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Issue 849, Sunday January 8, 2023
Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond.
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Doubles Script

Why do those replaced with Doubles, either permanently or temporarily, look and act just like the original? What is the point? The Zetas explain.  Below is a list of confirmed Double replacements (with their Double analysis) that appeared in this Newsletter: Queen Elizabeth and Ruth Ginsberg; Bill and Melinda Gates; Hillary Clinton and Trudeau; Marina Abramovic and Tom Hanks; Boris Johnson and Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip and Jeb Bush and George Bush; VP Pence and Jared Kushner and John Kerry; Buhari and John Podesta; Angela Merkel and Lindsey Graham and Poroshenko; CNN’s Lemon; Chuck Schumer; Joe Biden and Pope Francis; Maxine Waters and VP Harris; Jerry Nadler and Fauci and Bernie Sanders; Barak Obama and Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton and Joe Biden; Zuckerberg; John Brennan and Hunter Biden and FBI’s Comey and AOC and Omar and Tlaib; Adam Schiff and Pelosi; Elon Musk; Zelensky; Soros and Erdogan; Madonna and Elton John; and Bibi.

ZetaTalk Insight 12/23/2022:  During the Tribunals ongoing at Gitmo since January 2019 the Junta decided to keep the Tribunals secret until the threat of civil war was reduced. Soros funds were being used to incite riots in the US and Europe via Antifa. But how do you keep this process secret when Royalty and Heads of State and politicians in key positions are being arrested and even executed for treason and child sacrifice?  Air traffic to and from Gitmo had increased and funds had been spent to increase the infrastructure at Gitmo, but the Tribunals themselves were hidden.

We have mentioned that maintaining a Double is expensive. Each requires a team, coordinating public appearances and securing the cooperation of relatives and associates. The public would be instantly alerted to the ongoing cases being tried at Gitmo if the Doubles did not look and act like the original and appeared to have the same agenda as the original. The Double is intended to only be playing a part, as an actor in a movie, so the treasonous or Satanic agenda of the original would not be pressed forward.  

Using a Double was to be able to quickly arrest and perhaps execute an individual without disrupting civil society or alerting the public. The intent was not to run with the Double forever. When it is opportune, the Double will be shown to meet with an accident or take sick and die, though the Double is just released from his or her contract and released into society with a changed appearance. Doubles in waiting are optimally assigned a quiet life with no public appearances. In any case, being a Double is profitable, as they are well paid.

The Movie continues with the Congressional embrace of Zelensky, who is also a Double, being kissed by Pelosi and praised by Biden, who are both Doubles.

Zelensky an 'Ungrateful International Welfare Queen': Donald Trump Jr.
December 21, 2022
Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter on Wednesday morning to express his frustration at Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's suggestion that the United States isn't providing enough money for his nation's war effort. "Zelensky is basically an ungrateful international welfare queen," Trump Jr. tweeted.
Benjamin Fulford Report: China Liberated as Million Man Christian Army Heads for Western Europe While Incas revolt
December 20, 2022
The next place to be liberated will be Western Europe. Pentagon sources say their intelligence sources indicate at least a 700,000-person strong army is poised to enter Ukraine “in the near future.” Polish intelligence sources independently confirm. In a sign of how desperate the Satanic Ukrainian regime has become, they have been rounding up all the Orthodox priests and monks they can find to use as human shields. Germany will ally with Russia to liberate Western Europe and conduct a joint military operation into Switzerland to remove the KM presence there in conjunction with Swiss patriots.
Tucker Carlson Leads Critics Berating Zelensky for Dressing like a STRIP CLUB OWNER during Historic Washington DC Visit where he made Impassioned Speech Pleading for more Funding
December 21, 2022
In his first foreign visit since Russia invaded his country in February, Zelensky showed up to the White House wearing a casual outfit - including a camouflage colored sweatshirt, similar colored pants and combat boots.

ZetaTalk Insight 12/21/2022: Just when the Ukraine is so obviously losing, why would the money laundering Cabal in Kiev trot out their Zelensky Double for a world begging tour? Nothing else has succeeded, and when the Ukraine leadership claimants are in exile, no one will listen to their pleas. Since both Biden and Pelosi are Doubles run by the Junta, they are allowing the Cabal’s Zelensky Double to showcase his combat togs and Khazar emblem, as a signal to the Khazarian banking empire and ultra-wealthy who rely upon the laundering facilities the Ukraine has always provided for them to rush to the rescue.

It was notably obvious that Democrats lost the wind in their sails after the FTX laundering route was ended, a sting operation run by the Junta recently. No taxpayer funds were lost, as this was only an entry on various spread sheets, just as no weaponry or troops from the US have been provided to the Ukraine, despite what the media might report. By allowing Biden and Pelosi to host Zelensky, the Junta is creating an association between the Ukraine failures and the Biden Administration – strengthening the return of President Trump.

Free Speech

Meanwhile, as the world of Twitter control returns to free speech and honesty under Elon Musk’s takeover, we are waiting for FaceBook to follow suit. An example of the repressive and highly politicized nature of FaceBook bans is the treatment over the Hunter Biden scandal. FaceBook protects the Cabal. Thus Juan of the ZetaTalk Followers site found he was repeatedly banned for displaying a photo from Hunter’s laptop, while the New York Post was allowed to publish this very same photo. Politics at its worst. At least CNN is showing signs of change.

Elon Musk Warns Evidence of Twitter Censorship ‘may have been Deleted’
December 8, 2022
Incriminating evidence of Twitter employees scheming to suppress free speech on the platform “may have been deleted” from the company’s records, Elon Musk told company founder Jack Dorsey. In an online exchange, Musk said Dorsey was kept in the dark by underlings who secretly concealed their efforts — and vowed to release every scrap of information that he can recover.
Elon Musk’s Release of Twitter Documents on Hunter Biden has Slowed
December 8, 2022
Why Twitter was saving its Hunter Biden files — and why Musk’s promised revelations haven’t come out faster. The delay offers a window into some of the challenges Musk is facing as he attempts a radical overhaul of the platform he just bought — changing not just the company’s staffing and strategy, but its politics, shifting a largely progressive-leaning platform to one committed to a more libertarian vision of free speech

The Naked Truth on the Hunter Biden Laptop Coverup
December 20, 2022
We can thank Watergate and the fall of Richard Nixon for numerous words and quotes that continue to shape public understanding of political scandals. There’s “hush money” and “Deep Throat,” a “modified limited hangout” and “Follow the money.” But half a century later, two other Watergate phrases are key to comprehending the FBI’s sordid role in suppressing The Post’s initial coverage of Hunter Biden’s laptop. The first is, “What did the president know and when did he know it?”
Facebook Account Restricted from Advertising? Don't Panic!
Nov 29, 2022
Sexually Explicit Content. This one is a no-brainer: you can't advertise anything sexual on Facebook. Given that Facebook's approval is partly automated, health-based services (spas, etc.) can be flagged for body parts even if they're not sexually suggestive.

CNN’s Chief Outlines Changes to Network after Layoffs, including End of Live Programming on HLN
December 1, 2022
CNN executed sweeping layoffs and implemented a series of changes that impacted multiple divisions across the news organization, including ending live programming on HLN.
Don Lemon says Goodbye to CNN Primetime Show with Emotional Farewell Ahead of Morning Show Debut
October 8, 2022
Don Lemon bid farewell to his primetime show on CNN after more than eight years of hosting Don Lemon Tonight.

ZetaTalk Comment 12/22/2022: Now that Elon Musk has cleaned up the former Cabal controlled Twitter policies, it is time to do the same for FaceBook. There have been signs that the Cabal controlled media are becoming more aligned with the facts. CNN’s Lemon - known for frankly making things up, was finally terminated, and CNN just recently announced a massive layoff due to lost ratings from a disgusted public. In the US there is a Constitutional right to Free Speech, so the Junta cannot simply arrest those who promulgate Fake News. Perhaps a Musk#2 will emerge to buy out the FaceBook owners.

Emergency Power and Heat

So a blizzard descended upon you followed by bitter sub-zero cold, and then the power went out. What to do?

A Powerful Winter Storm Claims at least 22 Lives Across the US as Temperatures Plunge, Winds Howl and Power Lines Fall
December 24, 2022
More than 315,000 homes and businesses nationwide were without power Christmas Eve, thanks to an Arctic blast and winter storm that tore down power lines with destructive winds and heavy snow and dipped temperatures dangerously low – conditions killing at least 22 people.

If you had the foresight to build a strong battery system, you would have power and heat. For instance, this setup advice from an experienced off-the-grid survivor is using a lithium battery system, an inverter, and an interlock switch panel to control the entire setup. This is his home setup. A gas-powered generator needs fuel, but if this battery system had been in place, it would be ready to go.

Using Solar Panels to generate electricity is also doable. Carlos, an experienced Pole Shift ning survivalist explains.

What to expect from solar panels on cloudy days and here are my findings. Anything that runs 24 hours such as fridges, freezers and heating require huge amounts of power. For staying warm, heating blankets draw surprisingly small amounts of power and a small battery bank can easily power several for an entire night. I have been doing all my cooking from my solar and battery system now for quite some time on extremely cloudy days. I make a pot of coffee, 90 watt hours, 4 pouched eggs, 150 watt hours, rice in the instant pot for ten minutes, 165 watt hours, beans 40 minutes in the instant pot, 272 watt hours, boil 1 lit of water in a kettle, 90 watt hours. If a kettle draws 1000 watts per hour but is only on for 4 minutes then the power used is 1000/60 minutes x 4 minutes so it only uses 67 watt hours.

Cobbling together an emergency wood burning stove is also doable, as many YouTube videos show. Here is an example from Ben’s Backwoods. Ben sells many inexpensive portable wood-burning stove and heating products.  And from Far North Bushcraft and Survival. This is not complicated. Get prepared folks.

SHTF Emergency Preparedness How to Heat Small Buildings with a Portable Woodstove
How to set up a portable wood stove to meet your Shelter, Fire and Water needs in a grid down situation. These ideas on set up can be used in a emergency to heat many different types of shelter.

STO Actions

It is often said that “actions speak louder than words”. This can be seen by internet stories posted this past Christmas day, showing that Service-to-Other actions can emerge from man or beast, of any age. A Japanese toddler rescuing his mother when she is left without her ladder for support. The family dog rescuing his owner when he cannot navigate the sheet ice at his entry. A fireman using a drone to locate a lost dog snagged on the brush along a river. All just jumped into action, because the heart spoke and they listened.

ZetaTalk Description 7/15/1995: There is a common misunderstanding, that being that Service-to-Others is all bleeding heart concern and the Service-to-Self is snarling greed. Nothing could be further from the truth. These animals come in various sizes and shapes. One must look for the key characteristics, in fact, to even identify them. An example, look to ourselves. We are Service-to-Others Zetas. Do we not defend ourselves? Do we not have particular goals we press? Do we lie down and let others walk all over us? Yet we are concerned for the general welfare and work hard to improve this for ourselves as well as others.

In sum, the Service-to-Others individual may be gruff, distracted, disheveled, and inaccessible. But what are they working toward? How do they react when a truth test comes, where they must be willing to sacrifice themselves for others? Do they come through? And the Service-to-Self individual may be suave, seemingly generous, even defending others. But when their welfare is lined up against another, when they must truly share and words are asked to be replaced by actions, what then?

JOLT Predecessors

The New Madrid Finale is a process, which the Zetas have stated will start before the end of 2022 and take "weeks, not months". The Finale started on December 13 when the Rock Hook under Turkey snapped and the shifting foot of Africa, now free to roll, caused a  cruise ship along the border with Antactica to be swamped by a wave. The Zetas then provided a more detailed sequence of events.

If the Rock Hook under Turkey was being watched closely before, it is now the Rock Bridge above the little town of New Madrid that will be watched closely. When that snaps, with a JOLT, it will be a fast pace until the European Tsunami. The Zetas have stated the Wabash Seismic Zone should be watched for predecessor quakes.

Meanwhile, the big quakes along the San Andreas, long predicted by the Zetas to precede the New Madrid Rupture, appeared. And as also predicted by the Zetas, the NE corner of the African Plate is scraping down along the Red Sea.

ZetaTalk Prediction 8/28/2010: We have warned that quakes on the West Coast, or the Seaway, or in the New Madrid region will occur before the major quake in the New Madrid region we have referred to as the adjustment on a 7 of 10 level. There will be quakes in these areas, magnitude 4-7, which should not be considered the New Madrid adjustment of which we speak.

ZetaTalk Prediction 11/30/2022: We have stated that Sinai will become an island with 50 additional miles separating the Sinai from land, that the Red Sea will widen, that lands with dual loyalties along the Saudi Plate border will be subject to scraping, that a void will appear in the Mediterranean above Egypt, and that the slide of the Africa Plate through the Middle East will scrape down along the Dead Sea plate border.