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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for July 7, 2012

The security measures being taken at the 2012 Olympic games seems extreme, in the least.  Is the establishment expecting (more) mass unrest and protests at the games, with potential violent outcome?  Are these measures more of a visible deterrent, a raising of the hackles if you will?  Flexing the biceps, showing off the toys to ward off troublemakers?   Or is it a possible "terrorist" attack in the works, false flag or otherwise?  (The way things are progressing it would even be believable if missile launching were a soon-to-be Olympic sport.) [and from another] London rooftops to carry missiles during Olympic Games. [and from another]
London 2012 - Snipers to patrol skies during Olympic Games
[and from another] London 2012 - U.S. and U.K. security and terrorism officials told ABC News that thousands of police officers, soldiers, intelligence officers, firefighters and private guards - a force that could at times top 40,0000 - will be on hand at 32 sports venues to respond to everything from pickpockets to terror threats. U.K. Defense Secretary Philip Hammond told Parliament Monday that security measures might even include surface-to-air missiles.

Since the last terror attack in London was a false flag operation done at the hands of the Brits and the US, what are they worried about? Are they planning another false flag operation? It would seem they are worried about missiles from the skies, or low flying aircraft dive bombing the action. Ever since 911 was used as an excuse to invade Iraq, Bush and Blair have been figureheads of oppression in the Middle East. They side with Israel, which oppresses the Palestinians. The efforts to dethrone despotic dictators from Libya to Syria aside, the US and Britain still have plenty of enemies smarting from past affronts. This time, the precautions have a valid reason.  

The media is blaming tropical storm Debby but what is the real reason that caused all these sinkholes in Florida?
[and from another] Sinkhole Opens up at Ocala Townhome Complex June 25, 2012 A sinkhole at a Florida apartment complex forced the evacuation of several families Monday morning.

We have described the bowing process for S America, during the 7 of 10 S American roll, as one where the east coast of S America is pulled taut, stretched, and thus drawn down, losing elevation. This also happens in Africa, during the 7 of 10 African roll, where elevation is lost in the African Rift Valley. This is certainly the case then in N America, where the N American continent is bowing under the stress of having Mexico pulled west during the compression in the Pacific, while the top part of the continent remains firmly in place. The southeast of the US is being pulled down as the Atlantic Rift pulls apart. It is being pulled down due to the bowing of the N American continent. It is absolutely in the stretch zone and this is being expressed in many ways.

It has become apparent through media reports recently that yet another supposed asteroid mapping mission is in the works. To be achieved, as usual, by shooting aloft a flying spying platform, the “Sentinel”. Replete with the usual accoutrements, cameras (infra-red of course) and who knows what else, undertaken by what is reputedly a private consortium, the B612 Foundation, and purportedly just more asteroid watching, to those of us who are studying these matters closely, and reading ZT, this smells like more incognito Planet X hunting. Featuring the usual scare-mongering asteroid kerfuffle, and undertaken by a coterie of the usual suspects, i.e. old NASA cronies, astronauts, would-be refugees from the Bully et al, the B612 Foundation , who “feel a certain urgency to get on with it” (they even have a twelve in the name), this is again revealing of the apparent sudden onset of deep pockets and faux-concern for their fellow humans afflicting the so-called Elite of late. More like PX Panic. All of a sudden it is all about asteroids. Pretty much concurrent to the trumpeting of the above-mentioned “Sentinel” mission, another asteroid-themed false-facade, rhetoric-filled piece was presented through the acquiescent mainstream press, talk of blasting asteroids with lasers. Although they are often projecting far-off dates for these endeavors, we know from past experience and ZT that, with NASA and by association anything or anyone to which they hang their hat, it is Never A Straight Answer. Have we not done enough fussing over asteroids, ad nauseum? Those brave spacefarers NASA have covered this repeatedly. NEOWISE, NEAT, plus countless other alphabet euphemisms. What do they take us for? I cannot help but feel there is something mysterious about this “B612 Foundation”. While researching, I came across this strange link; Not sure what to make of it, but an interesting image in my opinion. Of course we know this whole asteroid hoo-hah is nothing new. From Bush et al trying to shoot down PX, to NASA’s periodic harping on the issue, the Z’s have been there many times. The thing is, it appears to be getting cranked up, there is something going on.  Would the Zetas please enlighten Truthseekers on this? Could we please have some ZetaTalk re the above, to reveal the true nature of these nefarious Establishment shenanigans? [and from another] Sentinel mission to place asteroid-hunting telescope into orbit around the Sun June 30, 2012 California-based non-profit B612 Foundation has announced its intention to place an asteroid-hunting infrared telescope into orbit around the Sun. Named Sentinel, the ambitious endeavor is to be the world's first privately funded deep space mission and will aim to map up to 90 percent of all asteroids larger than 140 meters (459 ft) in Earth’s region of the solar system. In addition to these sizable asteroids, Sentinel will further provide data on a number of smaller asteroids, down to a size of approximately 30 meters (98 ft) in diameter. Originally established in 2002 following a one-day workshop focused on asteroid deflection, the B612 Foundation boasts a wealth of experience and expertise in its ranks, with several former NASA astronauts and senior team members involved. Since its inception, the B612 Foundation has maintained a core mission of both moving toward the exploration of the solar system, while also raising awareness of the potential for a catastrophic asteroid impact, as the project's website highlights. [and from another] Asteroid deflection schemes go green with solar-powered laser spacecraft June 18, 2012 Scientists are proposing that spacecraft could use solar-powered lasers to deflect an Earth-bound asteroid. [and from another]

Increasingly, private funds are being placed into space endeavors that can only be interpreted as helping cash strapped governments watch the approach of Planet X and be alert to the whips of its debris ridden tail. Where NuSTAR, deployed June 21, 2012 for x-ray detection, is a NASA satellite, the Square Kilometre Array ground based radio array is privately funded. Where the X-B37 plane was sent aloft by the Air Force, Brandson’s Virgin Galactic rushed to fill in for the ISS shuttle by 2012, and Jeff Bezo’s Blue Origin and other endeavors are a private push to get man and machines into space, for unspecified reasons. Now we have the nonprofit B-612 Foundation sending a privately funded satellite aloft to watch out for asteroids.

We have stated that in the past the elite assumed they could escape to Mars or to the dark side of the Moon to ride out the devastation of the Pole Shift, and certainly assumed that their underground bunkers would be secure. What went wrong with these plans? Escape to Mars or the Moon required assistance from Service-to-Self aliens, who lied as the Service-to-Self are wont to do. Underground bunkers proved to be filled with radon gas and other emissions from increasingly stressed rock, deadly within days to those placed there as test subjects. Now they are on the surface of Earth along with the common man whom they expected to leave to their fate when Planet X passed. They are frantic to get advance warning on the hour of the passage and any advance warning they can on large debris ridden swipes of the tail.

Not to reveal my safe location (at least I think it is safe), let's say it is somewhere in Balkans, I have noticed hydrogen sulfide odor in the water-well, root cellar and on the open field. Also one water-well that has been giving drinking water to the local population for centuries has dried up. Can the Zetas answer what could be the reason for this sulfur smell, what risks it poses and could it be a precusor for some greater things that could happen. [and from another] The Balkans, often referred to as the Balkan Peninsula, although the two are not coterminous, is a geopolitical and cultural region of southeastern Europe. The Balkans are highly mountainous; Mount Musala (2,925 metres (9,596 ft)) in the Rila mountain in Bulgaria is the highest.

The Balkans are in the stretch zone, as the singing reservoirs of Kiev and the bubbling mud in the Azov show. The Eurasian Plate is being pulled from Scandinavia through to the Himalayas, with river bottoms pulling apart and sinkholes appearing. The crust in a stretch zone will primarily give where it is thin, along river bottoms, but even in mountains there can be deep crevasses where the rock has fractured during past pole shift upheavals. Such crevasses allow lava to rise up, and a clue to this is the sulfur smell. Does this mean that volcanoes will emerge? Unless there is collateral pressure in the lava, such breaks in the crust do not result in volcanic action. Under the Balkans, the pressure is relieved by the volcanoes in the Mediterranean, ripping open as Africa continues to drop during its 7 of 10 roll.

>The U.S. mainstream media has labeled a widespread, sudden, and unprecedented storm a "derecho," although most Americans had probably never heard that term before this week.  Some meteorologists are calling this Mid-West to East Coast storm a "land hurricane," although hurricanes do not arrive without warning. Is the public being fed an Establishment Lie about this storm being a "derecho"?  Is this just another example of the wobble getting worse, while the Establishment fails to inform the common man about the true cause of such extreme and strange weather? [and from another]
The line of storms produced wind gusts to 70 mph at both Reagan National and Washington Dulles.  The storms lasted about an hour, but left millions without power and unfortunately a few fatalities.  Looking back at weather records, D.C. hasn't experienced a significant Derecho event before the Friday occurrence. The 2012 D.C. Derecho will definitely make the record books. 
[and from another] Power Outages from Storms Across Mid-Atlantic Could Last for Days. Utility crews untangled downed power lines and tree limbs Sunday, working to get the electricity turned back on for millions of people facing a second day of 100-degree temperatures without modern conveniences like air conditioning and refrigeration. When a hurricane is lumbering their way, state officials have time to get extra personnel in place so they can immediately start on cleanup. That wasn't the case with this storm, known as a derecho – a straight-line wind storm that sweeps over a large area at high speed. [and from another] 3/18/2007
The nature of damaging winds associated with severe convective storms varied considerably. Many of these events were non-tornadic convectively induced winds associated with a violently progressive mass of cold air (Galway 1984). The term derecho (Spanish for “direct or straight ahead”) to define these non-tornadic events since this term could be considered as an analog to the term tornado which is also of Spanish origin (Ludlum 1970). Since the 1987 publication, the term derecho has become more commonly used in describing long lived convective straight-line wind events that have occurred and many research studies have been directed towards derecho events. Derecho events have been documented in North America and Europe.

Derecho events are not new, nor is the term new, though these events are increasing in frequency and size. Storms, complete with sudden deluge and winds, are caused by factors such as temperature differences, humidity, and air pressure dynamics. Essentially, cold air, which is heavier than super heated air, pushes in, pushing the hot humid air up causing rains. During a Derecho, these factors are exaggerated, the differences greater, so the cold air moves more rapidly. A Derecho will build upon itself, causing the hot, humid air to dump its water and suddenly cool, adding to the force pushing the cold air forward.

During the Earth wobble, where N America leans to the right at sunrise and then into an upright up/down pumping action later in the day, hot air tends to get trapped overland. The lean to the right pushes it back, so it cannot flow to the east. Then the globe gets the magnetic N Pole pushed away over the horizon by Planet X, so cold air cannot flow down from Canada as there is a knot of high pressure over the central US. Will Derechos increase as the Earth wobble gets more severe? Unfortunately, yes, but the wobble can also become complicated, slinging side to side as well as its routine Figure 8 pattern, and if this occurs, the weather will become even more interesting.

What is the real purpose of this island? [and from another] Video from Space Shows Army Creating an Island Off the Coast of the US The Army has been creating an island since 1998 on the Northeast coast of the United States. Slowly, the US Army Corps of Engineers built concrete dikes to establish its perimeter and then have spent more than decade filling them with mud. Its name: Poplar island. Right now, the island is a wildlife sanctuary, home of 170 species of birds "including terns and bald eagles" as well as hundreds of diamondback terrapins. [and from another] Poplar Island, located on the Chesapeake Bay, was first seen by Spanish explorer Juan Menendez de Marques in 1573. It is part of Talbot County, Maryland and is currently being rebuilt by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers using dredged mud from the Baltimore Harbor, located approximately 30 miles north/north-west of the island. The project's current estimate of cost is $667 million and is, according to schedule, going to be completed in year 2027. Federal and state officials selected Poplar Island as dumping site for material dredged from Baltimore's shipping channels in the 1990s. This would allow restoration of the island while halting the earlier practice of open water dumping. Reconstruction of the island began in 1998 with the erection of dikes to contain the dredged material. 38°46?01?N 76°22?54?W

This artificial island is strategically located to look up and down the Chesapeake Bay and its estuaries. It supports underwater detection devices, similar to radar, which looks for invasions, guarding against terrorism. In that the military had complete control of the platform, this was a stealth operation, and outside of our ZetaTalk its real purpose not known. Why would $667 million of precious funding be spent to provide a home for wildlife which does not lack for such a home in the bay?

It has been revealed to us by the Zetas, contained in the chat archive, the motives behind China's communist ruling regime's busy building of Ghost Cities, in safe locations within their borders, i.e. so as to house their so-called elite, after the Passage. It would appear, according to press reports, that the Chinese Establishment have also been as busy as beavers, constructing similar would-be safe havens from PX, abroad, in Africa. [and from another] Incredible Photos Of A Massive Chinese-Built Ghost Town In The Middle Of Angola Jul. 3, 2012 There's been a lot written about ghost towns in China. Now, state-owned China International Trust and Investment Corporation (CITIC) has built a town in Angola. And it's fairly empty. Just outside Angola's capital city of Luanda is Nova Cidade de Kilamba a residential development of 750 eight-story apartment buildings, a dozen schools, and more than 100 retail units, reports the BBC's Louise Redvers. [and from another] Chinese Prime Minister Zhu Rongji has been casting about elsewhere, Iceland, for instance, according to this google translated link to a report from last month.

Is China planning to relocate some of its citizens to Angola? This is strictly a business venture, betting that housing in Africa will be extremely popular in the near future, with price no object in the search for quick residential occupancy. China knows what the trends will be, and is apparently not worried about repercussions from those in charge of the strong cover-up over the presence of Planet X and the pending passage. They have their excuses handy, if challenged. Meanwhile, being in charge of a desirable new city just inland from the coastline of Angola can bring all sorts of political advantages. What price a condo there? More than money can change hands.

Would the Zetas discuss the situation in Timbuktu? A mosque dating back to the 1400s was ransacked, and the "End of the World Gate" was broken open. Local legends said that those doors were not to be opened until "the last day of the world." It seems the pillagers then offered locals $100 to fix the damages. What did they find in there, to cause such a reaction? Also, less importantly, western media reports are trying to link these pillagers to al Qaida, where it appears it is simply a regional warlord's thugs. Is this just to create a possible basis for taking action against this group? [and from another] Today there are old women, old people in Timbuktu who say that maybe it is the end of the world. Islamists of the Ansar Dine group say the centuries-old shrines of the local Sufi version of Islam in Timbuktu are idolatrous. They have so far destroyed at least eight of 16 listed mausoleums in the city, together with a number of tombs.  Sufi shrines have been attacked by hardline Salafists in Egypt and Libya in the past year. The attacks also recall the 2001 dynamiting by the Taliban of two 6th-century statues of Buddha carved into a cliff in Bamiyan in central Afghanistan. Located on an old Saharan trading route that saw salt from the Arab north exchanged for gold and slaves from black Africa to the south, Timbuktu blossomed in the 16th century as an Islamic seat of learning, home to priests, scribes and jurists.

Since we are in the End Times, it would seem the ancient Sufi of Timbuktu were on target with their prophecy. This falls in line with repeated prophecies of End Time clashes, mentioned in the Bible and by those interpreting Nostradamus. Why would the polarizing of the spiritual orientation - Service-to-Self making their last stand on Earth - and the tensions brought about by the terror of rapidly escalating Earth changes and starvation caused by crop shortages cause the Sufi temples in Timbuktu to be destroyed? Timbuktu has historically been on a trading route, and the ancients knew that clashes would be inevitable as tensions rose.

Would the Zetas comment on the red rain in Kannur, India. Is it due to the rain washing the red dust from Planet X out of the atmosphere? Will it cause humans to get sick (either in dust form or in rain)? Anything else they care to add about the red dust/rain would be greatly appreciated.  I was referring to the red rain that occurred last week in India. I was not concerned about DNA in the dust. Was wondering if we need to avoid exposure to it (rain or dust form). Would it cause skin problems? I know it's bad to breathe iron oxide (or any dust particulates). More interested in info on how we can deal with it. [and from another] Morning shower paints rural Kannur red June 29, 2012 The strange phenomenon happened around 6:50am and lasted for 15 minutes. People in the 1km area in and around Edachery in Puzhati panchayat panicked as their courtyards turned blood red after rain. According to meteorological department, though red rain is a rare phenomenon, but it is no way harmful.  The pollutants in the air get dissolved in rainwater resulting in red rain. 

Why would India be afflicted twice with red rain clogged with microbs from asteroid dust or perhaps clinging to the tail of Planet X? The first incident occurred in 2001 in Kerala, a state in southwestern India. The 2012 incident occurred in Kannur, a state in the extreme southwestern tip of India. Is there a relationship? Rainfall does not clear all the dust from the air, and even though the jet stream eventually carries pollution such as radiation laden particle or volcanic dust worldwide, lower air layers tend to remain in place, especially when trapped by high mountains such as the Himalayas. Thus this was merely a second deposit of the red dust deposited by an asteroid in 2001.