the daily Earth wobble. The handle bars on either side of the Earth are not even, with the bar on the left at an angle which equates to a 20-30 degree offset on the other side of the globe. This is indeed what those in Europe have observed in their sunset, of late.  

What means "breakthrough" in negotiations for the future and problems of migration? [and from another] Japanese PM Abe met Russian president Putin on May 6th, 2016. Did they talk about PS and Japanese people's evacuation to Far East in Russia? Or did they talk just about resolving territorial dispute like below article from Japantimes? Could zetas tell or suggest about the meaning of their meeting, if there is something we may know? [and from another] At the meeting, Putin invited Abe to participate in the Eastern Economic Forum to be held in Vladivostok in September. The forum will bring together business and government representatives to discuss investment opportunities in Russia’s Far East and the Asia-Pacific region. Abe showed a willingness to participate, noting the importance of cooperation in the Russian Far East. [and from another] Tokyo-Moscow relations are hamstrung by a row dating back to the end of World War II when Soviet troops seized the four southernmost islands in the Pacific Kuril chain, known as the Northern Territories in Japan. The leaders held talks lasting more than three hours, including a tete-a-tete section, in what Abe called "an extensive, frank and candid exchange of views." Russia has angered Japan recently by building new modern compounds for its troops stationed on two of the disputed islands. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev also infuriated Tokyo last year by visiting one of the islands, home to some 19,000 Russians. Despite the warmer words from both sides, tensions between the two sides continue to surface and Japan has hit Russia with sanctions over the Ukraine crisis. Abe will later this month host a summit of the Group of Seven advanced industrial countries, from which Russia has been excluded over its annexation of Crimea from Ukraine.

There are many trends in the political, socioeconomic, and financial spheres that the public barely senses, seeing only the ripples on the surface of the water but not seeing the sharks in the water. When the Council of Worlds went to war with the elite that control the media, to force them to allow the common man to be informed about the pending passage, there were maneuvers in the banking sphere.  Changes in the Federal Reserve, the Swiss Franc unpegging from the Euro, HSBC exposure and prosecution, Netanyahu’s fall and the recently released Panama Papers only hint at the blood in the water below the surface.  

On the political front, we see evidence to support the rumors that Dunford is in charge in the US, an essential martial law, and working closely with Russia to allow them to clean up ISIS in the Middle East. The astonished public is learning that Turkey and the Saudi’s as well as Israel have been supporting ISIS, despite the rhetoric and despite the claims from NATO and the posture of the White House.  Meanwhile Dunford is drawing the US military back to the homeland, with an eye to dealing with the devastating Earth changes North American will endure shortly, canceling promises to Australia and NATO.

In all of this, whether Japan? Japan has looked to the US for defense, but over the past several years has been given the message that they will be on their own. Korea has quietly been given the same message. China and Russia are staunch allies and are braced for an invasion of drowning and desperate migrants from Asia and Japan when the Pole Shift is upon the Earth and in the Aftertime. In all of this, a dispute over a few barely populated islands at the north end of Japan seems trivial. Russia is interested in a partner defending its Far East, which is only lightly populated. Japan is interested in helping its population migrate to safety, and has technological assets as a bargaining chip. These were issues under discussion between Abe and Putin.