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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for March 5, 2016

Does this relate to the Porter Ranch topic? CO emissions along the West Coast on February 25. [and from another] [and from another],23.02,461/loc=-153.345,10.101 [and from another] Carbon Monoxide Spikes to 27,000+ Where "Usual" is only around 150 on West Coast - May Signal Coming MASSIVE Earthquake. Scientists are working feverishly to try to determine the cause, but, they say a consensus is quickly developing:  The earth itself is emitting this gas and it is being released into the atmosphere via seismic fault lines; cracks in the earth's surface where tectonic plates rub together. If levels continue to rise as they presently are, people could be overcome, pass out and die from this. As of 11:00 PM eastern US time on 27 February, 2016, there is no other place on the entire planet with Carbon Monoxide levels this bad or this widespread.  It is completely unprecedented! [and from another] [and from another]

We have stressed the bow tension in the n American Plate, which cannot roll as it has a flat top, and can only endure the distress of being pulled into a bow as the Aleutian Islands are pulled toward the tip of Mexico. The center of this bow is near San Diego and LA, where fracturing rock has recently caused a natural gas rupture at Porter Ranch. The tension in this bow will not be released until the N American Plate rips, diagonally, along the New Madrid Fault Line. This will allow the SW portion of the continent to move westward, while the NE portion remains attached to its present moorings.

There are numerous emissions registering up and down the West Coast, starting on February 25, where the rock is fracturing under this tension. Carbon Monoxide levels, up to 180 times higher than normal, are being recorded and causing distress among the residents. That this is coming from the ground is not being denied. Is the new Madrid about to slip, or will this tension continue to build? Both will happen, but this situation will undulate. Sliding and rupturing is occurring between rock layers all the way to the East Coast, so the CO emissions may also register there at times. Just when the tension will result in a significant New Madrid adjustment we are not allowed to say, but this is clearly in the near future.