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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for February 7, 2015

Was this another electro-magnetic induced crash? [and from another]  It definitely looks like a classic departure stall, and with one engine out, there's little time to identify, bank, power, trim and everything else necessary to keep a multi-engine aircraft flying under control. [and from another]  [and from another] TransAsia Plane Crashes in Taipei.  February 4, 2015  According to Taiwanese Civil Aviation Authority, 31 people remain unaccounted for. At least 4 people have been confirmed killed and another 18 injured. These numbers will likely change. [and from another] TransAsia Airways jet Crashes into Taipei river. February 4, 2015  The plane apparently ramming into an elevated highway in New Taipei City, which encircles Taipei, before falling into the Keelung River. The crash happened only two minutes after the plane took off from Songshan Airport in Taipei at 10:52 am, and was suspected to be due to insufficient propelling force.

The island of Taiwan is situated in an unfortunate position. The Philippine Plate is tipping - dropping down on the west side, sinking under the island of Taiwan. The Okinawa platelet also touches Taiwan on the northeast. To the west is the Yangtze platelet. Taiwan is thus continually getting squeezed from all sides, just the factor that creates electro-magnetic screech causing the EMP from arching between the charged tail of Planet X, aka Nibiru, and the ground. At least one engine was running during takeoff and then promptly quit. This will again be blamed on airline maintenance or pilot error, as the airlines do not want their profits diminished.