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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for April 14, 2012

What is up with the SOHO Images ( overview? There were no regular updates available for awhile 2012/04/06. Would you be so kind to ask the Zetas what is going on? Could you also ask the Zetas if the "complex" seen on the image below is also the Planet X complex? (, SOHO EIT 171 - 2012-04-07, 13-00 [and from another] Checking for LASCO C2 and LASCO C3 (2012/04/07 | 2012/04/06 ) on the SOHO Website brings up this “No Data Available” search result. SOHO is back although there are still missing pictures starting from yesterday 2012/04/06 at 23:4x up to 2012/04/07 at approx 12:00.

This is indeed debris in the tail of Planet X, even though the debris on the EIT images appears not to move from frame to frame, moving only slightly in this or that direction. Debris in space does not act like debris caught in the atmosphere of Earth. The air is substance and can push an object. Planets move along in their orbits because they are being swept along by the sweeping arms of the Sun, though these arms are not visible to man on Earth. The debris from Planet X is caught in an electrostatic cloud, a charged dust cloud. A charge keeps charged items apart just as hair standing on end on a person's head will stand apart, when charged. Where at just the right distance from the satellite cameras, this fixed array will appear in the images, but appear not to move, or barely so.

We have addressed the pathetic editing by NASA when Planet X components show up on their SOHO or Stereo images, and the divided loyalties among those employed to fool the public. Deliberate attempts to insert the Planet X components on older images prior to 2003 also were obvious. On occasion, a slip occurs and this not entirely by accident. Note the correlation in date and time between the EIT slip on April 7 at 13:00 UTC (which is attempting to hide the Planet X components in the lower left sector) and the Stereo Ahead image on April 7 at 13:54 UTC (which shows the Planet X components in the lower left sector).

What becomes of those who fail to edit properly or allow a program to falter? In that the programs have never worked 100%, allowing edit lines to show through because a computer program does not have the ability to notice subtle gradations in color along the edit lines, excuses can be made. The staff they use for these edits are limited in number, and bringing in alternative help only complicates the situation. As is evident from the outage that followed, NASA closed down the information stream to the public while pep talks and checks for fatigue or program failures were done. And those who allowed the bloopers, though appropriately horrified on the surface, are secretly smiling on the inside.

The boxes reported on the beach on the west coast of Oregon US and previously in Sri Lanka intrigued me. The implications at the time were that the boxes were placed there by UFOs. I can find no new news about these boxes on the net. Cover-up?  Below are links to the news articles and ZT on the topic at the time as a memory refresher and for those new to the topic.
The only mainstream article I could find is this one which debunks the alien source of the boxes. This publication did not carry the original story. It shows a picture of a box which looks similar to the others but is not sitting in the sand. It is sitting on top of other beach float sum. Obviously this box is not unmovable as it must have been moved. I live on the south east coast of Florida. Large objects that wash up on the shore are partially buried in the sand by wave action. This box is not partially buried. Also as a note, an object partially buried in wet sand is very hard to move because there is a suction formed by the sand which tends to hold the object in place. There is no obvious hole near the box that would suggest that someone flipped the box over before the picture was taken. My conclusion, it is highly probable that this box did notwash up, but was dumped on the beach. Also, the box in the article shows no evidence of being in the water for a long period of time like you would expect a dock float to have, no barnacles, oyster growth, sea weed growth etc. on the parts of the dock box that would have been submerged. It occurred to me that the ZT claims might be verifiable. So, I downloaded the data from Northern California Earthquake Data Center, UC Berkeley for the time period from 12/1/2011 to 4/5/2012. I grouped the data into weeks. I counted the number of quakes in each week, then summed the magnitude of all the quakes in each week, calculated the average magnitude for each week, and found the largest magnitude for each week. Graphs of the results of my analysis are below. Note the boxes first appeared on the beaches Feb 8th 2012. I have been watching IRIS daily for some time and noticed there have been several days lately where there were no new quakes in the morning which is highly unusual based on my observations of the last couple of years. Based on this observation, I summed the magnitude of each quake >4 for each week. You can draw your own conclusions, but it looks to me like Zetas were telling the truth! The graph shows the quake activity building and then suddenly falling off at the exact time of the box appearance. In this last graph it is really clear that large quakes were building in frequency and magnitude prior to the box placement and since have been decreasing in frequency and magnitude. It is also worth noting that per the Zetas the end of April is the end of a magnetic trimester. My question for the Zetas, Does the delaying of the 7 of 10 events but not the end date make the final earth trauma that much worse (more events in less time stacked up towards the end)? I am assuming the end state as described by the Zetas has not changed, so during later weeks more has to happen?
[and from another]  Strange boxes spark UFO rumors [Feb 22] After a careful study that included photos and up-close examinations of the mystery boxes, marine science experts and others have determined that they are - drum roll, please - wood-framed, fiberglass-covered dock floats.

As is obvious from visual comparisons between the legitimate boxes and these dock floats, they are not the same. The original boxes were metal, could not be moved by those who tried to lift or drag them off, and glowed and hummed on occasion. The dock floats are clearly plywood with a thin covering of fiberglass to make them watertight, and could be shoved about by a strong man or woman. The cover-up over the alien presence requires that such stories be kept from the media and countered, which is exactly what happened here. Those who were legitimate witnesses to the metal boxes in Oregon are not heard from on the Internet or major media, while the fake story is allowed to be discovered by search engines. Standard modus operando of the cover-up.

I keep seeing mention of Chemtrails popping up on ZetaTalk.  From what I have found from searching this Ning, it seems that they are a "non-event".  I am curious why they keep coming up and why people seem so fixated on them.  Are they something we should take seriously?  Sorry if this has already been addressed.

Chemtrails have a long history and some years ago evolved to be an experiment in how to make migrating survivors sick into attempts to fog up the sky so Planet X and its components could not be readily seen by the populace. This has been an elaborate enterprise, well funded by the wealthy, in an attempt to keep the public unaware of the nearby presence of Planet X until the last possible moment. This campaign is failing, despite renewed vigor, and this failure only partly due to the Red Filter Revolution which is allowing the common man to see the complex and even capture motion in the Moon Swirls.

What gives the campaign a Catch-22 aspect is that for every glimpse of the complex that is obscured, there is a question that is invariably raised. Why is this being done? Why the need to lay criss-cross across the skies so steadfastly? What are they hiding? Now they’ve got the public curious, and the matter has gone viral on the Internet, and has so much history that it can never be stamped out. The establishment would have been better off to merely leave the skies alone, as although an occasional Second Sun sighting would emerge, this would have had less impact than the deep suspicion that the establishment is hiding something, and lying about it.

On March 21, shortly after Clintonville started experiencing loud booms, a mysterious white substance
was discovered just to the east in the Fond du Lac River, Wisconsin.  On March 31, a similar substance
was discovered in Sheldon Creek in Burlington, Vermont.  Then today on April 7, a mysterious "white, milky" fluid was spotted bubbling up in Coal Harbour in Vancouver BC. The Fond du Lac substance was thought to be some form of "cutting oil" that somehow entered  the storm sewer.  The spill in Sheldon Creek was reported to be the result of leak from a company that produces water treatment chemicals.  The Coal Harbour substance is thought to be effluent emanating from an underwater storm water outflow pipe. Will the Zetas confirm if these incidences are related to Earth Changes, (e.g., ruptured storm water lines from shifting Earth) and elaborate why all these substances appear to be similar?

Two of these incidents occurred in a river or creek bed, and as we have explained these spots represent a thin place in the crust, so the crust sags and thus water pools there. In Vancouver, the milky substance bubbling up was in an inlet bay, in an area just east of the San Andreas fault line. Note also that all 3 incidents are in a line from the West Coast to the East Coast, and thus the emergence of this milky substance could be related to the bowing of the N American continent. Despite the assurances of those assigned to investigate and explain, no identification of the substance was done! So what is this substance?

Just as the air itself can become solidified into Angel Hair on occasion, due to electrical changes in the particles holding the atoms together, this type of phenomena can occur in water too. The bowing can drop sinkholes, shift bridges, and rip open crevasses, but this is all surface activity. When movement in the deeper rock occurs, then the electromagnetic screech we have referred to as a frequent warning of a pending earthquake increases. Rock pressed close together allows electricity to flow via water trapped in the rock layers, and this moves electricity. Thus, temporarily, the water composition changed, making it appear milky and causing bubbles to emerge. Simple as that.

On February 27, 2012 a massive crop formation appeared in Tula, Hidalgo, Mexico which was nearly identical to a formation which appeared in Russia on May 22, 2011. From the ground the formations seem to be a mess of strange, asymmetrical shapes. But when viewed from above, the neat rows of flattened crop show just how ordered the formations are. There must be some meaning to the shapes that appear along these lines. When the Russian crop circle first appeared back in May 2011, your comment to the question was: "Declined as this is windstorm damage, not a CC. CC's have grain that weaves and goes in dual directions at once, etc, bends at the nodes to lay down, stuff like that. This is just blown over, all in one direction. Microbursts of wind" Now, what is the chance of a similar crop circle or patterns caused by a similar storm?  Based on the comments from the local, there was no signs of storm the night before this crop circle appeared but there were strange lights and objects appeared with strange sounds around there?  The local Mexicans are puzzled.  Is there anything that we could add to this or this is simply another patterns caused by storm?

The message in these crop alterations is not in the symbols but in the effect, which is a flattened crop. Crop shortages have been on the increase, and are such that already the UN begs for help for starving countries and gets a deaf ear from those who formerly had abundance. Starvation quietly proceeds in many countries, this fact slipping out of the media where formerly noisy campaigns to get help from the populace were conducted. The reason for the silence is that the establishment, which controls the media, does not want the populace to be aware of the extent of crop shortages, and thus panic. Crop shortages was an early prediction by ourselves, and thus this fact alone would lend credence to our warnings about the cover-up over the pending passage of Planet X.

In both Russia and Mexico, the flattening of the crops was recognized as being at the hand of aliens. The phenomena actually got better coverage because there were no recognizable symbols, and thus the establishment tended to ignore any media coverage. In both Russia and Mexico, this phenomena occurred in regions where plentiful crops are grown, which can be seen from the videos – lush fields, fully grown grain, not yet dried for harvest. In both cases the fields were subsequently harvested without loss, though extra effort was required due to the flattened grain stalks. The message? Be prepared for your grain to fail, in the future, and plot your course accordingly.

It certainly appears the U.S. mainstream media spin and/or cook the books/numbers on temperature and weather reporting in general.  Is something up with a proposed new formula, the Universal Thermal Climate Index?  Is this a disguised attempt to further hide the truth about extreme weather related to the near presence of Planet X? [and from another] In the Forecast: A Better Way to Measure the Temperature [Apr 6] To clear the air, some meteorologists are pushing a new generation of temperature-like figures that go far beyond the reading on the thermometer or even wind-chill and heat indexes that try to account for the impact of wind or humidity. The Universal Thermal Climate Index—in the same scale as temperature, but meant to convey what it really feels like. It is based on a scientific model of 340 parts of the body—since conditions around the body affect the temperature of different parts differently. The results will be published in a coming issue of a meteorological scientific journal.

Of course the establishment is desperate to hide the fact that weather records are being broken every instant, everywhere, all over the planet. For awhile the establishment had the weather stations avoid mentioning the broken records. But the public does not need talking heads to tell them what they can see with their own eyes. When one has snow in Summer and is wearing only short sleeve shirts in Winter, something is clearly wrong. This plot to change the reporting method will not catch on sufficiently to avoid the fact of the blending of seasons being firmly implanted in the public’s mind. The public is already sick of so-called experts who cannot explain the signs, and have sensed they are being lied to for a long time.

My question is: why would smoke continuously billowing out through the cracks?  Is this a sign of gradual sinking in that region due to Indo-Australian plate rising and tilting at the eastern end but driven under at Himalayas?  Is this likely to turn into some kind of hot earth or volcanic activities? [and from another]
Earth's surface cracks at Thanga Samukon 
[Apr 10] A crack around 60 feet long and one foot wide developed near the suspension bridge which connects Thanga Samukon and Oinam on Samukon side three days back. The crack has been churning out smoke continuously.

This suspension bridge is high in the Himalayas, and where it is experiencing mountain building it is not forming a volcano. What then causes smoke to come out of the crevasse so high in the Himalayas? There is pressure on rock strata, before it snaps. Pressure releases heat, and heat will vaporize anything that is not becoming molten. This is a temporary state, and can occur, as this episode shows, in the highest mountains, and at a great distance from the molten magma that constitutes the stuff of volcanic eruptions.

Greetings to Nancy and everybody! Here are some latest information about Active Denial Weapon. Would Zetas be so kind to comment this? [and from another] Putin targets foes with 'zombie' gun which attack victims' central nervous system [Mar 31] Mind-bending ‘psychotronic’ guns that can effectively turn people into zombies have been given the go-ahead by Russian president Vladimir Putin. The futuristic weapons – which will attack the central nervous system of their victims – are being developed by the country’s scientists. They could be used against Russia’s enemies and, perhaps, its own dissidents by the end of the decade. [and from another] The ADS activates the water molecules on the skin like a microwave, thus creating the sensation of heat. However, if reports are correct, the Russian weapon targets the central nervous system, which is an entirely different mechanism. While they both obviously use electromagnetic radiation, one targets the water in epidermal cells while the other reportedly goes straight to the target’s central nervous system (how exactly this is done is unclear at this point). In fact, these weapons are far from new. Research into electromagnetic weapons has been carried out in the US and Russia since the ’50s.
[and from another] The term psychotronic weapons refers to several systems of non-lethal weapons that use electronic and electromagnetic means to directly assault the human nervous system and brain, altering emotional states and behavior. Invented and patented by Dr. Oliver Lowery in 1989, Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS), just one of these technologies, was used by the Department of Defense in Iraq during the Gulf War in 1991, causing the mass surrender of thousands of Iraqi troops. This technology uses silent subliminal programming, incorporating modified EEG patterns stored on supercomputers, which can be used to implant emotional states directly into the brain via the auditory sense over ordinary UHF television and radio carrier frequencies. In 1974, the USSR registered its Radioson (Radiosleep) device with the Government Committee on Matters of Inventions and Discoveries of the USSR. Radioson was described as “a method of induction of sleep by means of radio waves.” Actually, the history of electromagnetic weapons dates back to the 1930s. [and from another] Here is a link to another article which went out on NZ tv last week about a "ray Gun" which has been "in development" for 18 years by the US but never used. The footage shown seemed to be similar to the description by daydreamer above which the Russians are now working on. Are these weapons linked and are they likely to be the weapons of choice if TPTB fail to come clean and the cover up is not broken in time? How can the ordinary man possibly fight against weapons such as these other than by not being in the cities perhaps.

The Active Denial System uses high frequency microwaves to heat the skin and make the target think they are afire, but do little damage beyond this and are transient. Nevertheless, those elements in human society interested in crowd control consider them a potential tool. In use today, and approved, are tear gas and Taser guns, which likewise only do transient damage if used as directed. What is being discussed as supposedly approved by Putin are not these, but weapons not yet fully developed which could induce the target to either fall asleep or become passive to the point of developing a submissive attitude, including suicidal urges.

If such weapons were available now, why would brutal dictatorships like Syria not be using them? Russia claimed, and patented, a sleep induction weapon called the Radioson, but like all such inventions if they worked then why are they not being used? Syria has no scruples, but even though supported by Russia they are not putting their rebels to sleep. The claims by some that the DoD created mass passive surrender in Iraq is likewise suspect, as where are such weapons in use in Afghanistan? Braggarts all, in the time honored posture of trying to scare one’s opponent into submission.

We have been asked about Manchurian Candidates and stated that where the military would love to develop such a weapon, their attempts have all failed. The human brain did not cooperate, and is not structured such that a suggestion can be superimposed over native intent. Hypnosis merely puts the subconscious in touch with the conscious. Nor do drug induced states create compliance. Nevertheless, the desire to control others, a hallmark of those in the Service-to-Self, is alive and well and seeking ever new devices to achieve these ends.

Can a universal brain wave pattern for sleep or the desire to commit suicide or assume a zombie-like  stance exist? Telepathy operates because two brains can find the same wave lengths, but these are not a single wave but a constellation, and vary so much that a third person cannot enter the conversation. If a machine were attuned to a single individual, it would be worthless for a crowd, and even then the machine would not find the right constellation, which is complex.  Even during telepathy, a suggestion is just a suggestion, and is not considered an order by the receiving brain. Psychotronics are destined to fail.

There was a massive earthquake - magnitude of 8.9 has struck under the sea off Indonesia's northern Aceh province and it has triggered an Indian ocean wide tsunami alert. Would zetas like to comment on this and it's general effect on the 7 / 10 scenarios?

Several facts quickly became obvious after the magnitude 8.9 quake on April 11, 2012 off the coast of Sumatra. First, the tsunami experienced on December 26, 2004 did not repeat. In 2004 the plate holding India lifted, thus displacing a massive amount of water in all directions, and thus the tsunami and high death count. In 2012 the plates slide along each other, with at most a temporary void along the plate borders near Tasmania and Australia causing buoy 55015 to show an amazing temporary drop of 65 meters (195 feet). This did not result in a tsunami because the water merely roiled in the void and then found its level, and did not travel to the side to disburse.

The second fact emerged by the next day, on the IRIS charts. The West Coast of the US had numerous substantial quakes, a continuing adjustment following the magnitude 7.9 near Acapulco, but clearly more than this was involved. The plates worldwide were adjusting. Look at the buoy chart. Buoys on alert are doing more than outlining the Sunda Plate. They are outlining the folding Mariana Plate, and the rising eastern edge of the plate holding Australia. The quakes on the IRIS chart show quakes on either side of Africa also, as that plate adjusted. But the big surprise was the amount of adjustment in the northern Pacific, between the West Coast of the US and Mexico and on the opposite side of the Pacific, Japan and the folding Mariana Plate.

What occurred during the Sumatra quake was a shifting to the west of the plate holding India.  This does indeed relate to the crack occurring just days before along the suspension bridge up in the Himalayas along the Thailand/India border. Africa had been edging to the west also, as the Atlantic spread, and this allowed the plate holding India to make this move. During this adjustment, any snags holding the folding Mariana Plate back were eased, and both the Mariana and Philippine plates gave in to the pressure from the Pacific. This allowed the southern part of the N American bow to shift further west also.

Did we not predict that the spreading Atlantic would allow a dropping and twisting Africa to fall into the increasing void in the Atlantic Ocean? Did we not predict that Mariana and Philippine plates would tilt and fold during the 7 of 10 scenarios? Why else are the buoys in that region on alert, so far from the slip-slide to the west of Sumatra? Did we not predict that the N American continent would tighten into a bow as the 7 of 10 plate adjustments proceeded? Here we have the entire West Coast from Vancouver to Acapulco suddenly having significant quakes. We stated the plates had been loosened, and were on the move. Our 7 of 10 predictions have become a fact.

Why is the tail blowing to the right, rather than the left as has been the case for months now?

We mentioned recently that Planet X was turning in place to point its tail more directly at the Earth. Planet X is outbound from the S Pole of the Sun, rising to the Ecliptic for the moment when it pierces the Ecliptic and races out of the solar system, causing the Pole Shift on Earth during this process. Planet X is coming at the Earth in a retrograde orbit, from the right hand side as viewed from the Northern Hemisphere. Thus normally the tail should be seen wafting over at the right hand side, but lately has for months been seen wafting toward the left. Why was this?

The tail is charged, and coming from the N Pole of Planet X is charged with magnetons flowing from Planet X along the lines of its massive magnetic field. These lines curl around to re-enter at the S Pole of Planet X, but this flow is not even throughout the magnetic field of Planet X. The Earth rides just to one side, further away from the Sun and to the left, with her S Pole somewhat closer to Planet X than her N Pole, which is repelled daily during the Earth wobble. The S Pole of Earth thus has been pulling the charged tail of Planet X toward it, and thus the appearance of a wafting to the left. A waft will continue, due to momentum, and if pulled in this direction, along that magnetic field line, will curl along that line – to the left in the view from Earth and up.

So what has happened that the tail is now found to the right? In fact, if one notices in the series of photos coming from Alberto, the tail has been wafting to the left and up, as a waft has more than momentum, it has a limited reach. If the tail waft were able to travel all the way along the magnetic field line to the S Pole of Planet X, it would seemingly disappear on the lower right hand side. But, carried by momentum and drawn toward the S Pole of Earth, it is forming a circle in front of the N Pole of Planet X. First to the left toward the S Pole of Earth, then up due to momentum, and round to the right!

Several old astronauts and NASA scientists have sent a letter to the NASA managing director, whereby they are requesting that NASA stops advocating the unproven Global Warming theory and come clean with the empirical data in the hands of NASA for long time now. Otherwise, they say, NASA and its employees will be completely losing credibility and public face in the times to come. Is this a first step towards a cracking of the coverup? Would this be of interest for the Zetas to comment?
[and from another] 49 Former NASA Scientists Send A Letter Disputing Climate Change [Apr 11] The group, which includes seven Apollo astronauts and two former directors of NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, are dismayed over the failure of NASA, and specifically the Goddard Institute For Space Studies (GISS), to make an objective assessment of all available scientific data on climate change.

Whatever happened to the grand old institution that put a man on the Moon and provided breathtaking Hubble images to the world? All that slipped away, by promotion or demotion, as those in charge at NASA were slowly shaped by the CIA into an organization that reported the facts as the CIA wanted the world to see them. Integrity went out the window first, along with honesty and any right the common man had to information secured with their tax dollars. The cover-up over the alien presence was the first big lie, then the existence of Planet X fast approaching the solar system.

So many lies piled on top of one another requires that the top management be comfortable with lying, and be driven by self-serving ambitions. It is, at this point in time, hopelessly set on this path, and the larger the lie, the harder it is to confess. We have predicted that rather than the truth ever emerging at the hands of NASA, this crowd will quietly slip away as the truth is revealed in the skies. They will hide, disappear and not answer the phones nor give interviews, cowards at the core as most in the Service-to-Self are, at base.

It seems that a number of the most recent videos of UFO's have captured either craft or holographic objects formation flying, with several groupings or sets of triangular or tetrahedral shaped objects alternating between floating in place and rotating in place. The recent ZT addressed commentary on the video of the UFO's above Las Vegas and the recent video of the UFO's above St. Petersburg, Russia
are but two examples. Although I am sure this "multiple object sets in formation + floating & rotation maneuvers" has occurred in the past, it seems more common now, just in the past few weeks. Is this an example of the COW War-on-the-Cover-up, using a ramped up version of attention-getting UFO scenes because it was deemed necessary to capture the attention of more humans, many or most of whom may have been lulled into complacency by decades of cases of single or even multiple UFOs moving in some flight path?

UFO displays have certainly gotten more lively and varied, as the Element of Doubt is lifting in regard to UFO sightings. They are so common, and have been around for so many decades. The common man no longer considers them in the light the establishment throws upon them. Clearly, mass landings with aliens colonizing Earth or eating humans is not going to occur, despite all the hoopla Hollywood has generated at the bequest of the establishment. There has been both a cover-up over the alien presence and a disinformation campaign about the motives of the visitors, and both have failed.

In the past a single moving and blinking light could be construed to be a satellite or an airplane, but this is no longer the case. Multiple orbs, blinking and dancing, forming different shapes seen and filmed from many different angles, as was the case in St. Petersburg, leave no doubt. Holographic images also are hardly a meteor or satellite. What this does to the cover-up over the alien presence is negate anything the reluctant establishment might say, making fools of them. The larger the lie, the greater the embarrassment, and it is their choice whether they want to play the fool or confess, or fall silent as is the likely outcome.

What is that? [and from another] Glowing whale-sized object falls from Connecticut sky says trooper, motorist
[Apr 12]The Republican-American of Waterbury reports that a person driving in Litchfield at about 2 a.m. reported that a green, glowing object the size of a whale fell from the sky and crashed into Bantam Lake. Officials say that at about the same time, a state trooper 10 miles away in Warren called dispatchers to report that something fell out of the sky and landed near Bantam or Morris.

What would be green, glowing, and plunging Earthward in the night sky? We have explained, in the past, that Angel Hair or what is called Star Jelly is jell temporarily formed by air due to an electrical charge. The tail is charged, so electrical fires can be created in the atmosphere. Neon clouds are likewise on the increased, and are caused by chemical reactions from the greasy tail of Planet X. The tail has oily component which can alight and produces a glowing cloud due to a slow burn. Then there are Light Towers which are as we have explained, caused by escaping methane gas. All these are recent phenomena due to the tail of Planet X, and will be on the increase as the tail increasingly engulfs the Earth during its wafting about. 

North Korea's long range rocket has failed to launch.  Is this purely the failure of the North Korean or is there more to it?
[and from another] North Korea long-range rocket launch fails: reports North Korea has launched a long-range rocket that disintegrated shortly after blast-off. A few minutes after the launch, the rocket disintegrated into several pieces and lost its altitude. This will be North Korea's second consecutive failure to get a satellite into orbit, although it claimed success with a 2009 launch. The regime spent more than $800 million on the rocket, enough to feed millions in the impoverished country.

Was the second failure of a N Korea rocket due merely to their lack of expertise, or bad luck, or was it assisted by benign aliens? The Council of Worlds does not want war breaking out on the Earth, just when each country should be addressing the coming global cataclysms and allowing its citizenry to focus on their individual decisions. The Earth is a spiritual schoolhouse, as we have said repeatedly, and the coming Pole Shift deemed an important opportunity for spiritual choices. A war between N Korea and its neighbors, or war between Israel and Iran, would pull a vast number of countries into conflict, and would thus not be a local or transient conflict.

Wars can be started by a single trigger, as was the case for the US involvement in a war with Japan during WW II, triggered by Pearl Harbor. This, as history foretells, was a manipulated issue, Pearl Harbor allowed to happen so an excuse would be available. Likewise with the US involvement in the war with Viet Nam, the Gulf of Tonkin falsified and used as an excuse. Every war has its proponents, and this is never with a benefit for the common man in mind. Profiteering, personal glory, promotion of military or political ambitions – all these and more are the rationale.

We have stated in the past that N Korea is sabre rattling in order to force the world to supply it with food, as this country is starving. The Bush administration allowed itself to be blackmailed in this regard, but the Obama administration has refused to comply with these demands. N Korea will continue to have such failures while attempting to be a nuclear bully, and soon enough this regime will be eliminated by the Pole Shift itself. 

What is this planet on the S Pole cam at the Neumayer Station?

Clearly not the Moon (which was nearly Full and in any case behind the cam) nor the Sun (as the object appears in the middle of the night just before and after midnight), this is a capture of the Dark Twin. The cam is near the S Pole, looking at the North facing side of the structure, and as such the cam, or a human viewer, would be hanging upside down looking directly out into space on the dark side of Earth. Where the Dark Twin should be riding to the West, behind the Earth in their shared orbit, it appears to be almost overhead, directly behind and somewhat to the South of the Earth.

We had warned that the twin would tend to move behind the Earth as these planets are squeezed in the cup, and thence escape by moving back into space behind the Earth, passing the Earth in their shared orbit. We mentioned these possibilities, that the Dark Twin would pass the Earth and attempt to escape by moving forward in their shared orbit. At present, the twin is caught behind the Earth in their shared orbit, and moving along outside of their orbit behind the Earth out in space. It is trying to evade conflict with the Earth by dropping below the Ecliptic somewhat, as it attempt to slide past the Earth.