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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for October 3, 2015

A problem with Skype's status system has meant millons of people are currently unable to use the service. Anything to do with announcement? A trial so people get used to the idea of being unable to communicate news and talk about relevant news? A coincidence? And after Skype and Twitter problems, today Facebook. [and from another] September 21, 2015 Skype service 'restored' after network problems. Skype-owner Microsoft said it had "detected an issue with the status settings" on Skype that show if someone is online or not. The problem locked many people's status as offline - stopping them making calls even though they were connected. Many Skype users in the UK, Australia and Japan have all reported problems. [and from another] September 22, 2015 Haven't been able to open app for 2 days! [and from another]  [and from another] September 24, 2015 Facebook went down for 13 minutes today. Facebook went down from roughly 12:34pm to 12:47pm ET today for editors of Conservative Intel. The problem was across the United States with emphasis on both coasts as well as significant problems in Europe.  [and from another] 24 September: Problems at FacebookFacebook is having issues since 7:31 AM EDT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.[and from another] A high-wattage collection of Hollywood studio chiefs and technology big-wigs convened at the White House Friday for a state dinner in honor of Chinese President Xi Jinping. The White House invited marquee names from Silicon Valley, including Apple CEO Tim Cook and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, to sit at the dinner's head table alongside President Barack Obama and President Xi.

The three major social media outlets in use around the globe all had significant, and simultaneous outages between September 20-24, 2015. Skype had complaints from the UK, Australia, and Japan. Twitter received reports from the US, Australia, and Singapore. FaceBook had the loudest howls, primarily from the US and Europe. Notably these downtimes, some lasting for hours or even days, got no attention in the major media, and there was no real explanation for the outages. The outages were not announced as downtime for system updates. No electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) was evident at this time.

What happened? Skype is owned by MicroSoft, FaceBook is a public company but founder Zuckerberg retains over 20% control, and Twitter is also a public company with almost 50% held by institutional portfolio management. Unlike major media, whose ownership is most often tightly controlled by conservative members of the elite, the social media is viewed as chatter on the Internet outside of establishment control. Were these sites hacked, in an effort to stop the Internet ahead of a possible announcement during the week of September 23-28 by the Pope, Obama, Xi, and Putin?

In the past, announcement attempts were blocked by cutting Emergency Broadcast System wires or shutting off a TV broadcast by the 30 second delay mechanism or confusing TV stations with false court orders. The announcement might be made, but only those present in the room would be aware of it, and could be threatened. Then a story that Obama had suffered a mental breakdown would quickly be spread. But in a broad audience such as the crowds flocking to see the Pope or in attendance at the UN, there would be too many witnesses. Social media itself would have to be stifled, the news purged, while an alternate story was promulgated.

It is notable that the outages affected primarily Western countries – the US, the Queens Commonwealth countries, Europe, and Japan. If one assumes that the outage was to test the ability to take down social media in these countries to limit the impact of the announcement, this could hardly prevent the rest of the world from learning of it and chattering away on the Internet. It would be a delay only, and one that would raise immense suspicion of the governing powers in those countries, thus generating social unrest. Thus logically the downtime on social media was not to prevent chatter after an announcement had been made. So what was the agenda, the reason for the outage?  

The cover-up crowd, those elite reluctant to have the public informed, reside primarily in the US, the UK and its Commonwealth, and Europe. The leadership of Russia and China are on board with the announcement, as they want to move their populace to safer ground. Indonesia and Japan fear the announcement as their countries will be impacted by the plate movements predicted by ourselves, the Zetas. Thus Singapore and Japan were included in the outages. Lies about the announcement will promptly be spread in these countries. So the intent of the downtime on social media in these countries was not to block announcement chatter but to facilitate it.

Every Skype user has an account and a password, as do their contacts. Every Skype user can broadcast messages to their contacts, even if these contacts are not presently online. Every twitter use likewise has an account and a password, and by sending a tweet passes information along to subscribers, who can retweet the info in the future. FaceBook users likewise have an account and a password, with many friends who pick up info from each other and pass it along on their FaceBook accounts.  In all of this, the networks themselves are aware of the accounts and passwords, and could do a broadcast to all in the event of an announcement. Check your user agreements. This is legal!