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Issue 745, Sunday January 10, 2021
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Nashville Attack

Early in the morning on Christmas Day, residents in the apartments across the street from an AT&T switching hub in Nashville were jolted awake by a message that they had but minutes to flee or be blown up by a bomb. This message was pre-recorded and coming from a van parked in front of the AT&T switching hub. Shots had been fired just ahead of this broadcast, so the police were on their way and quickly evacuated the area.  A body part identified as belonging to a local man was found amid the debris, but had he worked alone? The Zetas comment.

Motor Home Explodes in Nashville; Possible Remains Found
December 25, 2020
Authorities offered no explanation as to a possible motive, and there was no claim of responsibility. The blast came just moments after officers responded to reports of gunfire in the area and discovered the recreational vehicle parked outside an AT&T building in downtown Nashville. Police heard a recorded voice warning that a "bomb would detonate in 15 minutes." The message said “This area must be evacuated now. This area must be evacuated now. If you can hear this message, evacuate now. If you can hear this message, evacuate now." Officers quickly went door-to-door in nearby buildings to hustle people to safety, and called for dispatch of the police bomb squad.
Nashville Bomber told Neighbor World 'Never going to Forget Me'
December 28, 2020
The suspect responsible for the Christmas Day bombing in Nashville reportedly told his neighbor in the days before the explosion that "Nashville and the world is never going to forget me."

Nashville Skies Declared National Defense Airspace, Deadly Force Authorized against Aircraft Entering No-Fly Zone
December 26, 2020
The skies over part of Nashville have been declared “National Defense Airspace” as the federal government reacts to the mysterious Christmas morning bombing in downtown Nashville.
Nashville Officials Relieved Explosion did not Claim Lives, Resolved to find Motive, Suspects
December 25, 2020
AT&T service in Nashville and Middle Tennessee was affected for many customers. The outage affected 911 access in several jurisdictions across the region throughout the day.
AT&T Outage: Internet, 911 Disrupted, Planes Grounded after Nashville Explosion
December 25, 2020
Users around the country reported disruptions in service, but there was a concentration in the Nashville area and Middle Tennessee, growing in reach from Kentucky to Alabama.

ZetaTalk Insight 12/31/2020: The Nashville bomb was a warning to the Trump administration. The message was to accept defeat or war will break out in the US. The riots in Seattle and Portland and Minneapolis and Milwaukee and various other Democrat governed states were to set the stage for secession of Blue states. The Defund the Police movement, also a Democrat agenda, was to provide a path for an alternative to the police or military, but President Trump stopped the riots by calling up the National Guard. Now, after educating the public about the extent of the election fraud done by the Democrats, President Trump has survived and is postured to invoke the Insurrection Act and inform the public if need be via the Emergency Broadcast System.

The target of the Nashville bomb was obviously the AT&T switching building, which was a hub used by emergency responders in the broad inter-state area. Temporarily, after the blast, 911 calls did not go through and planes were grounded. Imagine if President Trump were set to use the EBS to explain why he had invoked the Insurrection Act and empowered the military to seize ballots and servers? The media can be counted upon to silence him, but the EBS is absolutely under his control. Thus the Democrat Cabal trying to steal the 2020 election plans to bring down the entire system, nationwide, with a repeat of the Nashville bomb scenario.

Indeed, the Nashville bomber had not worked alone. This soon became obvious when videos of the moment of the explosion were examined. It is clear that a missile from a drone was directed at the van location. The Hellfire missile can be released from a drone and is known for its precision, as it is a guided missile. Where the media claims the Nashville bomb was a suicide by a local man, it is clear this is yet more 2020 election mischief, waged by those who want the Biden camp to win the White House.

Nibiru Undeniable

After Nibiru arrived in the inner Solar System in 2003, tracked in by the international team of amateur astronomers at the precise locations given by the Zetas, the US President at the time, George Bush, met with Heads of State from around the world in France.  Subsequent to that, the US updated Heads of State, stating that by January, 2021 it would no longer be deniable. This was a human estimate, not the Zeta estimate. And this does not mean that everyone will see Nibiru in the skies at that time.

ZetaTalk Statement 5/27/2006: In May of 2003, Bush called all heads of state around the world for meetings in France, all simultaneously there, ostensibly there to mend fences over Iraq. There was an admission that there was a presence in the inner solar system causing disturbances on Earth, but it was expected to pass and the only danger was going to be panic in the public.

ZetaTalk Statement 6/30/2020: Subsequent follow-up has placed the date when the public will no longer be fooled by denial as January, 2021. Thus various governments are braced to declare Martial Law to control the expected riots and many are taking advantage of the Covid-19 lockdowns to effect a pre-Martial Law state. 

What does the common man see? One oddity is the red dust blowing around, creating a red Sun or Moon, or landing on the ground turning the new fallen snow orange. This is claimed to be from volcanoes or blown in from the Sahara. It is certainly considered an End Times signs. Bitter blood colored water was the first plague in the Book of Exodus. We are experiencing a lot of Red dust, turning the skies red, but it’s not yet making our water blood red and bitter. In the opinion of the Zetas, dust this heavy will not occur until just before the Last Weeks.

Book of Exodus:
The river was bloody. The Earth was filled with redness. It twisted about itself like a coil. It remained close to the sun, whose face it hid.
Egyptian Papyrus:
Blood is everywhere. The river is blood.
the river was bloody and blood was everywhere. Those who did drink from the river vomited it up.

After Nibiru entered the inner Solar System in 2003, brilliant Second Sun sightings were seen at dawn and dusk. Light in the red spectrum bends to the curvature of the Earth, making the Sun huge at sunrise or sunset, and as most of the light from Nibiru is in the red light spectrum, this phenomena makes Nibiru more visible at dawn or dusk too. The Second Sun phenomena was one of the first to present evidence to the common man that Nibiru exists and had entered the inner Solar System. The establishment claimed these were Sundogs or your imagination.

Recent date and time stamped photos show a brilliant Second Sunset from Australia on October 15, with objects on the right including a Monster Persona of Nibiru and its moons and a dust cloud with illuminated magnetic field lines. A photo capture from Texas on October 4 also shows a Monster on the right at Sunrise.  These are naked eye sightings, captured on film. For those who are astonished to see two Suns rising or setting, Nibiru is no longer deniable.

Then there are the naked eye captures of Nibiru itself or its brilliant Moon Swirls, which can appear below or above the Sun or on either side. Recent captures from Sweden on August 13 shows a Moon Swirl on the left. Another from Goiânia, Brazil on September 14 shows Nibiru eclipsing the Sun from above.  Brazil is below the Equator, in the Southern Hemisphere, and from their view Nibiru is not at 7 o’clock but above the Sun at the 1 o’clock position. Their view is upside down.

Another astonishing sign puzzling those who see them are the neon clouds, dramatically visible on occasion at night. These showed up as a pink cloud over London in 2008, and have been captured on film over Russia and New Zealand and Miami since then. Per the Zetas, this is petrol in Nibiru’s tail, set alit. Unexplained swirls, such as the blue swirl that appeared over Norway in 2009, are also new. Nibiru is a magnetic planet, and thus the charged tail of red iron oxide dust that trails behind Nibiru is magnetic too. The establishment tried to claim the blue Norway swirl was a rocket trail.

What else might the common man see as signs in the skies, evidence of Nibiru? Nibiru has more than red dust in its tail, it also has a couple dozen moons. These trail closely behind Nibiru, not more than 5 million miles away due to the gravity draw of Nibiru.  Thus these Moons of Nibiru are visible at times when they reflect light, or when they get into a swirl amongst themselves causing light to bounce down along the swirl like a flashlight. A dramatic String of Pearls display was captured by hunters along the Missouri River in November of 2017, shining down through a break in the clouds. The string could also be seen overhead in the sky.

For the past couple years the petrol in Nibiru’s tail has created light flashes in the sky when the wafting tail containing the petrol reaches the Earth’s atmosphere where there is oxygen to burn. They are dropping to the ground, smoking as they go, or lighting up the horizon temporarily. Not lightning, not meteors, not space junk. The media ignores all of it. But what will the explanation be when they start to descend, en masse, so they can be illuminated on the horizon at dawn or dusk as they were on December 2 in Sarasota.

If seeing a Second Sun rise or set is startling, imagine seeing a mass of monster petrol bubbles seemingly roll across the water. Unless they explode into a flash of light or drift slowly to the ground as a ball of smoke, the common man might not be aware of the petrol masses. Or unless the air is cold enough to freeze ice crystals around them, as it was in northern Ontario in October. There they are, one huge petrol mass, outlined in the sky.

What else might the common man see or experience that gives evidence that Nibiru is real and among us? Ah yes, the Daily Earth Wobble. I can attest that this started in 2004, right after Nibiru entered the inner Solar System. I formed a team of international sky watchers to document the time and Azimuth of their sunrise and sunset. It shortly emerged that a Figure 8 over the N Pole was occurring, due to the push against the N Pole that Nibiru was doing. Don’t take my word for it, look what shows up on the official Earth Orientation Center charts. They chart where the N Pole points and it is pointing in a wider and wider circle since 2013.

But the undeniable signal to the common man that there is a presence in the inner Solar System not being admitted by the establishment is seeing where the Sun rises or sets. When it is way too far to the North or South, something is amiss. In August, 2020 MrMBB333 touched on this issue, and the comments on his video showed that the common man is indeed noticing. The erratic weather is also due to the Daily Wobble, and who has not noticed the weather swings lately.

That EMP is on the increase is evident in the number of large planes full of passengers going down suddenly, or the number of electric trains picking up speed suddenly and derailing. This is all camouflaged by claims that the pilot or engineer was drunk or suicidal, or various parts were defective. But what cannot be denied is that President Trump issued an Executive Order that the US infrastructure should be checked and hardened to resist EMP. Why would he do that if EMP were not on the increase?

What are the other clues the common man might have noticed? Ah yes, the flickering lights and sudden blackouts or brownouts. Electro-Magnetic Pulse you say? This was in the news when big airliners started going down, like Air France 447 in 2009 or MH 370 in 2014, but this was quickly made a forbidden subject. Electric trains speeding up and derailing or planes going down, must be defective parts or a suicidal pilot. But the common man experiences problems with their own home grids. Here’s a report from 2009.

About two weeks ago our power went out. No big deal. The next day my VCR had completely stopped working, and it was a damn fine VCR. It's plugged into a surge protector which never tripped and the fuse within the VCR was in perfect condition. No loose parts or anything like that. A few days later my toaster suddenly stopped working just like the VCR. Later that night it suddenly began to work again. A few days later, my satellite cable box suddenly wouldn't come on. I messed around with it a bit and it started working again. I didn't do anything to fix it. After this third incidence I felt something was up.

Thus without getting into the Earth hum, increasing Earthquakes, sinkholes and crevasses, bursting water mains, methane towers due to the crunched and torn rock caused by the Daily Earth Wobble, or trumpeting in the skies – it is clear that the common man is likely to be suspicious that Nibiru is real, and the cover-up over this fact is also very real.

7 of 10 Status

The Zetas stated in the past that by 2021 FEMA would have their hands full with the New Madrid and Martial Law. Is that the case? The history of the 7 of 10 plate movements started in 2010, when the Zetas laid out the Scripted Drama expected to occur. They predicted this would start by the end of 2010, and it did, in Indonesia. Then the pace seemed to pause, due to humming boxes which had been inserted by the Council of Worlds in 2011 to slow down the pace. Then due to the theft of the 2020 election, the Council of Worlds planted Monoliths on the N American Continent to give the Trump Administration time to counter this fraud.

ZetaTalk Timeline 3/31/2019: Is there such a worldwide program that has a deadline of 2021? The US will be dealing with the New Madrid by then, and fully into Martial Law programs with FEMA.

ZetaTalk Delay 11/30/2020: This Utah monolith was not intended to be discovered by man. Is it similar to the humming boxes placed by benign aliens along fault lines to slow the progress of the 7 of 10 plate movements? This is indeed its purpose, but why is it placed in the center of the N American continent? The Council of Worlds determined to delay the New Madrid adjustment until the 2020 Presidential election in the US was a settled issue. During the current 7 of 10 Plate Movements, the San Andreas has been very active, but this has not seemed to affect land to the East. This monolith and many similar monoliths are the reason for the delay.

During this process, the Zetas periodically gave percentages of completion – in 2013, 2015, and 2019. Where are we now? One can see from the USGS Earthquake charts that the N American Continent is being protected. But the Indo-Australian Plate continues to lift near New Zealand and sink at India, and the S America roll has been hammering the Andes and the Caribbean. Even the African Roll has picked up the pace a bit, while the northern Pacific compression has stretched the Eurasian Plate causing quakes and crevasses from Europe to Japan. What are the updated percentages now?

ZetaTalk Update 12/31/2020: We last gave percentages of completion for the 7 of 10 Plate Movements in late 2019, and while many have virtually completed, it is clear that the New Madrid rupture is being held back. The N American Continent is almost devoid of quakes. This is being done deliberately by the Council of Worlds who see a frantic End Times battle between the Satanists trying to install the Biden camp in the White House and the White Hat forces for good at war with the Satanists. What are the percentages of completion at the present time?

Though India will continue to sink while the eastern edge of the Indo-Australian Plate lifts, this step is no longer holding back the other plate movements and thus has completed. The tilting of the Philippine Plate has likewise essentially completed at 93%. Pressure on Japan reflects the compressing Pacific, which is taking the brunt of the resistance in N America, and thus is suffering the great quakes we predicted for Japan prior to the New Madrid adjustment. Japan, which is never free from the quakes it must suffer, is at 59%.  

The S American Roll and the shifting of the Caribbean Plate have progressed in the past months to 94% completion. But to protect the N American Continent from its pending New Madrid rip, the African Roll is being retarded at 38%. Thus the Eurasian Plate stretch tension must take the brunt of the compressing Pacific, with quakes from Europe through to China pulling this continent apart. Until the African Roll completes, the Eurasian Plate stretch cannot complete and stands at 42%. The New Madrid is frozen at 36%.